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tv   Dr. Fauci CDC Director Walensky Others Testify on Ending the Pandemic  CSPAN  April 18, 2021 3:24pm-6:25pm EDT

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online at or listen with the c-span radio app. if you miss live coverage, watch it on c-span2. >> c-span's "washington journal" -- we take your calls every day on the news of the day and discuss issues that impact you. monday morning, we will talk about the week ahead in washington with a bloomberg reporter and later with a wash and dane examiner chief correspondent. then a discussion on various student loan forgiveness proposals. and the history of vaccine passports with howard mark l. watch "washington journal" live at 7 a.m. eastern, monday morning and joined the calls and facebook comments, texts, and
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tweets. >> dr. anthony fauci and dr. mo -- dr. michelle wilensky were on capitol hill to provide an update on the federal response to the coronavirus pandemic. lawmakers asked about the recent pause on the johnson & johnson vaccine. this hearing is three hours. hours. >> ready to begin. let me begin to welcome today select subcommittee is in a hybrid hearing for some members will appear in person and others may appear remotely on zoom.
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but i hope it is worked out and we can move along smoothly. since some members are appearing in person let me first remind everyone that pursuant to the guidance from the house of physicians, all individuals attending the hearing in person must wear a face covering. members that are not are not permitted to remain in the hearing room and will not be recognized to speak. let me also make a few reminders about the hybrid hearings for those appearing in person, those appearing remotely on the monitors in front of you on one monitor on the other monitor you
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will see each person when they are speaking including members that are appearing remotely. for those members appearing remotely, you can also see each person during the hearing whether they are in person or not remote. as long as you have your zoom, that is your active speaker mode members appearing in person a timer is visible in the room directly in front of you. for those that may be remote, you have a timer that should be visible on your screen when you are in the gallery view mode and
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have the time or. for members that may be appearing remotely, if you other reminders. the house rules require that we see you. so please, have your camera is turned on at all times, not just when you are speaking. they would be recognized in seniority for questions. you may identify that in several ways we do not want people
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talking over each other. my preference is to have members use the tap function or e-mail to submit formal verbal recognition. the committee staff will ensure i am aware of the request and i will recognize you. at the request of the house studio i will count down from ten and the live stream will begin when i get down to one.
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good morning. the committee will come to order. without objection, the chair is authorized to declare a recess of the committee at any time. i now recognize myself for an opening statement. this pandemic has taken a toll more than 550,000 of our fellow americans have died. more than in any other nation on earth. nearly one in ten have been infected and millions have faced hardships like job loss, mental health struggles and loss of a loved one. but today, more than a year into the pandemic there are reasons for hope. the response is driven by
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science and fact, not politics and wishful thinking. after the previous administration failed to contain the virus, this new approach is already showing results. since president biden took office, we have seen a massive increase in the pace of the vaccinations. look at the progress that we've made from january 20th. and it's shown here on this chart. we are vaccinating more than 3 million people each day. with a record of 4.6 million shots this past saturday. more americans were vaccinated this past week alone than in the first six weeks of the vaccine rollout. one third of the united states population has now received at
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least one dose of the vaccine. and four days from now, all adults will be eligible to receive a vaccine. we are on the path to finally exceed this virus. yes, technology continues to protect americans from this virus we must ensure that vaccines are distributed equitably and vaccine hesitancy is overcome. black and brown communities, rural communities and low income communities have all been rabid by the pandemic and we must take care that they are not left out of our recovery. overcoming these challenges is
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especially urgent because we are now seeing more deadly variance. the variance are driving a recent increase in the new infections especially among young adults that may feel less vulnerable to the disease and let their guard down. in some states, new cases and hospitalization have more than doubled in the last two weeks. hospitals have begun to see more patients in their 20s, 30s and 40s. i look forward to hearing from today's witnesses about what measures we must continue to take to save lives before all can be vaccinated. we are joined today by three of the nation's top public health
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experts to help us understand how a science driven approach will put us on a path to return to near normalcy that can be sustained. doctor anthony fauci is the director of infectious disease and the most trusted voice in guiding americans through this crisis. i'm glad to welcome you back to the select subcommittee. your expertise has led us through some of the darkest days of the pandemic and i thank you for your candor and your service and dedication to the american people. doctor rochelle walensky is the director of the centers for disease and prevention. under your leadership, the cdc is reaffirming its commitment to
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science or the political interference of the prior administration and is being restored to its role as the world's preeminent public health education. i look forward to learning more about your work and how you and all of the nations are working to protect our health. doctor david kessler, the chief science officer for the coronavirus response is leading the biden administration's efforts. he was previously appointed by president george hw bush to serve as the commissioner of the fda. i thank you for being here today to update us on our progress to vaccinate all americans. doctor walensky recently said we
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are at a critical point in this pandemic. a fork in the road. for we as a country must decide which path we are going to take. as we navigate what we hope will be the final months of the pandemic, we must pick the path of science. as so many have died, this is the path, to preventing further loss of life. so many have lost their jobs. this is the time to a strong recovery. after so long, this is the path to safely returning to normal activities as soon as possible. i now recognize the
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distinguished ranking member mrg remarks. >> thank you mr. chairman. i appreciate you holding this hearing and i welcome the guests and look forward to the testimony. america is at an important inflection point. the pandemic hit the shores just over a year ago. too many families are mourning the loss of loved ones. too many children have lost a year of school. many felt depression and millions lost and irreplaceable year of their childhood. too many family-owned businesses are permanently shattered. far too many low income americans have been thrown out of work because of selective, ineffective lockdowns and now we are finally starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel as the hearing title suggests. american ingenuity has led the way. operation warp speed, which president trump put in place, delivered the fastest vaccine and history. investments by the congress over
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the past 25 to 30 years in biomedical research have provided the platform to the deliver the vaccines. the american pharmaceutical industry or world innovators as well as your team at the national institutes of health deserve tremendous credit for the work that's been done to deliver those vaccines. and the american people are starting to benefit. through president trump's leadership and his refusal to be told no, that led to extraordinary speed. warp speed to use the term and getting the vaccine from the lab it into the arms of over 100 million americans. 112 million people, to be specific. more than 33% of the u.s. population have received at least one dose of the vaccine. 70 million people, 20% of the u.s. population have been fully vaccinated.
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i commend president biden for accepting the challenge the house republicans issued at the beginning of this year to not just accept what was already in place, the 100 million vaccine gold at the two double that to 200 million shots. we are now at peace to reach that goal. but doctor fauci and doctor walensky, the question i get asked the most these days is pretty simple. if i got the vaccine, why can't i resume my normal activities? why can't my kids go back to school? why can't i go to a restaurant with my friends again? the cdc nor nih nor the white house have provided is satisfactory or consistent answer to that question and the absence of logical guidance, americans have done what americans do better than anybody in the world. they've taken the initiative to safely get back to their everyday activities and lives as best they can.
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i know we've learned a lot along the way and we are still learning about this virus, but the data now shows that the harshest lockdown did not work. school closings did not work. in fact they've done devastating damage to these young kids and still in many states they are destroying future opportunities for millions of young children across america when all the science shows schools should not only be reopened but should be reopened safely. despite the evidence, some local communities especially in northeastern states have chosen to remain locked down. some communities more so in the south have chosen to lift mandates and reopen schools as well as local businesses. as of today the ten states with the highest infection rates are all northern states. michigan, new york, new jersey, connecticut, et cetera. florida gets a lot of media
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attention, much of it is fairly harsh because the people of that state made an early decision to follow the science, to get kids back in school and to make life as normal as possible while confronting this challenge of the virus. the results certainly appear better than those of the lockdown zealots of new york and california but just last week, youtube took down a video of a roundtable that the governor of florida led to talking with doctors about kids and schools and masks. youtube cited the cdc guidance as the reason they took down that video. why would anybody want to silence a governor of a state on the front line of the pandemic holding the roundtable with doctors about best practices regarding their own experiences in the real world and sharing what they've learned?
