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tv   Campaign 2024 Nikki Haley Speaks at Iowa GOP Dinner  CSPAN  June 26, 2021 4:21pm-5:32pm EDT

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cues, we do a better job. alcohol, in the same way that we -- or to show we are not using a weapon in our right hand, cultures use cans at business meetings, anywhere potentially hostile individuals need to cooperate. >> sunday night on c-span's cuba day, you can also listen to q&a as a podcast -- q and a, you can also listen to q&a as a podcast wherever you get your podcasts. ♪ >> next, former ambassador to the united nations nikki haley gives a speech in iowa. after her remarks at the lincoln dinner hosted by the iowa republican party in west des moines, she is joined by iowa governor kim reynolds and the
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former governor for a discussion on the future of the republican party. >> there are four words i would like you to memorize tonight. the primary goals, decides holding the rural areas, if we are going to make gains in the suburbs. if you ever get questions about are you going to go to the suburbs, are you going to make gains in the suburbs, are republicans going to solidify in the suburbs, are we going to get more legislative breaks, answer that question the same every sickle time, -- single time. are we going to make gains in the suburbs ? yep. are we going to put resources
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into the suburbs and take backseats? yep, how do i know what we are going to do that? i'm going to keep saying this until you play along, i will say it one more time, play along and we can move on. then if we are going to ask the question where is it, it will be the biggest surprise in legislatively -- legislator raises in the governor of iowa entrance 22, in the suburbs. -- that is where we are going to head this fall. i worked on that for about probably an hour, memorizing those names. this is the response i get, i am sorry. our next guest we have been waiting for, i had a chance to read your book with all due respect, i read it and i have to tell you, she was a representative, then governor,
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then ambassador, it is interesting. you don't sugarcoat. i was wondering how it would read but it reads like an inside view of what you think. and you had to fight sometimes to get where we are going to get. if you have an opportunity to read that, nikki haley was instrumental in our america's first foreign policy. a lot of the policy initiatives in the new standing president trump gave to this country, the heightened sense of pride, those promises he fulfilled, all of those things we revere will be a lasting impact of donald trump on this party. i want to tell you something, a lot of those would not have been accomplished had it not been for a u.n. ambassador. in the middle east, i was especially moved by your heartfelt overview of what happened in south sudan. but the chapter on south sudan
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-- that is worth a read in and of itself. what i saw is not some buddy that was necessarily leading to change, but somebody that was actually leading to make people's lives better and understand that america's first policy comes with a heart. it comes with a sense of the world community. it comes with a sense that yes, we are proud of this country and we will not back down from that, but we will lead with our hearts and ambassador nikki haley or to the -- took the lead. if you have a chance to read it, please do, it is an outstanding example of how someone from south carolina, i loved your story growing up, can walk onto the world stage, can coordinate with a whole lot of world leaders and together with the president and a foreign policy team that was second to none, can change this world and our view in it. we will get back to that, no
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biden is just a dream -- joe biden is just a dream, we will wake up somewhere along 2022, and in 2024, it will be america first. [applause] >> without further ado, i want to introduce you to someone that have come to really respect, someone we are honored in this state to have you here, madam ambassador, nikki haley. [applause] ms. haley: thank you so much. thank you. i don't know if he is the best party chairman in the country,
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but he is definitely the most fun party chairman in the country. i mean, he really is fantastic, give it up for him. good evening. good evening, iowa. thank you to the iowa republican party, i am thrilled to be here. there are a lot of reasons i love iowa, but they be the biggest reason is that iowa loves to elect bad asked republican women. you raised great women here. iowa has more strong, female republican leaders than any other state. [applause] ms. haley: you've got two great brand new congresswomen in ashley henson and -- you've got
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the great senator joni ernst, and iowa has one of the best governors in the country with governor kim reynolds. [applause] ms. haley: we need more strong, conservative women leaders and less of nancy pelosi and kamala harris. by the way, thank goodness for donald trump or we never would have gotten, look the border -- kamala to the border. it has been almost 100 days, god help us if she becomes president. we need more republican men and women in office, period. iowa leads the way and year the
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red wave that starts in iowa won't end here. in 2022 we are not stopping until we take back the house and senate, and after that this republican party and the american people will take back our country from joe biden and the radical left. [applause] ms. haley: today's democrats don't just claim america. they don't even believe in america, and that is why they don't deserve to lead america. we have got our work cut out for us. we have got to keep the governor, i'm confident we will give kim reynolds four more years, we have got to hold onto iowa's other senate seat, we are one seat away from taking the senate and we can't lose iowa. i'm not worried, chuck schumer can't lay a glove on chuck grassley. and if you don't follow his
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twitter, you should, it is tested. of course, we have got -- fantastic. and of course we have to win all of the house seats, we have to elect ashley hensley, and we have got to send sydney [applause] ms. haley: we do that, i am confident we will beat speaker pelosi for the second time in 12 years, and this time, i bet she calls it quits for good. the way i see it, we have three big challenges facing our country in the 21st century. the democratic party is failing on each and everyone. joe biden and the radical left are making things much worse. the first challenge we face is the rise of socialism. a funny thing happens every time
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a republican brings up socialism. the media loses its mind. they shout and scream and say we are wrong. they point to the time joe biden said i am not a socialist, and we are supposed to believe him. i am a mother. i taught my son and daughter that actions speak louder than words, just like my parents taught me. guess what, joe biden and congress are speaking loud and clear with their actions. it doesn't matter what joe biden says. the democratic party has become the socialist party. the proof is everywhere. take the democrat tax hikes. all $3.5 trillion of them. they told us they would only tax big business, but small businesses will get hurt the most. they told us they would leave the middle class alone.
