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tv   Republican Response to President Bidens Address to Congress  CSPAN  April 28, 2021 10:25pm-11:02pm EDT

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he's the top republican on the aging committee and he also serves on the banking, finance, health education labor and pensions committee, as well as the small business committee. got anything else? >> this is from paul cain who has also been covering capitol hill. he noted this about the chamber tonight. he said it is so quiet that we have heard a senator's phone ring and a sneeze. lawmakers were approaching the president, pitching ideas, wanting to exchange cards with him. also shared this with you. she noted the president took a point of personal privilege. he revered off his captive
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remarks to talk about cancer and his late son beau biden. then thinking the minority leader mitch mcconnell for his part in naming legislation after his late son. he also went off script he talked about chinese president xi jinping. quote, he's deadly earnest on becoming the most significant consequential nation in the world. >> and here is senator tim scott. senator scott: good evening. i am senator tim scott from the great state of south carolina. we just heard president biden's first address to congress. our president seems like a good man. his speech was full of good words. but president biden promised you a specific kind of leadership. he promised to unite a nation, to lower the temp at her, to govern -- lower the temperature, to govern for all americans no matter how you voted. this was the pitch, you just heard it again. but our nation is starving for more than empty platitudes. we need policy and progress that brings us closer together. but three months in, the actions
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of the president and his party are pulling us further and further apart. i won't waste your time with partisan bickering. you can get that on tv anytime you want. i want to have an honest conversation about common sense and common ground. about this feeling that our nation is sliding off its shared foundation and how we move forward together. growing up, i never dreamed i would be standing here tonight. when i was a kid, my parents divorced. my mother, my brother and i moved in with my grandparents. three of us sharing one bedroom. i was disillusioned and angry, and i nearly failed out of school. but i was blessed. first, -- and let me say this. to the single mothers out there who are working their tails off, trying to make ends meet, wondering if this is worth it,
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you can bet it is. god bless your amazing effort on the part of your kids. i was also blessed by a aaa operator. and finally with a string of opportunities that are only possible here in america. this past year, i have watched covid attack every rung of the ladder that helped me up. so many families have lost parents and grandparents too early. so many stalled businesses have gone under. becoming a christian transformed my life. but for months, too many churches were shut down. most of all, i'm saddened that millions of kids have lost a year of learning, when they could not to lose a single day. locking vulnerable kids out of the classroom is locking adults out of their future. our public schools should have reopened months ago. other countries did.
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private and religious schools did. science has shown for months that schools are safe. but too often, powerful grown-ups set science aside and kids like me were left behind. the clearest case i have seen for school choice in our lifetimes, because we know education is the closest thing to an chicken america. -- thing to magic in america. last year we passed five bipartisan covid packages. congress supported our schools, our hospitals, saved our economy, and funded operation warp speed, delivering vaccines in record time. all five bills got 90 -- 90 votes in the senate. common sense found common ground. republicans said we want to keep working together, but democrats
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wanted to go it alone. they spent almost $2 trillion on a partisan bill white house brad was the most liberal bill -- bragged was the most liberal bill in american history. only 1% 20 vaccination. -- 1% went o vaccination. this administration pushed us apart. another issue that should unite us is infrastructure. republicans support everything you think of when you think of infrastructure. roads, bridges, ports, airports, waterways, high-speed broadband. we're in for all of that. but again, democrats want a partisan wish list. they will not even build bridges to build bridges. less than 6$ of the president -- than 6% of the president's plan
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goes to rozen bridges. plus the biggest -- goes to ro ads and bridges. experts say when all is said and done, it will lower wages of the average american worker. tonight we also heard about a so-called family plan. even more taxing, even more spending, to put washington even more in the middle of your life, from the cradle to college. the beauty of the american dream is that families get to define it for themselves. we should be expanding opportunities and options for all families, not throwing money at certain issues because democrats think they know best. infrastructure spending that shrinks our economy is not common sense. weakening our southern borders and creating a crisis is not compassionate. the president is also abandoning principles he has held for decades.
