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tv   Pres. Biden and First Lady Thank Florida First Responders  CSPAN  July 1, 2021 8:09pm-8:15pm EDT

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people, trying to rescue people. at a minimum, trying to identify anyone who may be deceased to bring closure to the family is, which is important. but they are tired and this has taken a toll on them. and the fact that we now have that search-and-rescue team from virginia here, and i know we have some more on the way, that's going to be helpful because this is grueling. and obviously the families lives have been shattered. mental health is going to be important. were going to need some mental health support for some of the folks who have been in that rubble because it is not easy. but we thank you for the support and we do appreciate the collaboration from local, state and federal. we need luck, we need prayers, and we would like to be able to see miracles happen. were not going to stop until we identify everybody and until we do what we need to do. so thank you, mr. president. >> thank you, mr. president, i
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want to acknowledge the leadership of the first lady, casey desantis, as well who is very focused on children and mental health and is bringing that agenda to our discussions. of course we have been including all of that, as you will learn from the briefings. we know how important first ladies are so we wanted to be sure to give a shout out to. pres. biden: i'm joe biden. i'm your president. i just want to come down and say thanks. in delaware you joke i was elected to the senate in 1972. there are two political parties, democrats and republicans. [indiscernible] all kidding aside what you're doing is incredible. you know, most of the time , people don't fully appreciate what you do. and jill and i have the experience, you saved my life public -- life.
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probably saved my life miles away. [indiscernible] when i first got when i first got to the senate , -- and when i first got to the senate [indiscernible] i got a phone call that my wife and daughter and my children were trapped on i95. [indiscernible] and then not -- and then not long after getting out the hospital i was talking , i got a phone call,
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[indiscernible] save my wife, save my family. a crazy as obi went in there -- sob went in there, save my wife, save my family. [laughter] >> i want to introduce you to our battalion chief. president biden: what's your name? [applause] pres. biden: i just want you to know we understand, what you
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guys are doing now is hard as hell. even psychologically. i just want to say thank you. thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. as y'all know, not only what you're dealing with now but your brothers and sisters across this country are having more pressure put on them because of the drug, because of we have 120 degree heat in vancouver, you know we have a problem. or in arizona, i was on a phone call yesterday with all of the western governors. you know what they are asking for? they need more firefighters. because last year, fire season didn't start this early and things are burning down, burning to the ground. already, it is starting early.
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you guys are, i really want to say thank you. we appreciate what you do. i promise you we know what you're doing here is incredible. having to deal with the uncertainty. worrying about, you know, families. anyway, thank you. i'm happy to answer any questions. be careful, careful. [indiscernible] >> at the meeting with families of the victims of the surfside florida condo collapse, president biden spoke to the media about emergency cooperation efforts and announced that the federal government will cover search-and-rescue cost for the


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