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but working families will get hit the hardest. joe biden doesn't get it. a tax hike for businesses means a pay cut for workers. we should be cutting taxes again, not raising them ever. in what world does joe biden think that raising taxes higher than china is a good idea? we need to bring companies back to america. we don't need to be sending them away. liberals honestly think they deserve our money. they don't. they also think they know how best to spend it. they definitely don't. in five months, the left has spent an extra $2 trillion and counting. they have run up the biggest deficit in american history by far. i didn't think it was possible, but joe biden makes barack obama look like a conservative.
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[applause] in just five months, the democrats have bailed out blue states and band red states from cutting taxes. they have bailed out teachers unions even though they spent more than a year refusing to go back to school. this is a liberal wish list. calling it relief is an insult to the hard-working americans who really need the help. the national debt is now bigger than the economy. that hasn't happened since world war ii, and we are in peacetime. joe biden is digging a hole that american -- america can never fill. when he comes due, it will be long gone. joe biden is calling it the american families plan. it should be called welfare for all.
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we need to move people from welfare to work, not the other way around. [applause] ms. haley: joe biden's so-called infrastructure packages even worse. it is the green new deal in disguise. for the record, the green new deal has one of the most misleading names of all time. it is not green, unless you're talking about the trillions of taxpayer dollars. it's not new, because it is full of old and failed liberal policies. it is definitely no deal, because it is nothing more than bailouts, handouts, and carveouts for liberals. the green new deal is one big lie. [applause] the left spending binge is taking us nowhere.
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it is coming from somewhere, and that is our pockets. america is on the fast track to going broke. let me be clear. spending more money won't solve problems. spending more money is the problem. [applause] it is up to us to stop the splurge. it is up to us to stop socialism in its tracks. we know the truth. socialism has failed everywhere it is ever been tried. america is going down the slippery slope, and it's time to stop. once we open that door, we will never be able to close it again. america must never become a socialist country. [applause] you know what my friend the pastor says. he says socialism is just communism with lipstick.
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[laughter] in order to beat it, we have to embrace capitalism and not be shy about it. capitalism has lifted up more people in the history of the world. too many republicans are afraid to say it. what's worse, in the name of compromise, some are opening the door to socialism like. it will never work. if the choice is between socialism and socialism light, fools will choose the full version and our country as we know it will be over. it's time to shape up. we are not the party of corporations. we are not the party of bailouts and government dependency. the republican party stands for economic freedom. capitalism is economic freedom and we should never apologize for it. the second challenge is even bigger.
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we have to save our culture and the american experiment, because the democratic party is trying to erase it. i can't believe the things i hear the left saying these days. things they are teaching our kids like critical race theory. it's being taught to little kids who don't see color. and it tells them the color is all that matters. a five-year-old who is white is told she is a racist. if she is brown or black, she is told she is a helpless victim and she will never be enough. it is heartbreaking and it is going to hold back our entire country. from the classroom to the board room, the left is saying our country is rotten to the core. they claim america is racist. take it for me, the first female and minority governor of south carolina. they are wrong.
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[applause] ms. haley: i said it last year at the republican national convention and i will keep on saying it. america is not a racist country. [applause] it's just the opposite. america has done more to ensure equal justice and opportunity than any other country in history. are we a work in progress? of course we are. democrats are taking america backwards. they are teaching the next american generation to hate america and all it stands for. our children should love america and be grateful for her blessings. the democrats reject america's principles. republicans must stand up for them. we stand for free speech. democrats don't.
