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tv   House GOP Leader Holds News Conference  CSPAN  July 1, 2021 9:01pm-9:17pm EDT

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virtual and we powered a new reality. because at mediacom, we are built to keep you ahead. announcer: mediacom supports c-span as a public service, along with these other television providers. giving you a front row seat to democracy. announcer: at his weekly briefing, house minority leader kevin mccarthy talked about the appointment of representative liz cheney to serve on january 6 select committee. leader mccarthy also announced the creation of a task force that would oversee the gop agenda and messaging. this is just over 10 minutes. leader: mccarthy: good morning. how are you all today? all right. moment to acknowledge and bring attention to the gut i want to take a moment to acknowledge and bring attention to the gut-wrenching scenes we have coming out of florida since that building first collapsed
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more than a week ago. we mourn the loss of the 18 lives who perished including just two children, ages 4 and 10, whose bodies were found yesterday. we continue to keep the prayers in our players and more than 145 individuals who are still waiting to hear updates about their loved ones. i also want to thank the first responders and thank israel for sending their team as well. i know they are working around the clock. i know it is tedious work and it is difficult, but i want them to know we appreciate it as well. just moments ago, i made a unanimous consent request on the house floor to fund israel's critical iron dome defense system. as many of you know, we have the president of israel here this week. israeli government requested resources from the united states to replenish supplies and who come in which is vital to protecting the jewish state from terrorist attacks. as you know, the iron dome is a defensive protection.
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we know the missiles have come a few months ago. i made the request with representatives scalise, mccaul and rogers. considering israel is our strongest ally in the middle east, this should have received unanimous consent. house democrats had an opportunity to show a sharp contrast from the anti-semitic rhetoric and actions taken by some of their own members, but they didn't. their caucus rejected their proposal and turned their backs on israel instead. now i have a real concern with the democrats are turning their back on not just our ally and turning their backs on america. we watched in a few short months what they have done to the border, the refusal to hold china accountable. do we have any hearings this week in regards to the 600,000 americans who have been killed from covid and where it came from?
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from? the biden administration, democratic policies are facing multiple cries sees in our country. i announced the official launch of seven issues specific task force that will focus on policies that will improve the lives of all families. the task force will work together within their respective issues and develop policies to help improve our lives. many will be introduced this year and next year and even into the next congress. the task force members on jobs and economy is representative mchenry. future of america freedoms, jim jordan, energy climate, representative graves. american security, john katko. and china accountability, michael mccaul. under the leadership, these task forces will work over the next couple of months to build on the
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aagendaa that we released last year when we are in the majority in 2023 will be much different. many of you recall, you received a schedule of the calendar for congress. the minute the democrats won their victory in georgia, what did they do? they canceled the schedule. now we found six months later all they have done is develop a crisis. the republican conference will have the answers and solutions and lay them out to the american public. as we move into this weekend, just six months of the biden administration, highest gas prices in seven years as many want to hit the road. inflation grew at the fastest rate since 2008. crime, last weekend, more than 70 shootings in chicago. just watch the weeks before man
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and woman pulled from their car in broad daylight and shot and killed on the streets of chicago. just a few weeks ago, we watched a young children on a sidewalk in new york being run down. we watch crime continue to spike as the democrats made that movement just a year ago about defunding the police. the democrats defunding the police isn't enough. we watched in appropriations just yesterday. the defunding of the border as well. from c.b.p. and i.c.e. and reducing what the biden administration wants. we watched the person in charge, the vice president spend a short amount of time along the border. saying that they inherited a
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problem but each month, the problem has gotten worse. set a 21-year record of the number of people coming across. the american public wants more. they want to hold people accountable and want a border that is secure and an economy that will grow and inflation under control and gas price they can afford as well. unfortunately no one thought they would put america in the greatest crisis. watched the middle east erupt and today they had the opportunity to send defense to our ally the only democracy in the middle east and couldn't agree on that. with that, let's opening it up for questions. reporter: why should liz cheney lose her committee assignments? mr. mccarthy: i'm not giving threats about committee assignments. you know how congress works.
