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tv   NASA Officials Hold Post- Launch News Conference on SpaceX Launch  CSPAN  April 23, 2021 8:22pm-9:01pm EDT

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liftoff. the crew is in orbit, traveling nearly 17,000 miles per hour. >> well, gary, i don't know about you, but that was great countdown, everything sound great. rating on time. actual lay little ahead of time. >> service section draco checkouts. >> a good orbit on falcon 9 and landed on the drone ship end that sunlight over the atlantic ocean with the dragon >> nasa officials had a conference offering -- after the launch. nasa's news conference from earlier this morning. >> earlier today, nasa and
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spacex blasted off from kennedy space center's launch complex 309a -- 309a. >> shane -- my name is jackie mcginnis. i am joined here today by elon musk, kathy leaders, steve stich , manager of nasa's cruz program. joe, hiroshi sasaki. and frank, manager of the
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international space station program at the european space agency. each speaker will make brief remarks and we will open the lines to questions from the media. for reporters on the line, press star one to ask a question. please remember to state your name and media affiliation before you speak and address the speaker who you would like to answer your question. address one speaker at a time. you may enter again and ask additional questions. first of, we will hear from steve durer sick -- we will hear from steve. >> i want to congratulate the nasa team, space x team and our international partners. what we do is really challenging but also rewarding and we could not do it without our commercial one international partners. watching a launch from the kennedy space center never gets old for me.
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it is especially exciting and visually stunning, this launch was. it was a little different for me this time as the acting administrator. ministrator but then i could not be more proud of the team. it has been an incredible year for nasa, particularly for human spaceflight with three lunches in 11 months -- launches in 11 months. just 11 month ago and watching the launch the day and just about a decade and then did the demo mission and incredible to be a part of it.
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they are able to did on the station and really looking forward to what crew, i enjoyed watching what crew one has been able to accomplish and enjoy what crew two is going to be on the six month stent on is and took ten years to get here. achieve this bolds have we have for commercial crew and then again, it has been ablazing the team has been able to accomplish. you know, the what we did on iss is important not only for the research and technology development that we do for here on earth but to prepare for what we are going to do in the future. and so iss is not only important for our commercial activities unspace and stimulating those but also for the exploration mission. and ton celebrate the marvels of the international space station and the science and technology
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development that it win conduct as we look to the future of sending astronauts to orbit and the surface and then the goal of sennings a very now thes to mars so coupled with the robotic exploration. then, our science mission is look doesn't at earth and proud to be a part of this team that makes it happen and look easy. i can you it is notes a sy. we have incredibly talented team at as? lang with the commercial international partner and i know they have go in the job den and i know they will get it done moving forward. thank you. thanks now we have elon musk chief engineer at spacex. >> thank you. thank you. well, i think, actually, all the important things i am proud of the spacex team and honored to be partnered with nasa and help
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as well and so, yes, supposed to be a part of advancing human spaceflight and looking forward to going beyond orbit to the moon and mars and helping make spacex and the pieces one day. thank you. >> thank you. now we have dath think associate administrator for nas's human mission director aith. >> wow. mean, i think i am just always amazed at though nasa and particular the spacex team that diligently stepped through and got us ready to fly once agrand and want to thank the team from perspective and thank steve and joel here who have been working really hard to keep this going and it is very, very very exciting time for human
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exploration right now just like steve said you know, everyday advances science and technology on the international space station and that has been enabled with the activities and the flights that spacex has provided for us over the last months look we said and the commercial crew team has been working to keep that science and technology development going. so we'll try have a busy month and talking the or day about you just got to soyuz launch, the soyuz landing now we got a commercial crew launch and you know, we are going to be obviously working through or making sure we get the four crewmembers there and to the station but then steve going to be getting ready for the craw on landing with the spacex folks so very, very exciting time for us. in adoings we have got a stage coming in next week which will
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be joining the fellowed rock bet motors that stacked in the bab and the orion spacecraft that witness has been fueled getting ford the first artemis one demonstration mission so we are work and getting our system ready to go and very, very excited about that. in addition last week, we had announced to spacex the human landing system demonstration mission. so this is, you know, i took over and i thought after that mission, i thought oh my gosh, will be missing out on the fun missions but really i kind of have the best of all worlds now with al the missions that joel and steve and the artemis team is doing and further missions going forward to then eventually mars so very very exciting time for us. thank you. >> thank you, casey.
