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tv   President Biden Speaks at Mc Henry County College in Illinois  CSPAN  July 8, 2021 5:27am-6:15am EDT

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this event at mchenry county college is 40 minutes. >> thanks for waiting.
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the distinguished guests, students, and your families, welcome to mchenry county college. a place where, to quote our mission statement, a place where our focus is learning and student success is our goal. through the passion of people who work and learn here, we are making an impact in mchenry county. it is my distinct honor to introduce two very important people. our student trustee, and the 46th president of the u.s., joe biden. [applause] >> for many of us, myself included, opportunities, life chances, even second chances fall on us like a steady rain. all we have to do is grab a bucket and we will be ok. for others like edith, those
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chances fall sparingly and often are followed by droughts of challenges or setbacks. edith sanchez has taken her opportunities and created brilliance. we are honored to have her here to meet edith is to find yourself wanting to do better, be a better person. and she is a marvelous mariachi singer. i will not be able to talk her into a little bit of "la negra" today, but i can try. if i may be so bold, president biden, you and i share something in common that is very important. we both have wonderful, talented educator wives. women who have dedicated their careers and energies to teaching. my wife, a k-12 music educator, and the first lady, a community college professor.
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as we have both said at our respective dinner tables with our wives, listening intently, something all good partners must do, i have heard my wife talk about the challenges and victories of public school teaching. you have listened to your wife share countless stories of resilience, remarkable community college students. she has told you short stories of their sheer determination to attain debris amidst the daily challenges of life you'd she has told you stories of food insecurity, students showing up to class hungry. she's told you how the cost of childcare constantly threatens to derail the hopes and educational dreams of working parents. she has told you how pell grants , while essential to making college affordable, often fall short of covering the related costs of college attendance. she has also told you of our
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extraordinary students, of how committed they are, how committed to creating a new path full of hope and future for their family. i believe like a good partner, you are listening to your spouse, mr. president. i see in your agenda and proposed investments the essential ingredients necessary to sustain the remarkable will of our students. they need our encouragement, they need our expertise. even more so, they need assistance with childcare, all of the support and services that make college possible. it so happens i believe you are standing here at the epicenter of community college innovation, entrepreneurship, and commitment to community transportation through education. and everyone can applaud yourself right now. [applause]
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>> we are the only community college in illinois to show positive enrollment growth in each of the past five years. our faculty and staff have used their disruption of the pandemic to go through their own disruptive processes, trying to transform the learning setting to be more responsive to where students live, and to be more impactful. through a collaboration of local state and philanthropic resources, we will soon break ground on a 50,000 square food center for technology and innovation. our board of trustees, these community volunteers, are providing exemplary leadership during uneven economic times. this is the place where dreams are being actualized. one student at a time through our caring support and
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challenge. thank you for being a good listener, for understanding and responding to a challenge of making community college education a priority. counties deserve a talented workforce, ready to create good, economic partnerships, prosperity in homes and communities. we will be good partners in this endeavor. now, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome ms. edith sanchez and president joe biden. [applause]
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>> welcome mr. president and special guest. i'm very honored to be here. my name is edith sanchez. i was raised in harvard, illinois. i'm a first generation latina, with origins in the state of mexico. [applause] >> i'm currently a student trustee and president of latinos unidos and eager to be someone in life. as a latina female i have seen the struggle on my parents to provide a better life for myself and my four siblings. i'm the middle child in a family of seven, and will be the first to graduate from college and begin a professional career. [applause] >> my immigrant parents are two hard-working people who have no
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formal education and sacrificed everything to have food on our table and provide us all with the bare necessities. my mother is a factory worker, and worked as a welder. my father started his own small business. with no formal education, they both struggled with the language of english and literacy skills. they relied on me and my sisters to translate and help with paperwork for my father's small business. this has become a family effort, but this is not what i see myself doing for the rest of my life. i want to make my parents proud, be an example for my younger siblings. through my pursuit of education, i also inspired my two older sisters to return to school after having children at a young age. as a genuine helpful and caring individual, i'm dedicated to pursuing an education, a career in education.