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you get elected by your district and you get your committees from your conference. when jeff van drew left the party and became a republican, he lost his committee assignments from the speaker and got them from the republican conference. when representative amash he got his committee assignments from the speaker. i don't know where in history where someone gets a committee assignment from the speaker and have them from the conference as well. reporter: you haven't criticized members like representative clyde and haven't lost committee assignments. mr. mccarthy: i'm not threatening anyone with committee assignments. it was shocking to me that if a person is republican and get committee assignments from the republican conference. for someone to accept committee
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assignments from speaker pelosi, that's unprecedented. reporter: do you regret not supporting the bipartisan commission idea and will have to deal with a committee that you have less control over and less opportunity to have influence and be more political? mr. mccarthy: i redepret the politics of nancy pelosi. for six months she played politics with me. what has transpired? in those six months in the senate, they had two committees bipartisanly investigate this and give a report. the f.b.i. has arrested almost 500 people sm the architect of the capitol has been guyen, 10 million and pelosi continues to make this about politics. no one takes this serious based upon the direction she wants to go. if you had read the senate report you would be concerned. concerned about what happened that day and concerned the days
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before it that caused that day to happen. why wasn't the national guard here. a lot of questions. national guard were doing street patrol but not on the capitol. the concern to me why the smear would narrow the scope, did something happen in the summer to not bring the national guard here. why were the national guard riot gear locked in a bus? all that preparation ahead of time? why wasn't the intelligence provided. sergeant of arms never spoke to me prior to the 6th, during the 6th, after the 6th. there are a lot of questions raised and senate who did the work and we have a speaker who did nothing but play politics. reporter: are you going to appoint members to this committee to try and answer those questions? mr. mccarthy: when i have news on that, i will give it to you.
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reporter: do you intend to name members to this panel? and if not, last week you met with officer fa known and officer dunn and urged you to take this seriously. so are you taking this seriously? mr. mccarthy: i take it very seriously. reporter: you just named a number of entities that you blame for -- mr. mccarthy: i didn't put blame. reporter: but questions. do you believe that former president trump is responsible for the events leading up to january 6th? mr. mccarthy: have you read the senate report? have you read the senate report? did you have have questions that the prep we had for this capitol. when they found i.e.d.'s in the morning, did we not call the f.b.i. were you concerned that the
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sergeant of arms had intelligence provided by the f.b.i. but wasn't put forward? were you concerned that if we had that information why didn't we have a different presence built here? if you were concerned about riots why would you put the lie on the gear locked in a bus? at the time the riot took place, why were there not communications that had direction from leadership because leadership wasn't talking. there are so many failures that happened the days before that allowed individuals to get into the building. we want to make sure that never happens again. reporter: the president at the time has no responsibility? reporter: she has a quorum now that she has appointed cheney. it would be in your interest to get people on this thing next. mr. mccarthy: it is a political
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game of what she is playing and when i have news on this, i will provide the news. did i upset you last time? reporter: no. mr. mccarthy: i thought from the article, i must have upset you. you are younger than me. i hope you feel better. reporter: you want to answer that question? do you believe that liz cheney accepting the committee assignment that she left the republican conference? mr. mccarthy: i am shocked that she would accept something from speaker pelosi. i didn't hear from her. maybe she is closer to her than i. [indiscernible question] mr. mccarthy: when somebody comes here and how they get their committees. take, for example, when liz cheney came to congress and came to see me and the other members on steering about committee
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assignments. no democrat came to see me about committee assignment and jeff van drew came to me after he left. it would be shocking to me for anybody from a party on the other side to come and accept a position for a kem cat come to me and it would be shocking for a republican to go to speaker pelosi to appear a committee assignment. [indiscernible question] mr. mccarthy: i'm sorry. i have found how the system works here. republican conference appoints republicans and democrats appoint democrats and that's why you have ratios. i want to wish you all a happy 4th of july. let's celebrate the freedoms we have and let's not forget them.
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>> the greatest town on earth is the place you call home. spark light, it is our home too. right now we are all facing our greatest challenge. that is why spark light is working around the clock to keep you connected. we are doing our part so it is a little easier to do yours. announcer: spark light supports c-span as a public service, along with these other providers, giving you a front row seat to democracy. announcer: on thursday, attorneys for the trump organization responded to the indictment, including tax fraud. this is 10 minutes. >> despite what mr. dunn said, this case is unprecedented. when you look at the charges, it is a corporate department. it is a corporate car. it is, in one case, a significant matter in the charges is the payment of his
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