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they strong-armed big tech, big business, and government into silencing everyone who doesn't toe the liberal line. the american people won't be silenced for long. we stand for the rule of law. democrats stand for riots and lawlessness. they have spent the last year trying to demonize the police, demanding open borders and turning a blind eye to illegal immigration. now, america is dealing with a violent crime wave and the worst border crisis in decades. this cannot continue. it's time to give law enforcement the support they deserve. [applause] it is long past time for us to secure the border and finish building the wall. [applause]
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we stand for freedom and equality. we are fighting for life and religious liberty. we want to give every student, family, and job seeker the best job and the best life. we think women are the only ones who should be playing women sports. [applause] this republican party still stands for democracy. we believe our elections should be free and fair. [applause] this issue is personal for me. when i was governor of south carolina, i pushed for voter id back in 2012. the media vilified me for. they said i was trying to disenfranchise voters. they said people wouldn't be able to get to the dmv to get a picture id.
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i said if you have to show a picture id to buy sudafed, you have to show want to get on an airplane, you should have to show one to protect the integrity of the election process. i said i hear you. if there is anyone who can't get to the dmv, we will go pick them up. we will give them a ride, we will give them a free picture id, and we will return them home safely. out of 5 million people in south carolina, 25 people asked for a ride. we passed voter id, and now more people are voting in south carolina than ever before. this is the thing, it is wrong when democrats say that minorities are incapable of going to the dmv and getting a picture id. we are perfectly capable of getting a picture id at the dmv.
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we are perfectly capable of picking the school our kids should go to. we are capable of doing all things when we have the opportunities in front of us. it is racist when the democrats say it and we should call them out every single time. [applause] i am proud of what we did. i am proud of governor reynolds for her leadership on this issue . she stood up to the liberal machine and signed real reforms that make iowa's elections safer and more secure. every state should follow iowa's lead and they should do it before 2022. we have to protect our culture for the sake of our future. if we don't, no one else will. america, if we don't get this done america won't overcome the
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biggest and hardest challenge we face. make no mistake, the world is getting more dangerous. joe biden and the democrats are making america weaker. the republican party can renew american strength. we can and we will restore american leadership. joe biden has been a gift to every country that hates america and wants to hurt us. he is the polar opposite of donald trump. i saw firsthand as ambassador to the united nations how donald trump put america first. sometimes, in the most interesting of ways. [laughter] i have to tell you this story. at the u.n. every year, they have what is called high-level week. it is where the highest elected officials from every country around the world come to new york for a week to talk about global issues, peace, and
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everything else in between. this was the president's first high-level week. it was his first speech to the united nations. i wanted everything to be perfect. we got the meetings lined up, we got everything set. the sunday before that week, he calls me and he says i just want to check in, are we all set. i said yes were good to go we have all the meetings lined up. he said did you read my speech? i said i did it's really good and it was. i said mr. president, i need to clarify something. he said what's that? i said when you speak to the united nations, remember it is a different kind of place. when you give your speech, they are not going to clap for you. this isn't a rally. i said i want you to think of it like church. [laughter] he said church, got it.
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but i want to ask you what your thoughts are on something. i said what's that? we were going through the north korean crisis during this time. he said what do you think if i refer to kim jong-un as little rocket man in the speech? [laughter] [applause] i said mr. president, river the part i said about church? he said i know, but i tweeted it out this morning and it killed with the base. i said you are the president. if that's what you want to do, go for it. but i can't promise you look kind of response you are going to get. fast-forward tuesday of the speech. north korean delegation in the front row. i am sitting there and he says it.
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just remember, everybody has their translator pieces. he says it, there is a delay, then suddenly you see everybody go -- then, they start to laugh. two hours later, i have a meeting with the president of uganda. he says to me, tell me madam ambassador, what are we going to do about this little rocket man? [laughter] ms. haley: by the end of the week, everyone was referring to him as little rocket man. he had a way of getting people. joe biden has been definitely the total opposite of president trump, but i can say things sure are different now. north korea is now testing us
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with their ballistic missiles. kim jong-un isn't afraid of joe biden. russia is threatening its neighbors and hacking our energy and food supplies, but joe biden is letting russia off the hook. he gave the green light to a russian pipeline in europe, while canceling the keystone pipeline in america. it was all vladimir putin ever wanted. don't get me started on the big meeting last week. joe biden did not call out vladimir putin on hacking or election meddling. he didn't stand up for ukraine or even the united states. all joe biden did was give vladimir putin a big fat kiss. that's the joe biden doctrine in a nutshell. we can america in the eyes of the world while strengthening our enemies. it's like trying to win a congeniality contest by buying friends. then, there is coming to china. i will be blunt.
