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tv   President Biden Delivers Remarks at Drive- In Rally in Duluth Georgia  CSPAN  April 30, 2021 1:47am-2:32am EDT

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president biden's first 100 days. in a conversation with the aspen institute. live coverage begins at 9:30 p.m. eastern on c-span2. on or you can listen free on the c-span radio app. on friday afternoon, a discussion on president biden's first 100 days in office with axios. watch live at 12:30 p.m. eastern on c-span, online at or listen live on the c-span radio app. >> president biden held a drive-in to mark his first 100 days in the white house. first lady jill biden introduces the president.
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>> good afternoon, georgia. it is an honor to be here today. as the son of two immigrants from south vietnam, on today, standing here, the eve of the 46th anniversary of the fall of saigon, this is an extraordinary moment for me. on april 30, 1975, my father, a south vietnamese army pilot and so many other soldiers, american and south vietnamese, scrambled as they evacuated a city that
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started to burn. a nation that started to fall. on the horizon was a glimmer of hope. some call it the shining city on the hill. we all know it to be america. and america became their home. this is my story. my family's story. one of millions that make up the asian american experience here in our nation. we are living the american dream. may is right around the corner. and with it, so is asian american pacific islander heritage month and awareness. the awareness part is important. as an asian american small business owner here, in georgia, and america, this pandemic has hit arkham unity hard. -- hit our community card. we opened up in january of 2020 right before the pandemic.
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it's been tough on us. but we've made it through, but we didn't do it alone with our own hard work. we made it through because of our neighbors. our neighbors in our community. it is pulling together to get us through the hard times is what makes our country great. [cars honking] this past year wasn't just economic challenges. we saw harassment and violence rear its ugly head. that is why in this past election, the stakes were high. not just for small business owners like mine struggling to stay afloat, but high for asian american community, as we faced rising hate. the stakes were also high for georgians of every background, black, white, latin, lgbtq, jewish, and muslim. the stakes were high for all of us, not just across georgia, but for america.
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for every community. so what did we do? we got out there and we spoke to our neighbors, we talked to our community, and we reached across our state and across the country . we became a broad coalition fighting for new leadership to bring us out of this crisis. and into a brighter future. to once again make our nation that beacon of hope that my father and so many others turned to for refuge. we busted out butts, called voters, placed yard signs in front of businesses and homes, wrote postcards -- and georgia, you heard our call, you answered by getting out the vote like never before. the turnout in the api, latinx, and black communities were record shattering. [cars honking] [cheering] you showed the importance of
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voting and why voting matters. yes, protect the votes. we like the joe biden and kamala harris, the first black and asian american vice president, and for the first time in our state's -- in 28 years, our state has elected a democratic ticket. right here in gwinnett, we flipped the seventh district. we looked at carolyn bourdeaux and centre to the statehouse. but we didn't stop there, we continued to fight. we continue to talk to her neighbors. we fought and we elected georgia's first black senator, rev. raphael warnock. we elected our first jewish and enter -- jewish senator, jon
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ossoff. we made the difference. and now, 100 days later, we see the fruits of our votes. joe biden listened to us. he and his administration is putting our country back on track. the american rescue plan has already changed the course of the pandemic in georgia. it is bringing financial help to families that desperately needed. it's getting businesses like mine -- giving businesses like mine a chance at success and fulfilling the american dream. more and more are getting vaccinated every day, and we are seeing communities again start to thrive. but on top of all that, the first 100 days of the biden administration have shown that we have true moral leadership in the white house again. [cars honking] [cheering] it was a little over a month ago 16 asian american women were
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murdered and attacked on asian owned businesses here in atlanta. our community was devastated. we were angry. we were scared. but through strong moral leadership, joe biden and kamala harris stopped what they were doing and came down to atlanta and met with the leaders of our community. they shared in our grief and listened to our concerns, they committed to fighting the rising hatred against our community and all communities across the country. that is real leadership. [cars honking] [cheering] life is full of challenges, and sometimes the odds are stacked against you. the odds were stacked against my parents before they came to america. the odds were stacked against my business, when the pandemic hit. but we made it through, and with this administration, things are looking up again.