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the american people deserve more about the response in the am president of the surge of illegal migrants crossing the southern border. last week, i led the ten of my colleagues to the us-mexico border to see firsthand the devastating national security humanitarian and health crisis president biden has created at the southern border with his disastrous open border policies. all republicans on the subcommittee have made the trip to the border to see what's going on. at the processing facility, we encountered thousands of migrants crammed into makeshift shelters and overcrowded rooms more than ten times the capacity of the limits set. we sell children in tears who simply wanted to go back home and be with their families but instead they were here in these federal holding cells with at least a 10% positive covid rate
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many more than three weeks more than the legal limit. president biden also hasn't fully been enforcing title 42 of the safety act designed to prevent migrants from spreading covid in the united states. since president biden took office, families with children under seven are being dropped off at the bus station in texas and released from custody with no covid test or quarantine, no enforcement that all americans have to follow. even more concerning is that the biden administration may completely end enforcement of title 42. if that happens, border patrol agents told us the number of illegal crossings at the border could mushroom even higher. as we toured the facility, we found the holding room president biden set up for young children. each room isn't supposed to have more than 50 people. six of them personnel but we saw more than 400 children packed
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like sardines into these cells that were designed for less than 50. it was heartbreaking to see so many young children packed into these laying on the floor many of them crying because they want to return home. social distancing doesn't exist in the facilities. doctor fauci and walensky, i would urge you to go down to the border to see what is going on at the federally run detention facility in violation of the various cdc guidelines that we as americans have to follow. but i also urge you as public health officials to understand the frustration and confusion of the american people. covid positive migrants are released into the country and that is allowed, but a vaccinated person can't go to a restaurant. kids packed into a crowded poorly ventilated cell 6 inches apart, not 6 feet apart for 20 hours a day is allowed but we cannot reopen schools in america for in person learning.
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that is lunacy. there's no reason why this is going on. they need to go down to the border and see what their policies have created and reverse what is happening. the public health messaging only works if the people trust the messengers. the light at the end of this tunnel, which every one of us on the subcommittee agrees on this point as do the witnesses that light at the end of the tunnel is to vaccinate as many as possible and reopen america. the biden administration needs to do a better job starting today. i will yield back the balance of my time. >> thank you mr. scalise. will the witnesses stand so i can swear them and? please raise your right hand.
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do you swear or affirm that the testimony you are about to give is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you god? you may be seated. let the record show that the witnesses answered in the affirmative. without objection, your written statements will be made a part of the record. doctor fauci, you are recognized for your opening statement. >> thank you very much mr. chair man, ranking member scalise and members of the committee. thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk with you today about the role of the national institute of infectious diseases in research addressing covid-19. in april of 2020, we put
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together a strategic plan that had four elements, fundamental knowledge of the disease, diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines for the sake of this hearing, i will focus my remarks specifically on the development of safe and effective vaccines. just last friday, i published in the journal of science what i call the story behind the covid vaccine because people were concerned about how quick this was done over periods of literally less than a year and i quote what i said in the article the speed and efficiency with which these highly efficacious vaccines were developed and the potential for saving lives are due to an extraordinary multidisciplinary effort involving basic clinical science that had been underway out of the spotlight for decades before
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unfolding of the pandemic. and in fact much of this had been done by nih and its grantees and contractors involving the basic research that developed the vaccine platform including other platforms. the work of others stabilized the proteins used in virtually all with few exceptions of the vaccines that are now successful. the nih clinical trial that we set up for the flu and influenza have now been converted to testing the vaccine. as we are all aware and as you mentioned, mr. chairman, we have three highly successful and efficacious vaccines that are being implemented here in the united states. this has been given a very strong recognition by science
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magazine as a science breakthrough of the year but importantly it is even better than the efficacy of the vaccines themselves because what we see here is that we have had an effectiveness that is even better than the original data. let me explain. efficacy means what you get in a clinical trial, effectiveness means what goes on in the community and in the real world and on the slide there've been a number of studies that have looked at what happens in the real world, for example the study from the university of texas showed their employees .05% infection rate when they were vaccinated. extraordinarily low. the cdc summarized data from a number of studies showing a very low level of infection in people who were vaccinated in this case
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0.04 per 1,000 person. in addition, the durability of the vaccine is considerable. this study looking at one of the vaccines but it holds truth for the others as at least a six month duration of protection. very likely much longer than that, but at least that. i cannot talk about vaccines without mentioning the challenge that we have with the variance which i'm sure we will discuss later in the hearing. the good news is that one of the variance that is becoming dominant in the country which was originally recognized in the united kingdom is very well covered by the vaccines that we are using and in fact even with others that are more problematic if the vaccine doesn't protect against initial protection it protects against the severe disease. i want to close with a comment
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that i believe characterizes where we are. we are in a race between vaccinating as many people as quickly and expeditiously as we possibly can and the threat of the resurgence of the viruses in the country, because as we know, we are at a precarious situation with many states having increases in the daily number of cases. the average is over 60,000 per day and that is something we must pay attention to so i will close with that comment and would be happy to answer questions later on. thank you very much. >> thank you doctor fauci. perfect timing. the chair recognizes now doctor walensky. >> thank you chairman clyburn and ranking member scalise for the invitation to speak with you today. over the last three months i've had the honor of serving as the
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director of the centers for cenr disease control and prevention alongside dedicated staff who are working tirelessly responding to the pandemic. and addressing ongoing public health needs of the country. i'm so grateful for their guidance and expertise and i am committed to supporting their efforts to ensure science and evidence to drive the path forward. i want to take a moment to recognize the over 560,000 american lives lost. mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, grandparents and children who've died because of this virus. every loss and communities suffering. we've seen incredible advances in the science to help curb the infections and bring relief to those that are sick we must remain vigilant in our prevention efforts. the emergence of the variance has spread more easily and made the race to stop the transmission even more
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challenging. as we monitor the disease transmission and variance we are getting vaccines into arms quickly, safely and equitably. vaccine safety is a top priority, and we take all reports of adverse effects following the vaccinations seriously. as announced earlier this week the cdc and fda recommended a pause in administering the johnson & johnson vaccine while we review data and assess the significance of adverse effects in six people. cdc and fda are committed to remaining transparent through this process and we will provide updates as they are available. cdc is working in coordination with national states, tribal and local governmental and nongovernmental partners to build up trust in the vaccine, the vaccinated and the vaccination system. instrumental to this work is eliminating the barriers to vaccination in communities of color and other disproportionately affected
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groups. covid-19 has underscored the importance of addressing long-standing systemic health disparities as a cornerstone of achieving health equity. and just this past week declared racism a public health threat and highlighted ways the cdc will come from the impact of the structural inequities to serve as a catalyst for greater education and dialogue around these critical issues. ..
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to while rapid approaches to each of these. in a sustained investment for public health infrastructure. i want to leave you with four points today. first, cdc is a science will continue to. second we are expanding
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improving vaccine confidence and doses have been administered. however, to end the pandemic we missed pension measures team. health equity must be at the introspection of any everything we do with public health and finally we must work toward sustainable investment for infrastructure to be better prepared for whatever comes next. i look forward to work with the immediate challenges ahead for public health infrastructure that left tackle treat on - - country so vulnerable like forward to working with you to address the public health challenges at abroad.
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thank you for the afternoon questions. >> i recognize doctor kessler. >> chairman, ranking member and distinguish members of the subcommittee. i am honored to be serving as a child chief scientific officer of the covid-19 response. today the united states is any special position. we administered more than 194 million doses of vaccine with the prevention of covid-19. over 79 percent of people over 65 have received at least one dose and over 60 percent of people over 65 are fully
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vaccinated we have enough supplies to deliver 3 million shots per day and secured enough doses of the mrna for 300 million americans have already delivered for the 250 doses to 59000 vaccination sites and enrolled more than 142,000 providers to administer vaccines we are ready to answer your questions surrounding the johnson & johnson vaccine. the point that i want to stress nothing should detract from the fact that americans need to get vaccinated and if we have vaccines available today to meet our high
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standards for safety and effectiveness i hope we can all agree it is important fellow citizens get vaccinated and may help to ease the minds of those who are considering getting vaccinated we are in a strong position with respect to vaccines. over the next several weeks supply will continue to increase 28 million doses per week. we need to confront the reality of vaccine hesitancy. i have focused on drug safety the most important way to help people overcome their concerns of vaccines is to for safety about this when it comes to
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the mrna vaccine vehicle initials for the 90 percent effective preventing infection two or more weeks after the second dose in the vaccine has an excellent safety profile. we continue to make investments in the development and manufacturing supply platforms to make sure we will continue to have safe and effective vaccine event covid-19. i want to update you on three important critical initiatives. is a pediatrician we need to carefully evaluate data on the safety and effectiveness of vaccines in adolescents and children. we expect that data on safety and effectiveness to be carefully reviewed by the fda we over to expeditiously deliver the doses if authorized or licensed. we are also looking to address questions the current vaccines
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have proven highly effective but we also supporting studies on variance to produce the next iteration and for those booster doses if they are needed as at other vaccine the subsequent dose may be desirable. i look forward to work with members of the subcommittee thank you for the opportunity to testify i look forward to your questions. >> each member now has five minutes for questions. the chair recognizes himself for five minutes. going back to the ranking member who seems if we get the vaccinations done we should
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let the kids back in school. i agree. i just want to say, doctor kessler if you are following the science come if we get the vaccinations done we might be able to resume meeting the florida house. we are trying to accommodate the scientist our attending physician has told us what will be required and me will lead by example to restore the house to regular order by getting vaccinated. that is something i would like doctor kessler to opine about.