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communist china is the greatest threat to america's future. like the soviet union before it, china wants to be the number one world superpower. china is far smarter and stronger than the soviet union ever was. it threatens our farmers, our manufacturers, our infrastructure, our values, and our very way of life. china's rulers are in it to win it. joe biden and the democrats are hardly in the fight. they are more interested in reaching a climate deal with china than holding it accountable for genocide. beijing is playing joe biden, and he doesn't even know it. speaking of playing, there is no reason america should go along with the beijing winter olympics in 2022. [applause]
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america should send a strong message to communist china, stand with china's victims, call them out on their role in 3.5 million covid deaths and what caught the winter olympics. -- boycott the winter and the packs. -- winter olympics. [applause] it is up to republicans to get this right. when we take back congress, we will invest in our military and put pressure on china. we take back the white house in 2024, we will have the backs of our allies, and we will past -- past the greatest test of the 21st century. china will never beat the united states, because communism always loses to freedom. we have to state free. the challenges we face are the most serious in generations.
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i believe in america. i believe in the american people. our fellow citizens know that our country is better than this. i am confident they will change course next november. they will reject this far-left pendulum swing and they will embrace freedom and a brighter future. our answer is still the right answer for america. sometimes having the right answer isn't enough. we have to be tough about how we fight. republicans are too nice. we keep getting steamrolled then we whine and complain about it. the days of being nice should be over. that doesn't mean we have to be disrespectful. i wear heels, it's not for a fashion statement. i use it for kicking. [applause] i always kick with a smile.
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we have to fight for america's promise. i am the proud daughter of indian immigrants. my parents moved to a small southern town of 2500 people and to stoplights. my father wore a turban, my mother wore a sorry. i was a brown girl in a black and white world. nobody knew who we were, what we were, or why we were there. but we knew. we were there because america is the best country the world has ever known. every day, we have watched america become better still. i will always marvel at what i have seen. i have seen america lift up the least fortunate and empower the most vulnerable. i have seen america break down barriers and move closer to our
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timeless principles of liberty and justice for all. i have seen america lead the world to heights of freedom and peace that were unimaginable not so long ago. it just goes to show that what my parents taught their four children with true. even on our worst day, we are blessed to live in america. [applause] ms. haley: i was reminded of that blessing a few days ago. i was halfway around the world in israel. i was there with a pastor to show american support for israel after les moonves conflict. we were there as friends of israel. everywhere we went, we were surrounded by friends of america. at one point, a woman invited me into her home. at least what was left of it. she and her husband and her
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young grandchild had nearly died from a rocket attack. i could still see her hair stuck to the wall from where she was standing when the rocket hit. i stood there holding them while she and her husband, a military veteran, cried. i was there. but that family was not looking to meet. they were looking for hope. america is that hope. it has always been. it always will be. america has given so much. america has so much more to give. to us, to our children, to our grandchildren. our country's story is still unfinished. it falls on us to write the next and greatest chapter. i know we will now and next november. we will reelect your governor. we will reelect your senator and representatives. we will take back congress, and
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we will take back our country. [applause] ms. haley: we will strive today and every day to ensure that future generations are even more blessed than us. that is the promise of america. we will fulfill it once again. thank you, god bless you, god bless iowa, and bless the united states of america. thank you so much, i appreciate it. [applause] >> thank you, madam ambassador. if you want to take a seat, we will have the former chinese
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ambassador and this governor we have been hearing about, kim reynolds. [applause] >> it is so great to be back with my fellow governor colleague, my fellow ambassador. we have seen each other and been together and boy did he make iowa proud every step of the way. [applause] >> thank you again for your comments. we appreciate it. for we get into our conversation, i have one thing i wanted to add. i think part of the reason why my little rhyme didn't work, a speaker said it's a little too long. how about this? eddie injures andrews eddie. eddie andrews andrews eddie. we can go that route if it goes too long.
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where are you eddie? do you like that? he is giving me a thumbs up. he's a minister, so i want to keep him on my good side. madame ambassador, before we get into a conversation about serious issues, i have to ask you this. i am the iowa publican chair. the pressure is on. kim reynolds is wondering if someone to ask this question. i know the ambassador also wants to ask it. we have a thing something called the caucus. for the last half-century, we have been kicking things off, because our people are discerning and because iowa has a way of aching sure that -- i am just wondering what nikki haley thinks of iowa being first in the nation and the whole system?