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the odds were against us here in georgia during the election, but with hard work and perseverance, we did what many thought we could not, and it's only been 100 days, but joe biden's presidency had already -- has already begun to lift us up. it's made our communities safer, healthier, and stronger. it's restored faith in our country. faith in the united states of america, that we will once again be the shining example for all the world to see. i cannot wait to see what the next hundred days will bring us. i have faith that we have great things in store for our nation. so thank you, thank you, georgia, i love you, and now, it is my great honor to welcome back to the state of georgia president joe biden and the first lady, dr. jill biden. ♪ ♪
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>> [laughter] wow, what a great crowd. thanks for coming. thank you. [cars honking] joe and i had a chance to see
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our friends. we just saw them, former president and first lady carter. they are such a powerful reminder that serving our country isn't limited. -- limited to the office you hold. the carters continue their work, making our country stronger every day, and we are grateful and honored for their friendship -- and wow, i'm so glad to see all of you. thank you for being here. [cars honking] [cheering] i have always felt so at home here. and i am especially excited to be back in this state that send -- that sent raphael warnock and jon ossoff to the senate.
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[cars honking] [cheering and applause] and you know, georgia, we could not have passed the american rescue plan without you. [cars honking] in some ways, it's hard to believe that it's only been 100 days. back in d.c., we are still getting to know our new home, figuring out where the light switches are, and remembering to use coasters on the historic furniture. but in other ways, we have packed so much into the time that has just flown by. i party traveled to schools and community colleges across the country, visiting vaccine sites and military bases, and chartering the course to join forces in our initiative, so thank you to all the military who are here. [cars honking]
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and that's just my office. across the administration, we have made historic progress. all because of the historic leadership of my husband. [applause] [cars honking] [cheering and applause] first lady biden: [laughter] do you hear them honking their horns for you, joe? and all those years ago was his fortitude. he has his charm and good humor, but he's a man of action who always kept his promises. he did the necessary work and showed up when it mattered. [cars honking] [cheering] and that is why i have always believed that he would be the president that we need. in the first 100 days of this administration, america is seeing the true character of the
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person that i have known for so long, whose heart is big enough to comfort the families of more than 500,000 lost, whose vision is ambitious enough to make the investment of a generation, whose determination is strong enough to bring americans from all walks of life together. whose commitment is enough to not only keep his promises, but surpass them. [cars honking] [applause] joe is a man for this moment, and with his leadership, we are rising. [cars honking] [cheering] i couldn't be more proud of what he has done in just 100 days.
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or more hopeful of what we are going to do next. please, help me in welcoming my husband, the president of the united states, joe biden. [cars honking] [cheering and applause] ♪ [" celebration" please] -- plays\ -- plays] president biden: a lot of folks out here tonight. i'm ready to go home because she never says that to me at home. i am jill's husband, as is obvious to everybody. she is my wife, and i am her husband, and, you know, i am
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proud to be. i want to thank him for being with us today. the story of an entire generation, but it's a story that goes back many generations. not just in south vietnam and asia writ large, but all over the world. in america, it is the reason why we are strong. we are the most diverse democracy in the world, and there's not a single thing, and i mean this from the bottom of my heart, there's not a single thing we can't do when we do it together, so thank you all. [cars honking] and i want to thank my friend, keisha lance bottoms, and i want to thank the democratic members of congress senator
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warnock, representative sanford, and i want to make sure representative williams is here. i thought i saw her a moment ago. there you are, okay and representative bordeaux. we need to work and help them keep their seats. it's important. we won the first round, but there's more coming up. and my good friend, the dnc chair from south carolina, and stacy abrams. she can be whatever she wants to be. i want to thank stacy for empowering people to vote and making their voices heard. you've been amazing, and most of all, i want to thank you, the people of georgia. [crowd chanting] we will give you a microphone.