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>> mr. chairman you said it more eloquently. let's get america vaccinated. let's get this done. then we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. that is the goal i hope we can send a loud and clear signal to our fellow citizens. many understandably have questions sitting on the fence. but i have looked at the data. look at the safety and effectiveness of these vaccines. and we need to encourage our fellow citizens. the only way we will get out of this, especially with an increase in variant is to get
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people vaccinated. i hope we can all come together to send that message. >> i heard this morning and i apologize i cannot quoted exactly. that astrazeneca versus johnson & johnson and all the other vaccines. do you want to enlighten us as to the impact and the efficacy quick. >> i think there will be some confusion about the paper that just came out from the department of psychiatry from the university of oxford the major purpose was to use electronic records. they were trying to find out the difference in the incidence of cerebral venous
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thrombosis following the disease covid-19 compared to various vaccinations including influenza as well as the mrna vaccine from pfizer as well as motor not long dad - - moderna. you very marketed increase of cerebral venous thrombosis. one of the potential confusing aspects of the paper made the calculation of the incidence following vaccination with the mrna they give the number of four per million. then they made the extrapolation of data not even in the study that shows
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according to the european medicine agency, the incidence of this complication following astrazeneca were five per million. indirectly suggesting the complication following one vaccine is similar to that of the other. it is impossible the way the study was designed and conducted to make a determination. so i believe when this paper is submitted to the classical scientific journals and undergoes peer-reviewed, that confusion will be straightened out and it will be clear you cannot make any statement the way this is designed about the adverse events following the
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vaccination with the mrna compared to anything else. there were many procedural gaps regarding the way the study was done. it was a well-meaning attempt to show covid-19 disease is followed by this complication. but it led to some suggestions that were not in the paper. >> thank you for clearing that up. it should be fully explained to the american people that i could her chairman. we will be passing out pictures were taken a trip i
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took along with my colleagues to the southern border in texas while you are reviewing those pictures you should avoid all travel to.
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then we talk about traveling back into the united states the guidance documents. should everybody salvador. >> all over the globe if you travel by air. >> i appreciate you answering that. on my flight back home to new orleans half of the plane were
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in these pictures getting on these flights not being tested for covid in violation of. the secretary just recently testified that he admitted apprehended migrants were released before getting a covid test who came from mexico potential. you specifically talked about mexico is guidance.
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it is not law. >> is not just a recommendation all are required. that is not a recommendation that is a requirement by the federal government for american citizens is there an exemption for those who come here illegally? yes or no. >> everybody coming into the united states by air should have a test. >> the director of homeland security has testified that is not happening. i know you meet with the president more than me. you will meet with him before i do can you let him know he is violating your own cdc guidance how he is running the southern border right now. does this look like social distancing to you of 6 feet? >> now. >> in the cells they are violating the very guidance you tell americans to follow that a restaurant in the united states would be shut down if they were being run like this. but the biden administration is running this facility.
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all of the jean children next to each other 6 inches apart many without masks does that follow your guidance. >> now. >> why would the biden administration not stop this? one of the reasons the president and vice president want to see this for themselves that's why i keep urging strongly they go to the border i would love you to go to the border see you can give recommendation they are violating every recommendation americans are required mexico was off the charts thing how dangerous it is as an american citizen with the vaccination and then to come back home to america if you are here illegally homeland security secretary admitted in a hearing the other day they are not testing people who come here illegally. doctor fauci does that send
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the right message to america people are trying to recover if you are a citizen he followed this set if you come here legally you don't have to follow any. >> no doubt it is a very difficult situation at the border. >> should it be fixed? and they start following the same rules you and i have to follow? >> everyone would like to see that situation fixed. it's very difficult. americans want to get back to their life but they don't want to sets of rules and that is what is happening at the southern border. i yield back. >> the chair recognizes chair waters. >> thank you very much for this hearing. i have to take a minute to tell you it is very emotional for me. as you know my sister was one that was infected and died from covid-19. all i had to depend on was
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doctor fauci. i would like to tell doctor fauci you literally saved millions of folks who would only listen to your advice based on what was happening with the trump administration first of all saying the virus was real and then to get any response to say it would disappear and then he proceeded and that was the secret service personnel and others who were infected. we depended on you i look forward to you every day to
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give directions about what we should do when i see everybody mask at you we had to depend on an thank you so very much for what you have done for all of us i am so appreciative to the biden administration who have moved in a concerted direction to ensure all communities are vaccinated and the gaps under president trump without enough testing, all of that has been corrected thank you for being here today. also dr. walensky you did describe racism as a serious public health threat. but instead the pandemic eliminated the inequities that existed for generations.
4:16 pm
dr. walensky what are the historic inequities you were referring to and why is racism a public health threat quick. >> . >> i am trained hiv-aids those communities that have been afflicted by hiv-aids is a result of marginalized communities and vulnerable communities of african-americans and hispanic communities you can look at maternal mortality and cardiovascular death up 30 percent in marginalized communities of african-american and hispanics. if you work in medicine you see people who are racially diverse this is about where they live where they work and travel and what leads to lack of access to care and to get
4:17 pm
the same care as others this is not just a public health threat. the first six months of 2020 there was one year of life expectancy loss for all americans. african-americans in one.nine years for hispanic americans we have seen this with covid-19 we are doing outreach and i believe the outreach has to stick because after we are done with covid-19 we need to vaccinate 11 million children and control hypertension and address maternal mortality. >> i appreciate your trying to
4:18 pm
reach communities of color low income to establish covid-19 health equity task force distributing vaccines to target funds to the underserved community. we cannot recover from the pandemic and that unless they have the coronavirus vaccine and why? >> . >> i agree congresswoman. that is why equity is part of the distribution program that we carry out right now. to get this pandemic under control we have to get the overwhelming majority of people vaccinated. second because of the fact brown and black people they have a much higher incidence of a serious outcome those
4:19 pm
individual people that will suffer if not vaccinated as well as the country itself to get a veil of protection over the entire country to include all citizens from all demographic groups. >> i appreciate you all that doctor fauci i love you. thank you. [laughter] thank you ms. waters. [laughter] >> doctor fauci when is the time? when is the time? in your written state statement you said now is not the time to pull back when is
4:20 pm
the time when do americans get their freedom back? >> when we get the level of infection in this country low enough. >> what is low enough? we've had 15 days is one year of lost liberty what has to happen quick. >> my message is to get as many people vaccinated as quickly as we possibly can to get the level of infection
4:21 pm
that it is no longer a threat when that happens. >> what determines when what measure? will we just continue this forever? what standard or objective outcome do we have to reach before americans get their liberty and freedoms back? >> you are indicating liberty and freedom i look at a public health measure thank you americans liberties have been assaulted? >> i don't look at this is liberty. >> that is obvious. >> this is public health. >> i disagree with you. >> with the. >> this will and for sure when we have the level of infection very low it is now at such a high level there is a threat make over the last year first amendment rights has been completely attacked the right to go to church freedom of press freedom of government evolved then assaulted americans cannot even go to church now they are limited where they can meet the right to assemble? we had her curfew last fall in
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ohio in your home at 10:00 p.m. in pennsylvania in your home he had to wear a mask in vermont you didn't have to wear a mask because you cannot have people over to your house. your ability to petition your government for one year american citizens have not been able to come to their capital to petition their government to talk to their representatives. freedom of the press these pictures we showed you the biden administration will not let the press in their freedom of speech? governor of the third-largest state meeting with physicians and that video is censored because they dared to disagree with doctor fauci? where do on - - what do they get the first amendment liberties back? >> they didn't feel they couldn't disagree with me but
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you are making this personal and it isn't. >> that is exactly what you are doing. >> the recommendation carries a lot of weight the financial services committee says she loves you you're the greatest thing in the world. >> will the gentleman yield? >> no. >> answer the question? my recommendation it is based on cdc guidance. >> so what measures have to be obtained before americans get their liberties back. >> you said nothing specific. >> we have 60000 infections per day which is a very large risk.
4:24 pm
a pandemic that has killed 560,000 americans i don't disagree with that is also serious on businesses have been shut down. people not go to church or assemble with friends and families or go to a loved ones funeral to redress their grievances. the first amendment is pretty darn important i want to know when they will get those first amendment liberties back. >> you said people cannot assemble in their own homes. they can. >> last fall they could not. >> i did not hear what he said. >> the chairman's time is expired. >> i will tell you one instance when we get our liberties back. >> i want to know about doctor fauci is a 90 percent?
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that's what i would like to know. give us objective standards maybe we can get back to have our liberties. what are the numbers. >> right now we are the unacceptably high level on a daily basis unacceptably high. what you will see as more and more people get vaccinated with over 3 million people to one - - per day the level of infections will go down and gradually there will be more flexibility to do the things you are talking about. >> where do we get our liberties back? tell me the number. >> when 90 percent of congress gets vaccinated. >> thank you for recognizing me. >> i would like my question answered. >> reclaiming my time. >> regular order.
