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tv   President Biden Delivers Remarks at EU-U.S. Summit  CSPAN  June 15, 2021 8:02pm-8:12pm EDT

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[indiscernible] president biden: we had long discussions and i feel very good about our meeting. >> you have an agreement -- do you have an agreement on airbus and boeing? [indiscernible conversations] >> president biden is in belgium to participate in the eu-u.s. summit. while there, he will meet with president vladimir -- russian president vladimir putin. but first, he talked to eu leaders. here are his remarks. >> -- tackle the big challenges
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we haven't had of us. -- we have ahead of us. president biden: thank you very much. [indiscernible] i haven't been back to brussels and the eu since 2017. and the first summit in 2014. [chemoreceptors clicking] --
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[camera shutters clicking] my secretary of state antony blinken to solve problems we have been working on for years. [indiscernible] and we have made some progress already. secretary of commerce gina raimondo [indiscernible] agreed to come on as our secretary of commerce. [indiscernible] [camera shutters clicking] [indiscernible] and they are increasingly under
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attack. i have said before, and i apologize [indiscernible] there is a lot [indiscernible] my friends would kid me in the united states senate [indiscernible] because i quoted irish poets. and i quoted irish poets because i am irish. there is a stanza from my phone [indiscernible]
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-- a stanza from a poem [indiscernible] and it is not because of any one person. [indiscernible] technology has made a big shift in the development of the world and it has caused a great deal of anxiety between our countries and uncertainty between our colleagues. [indiscernible] has been replaced by new technology and they no longer [indiscernible] and that comes along at the same time that uncertainty is generated politically at the same time, and it also motivates people who are more like charlatans to take advantage.
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you see it in europe, you see it in the united states and we have seen ads around the world. betsy -- we have seen it around the world. so it seems to be the best answer we have to deal with these changes is to have a circumstance where our countries will grow and grow together and grow on the value set that united us in the first place. and i think we do share the same basic values. [indiscernible] my dad had a transition [indiscernible] my grandfather was a coal miner.
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in pennsylvania when cold died -- when coal died, the economy collapsed and my father moved [indiscernible] and my family, my siblings and i would hear our father use the following expression. joe, job is a lot more than a paycheck. it is about respect, it is about your place in the community. i think we sometimes forget that, that it is about dignity, and being able to hold your head high. so i think we have an enormous opportunity if we think about these changes, particularly global warming, and think about
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jobs, the jobs we are going to have to create that are going to preserve the environment are jobs that are going to pay well. working class, blue-collar workers can make more money. [indiscernible] but we have to, all of us, accommodate those changes. so i think we have a lot to deal with, from covid-19 to whether we are in a position that we can generate a strengthening of transatlantic trade and cooperation. they are a set of priorities with the same objective -- how do like-minded countries that share the same values work together to improve living
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standards not only for their people, but the rest of the world? and i think there is a passion to do that. it will take an awful lot of hard work and determination and when of the reasons i am optimistic is because of our younger generation, and europe as well as the united states. the young generation, this one, is the best-educated in american history. it also the least -- it is also the least prejudiced, the most open and the most committed. and if we provide policies that are consistent, and education plays a gigantic part of that, [indiscernible] i think they have the opportunity to do some really good things. and without, as my mother would
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say, i should hush it up and allow some discussion. >> c-span's washington journal. everyday we are taking your calls live on the air on the news of the day and discussing policy issues that impact you. coming up wednesday morning, oklahoma republican congressman kevin hearne, member of the ways and means committee, talks about president biden's economic proposals and congressional news. then democratic congressman jesus chuy garcia talks about development of president biden's economic and infrastructure plans. and a look at the president's meeting with russian president vladimir putin with the center for european policy analysis. what c-span's washington journal live at 7:00 eastern wednesday morning and be sure to join the conversation with your phone calls, facebook comments, text messages and tweets.


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