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tv   Rep. Tony Gonzales  CSPAN  June 12, 2021 10:24pm-10:29pm EDT

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30 bodies of black people -- men, women, and children -- hanging from trees. once blacks ceased to be property and once whites lost control over them, a number of whites responded with extreme hostility. >> pulitzer prize-winning historian and harvard professor annette gordon reed talks about juneteenth and shares her
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stories of growing up in texas during the 1960's and 1970's. you can also listen to q&a as a podcast where you get your podcasts. >> the white house did not release a weekly address this week, however representative tony gonzalez delivered the gop weekly address from his district in texas, which includes about 800 miles of the u.s.-mexico border. representative gonzales: hi there. i have probably represented texas since 2013 debbie house of representatives. i am honored to deliver this week's republican address.
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for months now, and this week in particular, we have heard some incredibly concerning comments on our border crisis from the biden administration, comments made by kamala harris and the lack of presence at our border communities. i represent communities along the border. over 70% of my constituents are proud hispanic americans. our border communities are hurting now more than ever. the surge of people traveling illegally into the united states has created unprecedented challenges for law enforcement officers, farmers, ranchers, small business owners, and, sadly, my communities have an abandoned by the current administration. i speak of farmers and ranchers who have had waterlines cut, fences destroyed. the city has experienced high speed car chases every day between smugglers and border patrol. progressive policies and open border policy rhetoric have encouraged thousands of people to make the dangerous trip to the united states. as a result, our communities are overwhelmed. we have seen heartbreaking, over counted -- overcrowded shelters. trucks full of people, and groups crossing the border in the middle of the night. people are risking their lives, making an incredibly dangerous journey, usually lasting weeks or months, to live in our country. most of the communities in my district are on the frontline of this process. many are looking to the government for the white house
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in particular for answers. yet, top democratic officials, including the borders are herself, have yet to take a look at the border for taking serious look at the crisis. we will not see the solution be proposed by the white house. my fellow republicans and i have concerns and we know it is up to republicans in congress. abandoned by my father at two months, spent time in a battered women's shelter, on my own at age 15, but after serving my country in the navy, hard work and dedication, i am a united states congressman. we have to protect the american dream. no matter where you start in life, you can do and be anything. one of the most powerful parts of the american dream is it does not even have to start in america. the united states is a nation of immigrants. we are also a nation of laws. we need to secure our borders, protect our neighbors from chaos, and welcome those who seek the opportunity through legal immigration. thank you. ♪
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>> sunday, president biden holds a news conference following the conclusion of the g7 summit in cornwall, england. we will have that live around 9:45 a.m. eastern at c-span. now a house hearing on the national security threat posed by climate change. bill knight, known as the science guy, and environmental experts testify about forced migration due to climate change and the efforts to stave off severe weather events before they occur. this is two hours. >> the subcommittee on emergency preparedness, response, and recovery will come to


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