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>> mr. chairman. i don't you to answer my question the american people want doctor fauci. >> your time is expired. respect the chair and shut your mouth. >> we will handle this. mr. jordan knows me very well. he knows full well. we will handle this. your time is expired. >> thank you mr. chairman. >> thank you mr. chairman for calling this hearing and the panel for their dedication to public health and being here with us today. first thank you for serving seven president selflessly to find answers in my district we
4:27 pm
call you americans doctors because you selflessly worked to help the american people. thank you for always telling the american people the truth. even when it is difficult to hear is not what we want to hear but you tell us the truth and you testify before the oversight committee in march 2020 sitting at the same table asking if it would get better or worse. you testified it would get worse. tragically you are right. back then in march there were fewer than 50 known coronavirus deaths in the united states as of today we lost more than 560,000 americans more than any other country on earth. so what is your assessment today? have you turn the corner?
4:28 pm
or will it start moving in the direction we wanted to go quick. >> we are at a crossroads right now congresswoman maloney we are doing very good with the rollout of the vaccine we see in the country several states the numbers are going up we had the peak in the winter we would like to see it go all the way down less than 10000 per day if you look at the weekly average as i said in my last slide read a critical point because every day three or 4 million people get vaccinated. we can get more and more people vaccinated come almost certainly we can have an
4:29 pm
increase what the start on - - sharp surge of the virus. that's why every one of us and says let's get as many people vaccinated as quickly as we possibly can. that is a solution. if we do that successfully we will turn the corner we are at the critical point right now which is the reason why vaccination is so important. >> that is the top priority president biden and every democrat and every person in america the who declared the coronavirus a global pandemic the same day you testified before the committee. when you think the designation of a pandemic would be changed
4:30 pm
and no longer considered a - - considered a pandemic quick. >> the one most commonly used is the out praise - - outbreak that is highly transmissible multiple regions of the world simultaneously. and outbreak in one place right now they haven't any epidemic of ebola in countries in africa. that's not a pandemic by any means because it is no place else. look at the map of the world you have 120 countries. if you get it to the point where it is restricted to very few places and countries hopefully the united states or other countries in the world are free of this, then it is no longer a pandemic. >> what are the key steps to make that happen faster besides vaccination.
4:31 pm
>> there are a couple of things. until people are fully vaccinated and under control for it is no longer a threat it is the public health measures we talk about every single day. where the mass, physical distancing washing hands. when vaccine protection takes over then you have the gradual diminution of guideline restrictions which everyone would like to get rid of not only congressman jordan. >> my time is expired i have other questions. >> i want to make sure we heard you write you said americans get the first
4:32 pm
amendment rights back when 90 percent of congress gets vaccinated. is that what you said? >> now. >> i said we will get we will get a liberties back when 90 percent of the members of congress demonstrate to the american people that we are all getting vaccinated. >> 90 percent of congress gets vaccinated. >> in my opinion. >> point of order to make the chair recognizes mr. green. >> thank you chairman and ranking member i recently visited our southern border and what i found was a crisis spiraling out of control as a physician a focus my time looking at the care given as well as the threats posed by
4:33 pm
the failure of the administration i like to share what i thought were three startling observations with covid first mass exodus after biden canceled the asylum agreements and one pod bill for 33 i saw 621 young girls crammed into that space is actually on top of one another. they can't test for covid so it only happens when they are turned over to the ngo. in a group the positivity rate is 10 percent that means thousands and thousands of positive immigrants are being released into the us monthly churches and several states still cannot fully open but it's fine with the covid incubators into the population. this committee has no credibility whatsoever. second there is no vaccination assessments with many indigenous people coming from
4:34 pm
the northern triangle countries and those as rudimentary as measles is not confirmed americans are at risk for another massive health crisis. to make sure they are protected from the threat as he egregious violation. covid variance. right now the us doesn't have a huge problem with the mutated variance it is not a huge problem while i was on the board i met with family after family coming from brazil. i had no idea how much of those positive patients are bringing the variant into our country. now we have crickets. and in regards to this.
4:35 pm
so much of the heroin and fentanyl coming into the united states crosses the southern border. and the volume bypassing those checkpoints has skyrocketed. and then to open the border has been 800 percent increase. and then to have a car into the river but we go with the raft to grab the drugs. pounds of fentanyl not by border patrol but by texas state guardsman. thinking members and guns are bypassing agents with the mass of humanity pouring in.
4:36 pm
the agents are so overwhelmed the actual screening to determine if a migrant is a drug traffic are no longer done. we pay the ngos to do it. but biden sits quietly by two let it happen it is a gross dereliction and again americans will suffer because the president vice presidents failures. and those claiming to be family we know how the cartel works they sees children carry them across the border and in some cases they just dump the children it's hard to believe except there is video after video showing it is happening they are simply walking into the us essentially by not
4:37 pm
testing these people we are encouraging human trafficking. think about that the biden administration is facilitating human trafficking. this is an egregious failure. they know what is happening and i do anything this is what we get with an open border. americans are infected with the deadly virus with other pathogens and variance. more americans will die from a drug overdose and more women and children are trafficked and raped and biden and harris are in dc with no solutions. anyone that intends to cover this up with the accusation this is trump's fault are complicit in the crimes with a nauseated stomach at this point by the failures of our president, i yield the gentleman yields back from that tirade.
4:38 pm
>> in the name of liberty and freedom i would like to discuss with doctor fauci we have over 500,000 people and truth matters here because president trump talks about the fake virus and it will disappear by magic. then we have the vaccine the infrastructure was not there so obviously elections have consequences. we can start discussing the fact that today more than 120 million americans roughly one third of the population
4:39 pm
have received at least one vaccine dose. mr. fauci what are we doing today to quick. >> there has been a major effort to facilitate the distribution of vaccines with multiple components. one is to get community vaccine centers including in those areas that are generally with equity is the important issue and federally qualified health centers involved. pharmacies to play a major role in the distribution of vaccines including pharmacies in those areas that the demography shows we have minorities in the needs vaccine a mobile unit as well
4:40 pm
vaccinate or's those that put the vaccine and the arms of individuals including the military and required healthcare providers there has been a full-blown effort to get the vaccine into as many people as we can as quickly as we can and also address the issue of vaccine hesitancy and the cdc has been given $3 billion to facilitate that. >> we have seen a high percentage rate of african-americans willing to get vaccinated.
4:41 pm
>> we are working on this. we have more work to do 12 percent of americans of african-american only 8 percent has gone to them. there's 19 percent of americans who are hispanic we saw that crowding out of where we put the vaccine and they were crowded out by other people right now we have vaccine at 1000 pharmacies within 5 miles that we put the community vaccination sites and ouija on - - reaching out in cooperation.
4:42 pm
>> as the leader of the vaccine task force what you doing to prepare for the spread of the variance especially those that are more contagious? >> it is a very important question congresswoman we are monitoring the efficacy of the current vaccine against the variance as my colleagues will join in, luckily we see clinical evidence a strong efficacy even though the current vaccines work against the variant, we are taking steps to develop next generation vaccines if they could be more effective. >> i am asking myself should we expect to have vaccine boosters in the coming months?
4:43 pm
>> a very important question. the answer is we don't know everything at this moment. we are studying the durability of the antibody response. it seems strong but there is some waning of that. no doubt the variance challenge to make them work harder. so for planning purposes only there is no decision i think we should expect we may have to boost but the current thinking is those that are me vulnerable may have to go first but with many vaccines to understand a certain point in time we have to boost whether nine months or 12 months we are preparing for that. >> i yield back. >> the chair recognize the congresswoman.
4:44 pm
>> as a physician from iowa department of public health have a question that would take longer than five minutes but i would like you to answer very briefly there is a traditional definition of herd immunity by contracting a disease. so doctor kessler what is that definition of herd immunity? very brief. what level of the population has to have immunity for herd immunity protection? >> no one knows in my view. i don't know the exact number but can give estimates what i think will bring down. >> doctor fauci? >> we don't know that for this particular infection. >> typically what is considered in public health
4:45 pm
for herd immunity? we talk about measles. >> it's 90 percent below that you get into trouble. herd immunity is due the combination of vaccine. >> i understand because i close to part of the question. >> that is between two and three but we know with the variant that is changing over time it is changing giving the variant. >> the reason i asked that question is you said we are trying to vaccinate as many as quickly as possible with the emergent of new variant we submitted a letter to the fda that used real-world evidence we gained from israel and uk
4:46 pm
between the prime dose and the secondary dose this would enable us to get as many people vaccinated and then get the second dose it's important as we open up to young adults and children with the emergency authorization of proof and those published recently have 100 percent effectiveness we have a vaccine that has gone on would you be supportive to use real-world evidence for the first and second dose so we can get more people vaccinated. >> it's more complicated than yes or no. >> it is a complicated issue. >> it's complicated.
