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tv   Chinese President on Chinese Communist Partys 100th Anniversary  CSPAN  July 4, 2021 2:05pm-3:16pm EDT

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aspirations. >> the senior fellow of the carnegie endowment, monday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span2. >> next, chinese president, xi jinping, delivers remarks on the 100th anniversary of the chinese communist party. he talks about the strength of the chinese people, there resilience of the military, and warned against foreign interference, telling a crowd of thousands that china will not be bullied by foreign forces. he also serves as the secretary general of the party central committee. in tiananmen square. president xi jinping
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[applause] >> comrades and friends, today, the first of july, is a great and solemn day in the history of both the communist party of china and the chinese nation. we gather here to join all party members and chinese people of all ethnic groups around the country in celebrating the centenary of the party, looking
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back on the glorious journey the party has traveled over 100 years of struggle, and looking ahead to the bright prospects for the rejuvenation of the chinese nation. rejuvenation of the chinese nation, to begin, let me extend warm congratulations to all party members of the central committee. [applause] on this special occasion, it is my honor to declare on behalf of the party and the people, the
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whole party in the entire nation, we have realized the first centenary goal, a prosperous society in all respects. this means we have brought the solution to the problem of poverty in china. this is a great and glorious vision of the chinese nation for
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the chinese people and for the communist party of china. [applause] comrades and friends, the chinese nation is a great nation with a history of more than 5000 years. china has made contributions to the progress of human civilization. after the opium war, however,
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china was gradually reduced to a semi-colonial, semi-federal society and suffered greater than ever before. the country endured and the people were subjected to pain in the chinese civilization was plunged into darkness. since that time, it has been the greatest dream of the chinese people in the chinese nation. to save the nation from peril, the chinese people put up a fight like noble-minded
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patriots, bringing the country together, and the revolution, one after another to ensure national survival, but all these ended in failure. china was in need of new ideas to save the nation and to rally the revolutionary forces. in 1917, marxism and leninism was brought to china. in 1921, the chinese people and chinese nation were undergoing a
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great awakening in history. they became closely integrated with the chinese workers movement, and the communist party of china was born. the founding of the communist party in china was an epic event. it profoundly changed the course of chinese history for modern times. transformed the chinese people and nation and altered the landscape of rural development.
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since the very day of its founding, the party has made rejuvenation for the chinese people and nation its mission. all the struggle, sacrifice, and creation through which the party was united in but the chinese people over 100 years -- and led the chinese people over 100 years. it has been tied together one thing, the chinese nation. [applause]
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to realize the nation, the party united and led the chinese people with unyielding determination. achieving great success in a new democratic revolution. through the northern expedition, the revolutionary war, resistance against japanese aggression, and the word liberation, we thought. we countered revolution with armed revolution, toppling the mountains, including federalism
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and bureaucratic capitalism, and establishing the people's republic of china. it made people masters of the country and secured our nation's independence and liberated the people. it changed china's history to the state of total unity that exists in all of china. and to all those unequal treatments imposed on our country, all the privileges from the powers and china, they created the conditions for
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realizing the nation. through tenacious struggle, the party and the chinese people showed the world that the chinese people have it. [applause] president xi: two realize national rejuvenation, we will unite the chinese people to build a stronger china,
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achieving great success by tearing up social solutions. we eliminated the system that has assisted china for thousands of years and established socialism under a basic system. enterprises such as construction , we overcame oppression, and hegemonic tyrants. the most extensive and profound social changes to the chinese nation.
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-- a struggle, to show the world met the chinese people will. from the old world while building anyone. -- will pivot from the old world while building a new one. that only socialism could save them. [applause] pres. xi: to realize national
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rejuvenation, the party must let the chinese people achieve great success in the form of modernization. we established the party for the primary stage of socialism. -- and opening up, we overcame risks and challenges, and
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developed socially the characteristics that we are about, the party is defending the people. we know that china moved from a highly centralized economy to a socioeconomic -- a country that was largely -- across the board. it enabled china to achieve our economy --
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these achievements work toward national rejuvenation by providing -- the conditions for russian -- rapid development. a crucial move in china, china has caught up to japan.