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>> i am fine with iowa being the first in the nation as long as you keep south carolina first in the south primary. >> deal. [applause] ms. haley: you mess with us, we will mess with you. >> i don't know if you saw it, but the cheers of nevada, south carolina, new hampshire, and iowa all did joint press conference after the nevada democrat party decided to move their primary up and we all decided that we like the carveout system and we also like the current sequence. [applause] >> that's great. >> i want to talk a little bit about china. it's going to be a slightly different question for governor reynolds, obviously. the uprisings that we saw in hong kong. what that tell you about china
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or boating and why does it matter here in iowa? >> it shows that china doesn't keep a promise. they said they would never do it and they did. number two, it shows they don't care about freedom because they steamrolled about covid when they were having all these protests. this is exactly what china wanted was for the protest to go away and they could take over it. number three, you have to understand how china thinks. in the last olympics, china when they sponsored it, it was their coming out party. in the next olympics, if we don't boycott, cause problems, get with other countries and rally, this will be china showing the entire world that it is the new superpower of the world. taiwan will be next. if they take taiwan, it's all over. they are not just going to stay in the region, they are going to do things outward. it's a very aggressive haver
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that we really need to take seriously. >> mr. ambassador, do you have comments or concerns about hong kong and taiwan? >> i agree with ambassador haley that what they did with hong kong was unconscionable. when britain turned over hong kong to china, they promised it would be one country to systems. that they would have freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and they would also have a judicial system that was free from interference by the communist party. that all changed in 2020. of course, the mistreatment of the uighurs it is very well known what they did to this muslim group up in northwest china. muslim group in northwest china. now, there is more and more threats on taiwan. we need to be very concerned
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about china and the aggressiveness which we have seen increase here in recent times. i want to complement ambassador haley on one of the first things that happened when i was ambassador. she worked at the united nations to get china and other members of the security council to impose significant sanctions on north korea because of their nuclear activities and guided missile threat. i was into human, right on the chinese side of the border with north korea, three days after the last nuclear test. there has not been any since and part of it is because president trump took a strong position and met with kim jong-un and still, they have not denuclearize and
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the chinese said they need to do, but the threat has been reduced and that's because america took a strong position and ambassador haley played a very key role in getting that done. [applause] ms. haley: thank you. just to add, today with a sad day in hong kong. the last free democracy newspaper that was there, china went, basically arrested all the editors, intimidated the people working there, and shut down the newspaper. it was the last freedom of speech anything in hong kong, and it is over. jeff: even a foreigner that says something about the communist party or xi jinping can be tried in china. that is how serious it is today.
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jeff: i believe you traveled to china on behalf of iowa. can you talk from your position as governor and leading trade delegations and making sure our economy continues to remain strong? what was your perception of china? what would you take in terms of your own thinking? ms. haley: it's an important market not only for our farmers and producers but our manufacturers. part of the results of our trade mission is tilting relationships with important markets. it was an opportunity to highlight agriculture and manufacturing. i was impressed when we would talk about being the governor from iowa, they recognized they had our brand of quality, reliable products and without hesitation, they would automatically go to that. it's a really important market
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and we and some -- we expect them to play by the same rules. while holding them responsible as we make sure as our commodities were coming into port that we were treated fairly on that aspect as well. the freight we were trying to get through and the attempts they made to slow down the opportunities we had to trade with them -- i followed governor branstad and thought he walked on water over there. they have a lot of respect for iowa and that is great. it's an important market. we have to hold them accountable. we have told the same sanctions we do as other people. terry: i would add that
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president trump has done something no previous american president has done -- he put tariffs on china. that got their attention and forced them to deal with us. before we supported them joining the wto and they promised to open up and do these reforms of intellectual property and stopping the involuntary transfer of technology, none of that happened, even though they promised it again and again until trump took action of putting the tariffs in place. and i want to give ambassador lighthizer and secretary mnuchin some credit because they went through nations to get the trade deal. it took about two years to get it and we went through a lot of pain and retaliation from the chinese but we eventually got a trade deal to get us more fairness and reciprocity and that would not happen without the president's leadership, without nikki haley's leadership at the u.n. and with out
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lighthizer, minasian, and i played a small role as the ambassador in that process. but i am proud of what we did and you've seen record purchases of corn, soybeans -- they were not purchasing any beef or chicken. they are now. and a record of our support as we tried to rebuild their pork herd after it was devastated by the african swine fever. ms. haley: what was interesting as presidents before, republican and democrat, all thought if we were nice to china that they would want to be our friend, that they would want to be like us. china doesn't want to be like us. they want to be communist china. it's the u.s. that has to change the way we treat them and we have to be smart in the way we do it. if you look at everything they are doing, they are building up there military, they now have
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the largest naval fleet in the world, they are modernizing their military, we are reducing our military funding, we have not modernized, they are a national security threat. they are continuing to steal intellectual property and what president trump did was right, but only if we could follow up on it and hold them accountable. the human rights conditions cannot be understated. a million muslim uighurs in concentration camps, making them change their name, change their religion, forcing them to drink against their religion, physical and sexual abuse of women and children. it's unthinkable. we said before never again would we turn a blind eye to genocide. it's happening right now. if it were any other country, the world would be up in arms. but because it is china, everyone is too scared to call them out. then you look at the projects they are doing.
