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tv   Speaker Pelosi Holds Legislative Briefing  CSPAN  July 1, 2021 8:32pm-9:02pm EDT

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>> broadband is a force of empowerment, building infrastructure, upgrading technology, empowering others in communities a and small. charter is connecting us. >> charter communications supports c-span as a public service, along with these other television dividers even you a front row seat to democracy. >> house speaker nancy pelosi has announced that mississippi congressman will chair the committee that will investigate the january 6 attack on the u.s. capitol. this is 25 minutes.
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speaker pelosi: good morning, it is a good morning because decisions, as difficult as they are and as sad in some cases, are liberating and enable us to go forward. as we gather here on the floor of the house right now, we are passing the invest in america act, a transformative opportunity for us not only to build the infrastructure of america but to build and rebuild the middle class of america. it does so by putting equity front and center, with necessary focus on communities of color, rural communities and regions with persistent property -- poverty.
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we are pleased the president could come together in a bipartisan way with the united states senate for a bipartisan infrastructure plan. when we finish with this legislation, we look forward to continuing that conversation with them so that we can pass an infrastructure bill as well as a reconciliation bill. that was yesterday. i mean, that is today. yesterday, we saw patriotism on display in house when it passed, the legislation to establish a committee to investigate the january 6 attack on the capital. it has been our hope, all of us, and the work of our to distinguished -- betty thompson for us to be able to have a bipartisan commission, passed in the house in a bipartisan way. it got majority vote in the senate in the bipartisan way, but it did not get 60 votes.
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they ask for another week, another week and at the end of last week, they said we can't do this until one to 23. so we can't wait that long. and we went right into motion to establish this committee. as you can see, i am very proud to be able to announce the members of that committee this morning. our chairman will be bennie thompson, chair of the homeland security committee and he negotiated on this commission and we think of for his leadership. the house administration committee is having key hearings on the safety of the capital. intelligence being very import of dutch important, adam schiff -- important, adam schiff of the intelligence committee. pete from the house appropriations committee, that is a committee with jurisdiction of this as well as being a
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member of the house administration committee. i am saying this in seniority order, congresswoman liz cheney, who has patriotically agreed to serve on the committee. she has a family matter she is dealing with and may join us depending on how long this takes. but we are very honored and proud that she has agreed to serve on the committee. representative stephanie mercy, the services committee, jamie raskin, a constitutional scholar as you all know, oversight committee. that is a major committee, the committee on oversight. he is also on the jing -- -- judiciary committee that has standing on all of this. and then navy veteran, this is
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more technical and standard, but what is your title? retired commander, oh my gosh. and a member of the armed services committee, her interest in this is long-standing in congress, she is also a member of the homeland security committee. i just wanted to read the bill. it is really important for you all to know what our purpose is for this. and that is that the findings of the legislation seeks to the testimony of the dutch speaks to the testimony of the director of the fbi when he basically said there were more deaths from domestic terrorism the global -- then global terrorism and our country in the previous year. the testimony from the part of homeland security about concerns that are out there, all of these
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institutions talking about, well, i hate to go there but it is what they have said, and terms of white supremacy, anti-semitism, islamophobia, all of these attitudes that have contributed to what happened on january 6. that is our purpose and do we have -- you can go to speaker .gov to read the findings which establish the purpose of what we are setting out to do. to make sure that this never happens again. i have put out the names of the members on the committee, it was our hope we could have done this with a bipartisan outside commission, maybe one day that will be possible. it took 14 1/2 months for the
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9/11 commission to be signed into law. perhaps this is on the horizon. but in the meantime then and in the meantime now, it is going to be a congressional investigation. then, i happened to be a co-chair of that investigation and it was bipartisan and bicameral. as you can see, it might be hard to do bicameral since they limited the investigation on their side as to what we can look into. but i'm very proud. and as i say, decisions are liberating and enable you to go to the next step and the next step has always been to seek and to find the truth. we want to do so in the most patriotic and nonpartisan way so the american people have confidence in the results. now it's pleasure to yield as i announce the chairmanship of this committee, chairman bennie thompson of mississippi.
