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tv   Trump Organization Attorneys Hold News Conference  CSPAN  July 1, 2021 9:16pm-9:30pm EDT

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the place you call home. spark light, it is our home too. right now we are all facing our greatest challenge. that is why spark light is working around the clock to keep you connected. we are doing our part so it is a little easier to do yours. announcer: spark light supports c-span as a public service, along with these other providers, giving you a front row seat to democracy. announcer: on thursday, attorneys for the trump organization responded to the indictment, including tax fraud. this is 10 minutes. >> despite what mr. dunn said, this case is unprecedented. when you look at the charges, it is a corporate department. it is a corporate car. it is, in one case, a significant matter in the charges is the payment of his
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grandchildren's tuition, which every expert on the planet tell you is a gift. at least many of the experts we have spoken to, if not all of them. so these charges are unprecedented. they are unique. people across the country we believe have heard of corporate department, of corporate cars. all of this is on the books. that is how they know about it. and so, in my personal view, it's not appropriate. and quite frankly, it sets a pre cedent. i think in 244 years, we have not had a local prosecutor go after a former president of the united states or his employees, or his company. and that is a significant line to cross. and quite frankly, not just as a lawyer but as a citizen, we are
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very concerned about that. so that in the future, if some prosecutor in a different political jurisdiction, in a red state or in a red county, decides to take aim at a federal official or people close to them, and then the rest of the country complaints, well, this case is setting that precedent. so, we have looked at this so carefully. these cases are always resolved in a civil context. the irs has never seen a case like this. we cannot find where the irs has ever made a case like this. and we are all aware, all of you and all of us, are aware of the very significant financial crimes that have occurred by large financial institutions where this office did not take them on, did not prosecute them. going back to 2008, the
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financial collapse of the united states. many of the firms involved in those events are located in my at -- in manhattan. we did not see them drag those companies into court. and we are talking about $1 trillion in lost value to homeowners across the united states. so those are my thoughts, and i think that it is an improper precedent. i think the office knows this. i am not saying to you all that they are not aware of. but i think the political forces driving today's events are just that, it's politically driven. notwithstanding the statements by my colleague at the da's office in court today. >> i know he is not your client, but that is a lot of money. what would mr. trump have to say about that? mr. futerfas: the allegations in the indictment are just that, they are allegations.
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they have to be proven. these kinds of cases typically are resolved in a civil context. why? because the law on compensation, on fringe benefits, is murky, it's difficult, it's complex. you can have experts disagree. so these charges are going to be vigorously contested, and they are going to be vigorously contested by people who are experts in the field and know this law very well. >> how concerned is mr. trump? just because this is the beginning. mr. futerfas: the district attorney can say, denounce whatever they would like to say and denounce. we have no concerns going forward. that's all i can say on that matter. >> [indiscernible] mr. futerfas: the indictment alleges that amount of money was
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from 2005 into 2016 or 2017. but again, the question is what is it about? it is about apartments. is something a corporate apartment? is something properly an expense of the company? these are complex questions, never charged in a criminal case, and they should not be here, quite frankly. >> [indiscernible] mr. futerfas: all civil cases -- i have been a lawyer a long time. my wonderful colleague susan has been a lawyer a long time. people get into a room, they talk about it. often they resolve things. what can i say? your own human experience tells you the answer to those questions. >> [indiscernible] mr. futerfas: we are way before any kind of -- all i can tell you is, all of our common
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experience would tell you that similar cases people usually get into a room, they figure out what the issues are, and they resolve them. that is what happens. >> it could be very damaging to the organization itself. mr. futerfas: the company is very, very optimistic. and we're certainly hopeful that there will not be a significant effect. i do remind you all that there are large financial institutions in new york city, very well-known financial institutions, that were the subject of criminal prosecutions, and regulated entities, we are talking banks, we are talking large financial institutions, and they have all survived a very, very well. what i would tell you all, and something that is not reported, is that what is the company? the company is about 3500
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employees worldwide. many of those are in the united states at these properties and hotels and golf clubs. and i visited some of those. and the people that are employed are waiters, and they are bellmen, and they are busboys, and they clean the rooms, and they fix the meals, and they are nameless people and they take care of the ground. they are people from all walks of life, of every country on the planet, and they are good, hard-working people. and so, those are the people that really are behind this company, and you all should know that. >> based on the indictments, -- [indiscernible] mr. futerfas: i would answer that by saying that certainly given the nature and the
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unprecedented nature of these charges, that certainly that's the reason they were brought. ok? if the name of the company was something else, i don't think this would have been brought. in fact i am fairly certain they would not have been brought if the name was a different name. >> [indiscernible] mr. futerfas: no. the answer is no. i am going to speak to what we are talking about today. i am finished. i appreciate you all, but that is what i have to talk about this afternoon. thank you. alan futerfas. thank you. ms. necheles: i just have a few comments to make on behalf of the company as well. susan necheles, attorney for the company as well. i think all americans should be concerned about what they see in this case today. this case is truly unprecedented.
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the attorney general's office and the district attorney's office brought a joint prosecution here because they dislike donald trump politically. they subpoenaed millions of documents from him personally, and pressured witnesses, trying to make those witnesses tell them things that donald trump, that they wanted to hear, that donald trump had done things criminally, which the witnesses did not do because they could not do. although carrie dunne in court said this was not a political prosecution, i think you can all see what has happened in the press, what you have seen over the last year, and the comments the attorney general has repeatedly made. she campaigned on a promise that she would get donald trump. she repeatedly said she would use all areas of the law to get donald trump.
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and this is a joint prosecution. while she was attorney general and while president trump was in office, she sued him 70 times, using new york taxpayer money. she called him an illegitimate president repeatedly. so, this is the person who now, with the da's office, have teamed up together to bring this unprecedented prosecution. the da's office may say it is not unprecedented, but they cannot point to any case -- any case -- where a corporation has been prosecuted based on a few individuals in the corporation who allegedly, on their personal tax insurance, made a mistake or did not pick up fringe benefits on their personal tax returns. there is no such case that we have been able to find and we do
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not believe that there is any such case that they have been able to find. you cannot say, like the da's office said in court, oh, we brought the case because they did not cooperate with us. that is not how it works. you bring the case based on liability and when a corporation has done massive wrongdoing. that is what the da's office's guidelines for corporate liability said, and they disregarded those guidelines to bring a case against the trump company. never happened before. we will win this case, but this case should have never been brought. it is a political prosecution. political prosecution. our people are targeted criminally because the prosecutors don't believe in the applicable leaves, it happens in corrupt countries. it does not happen in america. it is un-american. it should not happen here in new
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york city, the greatest city in the greatest democracy in the world. it should not have occurred, and it is a sad day in new york that this has occurred. thank you. i am not answering any questions here. announcer: c-span's washington journal. every day we take your calls live on the air of the news of the day and we discussed policy issues that impact you. friday morning, american principles project president on his group's lobbying efforts on behalf of american families. and former california congresswoman jane harman on her new book, insanity defense. watch washington journal live at 7:00 eastern friday morning, and be sure to join the discussion with your phone calls, facebook comments, texts, and tweets. announcer: friday morning, a discussion about the biden agenda with senior advisor to the president.
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