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now he says your tax dollars should fund abortion. he's laying groundwork to pass the supreme court. this is not common ground. nowhere do we need common ground more desperately than in our discussions of race. i have experienced the pain of discrimination. i know what it feels like to be pulled over for no reason. to be followed around a store while i am shopping. i remember every morning at the kitchen table, my grandfather would open the newspaper and read it, i thought. but later i realized he had never learned to read. he just wanted to set the right example. i have also experienced a different kind of intolerance. i get called uncle tom and the n-word by progression -- progressives, by liberals. last week a national newspaper suggested my family's poverty
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was ashley privilege, because a relative -- was actually privileged, because a relative own land before my time. believe me, i know firsthand our healing is not finished. in 2015 after the shooting of walter scott i wrote a bill to fund body cameras. last year after the death of breonna taylor and george floyd, i built an even bigger police reform proposal. but my democratic colleagues blocked it. i offered amendments, but democrats used the filibuster to block the debate from even happening. my friends across the aisle seem to want the issues more than they wanted a solution. but i'm still working. i'm hopeful that this will be different. when america comes together, we've made tremendous progress. but powerful forces want to pull us apart. 100 years ago, kids in
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classrooms were taught the color of the skin was their most important characteristic. and if they look a certain way, they were inferior. today, kids are being taught that the color of their skin defines them again. and if they live a certain way, they are an oppressor. from colleges to corporations to our culture, people are making money and gaining power by pretending we have not made any progress at all. by doubling down on the divisions we've worked so hard to heal. you know this stuff is wrong. hear me clearly. america is not a racist country. it's backwards to fight discrimination with different types of discrimination, and it's wrong to try to use our painful past to dishonestly shut down debates in the present. i'm an african-american who was voted into south my entire life. i take voting rights personally.
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republicans support making it easier to vote, and harder to cheat. and so do the voters. big majorities of americans support early voting, and big majorities support voter id, including african-americans and hispanics. common sense makes common ground. but today, this conversation has collapsed. the state of georgia passed a law that expands early voting, preserves no excuse mail-in voting, and despite what the president claimed, did not reduce election day hours. if you actually read this law, it's mainstream. it will be easier to vote earlier in georgia than in democrat-run new york. but the left doesn't want you to know that. they want people virtue signaling, by yelling about a law they have not even read. fact checkers have called out the white house for
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misstatements. the president of certainly claims that this is worse than jim crow. what is going on here? i'll tell you. in washington -- a washington power grab. this outrage is supposed to justify democrats' new sweeping bill that would take over elections from all 50 states. it would send public funds to complete -- to political campaigns you disagree with, and make the bipartisan federal elections commission partisan. this is not about civil rights or our racial past. it's about rigging elections in the future. and no, the same filibuster that president obama and president biden praised when they were senators, the same filibuster the democrats used to kill my police reform bill last year, have not suddenly become a racist relic just because the shoe is now on the other foot. race is not a political weapon
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to settle every issue the wway one side wants. it's far too important. this should be a joyful springtime for our nation. this administration inherited a tide it had already turned. the coronavirus is on the run. thanks to operation warp speed in the trump administration, our country is flooded with safe and effective vaccines. thanks to our bipartisan work last year, job openings are rebounding. so why do we feel so divided? anxious. a nation with so much because for hope should not feel so heavyweight. a president who promised to bring us together should not be pushing agendas that tear us apart. the american family deserves better. and we know what better looks like. just before covid, we had the
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most inclusive economy in my lifetime. the lowest unemployment rates ever recorded. african-americans, hispanics, and asians at a 70 year low merely for women. hear me, wages were growing faster at the bottom than at the top. the bottom 25% saw their wages go up faster than the top 25%. that happened because republik and focus on expanding opportunity for all americans. in addition to that we passed opportunity zones, criminal justice reform, and permanent funding for historically black colleges and universities for the first time ever. we fought the drug epidemic, rebuilt our military and cut taxes for working families and single moms like the one that raised me. our best future will not come from washington schemes or socialist dreams. it will come from you, the american people. black, hispanic, white and
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asian, republicans and democrats, brief police officers and black neighborhoods. we are not adversaries. we are family. we are all in this together. and we get to live in the greatest country on earth. the country were my grandfather and his 94 years saw his family go from cotton to congress in one lifetime. so i am more than hopeful. i'm confident that our finest hour is yet to come. original sin is never the end of the story. not in our souls, and not for our nation. the real story is always redemption. i'm standing here because my mom has prayed me through some really tough times. i believe our nation has succeeded the same way.