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advisors at mcc inspired me to become a college advisor. they are devoted to helping students fulfill their potential. . and my future career, i want to encourage students to pursue a higher education and provide the resources and support they need. i value the power of education. i believe everyone is entitled to go to college, no matter their social or immigration status. [applause] i want to inspire and motivate students by guiding them with my personal experience. as a second-year student, mcc has transformed my life. i found my dreams -- i thought my dreams of college would be impossible. now with financial support, i can pursue my education and focus on the importance of learning. i am very fortunate to be a recipient of various local
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scholarships, including federal student aid. the reality is there are so many students with the same obstacles who walk in my shoes. my generation, along with others are going to lead the future, with american family plan, our students and families will benefit. we need to be an educated nation, and improve each generation. we will do this with all of the support given to our children, teachers, and working families in the rural areas. i appreciate president biden for his passion, dedication, and commitment to our future generations. i have the greatest honor to introduce the president of the united states, ladies and gentlemen, president joe biden. [cheering and applause]
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president biden: thank you. thank you. please, please be seated. mr. president, what he hadn't told you today, he had to delay his vacation to be here today. he heard biden is coming -- "oh my god, when's he coming?" [laughter] so he could show me around mchenry county college. i am glad to be here with great illinois leaders. you know, america is back. america is back. [cheering and applause] in no small part, because of the men and women of the united states government. governor pritzker, stand up. [cheering and applause] he's a good man. and the guy i rely on more than
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anyone else in the u.s. senate, and i've served with him for years, we have a lot in common, in terms of losses as well as gains, it is dick durbin. [cheering and applause] and congresswoman underwood. [cheering and applause] her mom and dad are mildly proud of, with good reason. actually, mom looks like her sister. last week, i was up in wisconsin to talk about a bipartisan agreement to modernize american infrastructure. and in the process, create millions of good paying jobs. that is not my estimate, that is
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wall street's estimates, everybody's estimates. millions of paying jobs. not $7, not $8, not $10, not even $15 an hour. good, prevailing wage jobs. illinois, you've got, like many states, all states, you've got 2374 bridges and over 6200 miles of highways that are in disrepair. as a result, every driver in this state pays a hidden tax, about $600 per year in wasted time and wasted fuel, because of the nature of the roads and bridges. in a lot of states. not to mention the challenge of getting to work and getting to the daycare center on time to avoid that late fee, when you pick up your child. your governor has an ambitious infrastructure plan, and under a bipartisan infrastructure agreement, we will make the biggest investment in bridges
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and roads since the construction of the interstate and highway systems, literally creating millions of good paying jobs. [cheering and applause] and god willing, we are not going to have 40 weeks of, "this is infrastructure week." remember those? [laughter] think what it will mean to mchenry's entrepreneurial agricultural program if you can get products more easily to chicago, think about how much easier life will be when it is quicker to drive on randall road. [laughter] this agreement also allows us to replace every lead pipe and service line in america, benefiting 10 million homes. [applause] it is going to address lead exposure to 400,000 of our schools and daycare facilities, where children drink that water. this would be the largest investment in clean drinking
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water in american history, when it passes. one in every 10 people in illinois lacks access to high-speed internet. the bipartisan agreement allows us to connect every american to reliable, high-speed, affordable internet, every single american, rural and urban. and by the way, those who are parents who had kids at home, tell me what internet means this last year, if they are school aged. from 2010 to 2020, illinois experienced 49 extreme weather events. although i heard today from the republican senator north of here there is no global warming, no such thing. but those weather events cost this state roughly $50 billion in damages. we are going to upgrade the electric grid to make it more resilient to extreme weather and other threats. there's a lot more the agreement