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folks, georgia was, 100 days ago today, when i was inaugurated on the steps the united states capitol, to be your president, i was looking forward to coming back and seeing you guys. [crowd chanting] >> close the detention centers down! i agree with you. i'm working on it, man. give me another five days. -- president biden: i agree with you. i'm working on it, man. give me another five days. [cheering] [cars honking] folks, you all know what they are talking about. there should be no private
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reasons period, none, period. that's what they are talking about, private detention centers should not exist, and we are working to close all of them. thank you. alright, thank you. alright. let them go. i promise you, the only thing that will keep me from doing that is -- >> we voted for you, too! president biden: folks, look, it's been 100 days since i first sat at my desk in the oval office and went to work for you and the american people. i want to thank you and i want to thank the american people, because i think we have gotten a lot done. i promised, even before i was sworn in, that i would get my -- get, in my first 100 days, 100 million covid vaccine shots in people's arms. we have lost over 550,000
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americans, but we have delivered over 220 million covid shots in the first 100 days. [cars honking] [cheering] we have vastly expanded access and we have 100 million doses of vaccine, enough for every single american. and we have done it by getting vaccines to some 40,000 pharmacies across the country, in 700 community centers, and now, everyone over the age of 16 is now eligible to get vaccinated right away, so please do it, get vaccinated now, now, now, now. [cars honking] [cheering] and we promise to deliver emergency relief to the millions of americans who were in financial distress, and i might add, through no fault of their own. we got out 1000 $400 checks to the american people, and we kept that promise. 85% of households in america have gotten those checks. we have already sent out more
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than 160 million checks out the door, and i want to stop here and give thanks to both your senators, senator ossoff and warnock, for making it happen, because those two votes, had we not come back and you elected them, those two votes made the difference. it passed by a single vote. [cars honking] and that means we owe special thanks to the people of georgia. it's because of you and your senators that the rest of america was able to get the help they got so far. the american rest for you -- the american rescue plan would not have passed. so much has gotten done, like getting checks to people who probably would have not have happened. -- would not have happened. when you elected ossoff and
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warnock, they began to change the environment. and look, because of you we passed one of the most consequential rescue bills in american history. what did you do and what did you do with your vote here in georgia? it changed america, and you began to change america. democracy can still deliver for the people. i want to thank you for all that. all of america wants to thank you. and here's what we mean by delivering for the people. we have created, in the first 100 days, 1,300,000 new jobs, 1,300,000 jobs in 100 days. [cars honking] that's more new jobs in the first 100 days of any president in history. folks, it's because of you when -- folks, it's because of you, and we were here to share a few more things we did. we provided assistance for children and families so they don't go hungry and kept people from being evicted from their homes, and loans to small
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businesses to keep them open and people employed. we made georgia eligible to expand medicaid, which means another 500,000 georgians can be covered. excuse me. folks, health care is a right, not a privilege. -- should be a right, not a privilege in america. and here's the thing that i'm the most proud of. we are on track to cut child poverty in half this year with the child tax credit. in half. [cars honking] as much as we have done, we have got a lot more to do, but that's why i proposed the american jobs plan. it is a once in a generation investment in america. it is the biggest jobs plan in this country since world war ii. and here's what does. it creates jobs, rebuilding and modernizing our roads, our highways, bridges, ports, and airports.
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it will provide clean drinking water for every american, 10 million homes in america, and there are 444,000 schools and daycare centers would lead pipes -- where lead pipes and drinking water is a danger. but we are going to replace 100% of those lead pipes and service line so every child can have a turn at the faucet and know what they are drinking is clean water. folks, we are going to provide reliable high-speed internet everywhere in america, including rural america. 15% of georgia households do not have internet at all. we are going to change that. those infrastructure projects will create millions of good-paying jobs. we also know that 2 million women, 2 million women have dropped out of the workforce during this pandemic. 2 million, because they have to choose too often between whether or not they can get care for their child and their family or go to work.