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now we have steve stitch, manager of mass's commercial crew program. thank you. thank you. if i watched the video play before we started hope toking remarks and just reflected on the host this years as we said we now have three crew missions in just over 11 months and then when i think about watch the video i just think about the team i we have between nasa come million, cru and spacex and then incredible team that refurbished this crew one booster that just flew our crew two team to the space station and refinishishing the dragon spacecraft over the last nents then all the hard work across the country from the spacex team, the nasa team and certifying it and thinking about the mooting investigation and spacex and nasa worked so well together. at times during the meetings people will finish each other's sentences one person on the spacex side and that is what the person is think and tremendous
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team work. dragon is doing well on orbit. the crew is out of the suits right now. the crew is in the middle of a meal. they will go to bed this afternoon here about 2:00 eastern and sleep in until about 10:00 p.m. and then they will get in the suits saturday morning at about 2:50 a.m. eastern time for the final rendezvous and dock and will make contact 5:00 to tenten a.m. eastern with the final docking around 5:23 a.m. sol a busy time as they look over dragon and as i said dragon is doing very well today the weather cooperated we moved the launch windy and looked at the abort weather and it was not very good for thursday. we moved that launch within day and the weather just cooperated great today. you know this the vehicle improvements that spacex embarked upon for this flight adding capability to handleon shore winds today was difference
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really in getting off with the onshore winds with the vehicle we had for crew one and deem know two we would not have gotten off. the countdown was smooth and we worked a couple of things and checking out the consider on the draco thrusters to making sure it was ready to go and the scantdown was extremely smooth today. a lot of people worked very hard to put that together. then, as kathy alluded to. it is busy time for us. we'll get the crew docked on saturday then after we get them safely onbard and start to focus on looking at wednesday april 28th at 7:00 a.m. and eastern time and the targeted touchdown within the landing on wednesday april 28th about 12:40. a busy time for. it is exciting time the first time we have done the direct handover and really proud to be a part of the team.
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>> thanker, steve. now joel at nasa. >> hello again. outstanding launch. a great way to end the week you know we are expected to have another commercial crew yonker board in space coming and these missions allow us to keep the research program and technology development for artemis in the low earth orbit activities onboard the international space station moving forward within incredible amount these missions they enable these onboard so we are peeked to have it and 11 people onboard after docking and only a short time but something that we have been preparing for and we are looking forward to it. after launch we did inform the craw onboard the international space station that we had successful launch and companies with on the way they did pass done lagses to the temperature in the ground and i would like to pass my congratulations to
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the commercial crew program and the spacex teams for outstanding launch today. thank you. >> thanks. >> now vice president and director general of the human spaceflight technology direct lathe. thank you. thanks. i am vice president for jaxa. first of all, we have jaxa and express thanks to nasa spacex what who have been working for this mission under covid-19 station. the crew dragon was launched into orbit, the mission is is going on. i have crew dragon launched and
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i am so delighted again to be part of the team here today. i would like to congratulate soichi and aky. they meet together a the iss. believe this is brought by the very close tie between japan and the u.s. for many years through the iss program. we contribute to the expedition 65 mission as commander and i hope you don't regret work very closely on the ground.
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during this mission, performed design on plan muting to the people on the ground and demonstrations during the future exploration mission as well. also going to hold challenge with nasa. i am looking forward to seize aki will contribute though great team work. i blob the crew 2 mission is a symbol of the international and industry partnerships. the crewmembers on dragon by spacexs the first time stay for long durations at the iss
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together. human space activities really great global that people pushing the boundaries to the moon and even beyond. i am confident the international partnership is important and to take part in this bay making the best use. such as the system. we are going together. but again, congratulation on a successful launch thank you. >> thank you. finally. frank, manager think of iss program. >> thank you, jackie. what a great day. what an excitement to see the four crewmembers and ours a renow the thomas pesquet launch
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to the international space station. it is a great time for us. we have perm lnt i now four crewmembers onboard meaning that the crew we have available for has increase and thank the partners and of course spacex and snacks the international partners to make this happen. tomorrow we have a busy schedule on the 15th of july we'll larch the mdual with our colleagues on that mdual will be the european robotic arm and will be involved in the commissioning and the checkout of this arm we have been waiting for long to launch to the international space station. after tomorrow we will launch in the fall this year they will be
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permanently onboard international space station and really great times to come for european space agency. all the science, technology we do is for the benefit of people here on erand also to prepare for the future and tect with our colleagues are part of the gateway program and looking forward to further work with nasa on those programs who have astronauts slide to the git which and not stop there and want to have the future ours a vo notes work on the surface of the moon. really lacking forward to further enhance the great international cooperation. thanks. >> thank you. >> as reminder for reporters on the line press star one to ask a question. first up we have marsha dunn
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with "the associated press." reporter: thank you for the launch. for elon, could you describe the emotions at liftoff. does it get any easier for you on a personal level being responsible for lives after three crew flights. thank you? >> it us very, very intense. i suppose it does get a little bit easier and all extremely intense. i usually cannot sleep the night before launch. that is true the night are about before this one. i have not had much sleep. i gat great team. really proud of the work the team has done and marshall san nasa and yeah. i suppose it gets a little bit easier but still pretty intense i have to say. yeah. yeah.