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you have heard the belton road initiative. basically they are port projects. they are not even significant projects, but they are running up the debt for such a time as this when countries cannot pay it because of covid and then they go and say you can't -- can't pay it, give us your military installation, give us your port. now you look at that map and it will send a chill up your spine. but the one part that bothers me the most -- the president and china started a commission he personally chaired that said any company that does business in china has to cooperate with the chinese military. think about our tech companies. think about your health data, think about your financial data, think about your family habits and now know that it's a national asset of the chinese government. that's what we have to worry about. this played out in real time during covid.
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he had to american companies, two of them and honeywell, producing ppe and they would not allow them to export it to anyone. they bought it wholesale and would only give it to countries that agreed to do business with their 5g network. that is the china we are dealing with and we have to let them know we are unto them and we have to get in front of it and we have to beat them. [applause] jeff: i know at best this would be an educated guess, but how can joe biden on a good day, how could he just let this go? what do you think is going on inside the mind of joe biden and people making decisions which are his staff -- do you have any insight on what they could possibly be thinking in this world?
5:09 pm
terry: that's a tough question. they can't be thinking very much were very well because the policies are a disaster. we have seen what he has done with the border. we've seen what has happened with defending the police and the huge increase in crime. what he wants to do is take guns away from law-abiding citizens -- people are buying guns to protect themselves because they don't see they are getting the protection in their neighborhoods from the police and who's the most vulnerable? it's the minorities and the poor and the people who don't have it. now, the rich liberals that have their own security people and all that sort of stuff, they are fine with defunding the police because it doesn't affect them. but it does affect a lot of people that really deserve to have better treatment. [applause] new york city, which was a
5:10 pm
disaster before rudy giuliani became a very safe city, it is now, under the present leadership there, become a very dangerous place. even in liberal new york city, people are starting to wake up and say this defund the police has been a disaster and we need to restore support for the police and have public safety protection. ms. haley: i can tell you at least the way i see it -- bidens administration is literally obama 2.0. it literally is. what we have seen as they -- biden has surrounded himself with obama people and they have taken the same approach to foreign policy, which is keep a low profile and by friends. i have to tell you the story real quick. we have this vote at the u.n. and it is a vote at the time that was moving our embassy from
5:11 pm
tel aviv to jerusalem, the capital of israel, right? [applause] we have this vote and the u.s. was condemned by the world. i was proud to issue the u.s. veto and then it went to the general assembly and they tried to condemn us among all 193 countries. so when that vote happened, i took names come we looked at that vote and surprisingly, there were about 93 countries that did not condemn us, which was a record. but we did not win the vote. the main thing that was interesting, i took that tally and i went to my staff and i said do me a favor. let's do a book, list all 190 three countries, list the percentage they vote with the u.s. at the u.n. and then have a column that shows how much foreign aid we give them. i took that book and gave it to
5:12 pm
the president. he lost his mind. [laughter] he was turning pages, yelling out countries, all of these things. but the issue was it was like we were giving a billion dollars in aid to pakistan and they were harboring terrorists that were trying to kill our soldiers. we did not give that billion dollars to pakistan anymore. [applause] we created a strategy to foreign aid. what biden is doing is he's talking a big game to china, but he is not holding them accountable. they are doling out money all over again and they don't care whether countries are saying death to america or not. ms. haley: -- jeff: both have mentioned president trump and how things have changed. as the governor of iowa, what
5:13 pm
are some things you miss the most in this transition from president trump to president eitan? gov. reynolds: let me tell you the list is long. i really, truly miss it. it was such an engaging administration and they deferred to the governors across the state. they engaged us in policies and ask how we could partner with each other, whether it was reducing taxes or regulation, just across the board. i had the opportunity so many times to travel to the white house and work with the captain and work with lighthizer and mnuchin, just across the board, it was a coordinated effort and he appreciated hearing from legislators, from governors, across-the-board the board, he engaged everybody. it is such the opposite. they don't care, it's unconscionable the amount of money they are sending to the states and the impact that's
5:14 pm
going to have on our children and grandchildren. but it is such a contrast. if you look at iowa and look at states across the country being led by republican governors, we are cutting taxes, reducing regulations, our kids have been in school since august, we are coming out of covid in a good position, we are cutting taxes, investing in education and it is such a contrast to what you see happening in washington d c. the legislation we were able to get done -- back the blue, and we are not done. and 100 million invested in infrastructure, we are still projected to have a $500 million, nearly a billion dollars in cash reserves and we are going to send that back to hard-working families next year. [applause] jeff: that is the biggest surplus in iowa history.