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a person who has fought such a long time to call to the attention of the american people the issue of domestic terrorism. we are very proud of his service and his leadership on that committee and very honored that he has agreed to serve as the chair of the select committee. mr. thompson. mr. thompson: thank you very much, madam speaker and i thank you for your steadfast commitment to getting to the truth behind the january 6 domestic terrorist attack on the capitol. next week will mark six months since the world watched in horror as americans violently stormed the citadel of our democracy to stop congress from carrying out its constitutional duty. with the presidential election. over the last six months, at every turn you have been laser
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focused on doing whatever it takes to get to the bottom and deliver the truth to the american people. you met with republicans more than halfway in an effort to stand up in a bipartisan independent commission. the reason i say that is i participated in negotiating what was to be negotiated and you did a good job. i thought from the standpoint, it should have been approved. we passed it in the house. unfortunately, we could not get the senate to do likewise. so we have come to where we are today. your choice of this select committee and the approval by the house in doing so and the membership behind me, we'll do our job. we'll do it according to the oath we took as members of congress. but more importantly, we have to get to the bottom of finding out all the things that went wrong
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on january 6. i look forward to working with the members of the select committee, both democrat and republicans. i chair the house homeland security committee. we have a reputation of being one of the more bipartisan committees in congress. and that's because we work hard at it. i look forward to coming up with the causes and effect. it will come in due time. i can't give it -- a time line. we'll let the facts help determine how long we will meet. but i assure you that the product will be a product based on investigation, based on what those investigations bring forth , and there's nothing sack crow -- in this review that won't be
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brought out in the end. thank you. speaker pelosi: any questions? no questions? i anticipated them all. yes, sir. reporter: house minority leader mccarthy -- speaker pelosi: we are out -- making our presentation here, go ask him about what he says, ok. reporter: i accept your appointment to the committee. speaker pelosi: i am sorry, what? that's a matter nor the republican caucus. we are full of responsibility and duty and patriotism and almost joy as we go into the 4th of july weekend as we weekend the birth of our nation, that we are committed to doing something that honors the vision of our founders. it's going to be a high level
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and it's going to justify the support of the american people. it is not political and i'm not getting involved of what goes on -- in any discussion of what goes on in the republican caucus. reporter: congresswoman cheney is going to serve. walk us through what that conversation was like once she said yes to you, what you asked of her? speaker pelosi: the conversation resembled congresswoman cheney's public statement. and by the way, i saw this morning, this is not about some of the things you had there, it's about what is in the bill as to what our purpose is. our purpose is not any phone call that mccarthy made or something like that, it's about protecting our country from the negative forces that provoked that attack on the capitol. reporter: follow up on a
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separate question. earlier this week, congresswoman elana omar -- ilhan omar was -- speaker pelosi: let's stay with this. we have some of the best leaders in the congress on this subject and i'm sure they would be happy to answer any questions. what do you have today? reporter: would you like to see former trump testify before the committee and is there a chance that the committee will subpoena him? speaker pelosi: the committee, i have made the appointments and the committee will make those decisions. and we look forward the republicans making appointments to the committee. reporter: the importance of mccarthy conversation with president trump -- speaker pelosi: i'm not going into that now. the committee will establish , working with staff, what the
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priority of timing is on how we go forward. we are not having that discussion right here now in this room. reporter: when do you anticipate getting started? are you going to wait for mccarthy to choose their people? speaker pelosi: i would hope they choose them expeditiously. we have a quorum. let me go back to the purpose, because your presentation this morning reminded me that we have to remind people what the purpose of this is. whereas on january 6, 2021, one of the darkest days of our democracy, during which insurrectionists intended to impede congress' constitutional mandate to validate a presidential election. this is something that is very important to all of our members,
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including, i might be able to say because she said it publicly, congresswoman cheney, the peaceful transfer of power. it is a hallmark of democracy. and then the department of homeland security issued on january 27, a national terrorism advisory system bulletin calling our attention for the need to act so that this doesn't happen again. because there are perceived grievances fueled by false narratives could continue to incite and commit violence and the threats of violence again that i referenced from the director of the f.b.i. it goes on and on. but i think it's really important, go there, you will have a clear path. questions for any of us? the chair of the homeland
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security committee, do you want to say anything? ms. lofgren: house administration committee has held a series of hearings primarily with the inspectors generals looking at deficiency of the management of the capitol police. and unfortunately we found many. but that's not what spurred the attack but the response. the fact there were deficiencies in the management of the capitol police didn't cause the riot. we will make sure that the interim steps to be more safe at the capitol continue. but it's not a substitute for finding out what happened here, what caused a mob of americans to think this they were supporting the constitution when they tried to disrupt the constitutional process of counting the electoral votes, who paid for it, how was it organized. we need to find that out to keep the country safe. thank you, madam. speaker pelosi: thank you. in terms of the capitol police,
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they saved our lives and we be -- will be forever grateful to them and enabled us to return so we could honor our constitutional responsibility prescribed in the constitution as january 6, not just any day did they have there as the republicans describe it, normal tourist day in the capitol, no. it was a date prescribed in the constitution. they came to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power and how could the capitol police ever suspect that the president of the united states would incite an insurrection. we want to support them and shore up any shortcomings not only personally but physically for the capitol. but let us always salute them for what they have did and in both houses we have voted a gold medal to salute their courage.