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because generations of americans in their own ways have asked for grace, and god has applied it. so i am going to close they word from a worship song which really helped me through this past year of covid. the music is new, but the words draw from scripture. may the lord bless you and keep you, make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you. may his presence go before you and behind you and beside you. in you are weeping and your rejoicing. he is for you. may his favor be upon our nation for 1000 generations, and your family and your children and their children. good night. and god bless the united states of america. >> south carolina republican senator tim scott giving the gop response to president biden's
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speech. and now it is your turn. we want to hear from you. 202 is the area code for all of our numbers. 202-748-8921 in mountain and pacific time zones. and if you would like to send a text message, please include your first name and your city and you can send that to 202-748-8903. again, that's just for text messages. you can also find us on social media. continue the conversation on facebook and twitter as well. just remember, @cspan is our handle. we will get to your calls and just a minute after we check in again with greta. >> politico has a tweet that senator tim scott was watching president biden in mitch mcconnell's office tonight, then dashed into the mansfield room,
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which is where the republicans and democrats often use that room with her caucus lunches, to get ready to do his response. so that is where he was watching speech before he gave the gop response. senator lisa murkowski, republican of alaska, a key gop swing vote, says of biden's speech, i was not overly inspired. she also said there was too much spending and a pushing of massive proposals. quote, i think it makes it very difficult for us to be truly bipartisan. andy biggs was short. arizona congressman said, the worst president in u.s. history. the same with a leader for the republicans in the house. this whole thing could have just been an email, is what he had to say. the congresswoman from new york talking to president biden. a reporter on capitol hill notes she is from a swing district in
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new york, who could have her district redrawn out from under her. she makes a move to engage a biden in a tv shot before the night is done. also she voted against certifying the election results in two states, a republican there. another republican of indiana before the speech tweeted out this picture. notice anything weird about the masks being handed out to members of congress for the presidential address? direction of the democratic leadership. tone deaf aren't strong enough words. you can see the word k95 on there. look three lines down. made in china is what he is referring to. >> now your calls. what did you think of the president's speech tonight? >> the speech was a good speech.
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the president sounded good. overall it was good. but one thing when he talks about vaccinations, he should have given credit to the previous administration. because most of the job on vaccination was done on the previous administration, and it could have been very appropriate to say that was a job well done. because all the logistics, the expansion was done in the biden administration, but the foundation for the vaccination was done by the previous administration. host: this is connor in seattle. connor, what did you hear in the speech that you liked or didn't? caller: i thought it was a great speech in that he announced stuff bigger than the new deal. it was like one of the greatest announcements of projects to go and keep america going in history. host: what about the cost? $1.8 trillion, $1.9 trillion, what do think about that? caller: the cost wasn't an issue
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when they cut taxes for the rich, so it shouldn't be an issue now. poor people are doing worse than ever, so they can afford to do programs to help people do better. host: how was the last year during the pandemic for you? caller: it was not very good. i am doing graduate school at the university of washington. could not go to classes. just staying inside a lot. and it was because of the stimulus and i got an extra education grant that biden passed that helped me keep going. i got a $1000 check for being a student. host: what are you studying? caller: i am studying public policy. host: kim in indianapolis, what did you hear tonight you liked or didn't? caller: i thought the speech was wonderful. host: you have to turn down the volume on your tv. caller: ok. i thought the speech was wonderful.