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in the 21st century, infrastructure isn't just steel and concrete, it is people. and it is time we start paying people who come to our homes and care for people that love them and they are going to take care of them. [cars honking] and folks, you know, a lot of people talking about climate and they forget to mention the most important word. i made a promise when i was down here running that i would in fact immediately rejoin the paris climate accord on day one, which we did, and i would have in the first 100 days the climate summit here in america including the biggest nations of the world, and they came, everyone from russia to china, the european union, all of them. and you know what came across? every single one of those countries whether they will meet
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their obligations or not is finally understanding that taking care of saving the planet is going to create millions of good-paying jobs, millions of good-paying jobs. [cars honking] [cheering] we are going to put engineers and construction workers and electrical workers, building efficient buildings and homes. we will install 500,000 charging stations along the highways and there is no reason why windmill turbines can't be built in pittsburgh instead of beijing. there's no reason. there is no reason american workers can't lead the world in the production of electric vehicles and the batteries that propell them. we can do what we need to do in saving the planet and create millions of good hang jobs. -- of good paying jobs. folks, with all the investments in the american jobs plan, here's what we are going to do. we are going to buy american. let me explain what that means. you know, it is not a violation
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of any trade agreement. every tax dollar that we in fact get for construction of anything is going to go to be used to buy american products, made in america, that created american jobs. that is the way it should be, because look, folks, wall street didn't build this country, you did, the middle class did, and you build the middle class. here's one thing i want to mention about the american jobs plan. we got $5 million investments in khamenei violence intervention. there's a lot of work we have to do. a lot of work we have to do. and i want you to know. -- i want you to know who was responsible for that. mayor keisha lance bottoms. but folks, we are not only having to invest in america, we have to invest in our families. we need to invest in things our families care about and need the most. that is why the american family plan does four things.
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and we have paid for it all. one, without raising the deficit -- it adds four years more guaranteed public education in america. if we were building education today like we did in the last century, did anybody-- did anybd say 12 years is enough to compete and win the competition in the 21st-century? i don't think so. the rest of the world has caught up to us now. my plan provides a universal preschool for every three-year-old and four-year-old in america. that's a game changer. it also provides two years of free community college. that's a game changer as well. jill is a community college professor, still teaching. she constantly says, joe,
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community colleges can change the lives of students. any country that out-educates us is going to out-compete us. she will be leaving one of these efforts as well. but one more thing. we've got some great historical black universities and colleges in georgia. and we are going to be investing in them and increasing pell grants. they don't have the money that comes from the large universities, but their students are as competent to do anything in the future as anyone else. but here's the deal, we are going to provide up to $47 billion over 10 years to increase their capacity, cybersecurity, all those things, the jobs of the future. second thing we are going to do, provide quality affordable childcare. i was a single dad for five
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years when my wife and daughter got killed right after i got elected to the senate as a 29-year-old kid. i was lucky. i had a daughter, but my two boys survived. fortunately for me, i had an incredible family. my sister, brother, mother, father basically moved in and helped me raise my kids. i was the poorest senator in history -- in the years i was there. i couldn't afford the cost of daycare or childcare. i don't know how i would've done it without them. i understand how important childcare can be. under my plan, most folks won't play -- pay more than 7% of their income for child care at the max. the folks who can't afford it at all won't have to spend a dime. that is important.
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the american families plan will provide up to 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave. no one should have to choose between the job and a paycheck or taking care of themselves, a loved one, spouse, or child. the american family plan puts money in the pockets of millions of families. we are going to expand the child credit for five more years. families of two kids will have as much as $7,200 in their pocket every year. georgia, this is a tax cut for more than 2 million families in georgia. we are cutting taxes for people by a tax credit. we are lifting more than one million children out of poverty in america, cutting child poverty in half. how are we going to pay for all of this?