4:47 pm
>> i'm glad to see you put your medical patient evidence on the as we try to get as many vaccinated as possible. earlier this week i made a trip down to the border the migrants is a crisis we all know the pandemic is not over. i saw migrants at 11:00 p.m. at night the next day were on planes with members of congress not that it matters if you're member of congress but we saw them. they are flying all over the country i specifically authored a bill that all migrants be tested at the central processing facility doctor fauci do you think all migrants should be tested before in the country or sent to other places within the country? >> ideally that would be the case. >> what are the requirements for us citizens returning home from overseas? to have to show proof of a negative test?
4:48 pm
>> proof of a negative test or have the disease to enter by air. >> what kind of test are the migrants given and are they quick. >> testing is occurring on the way to facilities. >> typically they are in facility at the central processing and then central community by air or by best to another community and then testing so do you recommend migrants have testing it will you put forth that recommendation? >> i will yield to my colleagues. >> the conditions you would want to get tested at the border. >> we are working for those eligible.
4:49 pm
>> i appreciate your support thank you i yield back. >> thank you for yielding back. >> i would like to ask about the level of detail are planning if we need boosters or variance do we have manufacturing capability reserve for the major candidate vaccines? or is that capacity when us gets the first vaccine now dedicated and contracting to provide vaccines for the rest of the world? >> an excellent question. we are making sure to boost
4:50 pm
for the variant we're in that process right now. >> at this point there are not contracts in place to guarantee we will have access if we do have a significant effort as a third dose for americans. keep us posted we have a very effective interface through the gao so just letting them see the project management plans those are contingencies to be very valuable. we have had good results working through that any urge you to strengthen your collaboration.
4:51 pm
>> another question is the effort toward therapeutics i am concerned not enough attention was placed on the need for therapeutics and the need to approve new covid treatments. they may be important as the virus pandemic disappears and now we deal with occasional flareups. i was rather disappointed the antibody therapeutics seem to work very well but we didn't have in place the mass treatment centers to use them so the effective medicines sat on the shelf. can you say anything about what the plans are going forward to make sure not only we have the therapeutics that can get to the patients who need them?
4:52 pm
>> an excellent question. over the last month we have stepped up the efforts to provide the antibodies directly for those who test positive the early stage of the disease but high-risk of the antibodies can save lives. doctor fauci and i are working on stepping up a program for increased antiviral drug discovery. that will be absolutely critical. we need better molecules in small molecule therapies. there will be certain people for whom the vaccine does not provide protection. we will need to offer that we need to offer better antiviral therapies. >> dr. walensky talk about the
4:53 pm
monitoring of the breakthrough events when someone get sick despite being vaccinated. what level of surveillance goes into that right now? >> just this morning we announced 77 million people vaccinated 5300 i'm sorry 5800 we are aware of. 396 were hospitalized and 74 deaths. we are keeping a close eye on this and reaching out to state health officials as well as hospitals to make sure people are identified as a breakthrough infection two weeks after your first or final dose so we can identify the cases we are having. >> you collect more detailed
4:54 pm
information on the genetics? >> yes and we are partnering with academic institutions as well. not all can be sequenced but some breakthroughs for the immune response in the host some could be related to a variant that is circulating. we are looking at those . . . .n
4:55 pm
border being completely wide open and there was an inconsistency we should be moving forward because this is a decision revisited next week so we want to know what your thoughts are on keeping the northern border closed. >> congresswoman, i'm not an expert on border control, but it is clear that the situation at the southern border is profoundly different than the situation that i can see. but looking at the needed to get into the country from some
4:56 pm
individuals who are coming from a variety of other countries using mexico as a gateway to get in versus the situation in canada the question is individuals flowing from 60 different countries not being tested, perhaps bringing in variance that should be a concern and i recommend some consistency in the policy moving forward. it's the public health crisis or it's not and that's one of the things i want to bring up today. i was there along with him in this trip and when you see how these facilities it's that type
4:57 pm
of double standard that they can be 900% capacity and my local restaurants are at the 50% capacity struggling to keep their doors open. that's the type of inconsistency in the double standards we are seeing in the leadership whether it be national, state or local in my case it is a lot of it is local. the president did say he wants to open schools within the first 100 days of the administration and that is approaching in the next week or two and we still don't see if there's any plans in the december care package they put in 64 billion and the schools are still not open. you meet with the president regularly i would bring up some of these inconsistencies and
4:58 pm
double standards and to say that if we want people to follow these rules and guidelines they need to be consistent and fair. any comment i would appreciate. >> in person learning five days a week there are some restrictions and high levels of transmission and high school students if they are not able to maintain 6 feet apart. i hope you can share that with mayor de blasio. >> i'm done for this round. thank you the chair recognizes
4:59 pm
mr. raskin for five minutes. >> thank you mr. chairman. doctor brooks, who was donald trump's coronavirus response advisor told america hundreds of thousands of deaths could have been prevented by the trump administration had it acted more forcefully and effectively to counter the disease rather than denying it and diminishing it and trivializing it. it would take a week to describe the failures of the trump administration and its congressional enablers but let's take this one. scientists all over the world were shocked when the some of the top political advisors were pushing for the herd immunity strategy to deal with the coronavirus and last year i have asked the secretary about this and he assured us it was in the official strategy of the government with respect to
5:00 pm
corona but days later he went to a private meeting with the advocates of the herd immunity strategy and revealed e-mails showing the appointees stated and i quote and please put this up if you could, we needed to establish infants, kids, teens, young people, young adults, middle-aged with no conditions have little to no risk so we use them to develop and we want them infected. in your expert opinion is deliberately exposing americans to infect them with the coronavirus a sound public health strategy? are there any categories maimed by this trump appointee that we want to see an infected, infants, kids, teens, young people, middle-age?
5:01 pm
>> i've mentioned many times in different committee hearings the best way to get protection is to vaccinate them and i had great concerns about essentially letting people get infected for the purpose of getting enough immunity in the community to then get to this elusive terminology of herd immunity. the best way, and we are saying the same thing, is to get as many people vaccinated as you can and before all of them are vaccinated, to protect everyone from getting infected by the implementation of the public health measures that we talk about all the time. the mask wearing, physical distance. >> at one point, donald trump tried to invoke his herd immunity theory and accidentally
5:02 pm
called it herd mentality and it was a freudian slip because the mentality that has enabled these dangerous anti-scientific dogmas to what extent is anti-scientific conspiracy theory and propaganda a threat to the ability to crush the virus it's a political herd mentality trying to overrun scientific findings and data a problem for us? >> the one that gives me the greatest pause i think the greatest risk right now is to ensure [inaudible]
5:03 pm
we are going to have more supply. 28 million doses a week we are putting out and the demand will increase versus what we see today. i think that is a result we need to confront that directly. i don't think we can just put it aside. we have to realize that it's very real. there are those who don't distrust the healthcare system. there are those who distrust government and i think we need to address that had on. i am enormously pleased sitting here with all the debate that's gone on around what i heard from the chair and the ranking member i assume this is correct we need
5:04 pm
to encourage all of our fellow citizens to get vaccinated. >> 100% of the members were vaccinated that that would send a positive signal to the population? >> yes. >> my time is up. thank you, mr. chair man. i yelled back. >> good afternoon, everyone. thank you for your service to the country. on april 13th, fox news host tucker carlson talked about the effectiveness of vaccines on his primetime show, and he said, quote, maybe it doesn't work, and they are not telling you that. on april 14th yesterday during the day on cnn, you called the
5:05 pm
statement, quote on quote, a crazy conspiracy theory. last night mr. carlson responded to you saying it's not a conspiracy theory. he said referring to vaccines, quote, if this stuff works, why can't you live like it works? why are you wearing a mask, well, what is the answer, doctor fauci? >> the vaccine trials that were done that showed the high degree, 9495% efficacy, the primary endpoint of the vaccine efficacy was to prevent clinically relevant disease and clinically recognizable disease. what we don't know right now but we will know as we gather more information that you can get infected even though you've been vaccinated and because you are vaccinated have no symptoms and
5:06 pm
therefore you could have the virus in your nasopharynx and you could then transmit it inadvertently to someone else, you are vaccinated and not getting sick so the wearing of the mask is predominantly to prevent you inadvertently from infecting someone else even though you are protected. as we learn more and more, which we will and the evidence gets better and better that a vaccinated person has a much lesser chance of getting infected a symptomatically and even if they do, the virus is very likely very low in the nasopharynx, when those data become clear, the cdc being a science-based organization will use that scientific data to say now a vaccinated person can walk around without a mask. there's one other thing let me say that's important is that
5:07 pm
there are variants that are circulating, tomac and we want to make sure that if you have full protection against one type of a virus that a variant might come along that might escape the protection so if you want full protection and you are out in the community where there is a lot of virus out there, that's why we still recommend wearing a mask. and the answer to the question before when you get the level of the virus really low, all of that is going to go away and you're not going to have any, very little risk therefore people will not have to wear a mask. >> got it. let me show you this chart, doctor fauci. this is the united states, it's a map created by the cdc. basically what it shows is the highest incident of covid since the start of the pandemic. the dark blue is where the rates for the highest per 100,000 residents and there are four in the middle of the country, north dakota, south dakota, utah and tennessee. i want to direct your attention
5:08 pm
to south dakota for one moment. the governor of that state is a woman named christie, she said the following. we never instituted a shelter in place order and never mandated that people wear masks. we never defined what an essential business is. that's what she said in something called seatback the conservative political action conference in february, and in fact, she invoked you during that speech and said i don't know if you agree with me, but doctor fauci is wrong a lot and then you responded saying the numbers in south dakota, quote on quote, don't lie. what did you mean by that? >> at the same time that the governor was saying that, if you look at the number of hospitalizations and deaths per population, south dakota is way up there in that particular category.