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is going do to encourage the psychical infrastructure to lay the foundation for a strong and durable and sustainable and competitive economy. but what i want to talk about today is human infrastructure. it is essential to that foundation, as well. to truly win the 21st century, and once again lead the world, to truly build an economy from the bottom up and the middle out, we need to invest in our people. we need to invest in our people. that's why in addition to the bipartisan infrastructure agreement, that i believe we are going to get done, i am here to make a case for the second critical part of my domestic agenda. it's a combination of parts of my american jobs plan that were essential and not included in the bipartisan infrastructure plan, as well as my american families plan. in washington, they call it a reconciliation bill. that is a fancy way of saying the filibuster our friends on the other side use constantly
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means you need 60 votes to get anything done. or a 50-50 senate. the vice president happens to be a democrat. back in the campaign, i said we are going to build back and build back better. today, i want to outline some of the key pieces of this build back better agenda, and what it will do for people of illinois and the people of the united states. it is about a country once again that leads the world, with the opportunities we provide, the discovery, the technologies we discover and pioneer, and industries we create. in a nation that leads the world in combating the existential threat of climate change, the build back better plan agenda starts with education. you know, one of the reasons why we are a leading country in the world for so long still is because we are the first nation
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in the world to allow 12 years of free education. back at the turn of the 21st century. but everybody's caught up. at the time they were debating what should be education in america, the argument was, it should be 12 years of free education. that's what had us ahead of the rest of the world. but everybody is caught up. do you think in the 21st century, with the changes taking place and technology, that 12 years of education is enough to be able to live a middle class life? i don't think so. the fact of the matter is, i've decided we should have a minimum of 14 years of education. a minimum of 14 years of education. which i'll explain in a second. you know, as the first lady -- i am jill biden's husband -- [laughter] as jill would say, she is a full-time community college
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professor. she often says, any nation that out-educates us is going to out-compete us. any nation that out-educates us is going to out-compete us. that is what i why to guarantee an additional four years of public education for every child in america. starting with providing two years of universal preschool for three and four years olds. [applause] in the last 10 years, university studies found that low-income children participated in preschool were 47% more likely to earn an associates degree or higher and get through high school with little difficulty. we have to build on that foundation for future success. then i want to add two years of free community college for everyone. [applause] and we can afford it. i will tell you how. boosting the earnings of high school graduates with low-wage
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jobs by nearly $6,000 a year on average. the average annual cost of a two-year degree in illinois is $4200. under my proposal, the cost would be zero. but it's not just tuition, as is pointed out, living expenses, housing, meals, transportation. that is why i propose to increase the maximum pell grant, below a certain income, from about $6,500 a year to $8,000 a year. that will fill it out. i know here at mchenry, you have a dual enrollment program, so students from places like woodstock high school and other high schools, you get credit for taking college classes here. well, my plan will provide resources to expand programs like the one you have here. my plan will also do more to
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invest in high-quality job training and apprenticeships in fast-growing sectors like childcare, manufacturing, information and technology, to get the skills that employers want that lead to good middle-class, and make no apology, union jobs. [applause] also make strategic investments in teachers, and the teacher pipeline. before the pandemic, our school system was 100,000 teachers short here in america. particularly in high demand areas. our children are the kite strings that lift our national ambitions aloft and our teachers are the ones that help them believe they can do anything. i bet everyone of you can name a teacher that help to succeed in life. i bet everyone of us, there's somebody that came along and made us believe in ourselves. that is the secret of teachers.
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my plan will reduce student debt for future teachers. double the size of annual federal scholarships for future teachers. it will also support $100 billion in school and for -- infrastructure improvements including community college, to make sure that they are safe and healthy places of learning and that all students have the technology they need to compete in the 21st century. of course, the ability to take these jobs depends on the availability of child care. as a single father, when i first got to the senate, i had two young boys who had just lost their mom and sister in an automobile accident. if i hadn't had the family i had, my younger sister, my best friend, and my brother, and my mom help out, i couldn't have done it. but not everybody has that kind of support. i just toured the children's learning center. it is an amazing resource.