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it was excellent. he didn't read from a teleprompter. very personable. and he spoke to the american people. host: what is that issue that resonated with you? caller: just the fact that he was just speaking to people from his heart. the american people. host: stephen valencia, california. good evening to you. what is your reaction? caller: my reaction is he has had 40 years in the senate and has done zero. he is a good speaker, but to me he is a snake salesman. host: what are the issues that you care about the most? caller: the issues are the gas prices are flying. here in california we are at $4 a gallon. that hits everybody's pocket, especially in the middle class. host: what is the connection to immigration? caller: immigration is the other. we're bleeding.
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the southwest is overwhelmed. host: steve in valencia. and this is stephen in texas. caller: you said it right. host: what did you think of the president's joint address to congress? caller: i think the president overall is a complete joke to our entire country, to our servicemen, and everyone that has ever served, 100%. host: why is that? what specifically don't you like about president biden? caller: everything. from the fact he wants to sit here and raise our taxes on the hard-working man and woman and sit here and raise everything to where it is almost unbelievable, unpayable. host: ok, we are going to hang
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up on you. >> people have their stopwatches out to time how long a president will speak. the length of the president's first joint address, 64 minutes and 58 seconds. nice touch. after the address to a joint session of congress, the president and the first lady participated in a photo line with 23 ploy ease of the u.s. capitol. and abc news noted this during the president's speech. biden signals the mist of his patients with bipartisan talks on his and for structure plan. quote, i welcome those ideas with the rest of the world is not waiting for us. i want to be clear, from my perspective, doing nothing is not an option. then cnn quotes the president when he said tonight, my fellow
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americans, trickle down economics has never worked. and then john harwood notes, he voted. then-senator biden voted for the reagan tax cuts. some images from the speech tonight. colin campbell sends out this of majority leader chuck schumer during the speech, stretching his legs in the seat. senator joe manchin, a key vote for the democrats to get across any proposal from the president, was taking notes during the speech. and jill biden, arriving for the joint session tonight to applause, waving to the crowd. and finally kate and it from cnn who covers the first lady, saying tonight she appears to be wearing a dress similar in style and floral to the dress she wore on inauguration night. host: back to your calls. by the way, we are going to
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replay that six to four minute speech in about 10 minutes or so -- that 64 minute speech in about 10 minutes or so. what you think of the address? roger, you with us? amber in washington. good evening to you. what is your reaction to the president's address? caller: the first part was a lot of theater. that is a disappointment. everyone is standing within a half an inch of each other having close conversations, but it is insulting to the american people. as a business owner he is promising money out there, much like a middle school promising soda in the water fountain. who is going to pay for that? not to mention it is just not what america needs right now. just disappointing altogether.
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host: what did you think of tim scott's response? caller: i am a big fan of tim scott. i think he is a phenomenal american and represents his state well. i thought his response was incredible. we keep harping on sowing seeds of dissent and and divide, instead of moving together, and the ways that are not theatrical. they are let's come to the table and talk and make progress together. host: john is next to from point pleasant beach, new jersey. what did you hear tonight that you liked or did not like? caller: hey. first of all, thanks for taking the call. i really like your guys' show. i thought tim scott did an excellent job tonight. i am really proud to see a republican that isn't what a
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traditional republican is. republicans are reinventing themselves and tim scott is a good example of what republicans could be. i hope to see more of that. that is really all i have to say. host: was there an issue the president discussed tonight where you agreed with him or disagreed with him? infrastructure, coronavirus aid, american families plan, etc.? caller: yeah. i think there's some very grandiose plans coming from the president, but is he actually going to be able to get that passed through the congress? host: next call is molly calling from michigan. where in michigan are you? caller: hi, how are you? host: where in michigan? caller: northern michigan. host: so what was your response to the president's address? caller: i thought it was very less than desirable.
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it is well known to many he has over 47 years and i think it shows. his time was up a long time ago. not one thing i can take out of it. my voting rights are very important, as are my children and grandchildren. not one thing i thought of it positive. not one. no unity. i did not see any unity. host: what has the last year for you been like? caller: it has been hard. i have a stay at home child now through the schools being closed down. i think the hardest is everything we lost. the four great years we had. voting irregularity, i hope to see in the future something change with voting irregularities. for our sake, to want to vote again. host: that is molly in michigan.