5:09 pm
[inaudible] that isn't a successful handling of covid-19, right? >> if you are using hospitalization and death as a parameter, that isn't very successful. >> doctor walensky, there was the sturgis motorcycle rally in south dakota, 460,000 showed up, no one was wearing a mask. in a cdc study, morbidity and mortality report it was found that 34% of the counties in minnesota experienced covid-19 cases related to the sturgis rally. doctor walensky, is it fair to say that what happened in south dakota with regards to not adopting restrictive measures on covid-19 caused the deaths in minnesota? >> we were worried when people came to the rally that they would get infected and bring it home so i can't tell but that was the concern at the time. >> and you can't rule out deaths in minnesota related to the rally. >> no.
5:10 pm
>> thank you. >> thank you very much. the chair now will move to a second round of questions and i now recognized mr. scalise for five minutes. >> thank you, mr. chairman. first, i know it's talked about a lot with what the percentages should be or shouldn't be. i wouldn't push back on the suggestion that americans only get their liberties back if a certain percentage of the members of congress get vaccinated. i would like to use the science, talking about medical science, not political science. let's start with schools. doctor walensky, you talked about this a few times, but you were quoted as saying safe reopening of schools doesn't suggest teachers need to be vaccinated in order to reopen
5:11 pm
safely. the cdc since put out guidance that talks about the things that need to happen to reopen schools. it's focused on social distancing and wearing masks. i don't think i will even mention vaccinations. teachers should be prioritized for the vaccinations but the cdc guidance doesn't mention it. do you stand by the statement that you made that safely reopening schools doesn't suggest teachers need to be vaccinated to reopen? >> if they recommend future vaccinations -- >> but what is your recommendation? do you stand by what you said? >> the guidance -- >> let me ask specifically in the statement you read, do you stand by that statement? >> i do. >> doctor fauci, you've also made comments about the cdc guidance. you were asked about school reopenings and you said i would back the cdc recommendations because that is based on data and you heard the director said safely reopening schools should
5:12 pm
really be conditioned upon the social distancing and masks. do you stand by that as well? if you could turn your microphone on please. so you do stand by that. okay vaccinations should be available to all teachers. those that are not should prioritize teachers but reopening schools should be based on the science, the medical science and social distancing and mask protocols drive that, correct? >> yes. >> and i would imagine you acknowledge when we talk about covid deaths and they are all tragic we've seen a lot of other deaths in america tied to depression because people can't go about their lives, that is a real factor. we have seen so many young kids millions today that still can't go back into the classroom not because of medical science but because of political science destroying these kids lives. do you recognize that it is causing depression, drug overdoses, drug abuse for kids
5:13 pm
tied to some of those decisions? >> it's a psychological effect of keeping children out of school are well known. it definitely isn't something that is favorable for children. it's much to their advantage to be in school. >> i appreciate that and i hope all of the school systems across america follow the medical science and stop this political science destruction of kids trying to hide behind science when in fact the cdc director just said schools absolutely should reopen. the guidance is very clear on what it takes to reopen and social distancing and masks. follow that medical science. now going back to the pictures that i showed earlier about the facility. you both had a chance to see them. let me ask you if it is a restaurant in any state if a restaurant is set at 250 capacity and there is a 4,000 people in a restaurant set for
5:14 pm
250, would you consider that a major concern and what in the restaurant be shut down? >> it would be a major concern, yes. >> so you go to this facility today and i was just there friday morning six days ago at that detention facility rated for 250 people, border patrol told us there were over 4,000 people, young kids in that facility six days ago, not 6 feet apart as you can see in most cases 6 inches apart without masks. do you consider this a major concern? >> yes. >> so again and i would urge you because you have closer access to president joe biden than i do. i really want him to go see this. he ought to see this but he won't. vice president harris will not. you've seen it. you know what the science says. could you please urge president biden, he could fix this. there are three things he did.
5:15 pm
every border patrol agent tells you that, president biden got rid of it. it's because did this magnet of these people to be exploited, exposed. they say 10% of these kids are covid positive. if you look at these conditions and 10% are positive do you think ultimately more than 10% will get covid and get on an airplane without a test as it is being done around the country, is that a major concern? >> that would be a major concern, yes. >> he needs to stop this national health crisis and the super spread or even to he's created at the border. may i add one thing for the record to show the school guidance does speak to vaccination. we have mitigation strategies it isn't conditional. >> the guidance socially distance, wear masks, reopen schools today. thank you.
5:16 pm
>> thank you. we wish to accommodate the schedule and we will yield. >> i am very grateful. doctor walensky, your predecessor doctor redfield admitted he was repeatedly instructed by trump administration officials to sequester and change
5:17 pm
5:18 pm
>> do you think that this caused a super-spreader event? because hundreds of capital officers and officers have come down with covid-19 since the violent insurrection unleashed against the capital in an attempt to overthrow the 2020 election. would that be a major concern for you? >> as i have said many times, than any congregate setting where you have massive numbers of people who are not wearing masks, always poses a risk for a super-spreader situation. regardless of where that congregation is. collects these people were pressed up against each other, there were coughing, spitting. there was tear -- tear gas in the air. there were assaulting police officers. we have lots of photo footage of it. i know they will be extremely
5:19 pm
concerned about it when they see the photographs of what that mob was doing. would you consider that something really dangerous for people to do, to show up without masks. for officers to be screaming, chanting all in the context of people also coughing and sneezing because of tear gas and other chemical irritants brought by these domestic violence extremists? dr. fauci: as i have said, any kind of congregate setting where you have that type of a circumstance where people are crowded together without masks, definitely poses a risk for a super-spreader event. >> thank you. dr. kessler, let me ask you this. vaccines are a remarkable triumph for science and investment in scientific research and development of all the anti-scientific propaganda air rationalism, medical
5:20 pm
thinking, wishful thinking that we saw over the last four years. and yet, that same kind of scientific -- anti-scientific dogma is stopping to make progress on other by -- problems like gun violence, whether people don't want us to have scientific research on gun violence as a public health academic -- epidemic. climate change, people denying the weight of scientific consensus. would you speak to the problem of people placing their ideological agenda above the findings of science? >> there were approximately 769 deaths yesterday from covid. i don't know where we will be in may, june, july, with those number of deaths. every time we have looked at the
5:21 pm
epidemiology, we are humbled because we can't predict the direction. but the thing that i am absolutely certain is that, we want to take that number of deaths down, if we want to get back to normal, to every american, please, please be vaccinated. ideology, whatever your concerns , these are very safe and effective vaccines, let's get everyone vaccinated. -we -- >> we will take that to heart. thank you for calling the hearing. >> for chair now recognizes mr. jordan. >> american citizens have lost their businesses because of lockdowns due to the virus. they have been told they can go to church, school, a loved one's
5:22 pm
funeral, get -- can't go to the united states capital to petition their government. and if they dare speak anything that is contrary to what you said or cdc said, they get censored. they government is facing that situation. all the while, as a ranking member, mr. scully's has pointed out, migrants entered the country illegally from 60 different countries. paid for by the american taxpayers without getting tested, flown somewhere or bust somewhere in the country, it just is not hardly seem fair. i will go back to the question i asked the first round, can you give us a specific measurement that will have to be attained, some outcome, some result we have to reach so that americans know they will get their liberties back and be able to move on with their lives.