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the party has allowed the chinese people to pursue the struggle. a great part -- chinese characteristics in an era. in this new era, we have two strengthen power over our leadership and coordinate
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--in short, coordinate the implementation of this and a comprehensive strategy. upheld and improved the system of socialization -- socialism to modernize china system and opacity for governance. we remain committed to exercising governance for the party and develop a sound system of interparty some -- interparty solutions. we have overcome major risks and challenges, our first centennial goal -- the field our first centennial goal and is out steps to achieve our second centennial goal. all of the historic achievements and changes in the cause of the party have provided the cause
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of national rejuvenation with more robust institutions, stronger material foundations, and a source of inspiration taking greater initiative. for the struggle, the party and the chinese people have shown the world that the chinese nation has achieved a tremendous transformation from standing up and growing prosperous, to becoming strong, and that china's national rejuvenation house become a historic goal -- historical inevitability. [applause]
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pres. xi: over the past hundred years, the party has united and led the chinese people in writing the most magnificent chapter in the long history of the chinese nation, the spirit that he expressed when he wrote i am stronger from sacrifice, daring to make the sunshine in the sky. the great past we have power -- path we have pioneered, the great achievements we have made over the past century, will go down in the annals of the development of the chinese nation and human civilization. [applause]
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pres. xi: comrades and friends, 100 years ago the pioneers of communism in china established the communist party of china and developed the great, bounding spirit of the party, which is comprised of the principles of holding truths and ideals, staying true to our original expiration, and finding mission, fighting bravely without fear of sacrifice, and remaining loyal to the party and faithful to the people. this spirit is the party's of strength.
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-- parties source of strength. -- party's source of strenght. th. over the past 100 years, the party has carried forward this great pounding spirit through its protected -- founded spirit through its protected struggles. it has developed a long one of its own principles for chinese communists and tempered distinct character. as history has kept moving forward, the spirit of the party has been passed on from generation to generation, where we will continue to promote our glorious tradition, and sustain so that the great founding spirit will always be kept alive and held forward. [applause] pres. xi: comrades and friends,
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we owe all that we have achieved over the past 100 years to the concerted efforts to the chinese communists, the chinese people, and the chinese nation. chinese communists, with comrades mao zedong, and others as their chief representatives have made tremendous and historic contributions to the rejuvenation of the chinese nation. through them, we express our
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highest respect. [applause] pres. xi: let us take this moment to cherish the memory of comrades. and other revolutionaries who contributed greatly to china's revolution, construction and reform, and to the founding
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consolidation and development of the communist party of china. let us cherish the memory of the revolutionaries who laid down their lives to develop the people's republic. let us cherish the memory of those who dedicated their lives to reform, opening up, and socialist modernization. and let us cherish the memory of all the men and women who fought for national independence and liberation of people in modern times. their great contributions to our motherland and our nation will be immortalized in the annals of
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history, and their spirits will live on forever in the hearts of the chinese people. [applause] pres. xi: the people are true heroes, for it is they who create history. on behalf of the central committee, i would like to pay my highest respects to workers, farmers, and intellectuals across the country. two other political parties, public figures without party affiliation, people's organizations, and patriotic
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figures from all sectors of society, to all members of the people's liberation army, the people's armed police force, and public security police, and the fire and rescue services, to all socialist working people, and to all members of united front. [applause] pres. xi: i would like to extend my sincere readings -- gratings to compatriots -- greetings to compatriots in hong kong and other regions, and in taiwan as well as overseas chinese.
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[applause] pres. xi: and i would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to people and friends from all around the world who have shown friendship to the chinese people and understanding and support for china's endeavors and revolution, development. [applause] pres. xi: comrades and friends, there are parties -- though our parties founding mission is easy to define, ensuring we stay true to this mission is harder.
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by learning from history, we understand why powers rise and fall. through the mirror of history we can find where the country stands, and into the future. looking back on the parties 100 year history, we can see what we were successful in in the past and how we can continue to succeed in the future. this will ensure that we act with greater resolve and purpose in staying true to our founding mission and pursuing a better future on a new journey that lies before us. we must uphold the firm leadership of the party. china's success hinges on the
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party. for more than -- the more than 180 year-long long modern history of the chinese nation, the 100 year long history of the party, and the more than 70 year long history of the people's republic of china, all provide ample evidence that without the commonest party of china, there will be no new china and no national rejuvenation. the party was chosen by history and the people.