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students and faculty can have children cared for, and students can earn their associate degrees in early childhood education, as well. high-quality childcare should be the rule, not the exception. on my way here, i met with mike s., who wrote me a letter on the struggles of finding childcare. he wanted to know what my plans were. mike, here we are. my plan is providing access to quality affordable child care with more childcare centers in community college campuses, with new and upgraded facilities across the country. [applause] businesses can build on-site facilities. the reason i want to do that is not just to be nice, because studies show, when there's an on-site childcare center, as it says have less employee turnover, less absentees, and higher productivity. it is in our overwhelming interest to do it.
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middle-class families will pay no more than 7% of their income for high-quality childcare for children up to age five. those hard-pressed working families will not have to pay a dime. my plan will invest in the childcare workforce, with better wages, benefits, training opportunities. we will also give parents the option to take up through an $8,000 tax credit to cover childcare expenses, if that is a preferred route. that is good for families and good for the economy, and it will create more jobs. my plan will also provide up to 12 weeks of paid family leave for medical care. [applause] 12 weeks of paid family leave. we are one of the few major economies of the world that does not cover paid family medical leave. the most difficult moment someone will ever face, no one should have to choose between a job and a paycheck.
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and taking care of someone you love. a parent, spouse, child. we will tackle the maternal mortality crisis, that impacts black and native american mothers disproportionately. i want to thank congressman underwood. for her leadership in this area. [applause] as i said again and again, people who really need a tax [applause] -- as i said again and again, people who really need a tax break are working families. it is time they get a tax break. my build back better plan would expand the childhood tax break. those of you who have children under the age of seven are going to get -- depending on your income -- you are going to get a cash payment back. up until now, you get $2000 as a declared independent. two children, $4000. if you do not have enough, you
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don't make that kind of money to own that kind of tax, you don't get a tax credit. under this proposal, if you are in a situation where you have a child under the age of seven, you get back $3600 cash. in addition to that, those of you in that situation are going to start to see that come by the end of the month. it could change the lives of people. starting next week, families will begin to receive one of the largest tax cuts aimed at families and children. every child under six is $3600. every child between six and 17, $3000. it is not a credit against your tax, but a direct payment. you will get cash. cash. a middle-class family with two children can expect $7,200. you get the first half paid out and $600 a month between july and december, and the rest
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between january and tax day. there is one tax cut every study shows, childcare cuts poverty in half. families with children who qualify -- this cuts poverty by 40%. let's extend the tax cut through 2025. [applause] let's expand free meals for millions more children in school. with the assistance during summer months when they do not have access to school meals. we support families with children and need to provide greater dignity for senior citizens who care for them. there are hundreds of thousands of older adults and people with disabilities who need home and community-based care services. they qualify for it under
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there is a backlog of 1000 people. one study showed that 3000 dollars spent helping seniors stay in their home saves the country $20,000 a year in medical costs. at the same time, 1.5 million americans work in health care, disproportionately women, women of color and immigrants, and those jobs are among the lowest paid. one in six home-care workers lives in poverty. we need to do better. our plan expand health care for the older and disabled americans while improving jobs and pay for home care workers who care for them. here is the deal, you save a lot of money if you do not have to go to a home. keeping people in their own home, mentally and every other way, is a benefit. a significant benefit for the community as well as cost.