5:23 pm
dr. fauci: you are asking for a number. if i have a number it would have to be my best estimate. that would be that the number of infections per day are well below 10,000 per day. at that point, and up to that point, there would be a gradual pulling back of some of the restrictions you are talking about. particularly when people are vaccinated more and more. it's a combination of if you are vaccinated, you are protecting yourself, for sure. and the more people that give vaccinated in the community will lower the level of infection. >> give us an idea. you have given us thoughts on all kinds of subjects. you have been on all kinds of issues. give us your best guess. dr. fauci: i just did. >> no you didn't. will we be here two years from now wearing masks?
5:24 pm
asking you the same question? dr. fauci: let me end your ranting again. >> i'm not ranting. dr. fauci: yes you are. >> here's how it works, i get to ask you the question. you have given us your advice on baseball, dating apps, cruise ships, one mass, to masks, now back to one mass. i'm just asking you, when is it going to end. you can say i'm ranting, but i'm asking the questions from the citizens. my name goes on a ballot. i don't think your name ever been on a ballot. the citizens i represent want to know the answer to when they can get their liberty back. if you call that ranting, i call it standing up for the constitution, which i take an oath to uphold. every year, every term that i represent in ohio. it is not ranting, it is the first amendment. and we like an answer. or your best guess, since you have an answer for everything
5:25 pm
else. dr. fauci: when we get the people in this country vaccinated, the overwhelming majority of the people in the country, and we project that that will very likely be sometime in the beginning to mid of the summer. because, as the president has said, we get to the end of may, there will be enough vaccinations to vaccinate everybody in the country. the reason i cannot give you a precise number is because i'm not 100% sure how many people will want to be vaccinated. that's what i'm saying. if you get the overwhelming number of people -- >> a few gave us a guess on texas. look at the chart. seven day average of days -- case rate for 100,000 people, you said when texas ended their locked down, ended their mandate that this was inexplicable and would lead to a surge in cases. texas is near the bottom of the
5:26 pm
50 states. but all the states at the top are lockdown states. so that guests did not seem to be too good. what explains why texas is so darn low compared to the rest of the state? lockdown states have a higher case rate than the state of texas. since we are not going to lock down and have these mandates that you say we have to have. dr. fauci: there is a difference between lockdown and the people obeying the lockdown. you could have a situation where they say, we are going to lockdown, yet you have people doing exactly what they want to do. rep. jordan: is that what's happening in the top eight states in the country, they are not listening to dr. fauci? dr. fauci: i'm sorry, you are speaking so fast i'm not even hearing what you are saying. rep. jordan: you can look at the numbers. dr. fauci: it's too far away. rep. jordan: 551 cases in michigan. texas is that 77.
5:27 pm
wisconsin is at 79 because they overruled and said we will not have a lockdown of wisconsin and their numbers are five times lower than the state of michigan which is right next door. >> jenna men's time has expired. -- gentlemen's time has expired. rep. jordan: it's typical when there's a question on the table the witness gets to respond to the last question. why is wisconsin at 109 and will michigan's at 551. she can as lockdown in wisconsin isn't. >> i think the gentleman answered you quite clearly. there is a big difference in being a lockdown state and being a state that obeys orders. that answered the question, in my opinion. the chair recognizes mr. murphy for five minutes. >> thank you, mr. chair. dr. fauci, the number one facebook paste -- post today
5:28 pm
about vaccines is tucker carlsen suggesting they don't work, going back to our exchange from before. there are calls now to take down his post by facebook because it has become the most engaged post and fueling the anti-vaxer movement online. it seems appropriate, given what they need to do to take down these claims and to take down tucker carlsen's facebook post. what do you think? dr. fauci: congressman, i am not expert enough -- >> dr. kessler, this is yours, vaccine hesitancy. if this is as serious as an anti-vaxer claim in getting the engagement it should, shouldn't we take down this facebook post? >> vaccines work.
5:29 pm
any suggestion that they don't would be false and misleading. and i would ask -- we have been sitting here -- i would just ask that all members of this committee reinforce that point to the american people. >> dr. fauci, with regard to facebook, chelsea clinton has now called for this facebook post to be taken down, and numerous others. how about you? dr. fauci: i was trying to answer the question when he switched over to dr. kessler. i am not an expert enough on what liberty should and should not be encroached upon with taking things down from facebook. i don't want to go on the record and say something should be taken down from facebook because that's not my area of expertise. what one can or cannot take down from facebook. i certainly disagree with what he said, and they made it very clear that i disagreed with what he said. >> should he retract his statement? dr. fauci: should he what?
5:30 pm
>> should tucker carlsen retract his statement? dr. fauci: i wish that he would not have said it. again, i don't want to get into a back-and-forth because that's what happened between me and tucker carlsen. i am too busy doing my job to be going back and forth between people like tucker carlsen. he can say what he wants to say. i wish you would not, i don't think it's productive. >> given what he has said and posted on facebook and social media, do you believe that it advances or sets back our drive to vaccinate the population. dr. fauci: the statement he made is that it looks like the vaccines might not be working. the implication was, since you are asking us to wear masks, the vaccines might not be working. my comment to that is that the vaccines were shown -- the mrna vaccines were shown between 94% and 95% effective.
5:31 pm
my answer to him is merely one of data. look at the data, the vaccines are highly efficacious and have been shown in the field to be highly effective. in fact, that was the third, fourth or fifth slide in my presentation. >> are his statements advancing the cause of getting us to the point where we can remove our masks and exercise our liberties ? are we now setting back the program of getting to that stage? dr. fauci: his statements are not advancing the cause of trying to get as many people vaccinate as quickly as we can. >> dr. kessler, you said each week we will be delivering -- or we are delivering 20 million doses of vaccine. and i assume that the demand right now meets the supply. but at some point you said it's going to plateau. when you expect the demands to
5:32 pm
be less of a supply? dr. kessler: over the next number of weeks. >> so we will gather a surplus of vaccines? dr. kessler: we are a diverse country and there will be areas where there are appointments that will go unfilled, and there will be areas of the country where it will still be hard to get appointments. but i think we are getting to that inflection point, and i think we all have to individually work hard, and personally, to talk to people, listen to people, understand people's fears, people's concerns. we have a big job ahead of us if we are going to get -- >> if we have surplus vaccines at some point, where the demand is less of a supply and it's just gathering, what are the
5:33 pm
contingency plans to do those vaccines? dr. kessler: we will work day and night, and build further confidence in the american people. we know the most important thing we can do is to invest in trusted messengers across the country. leading with the science. i think you have seen that this week's action should give the american people increased confidence. we have a big job ahead of us and we are not going to stop on so we have vaccinated everybody that weekend. rep. jordan: will the gentleman from illinois yield for a question. >> time has expired. the gentleman's time has expired. the chair recognizes dr. green for five minutes. >> thank you, mr. chairman.
5:34 pm
i want to begin around two by thanking the representative for his allowing me to partner with him on the task force. we don't agree on political positions, but i deeply respect is tight -- scientific knowledge and skills working with them to make sure contracts were appropriate to make sure operation warp speed went well. he and i agreed to sending a letter to the ministration asking that we used one dose for moderna and pfizer until everyone is vaccinated. i still believe that is a strong position. that the data from our allies has shown that to be very true. secondly, someone earlier mentioned that tennessee's infection rate, basically mentioned our infection rate in an effort to imply open states performed more poorly than closed states, but a simple lance per capita death rate
5:35 pm
paints a clear picture that there is minimal correlation, if any, between deaths, closures, mask mandates. florida is the third largest state and ranks 20 and per capita debts. tennessee is the sixth and population, 16th in population and we are 21st in per capita deaths. that's consistent across all the state. there is just not a correlation. though statistics need to be checked and confirmed. or what was said earlier should be. someone else asked this question, and i think it's worth mentioning again. do such conditions that were described on the border conform to current cdc guidelines. the answer was very clear. it doesn't. that begs the question, how is it ok to let 600 plus children lay row on row children to children, yet they say we still can't send americans back to school. that's a question we should be asking the national teachers
5:36 pm
association. that's very frustrating to see his continued push to keep kids out of school, but it seems to be ok that we let them languish in those facilities on the border. dr. fauci, i have a question for you, and i would like for you to elaborate. i'm surprised no one has asked this question yet, and it's about the j&j vaccine. i too am one of those folks who believe that the moderna vaccine, the pfizer vaccine, i have looked very hard at the data on those. i took the first vaccine myself and i am holding on the second to keep it consistent with dr. foster and my push to have one vaccine first. but you recently made some comments about the j&j vaccine. as i understand it, there was only six cases of clots. out of several million or seven
5:37 pm
or 8 million that have been administered, i would love for you to elaborate on this because i am very concerned that this halts, or what you have said about the holt has probably contributed to things like these facebook -- facebook posts and others concerned about vaccine safety. so if you can comment on the incidence of this clot versus the number of vaccines, and the pause and what it may be communicating to people about the safety of the vaccines. dr. fauci: thank you for that question, it's an important question. the cdc and the fda made a determination when they saw the accumulation of six relatively small number of this little, quite devastating obligation of an adverse event of so libra venous sinus trumbo says.