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the leadership of the party is the defining feature of socialism with chinese characteristics and constitutes the greatest strengths of the system. it is the foundation and lifeblood of a party and the country, and the croaks -- crux upon which all chinese people depend. on our journey ahead, we must uphold the parties overall leadership and continue -- the party's overall leadership and continue to enhance its leadership. we must be deeply conscious of the need to maintain political integrity, and keep aligned with our leadership.
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the culture of socialism of chinese characteristic, we must hold the position of the general secretary of the party's central committee and in the party as a whole, and that has centralized unified leadership. [applause] pres. xi: as we put conscious effort into learning from history to create a broad future, we must start with the following in mind. we must not lead the chinese people dust working for a better life. -- working for a better life. as we have fought to establish leadership over the country, we
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have been fighting to earn and keep the people support. the party has the people in its roots, its lifeblood and its source of strength. the party has always represented the fundamental interests of all chinese people. it stands with them through thick and thin and shares a common faith with them. the party has no special interest of its own. it has never represented any individual interest group. power group, or privileged stratum. any attempt to defy the party -- defied -- divide a party from the chinese people or set the people against the party is
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bound to fail. the more than 95 million party members and the more than 1.4 billion chinese will never allow such a scenario to come to pass. [applause] pres. xi: on the journey ahead, we must rely closely on the people to create history, upholding the parties fundamental purpose of -- party's fundamental purpose of wholeheartedly representing the people, we must stand firmly with the people, implement the parties lifeline, respect the people's creativity and practice a people centered philosophy. we will develop whole process people's democracy, safeguard social fairness and justice.
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the imbalances and inadequacies are in development. and the most pressing difficulties and problems that are of great concern to the people, in doing so we will make a more notable -- for us to achieve development and prosperity for all. [applause] pres. xi: it must continue to adapt marxism to the chinese contacts. marxism is the fundamental guiding ideology upon which our party and country are founded. it is the very soul of our party . the communist party of china upholds the basis -- basic
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tenets of marxism based on china's reality, we have developed key insights into the trend of the initiative in history and made painstaking explorations. we have been able to keep protecting dust attaching marxism to chinese artifacts and the needs of our time. and to guide the chinese people and advancing our great social revolution. at the fundamental level, the capability of our party and the strength of socialism with chinese characteristics are attributable to the fact that it works. [applause]
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pres. xi: on the journey ahead, we must continue to uphold marxism, the scientific outlook on development. and fully into the meant -- fully implement this with chinese characteristics for a new era. we must continue to attach the basic tenets of marxism to china's specific realities. and it's fun, traditional culture. we will use marxism to observe, understand, and steer the trend of our times. and continue to develop the marxism of contemporary china
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and in the 21st century. [applause] pres. xi: we must uphold and develop socialism with chinese characteristics. we must follow our own paths. this is the bedrock that underpins the series and practices of our party. more than that, it is the historical conclusion our party has joined from a struggle over the past century. socialism with chinese characteristics is a fundamental achievement of the party and the people, forged through innumerable hardships and great sacrifice. it is the right path for us to
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achieve national rejuvenation. as we have upheld and developed socialism with chinese characteristics and driven coordinated progress in material, political, and ecological terms, we have pioneered a new and uniquely chinese path to mobilization -- marginalization -- mortalization and created a new portal for human advancement. on the journey ahead, we must adhere to the parties policy. and implement the four prongs comprehensive strategy. we must take the reform and open up across the board. we are in a new stage of development.
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we must apply the new development philosophy and foster a new pattern of development. we must promote high-quality development. and build up our countries strength in science and dutch country possible strength in science and technology. -- country's strength in science and technology. continue to govern on the rule of law and uphold the court dutch core. we must -- promote harmony between humanity and nature, and make our people prosperous, our nation strong and our country beautiful. the chinese nation has fostered a splendid civilization over more than -- much of history.