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tax cuts for the middle-class and working-class families. it's about time the very wealthy and corporations start paying their fair share. it's as simple as that. i'm not going to bore you with the details, but no one making under $400,000 a year is going to pay a single additional penny in tax, no one. as i said last night, the middle class and working people in this country are already paying enough in taxes. it's time for the richest 1% of americans in corporate america to start to do their part. last year, for example, 55 of our largest corporations in america paid zero dollars in federal taxes. and that made $40 billion. not a penny in tax. if we had a minimum book tax for
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corporations, just the fortune 500 companies, just the minimum tax of 15% -- i bet all of you would sign up for 15% tax right now. if it was just 15%, we would raise $230 billion and pay for all of this. i'm not trying to punish anyone. we have to make corporations making $40 billion and paying zero dollars -- it's just not right. something is seriously wrong here. georgia, i think a lot of you know i ran for president saying we had to heal the soul of this nation. that's what we have to do. the conviction of george floyd's murder is now our opportunity to make some real progress to restore the soul of this country. we can do it. we can act rational police reform, root out systemic racism in our criminal justice system. and with real plans i outlined
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today, we have a real chance to deliver real equity across the board to everyone, black, white, latino, asian-american, good jobs, good schools, affordable housing, clean air, clean water. being able to generate wealth and pass it down through generations is how most folks got there. but how did most of the middle class folks you know who are caucasian or white -- how did they make it? they were able to get enough money to buy a home, and they built equity in that home, and they passed it on, and they passed it on, and that's how you build wealth. we are going to make sure that african-americans, as well as make sure that latinos and asian americans are able to build that kind of wealth. [car horns honking] when the vice president and i were in atlanta last month, we met with leaders of the asian-american community in georgia, following the mass shooting here in atlanta.
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it was a raw and powerful meeting in a very emotional moment and some criticized me for speaking out nationally about that hate crime. some criticized me for saying how ugly and sinister it was. since then, because of the two senators you sent, among others, the united states senate passed the covid-19 hate crimes act to protect asian americans and pacific islanders from the vicious hate crimes we have seen too often and too long. it passed 94-to-1. don't tell me we can't make progress. it's the first step, and we have a lot more to do. that's right. if we are to truly heal the soul of america, we need to project that sacred right and protect it to vote. in this state of dr. king and john lewis, you know how precious and precarious the right to vote is.
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in november and again in january, your vote changed the world. instead of celebrating that, it is being attacked. more people voted for president in 2020 than any time in american history ever. and they did it in the middle of a pandemic. you've seen what's happened here in georgia with your state's laws. it's just wrong, wrong. and it's why we have to pass voting rights protection laws coming through the congress right now. hr one, the john lewis voting rights act, should be passed now. folks, it's only been 100 days, but i can tell you i've never been more optimistic about the future of america. america is on the move again. we are choosing hope over fear, truth overlies, light over
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darkness, and we are working. we are working again. we are dreaming again. we are discovering again. we are leading the world again. democracy can deliver for the people. we just need to remember who we are. we are the united states of america. and there's nothing we cannot do if we do it together. let's stay together. god bless you all. may god protect our troops. thank you, thank you, thank you, georgia. >> ♪ you know your love keeps on lifting me higher higher and higher i said your love keeps on lifting ♪ pres. biden: i see two guys in the back who want to come up here. >> ♪ disappointment was my close
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friend but then you came and it soon departed ♪ pres. biden: raphael warnock. >> ♪ pres. biden: send her off soft -- senator ossoff. ♪ pres. biden: i'm looking for my mask. i'm in trouble.
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>> ♪ your love keeps on lifting me higher higher and higher i said your love keeps on lifting me higher and higher ♪ pres. biden: go, georgia! we need you! >> ♪ pres. biden: thanks, everybody. >> ♪ higher and higher
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i said your love keeps on lifting me higher and higher i once was downhearted disappointment was my closest friend but then you came and it soon departed and you know he never showed his face again that's why your love keeps on lifting me higher higher and higher i said your love keeps on lifting me higher and higher whoa ♪ [instrumental break]
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whoa ♪ i'm so glad i finally found you and now with my loving arms around you -- your love keeps on lifting me higher higher and higher i said your love keeps on lifting me higher and higher higher and higher
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lift me up mama ♪ ♪ >> ♪ oh, no oh, no oh, no oh, no ♪ >> ♪ well, look who's here want to come on in it's
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>> good afternoon everyone. sorry we are a little late but we had a vote this afternoon


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