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we also need to continue to make health care more affordable. when we lowered premiums and expanded coverage in the american rescue plan, more than 1.5 million people signed up for what used to be called obamacare. i want to make these reductions permanent so we can get even more people covered. we need to deal with the shortage of affordable housing. over 10 million renters in the country pay more than half their income for rent on their apartment. the lack of affordable housing prevents people from moving to communities where there are more opportunities. we are going to make historic investments in affordable housing, improving housing by rehabilitating more than 2 million homes, especially in places that need more housing. we need to invest not just in physical and human infrastructure, we need to invest in jobs. this always disturbs me, three
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decades ago the united states was number one in the world for share of their gdp being invested into research and development. we are now number eight in the world. china was number nine, now they are number two. democrats and republicans agree, we can't afford to lose this race. we came together in the senate with the innovation and competition act to help us grow the industries that win the drops of the future. we need to lay the foundation for the next generation of american jobs, leadership. we are going to invest in historic black colleges and universities. while these schools may not have the endowments needed for these jobs, these students are just as
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capable as learning while they need for the jobs of the future. of course, no job is as urgent as climate change. last week i met with eight governors for the better part of an hour, all from western states, republicans and democrats. we are facing extreme heat, record drought, and a fire season that threatens to be more destructive than ever. last year, more than 10 million acres burned in the west. 10 million acres. not counting the lives and homes lost. more land than exists in my home state of delaware and our neighbors in maryland combined. the drought conditions this year are twice as bad. reservoirs that are 40 feet, 50 feet down.
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the extreme weather is not just in the west. in illinois, farmers downstate are dealing with more frequent droughts. two weeks ago, you just had a nearly unprecedented tornado. we can't wait any longer to deal with the climate crisis. we see with our own eyes. the bipartisan agreement we reached is going to allow for the transition of thousands of diesel school buses and city buses we are going to change them to electric. there are roughly half a million of these iconic yellow school buses on the road today. 95% run on diesel. diesel pollutes the air and is linked to health problems, hurts communities and causes students to miss school. i will put americans to work capping tens of thousands of abandoned gas wells that are leaking methane. the wages to cap these wells are
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the same wages it took to dig wells. making people earn a prevailing wage to do it. there's thousands of them. we need to go further. tax cuts to invest in clean energy technology like renewables, battery storage, next-generation aviation fuel. i want to set a clean standard that moves us to a clean and reliable grid. these steps are going to create good paying union jobs and spur demand for domestic manufacturing, accelerating clean energy. on factory floors with union workers, here in the united states. we will create a new generation of jobs and clean energy manufacturing. also, a new generation of climate conservation and reliance -- resilience workers. like fdr did with the american work plan and the civilian conservation corps.
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we can put americans to work strengthening public land and making communities more resilient against extreme weather. we can take on the long-overdue work of advancing environmental justice by addressing pollution. my plan is also going to give grants to spur innovation in local projects like restoring community solar in disadvantaged communities, replacing street lamps with led bulbs that cost less than last longer, making upgrades in community centers to boost energy efficiency and cut electric bills. i've laid out a lot of plans here, but that is because it is time we think bigger, act bolder and build back better. the naysayers and the doubters said it wouldn't work. well, we created over 3 million jobs since i took office.
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more jobs in the first months of a presidential administration than at any time in american history. last week, the congressional budget office doubled their projections. oecd thinks it could be higher. that puts the american rescue plan -- our work is going to move forward. we are close to defeating the virus. the last time the economy grew at this rate was in 1984 and ronald reagan was telling us it was an american morning. this is going to be an american century. [applause] with my american families plan, and other elements of the build back agenda, experts on wall street have said we will
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create millions of good paying jobs for decades to come. i am going to be making the case to the american people until the job is done, until we bring this deal home, until we meet needs of families today and tomorrow. by the way, the american national plan for infrastructure is paid for. it is paid for. this plan i am talking about, which is expensive, guess what? that is paid for as well. let me tell you how we are going to pay for it, over the last couple of years, 55 of the fortune 500 companies, making billions of dollars, did not pay a single penny in taxes. not one cent.
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i hope someday my grandchildren grow up to be billionaires. especially for a man who was voted as the poorest man in congress. [laughter] everyone has to pay their fair share. i'm not trying to gouge anybody. if we put in place a minimum 15% tax on the profits of corporations, the ones that didn't pay any, that would raise a quarter trillion dollars. $240 billion. there is a loophole in the system. if i made capital gains and was a wealthy person, and i was going to cash in stock and pay a tax, i make you know, $400,000 and pay x amount in taxes, if on
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the way to cash it in i get hit by a truck and it was left to my daughter, there would be no tax paid. it is not an inheritance tax, it is a tax that was already owed. that loophole saves us $400 billion over this period, which is enough to pay for the child care tax credit. if we end tax breaks for fossil fuels and make polluters pay to clean up the messes they made, that would raise $90 billion. they are doing well. the mess they made they should clean up. if we ask the top 1% -- and i hope many of you are in the top 1% -- maybe. [laughter] that tax cut that was passed in 2017 raised the deficit over $2 trillion.