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the party has also acquired a wealth of experience, syria's endeavors of the past 100 years and darling -- during more than 70 years of communism. we are eager to learn what west -- lessons we can from the achievements of other cultures and welcome helpful suggestions and constructive criticism. we will not accept sanctimonious preaching from those who feel they have the right to lecture us. [applause] the party and the chinese people
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will keep moving confidently forward along the path we have chosen for ourselves, and we will make sure chinese progress remains firmly. [applause] pres. xi: we must accelerate the modernization of national defense and the armed forces. a strong country must have a strong military, as only then can it guarantee the security of the nation. at the point that it was engaged in violent struggle, the party came to recognize the irrefutable truths that it must command and build a people's military of its own.
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the people's military has made indelible achievements on behalf of the party and the people. it is a strong pillar for safeguarding our socialist country and preserving national dignity and a force for protecting these in the region and beyond. [applause] pres. xi: on the journey ahead, we must fully implement a party's -- strengthening the military in the new era, as well as our military strategy for the new era. maintain leadership over the people, and follow a chinese path to military development. we will take copperheads of endeavors to enhance the loyalty of the armed forces to strengthen them through reform
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and technology and the training of persons and run them in coordinates -- accordance with the law. so that we aren't equipped with greater capability and the more reliable means for safeguarding our national sovereignty, security and development interests. [applause] pres. xi: we must continue working to promote the beauty of a human community with a shared future. this concorde in the harmony of ideas the chinese nation has pursued have carried forward for years. the chinese nation does not have
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aggressive or hegemonic traits and its genes. the party cares about the future of humanity and wishes to move forward in tandem with progressive forces around the world. china has always worked to safeguard world peace, contribute to global development and preserve international order. [applause] pres. xi: on the journey ahead, we will remain committed to permitting is, development, cooperation and mutual benefit. to an independent foreign policy of peace, and to the path of peaceful development. we will work to build a new type
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of international relations, and a community with a shared future. promote high-quality development of the belt road initiative through joint efforts and use china's new achievements and development to provide the world this new opportunity. the party will continue to work with countries and peoples to promote the shared human values of p's, development, fairness, justice, -- peace, development, fairness, justice, democracy and freedom. we will continue to champion cooperation over confrontation. to open up, rather than closing our doors.
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and to focus on mutual benefits instead of zero-sum games. we will approach hegemony and politics and strive to keep the wills of us building. [applause] pres. xi: we chinese are the people who uphold justice, and are not intimidated by threats of force. we will have a strong sense of pride and competence. we have never bullied or
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subjugated the people of any other country. and we never will. [applause] pres. xi: by the same token, we will never allow any or enforce to bully, oh price or subjugated us. -- oppress or subjugate us, anyone who will attempt to do so will find themselves with a great wall of steel forged by over 1.4 billion chinese people. [applause]
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pres. xi: we must carry out a great struggle with many contemporary features. having the courage to fight and the fortitude to win is what has made our party invincible. realizing our great dream will require hard work and persistence. today, we are closer, more
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confident and more capable than an before of making the goal of national rejuvenation a reality. but we must be prepared to work harder than ever to get there. on the journey ahead, we must demonstrate stronger the jolynn's -- vigilance and always be prepared in times of calm. we must adopt an approach to national security that balances security in politics and implements the national rejuvenation strategy within the wider context of the ones -- once in a century changes taking place in the world. we need to acquire a full
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understanding of the new features and requirements arising, and the new issues and challenges stemming from a complicated international environment. we must be both brave and adept. forging new paths and building new bridges wherever necessary to take us past risks and challenges. [applause] pres. xi: we must strengthen the great unity of the chinese people.
