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tv   Washington Journal Open Phones 2  CSPAN  July 2, 2021 12:50pm-1:08pm EDT

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huge surge in people buying. particulate millennials. now they are starting families who want homes and of course this trend of moving out of the new york's and san francisco's of the world and into place like salt lake and boise and denver. there are simply not enough homes in that area and those bidding wars are crazy. we have all seen the headlines. >> heather long is an economic correspondent for the washington post, in the headline today, the economy adding 850,000 jobs. we always appreciate your time and insights. thank you for being with us on c-span. >> let's get your calls and reaction. first is jason. you are currently employed? tell us your thoughts about the economy. >> i think it is doing better.
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kind of like a statement to go out there, i hope that everyone who is not vaccinated will go out and get vaccinated so this can continue to recover. it has been a really sad time working in washington dc. if you walk around the town, a lot of the restaurants and other businesses have closed permanently and it is a sad thing to see. hopefully the industry recovers but i have seen it contracts quite a bit. please go get a vaccine and let's continue this recovery. >> thanks for listening. this is from mary. she says those restaurant jobs don't come back when the restaurants are gone. good thing all the ppe money to wealthy chains. george in louisville kentucky. -- in louisville, kentucky.
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>> i will look at housing costs. property values don't do anything to add any added value to the committees. the ride the wave of the speculation bubble. anywhere within a mile radius of the house you have apartments and they grow up -- go up in rent. it's not supplied demand, people speculate in property like they do stocks ended artificially blows up the cost. it causes housing to move up and risks to move up four to five times what wages could ever move up. that's why we have to have rent control everywhere. that's why businesses can't staff. in 1960, it required 1/5 to pay for a house payment today is over 40%. people are one paycheck away
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from getting on the street. when property moves up in price we call it equity, everything else we call it inflation. thank you very much. >> this is from jodi. she says i live in arkansas and vaccinated but i am only 30%. we have gone from 100 vaccinations to 300 in a week. if coronavirus negative way affects only 1% of people who catch it, that means 3000 covid typhoid mary's effecting 62% of us in arkansas. miranda, good morning. >> good morning and thank you for c-span. i want to say i think the economy, could see it bouncing back. then one is coming back into business and picking up more shifts for the workers as well.
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my best friend has been living with me for a few months. he lost his job during the pandemic and also lost his parents who both died of covid. he just recently got employed. he has two jobs now. both of them part-time and working for 14 or $15 an hour in northern virginia which is not a great salary and why he has to have two jobs. the economic recovery is deeply tied to the emotional recovery of the country. my friend is a good example of that. it took him a while before he was able to get out and get a job and spend, because two jobs working more than 40 hours a week in order to put food on your table. this kind of slow recovery makes a lot of sense because we are dealing with both of those recoveries economic and emotional. >> maranda can also c-span
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listener. we thank you for that. bill says speaking of chipotle, i can personally say they pay far below what any man can pay elsewhere in kitchens and i was far reliant on underpaying women who could not get kitchen work elsewhere. they also had employee turnover every two weeks. this headline, historians just ranked the president's. the details in the news the 2021 presidential hurt survey. you can check out all of it, including president number one. this is the fourth time we have done this since 2001 when there has been a change in the white house and on sunday morning for two hours, four leading historians who took a principal role in this, author and historian doug brinkley, green
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medford richard smith and amity slays. we hope you tune in and check out the survey on our website we are getting your reaction to the labor department numbers. the economy adding 850,000 jobs in the month of june. those numbers were released just a short while ago. russell is on the phone from massachusetts with reaction. how are you? >> good, thank you. my question is this, when we do the statistics. i have never, and i may be wrong because i've never graduated, how we create 850,000 new jobs when you can't replace the jobs that already left? you can never have a surplus as long as you have a deficit. a lot of this on a planet rate is people make more money working from home than they do
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going back to the sector businesses. i can tell you this, government does not create jobs nor do they lose jobs. the reality of it is that the market of today's on employment, people in the richest country in the world do not even get paid $15 per hour. congress and the government realize that if they do pay $15 per hour, you are solely depended on yourself and if the government that does not want you doing that. this is why the labor rate is what it is but when they replace those 250,000 jobs before they've added new ones, there are no new jobs added unless they recuperate the last ones. that is my point. >> the scene yesterday just outside of surfside florida in miami. a makeshift memorial for those who are believed dead in the horrific collapse of the south tower of the champlain condo
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can't flex -- condo complex. the president had this to say. >> the whole nation is morning with those families. they see it every day on television. they have gone through hell, those who have survived the collapse as well as those who are missing loved ones. i'm a little late because i spent a lot of time with the families. i apologize for taking so long to get here, because i thought it was important speak to everything a person who wanted to speak to me. so after what you all covered when i opened up the meeting, i spent the remainder of the time with such incredible people. i sat with one woman who just lost her husband and her little baby my set with another family that
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lost almost an entire family and they are praying and pleading that let there be a miracle. like many of you, i have some idea what it's like to suffer the kind of loss that so many are suffering. they had basic heart wrenching questions. will id able to recover the body of my son or daughter or husband? how can i have closure without being able to very them if i don't get the body? what do i do? jill and i want you to know that we are with them and the countries with them. our message today is that we are here for you as one nation, as one nation. that's the message we communicate. we will be in touch with a lot of these families through this process but there is much more to be done. we are ready to do it and again, i think the governor, i thank my
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colleagues, senator scott, senator rubio, i think debbie wasserman schultz for their total, complete cup cooperation. there is no disagreement or bickering, everybody is on the same team. it's what america is all about stuff host: that was president joe biden yesterday in surfside, florida. the june jobs report trounced expect tatian's -- trounced expectations. some members of congress and shooting chuck grassley saying adding these jobs in june, the pre-pandemic best economy started by the trump tax cuts, it is roaring back after a virus interlude. also from congressman don buyer of northern virginia saying the vaccinations driving the huge job growth and vaccines are free, safe and will save your life.