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not a penny paid for and it didn't come out with any debts come back with anything. the vast majority of that went to 1/10 of 1% of the american people. folks in the top 1%, if they just paid their personal income tax the same as the ones under president george w. bush, that would generate $13 billion a year. raise the tax from where it is now to 39%. if you listen to the guy who used to have this job, the fact of the matter is a lot of you, if you are a plumber and a teacher you are probably paying 25% or 26%. some of you are paying higher.
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it is enough to provide for that one change, enough to provide two years free community college for every student in america. [applause] people say that one of the purposes of taxes is to also generate growth along with making sure we can pay for basic needs. let me ask, what is more likely to grow the economy and enhance us? continuing the tax cut at 37%, or paying 39.5%, generating economic growth? now you have a tax system that will allow millions of students to go to community college. when i was with barack as vice
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president, he asked me to do a study, and your sister penny was part of my effort to take care of it, the effort was simple. we came along, we said ok -- 347 of the ceo's and fortune 500 companies, what do you need most? do you know what they said? i need a better educated workforce. imagine if we present the nation with a better educated workforce. it helps everybody. we pay for our entire plan to make the tax system fair for all americans. it is about time. there is a lot of work ahead of us to finish the job, but we are going to get it done. we are going to reimagine what our future can be and show the world, and more importantly ourselves, that democracy can deliver.
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the people of america and the world can lead again. [applause] thank you ladies and gentlemen. [applause] i know that's a boring speech, but it is important. god bless you all, and may god protect our troops. thank you. [applause] excuse my back, i apologize. thank you. [applause] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2021] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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♪ [fireworks exploding] ♪ >> c-span's "washington journal ." every day, we take your calls live on the air on the news of the day and discussed policy issues that impact you. coming up this morning we talk about gun violence in the u.s. with an all, psychiatrist and sociologist.
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george to will ago the third -- george twiliger on efforts to change voting laws. watch "washington journal." be sure to join the discussion with your phone calls, facebook comments, text messages and tweets. this afternoon, a conversation on the supreme court's 2020-2021 term with legal experts, including former u.s. solicitor general of the george w. bush administration. watch the heritage foundation discussion live at 1:00 p.m. eastern on c-span, online at, or listen on the free c-span radio app. >> saturday on the communicators -- >> republicans and democrats have been attacking big tech from all sorts of angles and
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antitrust is just one of them. they have coalesced on, we need to toughen antitrust laws, use more antitrust enforcement in order to go after tech companies but they both have very different reasons for doing so, even though they sort of coalesce on the same solution. for democrats, it is rooted in a very typical for democrats animosity towards just big businesses in general and skepticism about corporations in general and i need to shrink them down to size. for republicans, it really is this culture roar against -- culture war against companies that they accuse of being biased against conservatives. the antitrust push against big tech is really tied to their general sort of feeling that tech companies are out to get them. >> watch "the communicators" with elizabeth nolan brown on her recent article, the bipartisan antitrust crusade
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against big tech, saturday on c-span. >> former president donald trump announced wednesday he is taking legal action against facebook, google and twitter for censoring his free-speech. the former president has been permanently banned from twitter and suspended indefinitely from facebook and instagram for a post he made about the january 6 attack on the u.s. capitol. he spoke about the lawsuit at his golf resort in bedminster, new jersey. [applause] former president trump: thank you very much. i appreciate that. thank you, everybody. i want to say that i stand for you this morning to announce a very important and beautiful development for our freedom of speech and that goes


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