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intelligence has been an important part of this. mr. schiff, did you have something you want to say? mr. schiff: thank you, madam speaker. we know there was intelligence collected prior to the attack and we know there was intelligence that was not collected that was available to help law enforcement identify in far greater depth and detail the danger to the capitol that day. why that intelligence wasn't gathered, whether the intelligence that was gathered was appropriately shared, whether that intelligence was acted upon, these are just some of the questions that we have been looking at in the intelligence committee. but frankly have not been able to get sufficient answers and it is my hope and expectations with the specific focus on the events of january 6, of the select committee with the staff dedicated to that purpose to uncovering, why didn't we see this coming, should we have had
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advanced warning and the appropriate mechanisms that law enforcement can identify when there is a threat to the nation's capital and how that information can be shared, it's my hope that through our efforts we can get those answers and put additional pleasure as needed on -- pressure as needed on the agencies to be forth coming with that information so we can prepare for the future. speaker pelosi: thank you, mr. schiff. mr. aguilar served serves on the appropriations committee and house administration committee. did you want to share some thoughts? mr. aguilar: i just wanted to underscore that the focus of this is on seeking the truth. the focus is on making sure that the american public understands the threat to democracy that took place on january 6. there were real people affected by those actions. 140 capitol police officers
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injured, some of them permanently that day. five people lost their lives. staffers were barricaded here in the capitol. members were affected. everyone touched by january 6 deserves to find the truth of what transpired, what led up to it and how we can protect our democracy moving forward. i am honored to be part of this group and i look forward to chairman thompson's leadership. and working with my colleagues. thank you. speaker pelosi: you will hear more from men than for me. >> hello, i fled a country where political violence was how political transitions were made and never lived a day in this country where i haven't been proud to live in this country -- a democracy and the freedoms that are offered, but i also
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understand we have the responsibility to protect this democracy. it broke my heart to be in this building on january 6 and see the political violence that occurred in a country i fled and countries that i worked on when i was at the department of defense happening here in our country. i look forward to executing my responsibility on this committee to understand fully exactly what happened on january 6. what is motivating domestic terrorism and how we build a better whole of government approach to addressing domestic terrorism and how we secure the citadel of democracy here at this capital. thank you. speaker pelosi: i'm proud of stephanie murphy's patriotism. she came to america as a baby from vietnam and she has always talked about how much her family appreciates america. and she, of course, has served
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our country very well in the department of defense, now in the congress of the united states. but her story is one that is the american dream many times over. i now want to yield to the distinguished, no stranger to any of you because he serves on so many committees this regard, judiciary, house administration and the committee on oversight, mr. jamie raskin. mr. raskin: thank you very much. the oversight committee has been conducting for several years an investigation into violent white supremacy. the department of homeland security has declared violent domestic extremism the number one security threat in the country and saw that threat explode right in front of us on january 6. so the impeachment trial of
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donald trump determined i think by robust bipartisan, bicameral majorities who incited the violence on january 6. but we need to figure out who organized the violence on january 6, how did they organize it and why did they organize it, what were the purposes of the different critical actors who were present on that day? that's why this investigation is critical for every american link -- american, living and as yet unborn because we need to defend our democracy with everything we've got. so it's a great honor to be able to serve on the select committee under chairman thompson and with these wonderful colleagues. thank you, madam speaker. speaker pelosi: a title that very few in the congress have a right to, but we are very proud that elaine luria has decided to serve in the congress, commander
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elaine luria. mrs. luria: thank you and i stand here today as someone who served two decades in uniform. the first time i took the oath to protect and defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, i was 17 years old when i entered the naval academy and i never thought that fast forwarding today, i would be serving in this capacity why we had a violent mob attack our capitol. the process of the few -- a smooth transition of government. and like all of our colleagues have said we have to get to the bottom of this and can't be a partisan thing. i have spent on many deployments to the middle east and striking targets, foreign terrorist targets. but one thing about serving in the military is we don't ask about political party or partisanship. i did not turn to the person next to me and say are you a democrat or republican but it
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was about accomplishing a mission. i hope this committee can leave that partisanship at the door. these are answers the american people need and deserve about why this happened in our country and making sure it can't happen again. so thank you to madam speaker for appointing me to this committee. speaker pelosi: thank you so much. i have been informed we have four minutes left in the invest act and we are proud of that legislation and that is our purpose to do good things for the people. i just want to say how proud i am of this select committee. so glad that bennie thompson will be leading it for us and that it will be bipartisan from the start. we are proud that liz cheney has made the public statement that she has made and that she has agreed to join the committee.
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another time she will say why and her purpose. but she has spoken very clearly about the committee and that gives us great confidence that we will be able to work in a nonpartisan way for the people. and as we go into the 4th of july with great pride in the fact that we will be closer to the truth because of the willingness of such a distinguished group to take this responsibility. thank you all very much. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2021] ♪ >> c-span's washington journal,
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