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in the course of our struggles over the past century, the party has always placed the united front in a position of importance. we have constantly consolidated and galloped the broadest possible united -- developed the broadest possible united front, forces that can be aligned with positive factors and pooled as much strength as possible for collective endeavors. the patriotic united front. is an important part of uniting us at home and abroad behind the goal of national rejuvenation. on the journey ahead, we must
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restore unity and solidarity and a balance, commonality and diversity. we should strengthen political guidance to the broader consensus and bring together -- and expand common ground and the convergence of interests so that chinese people at home and overseas can focus their energy on the same goal and come together as a mighty force realizing national rejuvenation. [applause] pres. xi: we must continue the
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new project of party unity. -- beauty. a hallmark that distinguishes the communist party of china from other party's is its courage in self reform, an important reason why the party remain so vital and vibrant despite having undergone some many trials and tribulations is that it practices effective self supervision. and rigorous self -- with rigorous self-governance, it has been able to respond appropriately to the tasks of different historical periods to ensure it always remains at the forefront of the times, even as profound changes make the
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--and through the process of getting challenges at home and abroad. [applause] pres. xi: on the journey ahead, we must keep firmly in mind the owed that it takes a good blacksmith to make good steel. we must have greater political awareness of the fact that full edit rigorous self-governance is a never-ending journey. through strengthening the party politically with our overarching principle, we must continue to advance the project of party beauty in the new era. we must act in the party's organizational system, work hard
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to train high-caliber officials who have both moral integrity and professional competence. remain committed to improving party conduct, upholding integrity and combating. corruption. and smooth out any element that could harm the party's purity and any process that would erode its house. we must ensure that the party preserves its essence, color and character. and see that it always serves us as the strong leadership core at the hope of upholding and developing socialism with chinese characteristics in the new era.
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[applause] pres. xi: comrades and friends, we will stay true to the letter of the spirit in principle of one country, two systems, and the people of hong kong, macau, those with a high degree of autonomy will ensure that the central government exercises jurisdiction over hong kong. and the legal system and enforcement mechanisms for the two special initiative regions to safeguard national security. while protecting china's sovereignty, security and interest, we will assure social
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stability in hong kong, and maintain lasting stability in those two special regions. realizing china's complete reunification is a historic mission and unshakable commitment of the commonest part of china. it's a shared aspiration of all of the sons and daughters of the chinese nation. [applause] pres. xi: we will uphold the one country principal and the 1992 consensus, and advance peaceful, national reunification. all of us compatriots on both sides of the thailand straight
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-- taiwan straight, must come together and move forward. we must take resolute action to defeat any attempt toward independence and work together to create a bright future for national rejuvenation. [applause] pres. xi: no one should underestimate the resolve, the will and ability of the chinese people to defend their national sovereignty and territorial integrity. [applause]
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pres. xi: comrades and friends, the future belongs to the young people, and our hopes go to rest with them. a century ago, a group of young progressives held aloft the torch. and they searched in those dark years for ways to rejuvenate the chinese nation. under the banner of the chinese best commonest party of china, generation after generation of young chinese have defaulted their views to the cause of the party and the people, and remain in the vanguard of the drive to rejuvenate the nation.
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in the new era, our young people should make it their mission to contribute to national rejuvenation and aspire to become more proud, confident, and assured in their identity as chinese people, so they can lead up to the promise of their youth and expectations of our party and our people. [applause] pres. xi: comrades and friends, a century ago, at the time of its founding, the communist party of china had just over 15 numbers.
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today, with more than 95 million members in the country of more than 1.4 billion people, it is the largest governing party in the world. and enjoys tremendous international influence. a century ago, china was on decline and fading away in the eyes of the world. today, the image it presents to the world is one of the strengthening nation who is moving toward rejuvenation. [applause]
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pres. xi: over the past century, the communist party of china has secured extraordinary historic achievement on behalf of the people. today, it is leading the chinese people on a new journey toward realizing the second centenary goal. to all party members, the century committee calls on every one of you to stay true to our party's founding mission and stand farm -- firm in your ideals and convictions, acting on the purpose of the party. you should always maintain close
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ties with the people. emphasize and work with them -- empathize and work with them, stand with them, through good times and bad. and continue working tirelessly to realize their aspirations, for a better life. and to bring still greater glory to the party and the people. [applause] pres. xi: comrades and friends,
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today, 100 years from its founding, the communist party of china is still in its prime. and it remains as determined as ever to achieve lasting greatness for the chinese nation. looking back on the past, we have troubled and have worked on the journey that lies ahead. with the firm leadership of the party and the unity of the chinese people of all ethnic groups, we will achieve the goal of building a great, modern socialist country and fulfill the chinese dream of national rejuvenation. [applause] pres. xi: one day, our great
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glory -- [applause] pres. xi: long-lived our great glories and people. [applause]
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>> please all rise for the international mall. -- international. ♪ ♪
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