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it is that ready to believe we are doing this quite frankly. it feels lake a dream. >> thank you now bill hardwood for cbs. reporter: thanks. again, congratulations to all of you for this launch. i guess to realize the current flight is two hours old right now. can you tell us anything about the schedule for the next flight, the pin ir racial for forward launch schedule. the one question we had. how do you do that flight without working with nasa in terms of the crew quarters to sat up and facilities in general frankly. >> yeah. well, you think we'll be obviously coordinating with nasa san that will be free fire
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mission with about a big glass dome in the front so should get quate different feel and feel like you are in space, you know, because you are surrounded by glass, technically. yeah. look forward to that mission. obviously, you know, working for that mission. that should be like inspiration. you know? actually, i think that is, let's think about. human spaceflight, it is one of those in thes that makes people excited about the future. for out there in civilization and visiting out planets and i think that is gets people fired up, you know?
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yeah. yeah. fired up obviously. >> thank you. >> now i have eric berger. >> hi. good morning, congratulations to everyone on this. a couple of questions first of all maybe for stitch. can you come pent on the fact in less than four years about four years since spacex launched falcon 9 for the rocket the second time and has it been a rapid process to try to get tho the certification of the falcon 9. and elon, can you comment on the human landing system last friday. how important is it to spacex that nasa shows that kind of confidence starship and now talking about using the vehicle for the moon and potentially mars? >> thank you. >> yeah. will take the first question regaing the certification of falcon nine. you know, for the first flight
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for demo-2 for bob and doug we had gone through the certification of the rocket for that very flight. sol we started to understand the systems. we actually follow the whole fleet of the flights that spacex flights. spacex has been a great partner in sharing data in every flight and able to look a the performance so over time we started to understand how the engines perform. how the rocket itself performs then partnership with spacex we went through and looked at every single piece of the launch vehicle, the engines, the structures, everything about the rein try and the heating in the able to in about ten months go through on the order of 400 or so certification products in addition to those products delivered by spacex. we also did the pent pay mall sis of certain key come he thens and looked at the heating for entry and did pent assessment of that to make sure we were
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comfortable with the margin and so it was quite an extensive effort in ten months by the team and incredible partnership between nasa san spacex. >> yeah. it is great upon honor to be chosen by nasa to return people to the moon and has been almost a half century since humans were last on the moon. too long. we need to get back there. and have a base moon then again, like a big is about on the moon. then mars to become space out layzation and million ty planet species we ought to be the season gel. we want to be a multi planet species. you know. are yeah. thank you. now irene with aviation week.
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>> thank you. congratulations on the launch this morning. for elon, be how did it impact the design and development and schedule for starship whan has been kind of your challenges with the projects so far? >> well, that is helpful. it is mostly turnerly thus far and pretty extensive. you have been watching videos, you know, so excitement guaranteed. one way or another. so is a tough vehicle because we are trying to crack the nut of rapid physically rapidly rocket.
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i am little slow going out none much slep at all. that is reliable. so that is what needs to happen. physician that can be done then
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>> thank you. on the line, reminder to focus on the crew 2 mission. that would be greatly appreciated. next up we have joey with the verge. >> hey, thanks, jackie. congrats everyone on good launch. this question is for elon musk. from your perspective. i was wondering if you are plugged in or any idea the hold-up on getting agreement with the russians for flying cass know nauts on crew dragon is. would you like to seize cause know nauts flying sooner than later. i was wondering how soon will starship be able to put humans on the moon. thanks. >> i do not have any in sight on that with regard but of course would be to buy on dragon and i do not have any in sight into any potential objections. perhaps, maybe just
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communications breakdown. i don't know. i don't have any in sight into it. we are working through the agreements right now and you think people understand and talked about this in the post so far that people understand the importance of cruise. so we are working through that and getting that agreement in place. it takes awhile sometimes. i found out there is lots of people to coordinate with. so it doesn't go as faze as i want it to. we are working through it. thank you now spaceflight now. >> thank you congratulations to everyone. my question is for elon musk as
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well. this was the first time launched as row notes and used falcon 9 and crew dragon and the first time with you have have done that overall for the flight history. i am curious, you know, as you develop starship to if he can on the usability as you are flying with falcon 9. how many missions can you get out of a falcon booster. is that something are you willing to push the limit on to keep flying until it breaks or for the star link mission for example or are you see like sa plateau or ceiling in terms of flight number for falcon 9 booster going for hard? well, that doesn't seem to be -- that doesn't seem to be any obvious limit to the vehicle and yeah, we do in ten to fly the falcon 9 booster until we see failure with the star link mission to have that be a life lea leader.
