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tv   President Biden Receives Briefing on Florida Condo Collapse  CSPAN  July 1, 2021 1:02pm-1:15pm EDT

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the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to section 11-b of house resolution 188, the house stands adjourned until 11:30 a.m. tomorrow.
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president biden: thanks and we'll find out what i can do at present in terms of help. for whatever you need. the governor, the mayor have been completely open with me.
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we have another group coming from fema today, how many people? >> by the end of the day there should be 500 on the ground. president biden: 500 on the ground. again this is your show. we want to make sure that whatever you need, you know, including money. >> all right, mr. president, we cannot thank you enough for being here with us, for showing your extraordinary support from day one you've called me that morning. we hustled into a little room at the family reunification center, you said whatever we need and you said -- and i said bring fina -- fema and here they are on the ground. we had our florida emergency management director, kevin guthrie here, immediately.
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the governor has been here every single day. the senators, i believe, the same. and our state and municipal leaders as well. the collaboration from elected leadership to the police department, all the municipal supports under the leadership of our incredible miami-dade police department and freddie ramirez, the director and without a doubt the fired and fire chief alan kaminski who has led the oferte the first responders who are in the world's hearts, everybody is watching these incredible men and women. they are here to save lives, that is what they live for. and it is truly humbling. we all know that this is unprecedented disaster, it shocked the world. the fact that we've all come together is what gives us hope what gives us strength.
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every single day as we talk to family member, they are waiting and waiting for news of their loved ones an also those who have been displaced. it's just a crisis all around. but we are working together to handle the crisis, to get the answers about what happened here, and we can update you on that. and we are going to be examining every inch of this catastrophe with the full might of the federal, state, and local government to do so. we want to make sure. we all -- the world wants to make sure that a tragedy of this nature never, ever happens again. so i -- we have a briefing for you. i want to start with our governor and i want to thank you, governor desantis. your team has been amazing. you've been a steady, calming, reassure bug forceful voice and it's been a pleasure to partner
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with you. president biden: you know what's good about this? we let the nation know, what's really important, what's really important, coming together. this is life and death. so i think i just got back from 12 days in europe, they wonder whether we can do this. and you're doing it. i mean, just the simple act of everybody doing whatever needs to be done. it really makes a difference. governor desantis: thank you, mr. president. you recognize the severity of this tragedy from day one. you've been very supportive. we implore you, if you drive up and down the coastal roads, you'll see these buildings, i
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have driven by that building, never thought twice. you recognize in each individual unit there's an i maysing story. lives have been shattered, irrev kaably as a result of this. we have already identified fay tai -- fatalities, a 02-year-old matriarch of a family, children missing, young newlyweds who haven't even been married a year who were in the tower when it collapsed. the cooperation has been great. both the municipal and county have been fantastic an you guys have not only been supportive at the federal level but we have had no bureaucracy. when we're dealing with fema, we're getting requested qust routed from local to state to federal in no time and the approval is happening. so that's -- that really, i think, i think is important. so we've had people, the first response in florida's history
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outside of a hurricane where all of our search and rescue teams were mobilized so they have been going in and out of the rubble. searching. trying to -- trying to fine people, trying to rescue people. at a minimum trying to identify anyone with may be deceased to bring closure to the family which is is very important. but they're tired. and this has take an toll on them. so the fact that we now have the search and rescue team from virginia here and we have more on the way, that's going to be helpful. this is grueling and obviously the families' lives have been shattered. mental health will be important. we're going to need mental health support for folks in that rubble. it's not easy to do. we thank you for the support. we need a little prayers, we would like to see some miracles happen.
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>> i want to acknowledge the work of the first lady, casey desantis who is focused on children and mental health issues and is bringing that focus to our discussions. we know how important first ladies are, we went to be sure to give a shout out. >> after his meetings in florida today about the surfside condo collapse, president biden will give his thoughts on the it's aer from miami. that's expected at about :40 p.m. eastern. we'll have live coverage here on c-span.
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>> saturday on "the communicators" -- >> what i'm talking about is repression. the ways information and communications technologies are being used to further autocratic political agendas. so pacecally the ways in which technology is being used to -- via coercion and other means to accomplish political goals, particularly for those leaders who aren't democratic. who have anti-democratic aspirations. >> watch "the communicators" with steven feld steen, senior fellow at the carnegie endowment, author of "the rise of digital repression," saturday at 6:30 p.m. eastern on c-span.
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>> sunday night on "q&a," a look at american presidents through the lens of the books they've written with journalist and historian craiger ifman. >> the story has often been, you saw it in the piercing quote that kennedy's father was the one pulling the strings behind the scenes. that's not true. jack kennedy wanted that pulitzer prize. he told one historian, i'd rather win a pulitzer prize than be president. so he had a strong desire for literary fame, even though he didn't want to do literary work, he got himself a pulitzer. he said i wonder who really wrote that book but the pulitzer changed the equation. i think it made it a moral question and an ethical question. and readers realized this too. when i was at the kennedy presidential library, i looked at the letters kennedy was receiving in 1957. librarians were sending him letters, school teachers were sending him letter, did you
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really write this book? you wouldn't have accepted that prize if you didn't write the book, did you? that's not the right thing to do. >> craiger ifman, sunday night at 8:00 eastern. you can listen to "q&a" as a podcast wherever you get your podcasts. s representative john curtis, republican from utah. also the chair of the conservative climate caucus. representative curtis, thank you for joining us. guest: great to be with you. host: talk about this caucus. guest: we were very strategic with the name because we wanted to be very clear that we were embracing the science with climate and we are conservatives.


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