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how did the president do tonight? caller: i think he did ok. i see he slipped up a few times. but my biggest concern is him saying our nation is prejudice. i believe that further divides the nation, and it should not be whatsoever. i believe the united states is the most robust nation in the world dealing with people of color. yes, we've had some issues with the police department, but i think that is pretty limited in that area. us as a nation, we have come together as one quite united in many ways. i just wish that he would not continue to promote that divide. that is my issue. host: a couple of the things the
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president talked about tonight, infrastructure and his new american families plan which includes universal prekindergarten and free community college. the president will be out promoting that this week along with jill biden, and kamala harris and second gentleman doug emhoff. the president is in atlanta tomorrow and philadelphia on friday. kamala harris is in baltimore tomorrow and cincinnati friday. and doug emhoff will be in raleigh, north carolina on friday. according to their plans, they are expected to travel to about a dozen states by the end of next week. >> more reaction to the speech. this notable, this is from democratic senator mark kelly. the new senator from arizona. quote, while i share president biden's urgency in fixing our broken immigration system, what i did not hear tonight was a
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plan to address the immediate crisis at the border, and i will continue holding this administration accountable. from our viewers, chelsea and new haven, i am looking forward to seeing more of tim scott's presence in the gop. i hope he becomes the new face of the party as they move away from trump. appealing to a wide array of voters and bring moderates back to the party. another one here from roger in illinois, if senator tim scott does not rise to be a republican presidential front runner, they are foolish. and finally, austin writes, president biden was amazing tonight. so clear in ambition. makes you feel american. let me show you quickly some other color from tonight's speech. cnn notes that when liz cheney entered the chamber, the republican from wyoming, she has had a rift with republican leadership, that mitch mcconnell, who has also had
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tensions with the former president, they shook hands. he has stood behind her with her feud with trump. then there was this patcher -- this picture captured using cnn's coverage of a fist bump between biden and cheney. host: after we replay the speech in about five minute or so, we will be back to take even more phone calls. greta read some text we are getting. if you are interested in sending a text, include your first name in your city and send it to 202-748-8903. that is for text messages only. lucas in kansas city, was a re- -- in kansas city, missouri. what issue are you most concerned about? caller: the biggest issues bipartisanship. biden, we elected him because we thought he would be a unifying candidate. it's a little hard to do that when you don't get a single vote
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in your package. it seems like he is taking the same issue with the interceptor plan. -- the infrastructure plan. host: matthew is calling from mesquite, nevada. caller: how are you doing, sir? i'm pretty good. i think there's a lot of concern about biden's speaking ability, his ability to come across as a strong leader, especially to the rivals we have in the world. i think he came across as being ok. but i worry about his ability to do without the teleprompter. we saw once where he kind of signaled for the teleprompter to stop or scroll down as he has in the past. and there was a moment where he kind of fumbled, talking about clean water pipes, something of that nature. and you could visibly see pelosi
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turning to harris, concerned. it makes me wonder if, just how this president does without these people and the teleprompter around him, and what he is really like in a closed room with these world leaders. host: the president spoke for 64 minutes, the second-longest inaugural address to congress after bill clinton in 1993. david, north augustine, south carolina, you are on c-span. caller: i am fine. host: what did you hear from the president tonight? caller: well, so far it's been all words and no actions. his abilities scare me. the state of the economy. gas prices have doubled. than under trump.
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scares me for what's to come of the united states. with what i deem is a weak leader. the empty seats tell it all. host: that was because of the coronavirus. they restricted the number of people that were there. about 1600 people are usually in there, but because of the coronavirus, they kept it to 200. how do you think your senator, tim scott, did he? caller: in my state, we are blessed to have tim scott and lindsey graham. i think tim scott delivered the more poignant address of what we need and what we don't need.
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he has his feet to the ground, and i believe that a man like him could ring america closer together through bipartisanship -- host: paul wright, david, we are going to leave it there. we are going to -- all right, david, we are going to leave it there. we are going to rear president biden's speech. after that, we will take some more calls. here is president biden's speech. ♪


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