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and we are actually talking to in the control room between spacex and nasa wondering like what us the optimal. before he launches and want to be and booster or probably don't want to be on the lead foreare crew mission but probably we have nine flight and have a tenth flight soon with the star link mission and learning a lot about reusability and hard problem for rockets. main, the reason it stopped,
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really you know, right now, falcon to be flown and coming back and come back. we don't reuse the drgson trunk and so star ship like hopfully we use the whole thing. but a hard problem for rocket, that is for sure. taken us like 19 years in now. but i think we can see, the starship design can work. it is just a hard thing to solve. nasa is appreciated. i think it is going to work. i think it is going to work. >> next up, davey consider whether i the discovery cham. with the discovery channel.
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reporter: hi, there. sorry. i am muting. for anybody nas sass spacex was bob allowed to leave for anythingng the dragon? elon, it has been a long journey with the hls and everything else. on the arc of what you are hoping to do, are you going faster or lower? i know you had frust ration early. where do you see bigger picture? thank you. >> i guess i will take the question. i don't know of anything specific he left for megan. certainly left a lot of tenderness and care of that vehicle while he flew it and you know for me as the program manager of commercial crew, it is exciting to see bob having flown that vehicle another first time, testing it out, take it for a spin for his wife megan and kind of cool to see the two
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fly in the same vehicle ang the first time we reused that vehicle. 6:00. >> yeah. a cute penguin floating around right now. there is a picture half. it is kind of cute. yes. haw been 19 years since flying spacex. a lot of adventure around along the way. tough times. you a love god time. i feel it can be accomplished. i was not sure for a long time. i am sure now.
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>> thanks. next up. space news. >> good morning. question for elon musk. you know it took years of development to got the crew dragon to the point where you could have a sk sessionful sorry of missions like crew 2 this morning. at what point do you think starship would be ready to start car rug people. thanks. we are trying to coop the questions to this mission. i mean. i don't know. tend to be as, you know, i tend to be optimistic with respect to schedules. i feel i should acknowledge this so take this with a grain of salt. i think its not out of the question i could be ready in a couple of years. obviously we need to not make crate others, you know.
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not quite. not yet. we got work to do. make progress. we got to make sure we are accelerating. then be ready in a couple of years. thank you. reporter: greatings congratulations to everybody. senator bill nelson mentioned a 2024 timetable for lunar landing through hls through confirmation hearing on capitol hill and wondering from elon whether that is kind of a crazy talk or something you feel optimistic about? yeah think so.
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yeah, i think so. yeah. yeah. yeah. i think this will happen. i think 2024 seems likely. we'll aim for sooner than that. i think, you know, i think this is actually doable. yeah. >> thanks. time for one more question. camden hall from titusville. >> thank you for taking my question. my question is for elon. room were you watching the launch from. were you in the ltc like you were for demo two or somewhere else? thanks. >> yeah. i was in launch control. yeah. yeah.
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the same place control and the missions were launched from. it is pretty wild. same windows. same glass. a little hard to see at night. the view from the roof is better han the saw from launch control. you get to see the data there. i don't know future is look good. i think we are at the dawn 6 a new era of space exploration. thank you again to all the speakers and report remembers that is going to wrap up here. our crew 2 mission coverage continues on nasa tv and have live coverage all the way though international space station including crew dragon docking, hatch opening and the welcome ceremony. docking at 5:10 a.m. saturday april 24th and hatch opening
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at 7:15 a.m. and the kell become ceremony at 7:46 a.m. stay tune. thank you. >> the spacex crew dragon successfully launched today from the kennedy space center. the astronauts are heading to the international space station for a science mission. they will dock on saturday morning. followed by a welcoming ceremony on the iss. watch live coverage at 4:30 a.m. eastern on c-span2, at, or on the free c-span radio app. >> the white house covid-19 response team gave an update on the global pandemic. they spoke about the number of positive cases in the u.s., and recent surge in coronavirus cases in india. good morning and thank you for joining us. today, dr. walensky


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