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eric from hopewell junction, new york, good morning. caller: good morning. it's with a heavy heart that i understand this is your final day. i think that's true. host: one more day. caller: ok. but you will be added to the unemployment rolls. i expect a book or a memoir, you have had an amazing perspective all these years and i've watched all you guys try to be in the no man's land of the dialogue of our country. in other words, in the middle. understanding both sides and trying to have a coalition of consensus and thoughtful conversation and i try to model myself after c-span see those as
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given by brian lamb and you are a worthy predecessor of that and i'm looking for that book. host: thank you for that. i won't be unemployed which my wife is happy for but i shake your kind comments. we go to diane in bradenton, florida, good morning. caller: good morning, i don't know if this is actually the number but i am an employed person. i've been employed through the whole pandemic and i have a 1099g that i have received through unemployment for money that i never got. i have been on hold for over two weeks. i cannot get through to a single soul. i put in a complaint through the website and the website now has locked me out because of identity fraud. i don't know who to turn to but i want my money. i worked from the getting of the pandemic to the end and my hours
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got cut and i should be part of unemployment in its $2100 they owe me and no one has responded to our calls. host: we will go to lexington, north carolina, good morning. caller: good morning and thanks for taking my call. two comments i would like to make. the gentleman who said he was a non-graduate, two comments on that but on his comment in his statements, he is right on the money. how can we say we have the job growth and we haven't gotten back to the point before the pandemic? there is jobs out there. i haven't missed a day since this pandemic. there is people who know need employees and they can't get them and they will not get them as long as the federal government are paying them to stay at home. host: thank you for the call.
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this is a message from a viewer in georgia saying we started our own residential cleaning business in the metro area and are looking to hire. it's hard to find people who want to do the job. from north carolina, keith, your next. caller: good morning. one of the things with unemployment is that right now there is a lot of jobs that cannot be filled because people make more to stay at home than they do to go to work. the thing that will kill is now is with the gas prices and all that going so high is that once again, you will make more money to stay at home and draw than to go to work. host: based on that, what do you think the second half of the year will look like? caller: truthfully, i think the
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whole thing as long as we keep making the decisions that our current leadership is making is not good. you look at the states that opened up and the state stayed open. they are recovering well. the ones who didn't are not. i am a teacher and we worked, i've been face-to-face through the whole thing. we shut down at the beginning of the pandemic and went to virtual but when the new school year started, we were face-to-face. it was a mixture but we worked the whole time and watching the education unions you know -- north carolina's different than your big cities and all that.
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watching them and all the complaints the teachers had of not going back to work, that irritated me because as a teacher, i look at it like a doctor. you have a service to the public you chose to go into and we were a front-line worker. host: thanks for your calls and comments. tune in sunday morning for two hours of a conversation with leading authors. we will look at the c-span presidential historian survey for 2021 step finally, we want to say good by to one of our dear colleagues, a longtime director of this program and there he is. he has been a steady hand for nearly 39 years, directing this program, he is a master, just look at him. countless other specials, political conventions, presidential inaugurations and
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so many other signature shows. we were trying to figure out how many calls he is listen to in the answer is a lot. we will miss his professionalism, his good nature, is one personality and all that he is brought over the years to the c-span network for nearly four decades. on behalf of all of us at c-span, we wish you the best in the next chapter in thank you for helping with the c-span mission on your final program today. >> a live look at the white house briefing room this afternoon where shortly, press secretary jen psaki will hold a briefing with reporters. live coverage gets underway on c-span in just a few minutes. while we wait, your phone calls from this morning's "washington journal,"


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