5:15 pm
[applause] jeff: kim reynolds has improved on everything i've taught her. [laughter] [applause] gov. reynolds: we need to send you to teach a whole bunch of governors. jeff: i was just in north dakota today and we met with the governor and that's another state doing things right. these republican governors are doing a great job i'm really proud of our governor, but i'm proud of the whole crew of republican governors standing up and saying there is a different way. we can reduce taxes, we can support public safety, we can have our schools open, we don't
5:16 pm
have to bow down -- and not only has he had got a lot of -- not only has he got a lot of obama people, he's intimidated by the aoc and far-left of the democratic party. they are the ones calling the shot to a crate degree and his administration and that's a scary thing for america. young people in this country did not live through the soviet union and the threats that many of us went through and there are many people, immigrants who have come to this country from places like cuba and venezuela in the former soviet union that know how bad communism is. we not only should not be teaching this critical race theory, we ought to be teaching the dangers and threats of communism and what it does to people. [applause]
5:17 pm
gov. reynolds: i'm telling you biden has failed america with the open border policy. it's not just affecting the border states, it's affecting all of our states. the drugs, human trafficking, the violent crimes, it's unconscionable. he owns this, he can stop it tomorrow. because he's not, states are stepping up across the country to say enough is enough. they are not doing what they should be doing and we are all paying a price because of it. jeff: when you think back to your tenure as governor of south carolina, what, can you name one success you are most proud of? something you could tell to i was -- iowa, to north dakota
5:18 pm
and's? ms. haley: i was really proud of the number we -- of the number of people we were able to put to work. when i was running for governor, the one thing i noticed was everyone was really down on south carolina. we were the but of the joke and everyone would talk down on us. i know south carolina had put all its eggs in the textile basket. when those jobs went overseas, we were left with nothing. when i came in, i knew we had to figure out a way to bring industry to south carolina. the first thing we did as i was trying to figure out what to do and i thought of this idea and went to my assistant at the front desk and said do me a favor. the next time the phone rings, say it's a great day in south carolina, how can i help you? i said just try it, i want to see something. the person calls in and she answers it is a great day in south carolina, thank you.
5:19 pm
i said do it again. i started having every state employee answer the phone it is a great day in south carolina, how can i help you? they hated it. but my point was they need to or member they work for the person on the others of the line, not the other way around. i told all the agencies if there is paper on your desk, approve it quickly, deny it quickly, but let's keep it moving. if you are costing a person or business time, you are costing them money and that's no longer doable in south carolina. i didn't try to get companies from other states. that was too easy. i wanted made in america. i started to focus on how we bring industry and end by the time i left, we were making the first american-made televisions, first american made bicycles, building planes with going, more
5:20 pm
planes and any place in the world. we had five international tire companies, we brought in mercedes-benz and volvo and they were referring to us as the beast of the southeast, which i loved. terry: while i was ambassador, we had an old cadillac, it was an armored vehicle for the ambassador to travel in. we needed to replace it, so we bought a bmw from south carolina. people say what are you doing riding around in a bmw? i said it's made in south carolina. ms. haley: what's important is if you give a person a job, you take care of a family. south carolina has a lot of families to take care of. now to see what a hub it has become of manufacturing and innovation and technology -- to see south carolinians proud, that is magic when you can make that happen. ms. haley: final question for
5:21 pm
all of you. we went over a little bit but i am reading the crowd and i'm thinking you did not mind that. i'm going to end with a question for each of you and we will start with you, governor reynolds. honestly -- i'm paid to be the cheerleader for the republican party. the respect i have seen our citizens have in you and the confidence i see them have in you and the way you have kept your eye on growing our economy, keeping our economy open and keep in our people safe, it has been so gratifying to see people grow in their trust of you. it is a phenomenon. can you put into words over this last year, not just the folks in this room, but all islands, and i know you know we are behind
5:22 pm
you, what has that meant to you? ms. haley: i couldn't begin to put into words what it has meant to me. but it was easy -- i put my trust in ioans. we chose personal responsibility over mandates and you did not let us down. because of islands, the resiliency and determination and the fact that 10% of our food supply comes from this state and we had to keep moving, we had to keep the food supply chain moving and keep food on the table and in the grocery stores. so you all did it. i can't thank you enough for the prayers, for the letters, for the support, the incredible health care system that put
5:23 pm
together one system to take care of islands -- take care of io wans. to watch everyone step up and do what they do in the state, because of that we are coming out of the strong and i'm so optimistic and excited about the future and what we have to offer. that is why we are getting recognition like the number one state for opportunity, the number one state for fastest recoat -- fastest covid recovery in the united states in that list of number ones is going to continue to grow because of each and every one of you. god less you. my family appreciates you and our team appreciates you. terry: first, we have a great governor and i'm really proud of her. but i want to say something about senator grassley. the des moines register recently did a poll would you support
5:24 pm
reelecting senator grassley or give a new person a chance. they did the same thing to me in the year 2013 and the people overwhelmingly said give the new person a chance but when the election came along in 2014, i won by the biggest margin ever and carried 98 of 99 counties. so don't believe the des moines register because the people of iowa know chuck grassley is the hardest working senator and i will never forget the last election -- in addition to running from your home to the dome, what else do you do? he takes his coat off and starts doing push-ups and after 22, he says is that enough? so, i will tell you what -- we have the hardest working, most conscientious, dedicated senator
5:25 pm
and along with governor reynolds, he deserves to be reelected. [applause] gov. reynolds: i told him to quit doing those push-ups when i was at an event with him. terry: i can tell you what the headline it will not be -- republican leaders subtle about their thoughts. jeff: we will end with you, ambassador haley, thank you. to have some of the with your credibility and heart here tonight i think makes iowa proud to welcome you. i'm going to leave this open-ended and if you could talk about what is your perception here in iowa, helping the 2022 elections it also what your perception is in terms of america's future? ms. haley: first of all, i mean
5:26 pm
this with every ounce i have, kim reynolds is one of the best governors in the country. [applause] the best test of an elected official is during a crisis. it shows what they are made of, it shows their vision, it shows their leadership. you killed it. you did it with flying colors and you made all of us really proud. [applause] what i see is what i see around the country, which is number one, we feel this mission creep of socialism coming come where all the sudden you can't find anyone to work in restaurants, you can't find anyone to work in hotels because they are getting paid to stay at home and they are not going to go to work. we are watching inflation, the prices of milk have gone up, the
5:27 pm
prices of gas have gone up and we are not seeing any end in sight. you got literally one of the worst things that has come out of this year is the covid generation of kids. you look at what has happened in education. we think they lost a year, think about the third, fourth and fifth graders where you learn rating, where you learn multiplication, where you learn fractions. are the school districts going to have the courage to tell those parents you might need to hold your child back a year? think about that. if a child can't read by the third grade, they are four times less likely to graduate from high school. that is a real issue for every family in america is what we are going to do with these covid kids. and then you've got a foreign policy issue that literally you've got biden falling all over himself to do business with iran while boycotting georgia. putin is challenging him to a
5:28 pm
debate and he is like giving him a big kiss by giving him what he wants. china is not concerned about biden at all and you have a rise in terrorism and you look at what is the one thing we want as parents? to keep our families safe. who keeps our families safe? law enforcement. you are going to defund them and take our guns away? everything that is happened is a huge move of the pendulum to the left. it's going to backfire and that's why we are going to win in 2022 all over the country. we're going to win the house, we are going to win the senate, we are going to win governors races, and we will take it back. [applause] jeff: as brooke makes her way to the stage, if these three leaders would stand up, let's give them a round of applause
5:29 pm
and appreciation. [applause] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> today, on "the communicators"
5:30 pm
the chief technology officer of huawei securities usa for -- on cybersecurity concerns in the u.s. >> we have to look globally at what is necessary and what is possible to make for greater security, greater privacy globally and we need to think outside the box and not just go with the same old stuff that's not working. frankly, accountability and transparency are the thing in germany is doing important things to make sure the operators and equipment suppliers have good visibility and very strong requirements. that is one of the things missing in the united states. senator king of maine was on a sunday show and said it's like a wake-up call but america falls back asleep. congress has dropped the ball and has not exercise their oversight ever since the office of personnel management. there needs to be requirements, objectives, funding, heads need to roll if we don't do what's necessary to make america safer. >> that's today at 6:30 eastern
5:31 pm
on c-span. >> later today, former president donald trump holds a rally in ohio to support max miller, a republican running against it -- against republican incumbent anthony gonzalez. that's life on c-span, or you can listen on the free c-span radio app. >> former vice president mike pence talked about the future of the republican party at an event hosted by the ronald reagan presidential library in simi valley, california. he addressed the january 6 attack on the u.s. capitol, defending his role that day in certifying the presidential election results.


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