5:38 pm
and they did it, as they have stated very clearly, even though it is a very low level. when you look at it, the number as of now would be less than one per million. they did it out of an abundance of caution and called it a pause to be able to do two things. one, to examine it more carefully to make sure that there are not a lot more out there, and to alert physicians to be on the lookout for this. but also another important component is that if there are more of these situations where people have this, and they come to a physician. if the physicians are not aware of it, they may treat the person inappropriately because this is a clotting situation. in the standard way to treat a trumbo sis is with an anticoagulant called heparin. in this case, heparin is [
5:39 pm
standby] there were two reasons to do it, one out of an abundance of caution, and to make sure they alert physicians about what to do with it. hopefully we will get a decision quite soon as to whether or not we can get back on track with this very effective vaccine. >> i would love for you to just, and your future comments about it, be very careful, because i think they are contributing to vaccine hesitancy. and if i can ask you to do that in the future, just a request. thank you and i yield. >> thank you. the chair now recognizes -- for five minutes. >> thank you. just one quick question on the last subject. in your epidemic illogical modeling, what is the difference in the projected total mortality
5:40 pm
by the time the pandemic burns out, because of the delay that is implied by the delay in the j&j vaccine? and if you don't have an offhand answer to that. if you have -- if you could answer that it would be very informative. it's between the risk of one in a million of people who would be at risk otherwise. and i will change back to our favorite subject. i just want to thank you for your testimony about the long-term federal investments in science that were so crucial to getting out from under this pandemic. i have been in this crazy business for about 12 years now, and i cannot tell the number of times that we democrats have had to compromise in negotiations or give up things that we care about to defend the scientific budgets against the cuts proposed and voted for by
5:41 pm
republicans from paul ryan to mick mulvaney to donald trump. that's my ranch. there's no need for you to comment on this. what i would like to ask you about is next-generation vaccines. these may be really important. both for boosters in the u.s. in the future and for the rest of the world to keep new variant's from coming back at us. i have been reading about all these great concepts. the mrna vaccines, the no spreads, which could be much better for vaccine hesitancy. oil -- oral vaccines which would be great for convenience and vaccine hesitancy. in all of these things like electro devices for vaccines that don't have needles. what is the promising and technical approaches and the plausible timelines for these? both in the u.s. and abroad? dr. fauci: thank you for that question. there are a couple of approaches to the evolution of variance.
5:42 pm
one of them is to actually boost against the virus. the reason we see that, because the higher the antibodies, we find that even when a variant comes along and diminishes the efficacy of the vaccine by 2, 3 or fourfold, there is still enough cushion and the effectiveness of the vaccine that it spills over and protects against this new variant. the other approach is one that we have already started in phase one and two a trials. and that is to make a boost that is specifically directed at the variant in question. the one that we are directing it at is the one that is the most problematic for us right now. theoretically, it's not dominant in the country, but theoretically it could be the most problem, and that's that south african iselin that his
5:43 pm
route by one. the ultimate endgame, when you talk about the next generation, would be what we call a universal sars cov 2 vaccine and ultimately a universal coronavirus vaccine. and there are a number of ways of doing that. we have important and new platform technologies that we believe, for example, that we can apply the mrna technology to get to that goal of getting a broad response against all possible variance. these are activities that have already started with the funding that has been generously given to us by the congress. >> are you also continuing to experiment in the u.s. or abroad with different dosing measurements. for example, given the phenomenal effectiveness in children of the mrna vaccine so at least one of the mrna
5:44 pm
vaccines. are you looking at giving to have xiaozhu's are only one dose to children and see if that is effective, because obviously, if we choose not to do it in the u.s. it will have huge advantages for the rest of the world if you can demonstrate that approach that actually works. dr. fauci: as part of the age de-escalation. we know the 12 to 15-year-olds had 100% efficacy of that vaccine. if you go from 12 to nine years old, nine to six, 6-2 years, there will be a dose de-escalation on that, and perhaps dr. kessler can comment further on that. dr. kessler: getting the dose right in children is absolutely
5:45 pm
essential and in fact, one of the reasons why it takes longer and kids is because that data is being undertaken right now and that so we have, i am confident again that we will have it. but we will likely have vaccine from 12 to 16 over the next several months, but younger age groups will take longer. >> thank you. i believe my time is expired. >> the chair now recognizes -- for five minutes. >> i want to continue a conversation regarding our schools. i recommended $23 billion costs
5:46 pm
to reopen it in december. their covid bill was 64 billion. triple the amount of money that was needed. in this last package they put in another 110 billion which ba times the amount, that the cdc estimated it would cost. my question for you is, because new york city school systems are still basically closed. yes there is some in person instruction, elementary schools and some at the middle school levels, but the reality is that the cdc is recommending five days a week in person instruction. what can you do to assist us to get that message to the local level? because this is having an impact, and as doctor fauci is from the >> dr. fauci's from the city i represent, so he understands the impact. from a medical standpoint we are talking about covid, but it's creating all sorts of issues. issues. obesity, shut down.
5:47 pm
i can't get 12 kids on a hockey league to be able to play. i understand the local decision. it's about local management. but what can you and the administration do to try to talk some sense into the leadership to get our schools open, to get the school athletics on track. you've seen children committing suicide. this is having a mental health crisis created as a result parents are trying to go to work. it's hard particularly on single mothers. centers are closed. what can we do as a federal government and administration to try, are we meeting with them and communicating regularly, visiting on the local level to come up with a plan to meet this goal that we are about to reach any day now?
5:48 pm
>> we put forth with this operational guidance and we've been talking to the teachers union, and we've been talking with individual states. what i can say is that the guidance that speaks to all of the mitigation strategies that need to be in place in order for it to be safely done. schools are working towards that in many of these places. i do want to say we have said the schools should be the first place to open up and the last place to close. many of the outbreaks are happening on the athletic field. they are happening in wrestling. they are happening in hockey and basketball. we have guidance that limits the school sports in the context of highest transmission. >> thank you very much. i would like to give 30 seconds and the remainder of my time. >> thank you. i appreciate.
5:49 pm
there were comments that were brought up regarding tucker carlson. some things that were said in other parts of the context that were left out so i want to include on wednesday he did say, quote, wait a second, who is doubting that the vaccines work and for the record we never for a minute doubted it. he goes on to say when they said this works, we never questioned it so i think that it's important to put that on the record because that was left out i think a little bit unfairly and i will yield back. >> that was a subject i wanted to touch on. we just had a member actually lobby for tucker carlson and members of the press lobbying for his statement. a member of the government telling somebody in the press advocating for someone in the press to have their statement is censored. doctor fauci says i'm ranting when i talk about the first
5:50 pm
amendment. for goodness sake you have people saying they should be denied their ability to speak and taken off of facebook and taken down. this is how scary it has gotten. the longer that it goes, doctor fauci, the longer it goes, the worse it is going to be for the liberties that we as american citizens have. that has been my point of the entire time. i wish the gentle man were still here but i cannot believe what i heard. a member of congress asking you all a question and you won't give the answer which is of course the statement shouldn't come down. it would have been easy to say. of course i disagree with the statement. i know you do. i don't know that i disagree but to put it in context, what you should have said is he can say what he wants. should it be taken down i respectfully disagree. i will yield back to the gentle lady of new york. >> mr. chair man, to clarify, i
5:51 pm
definitely think he has the right to say whatever he wants to say. when he was talking about the things that i think are legal and not legal about taking things down, why don't we make it so that you understand very clearly that i think that tucker carlson can say whatever he wants to say. it's freedom of speech. >> i would just say mr. jordan there's something about this country that we pay entertainers very well. i don't care about how much money they make i want them to be recognized as entertainers. >> tucker carlson is a member of the press. >> in my not so humble opinion he is an entertainer and with that i will yield five minutes
5:52 pm
to ms. watts. >> thank you so much, mr. chair man. again, doctor fauci, i would like to thank you for your courage and your integrity. and i want to ask about a couple of friends that i have that i think have been considered or is being considered long haulers. they tell me about some of their symptoms. i think one has not gotten the taste and smell returned. the other one is having headaches and some other kinds of things. what can they expect? should they get booster shots? what can be done for the long haulers? >> that is a great question, congresswoman. we are studying very intensely now what is the real and unfortunate syndrome and that is a certain percentage of people, and we are collecting large cohorts now to find out exactly
5:53 pm
what that percentage is. it ranges in some observational studies from 10% to 20 to 25% of people who have varying levels of involvement. some are in the hospital, some are in the hospital seriously ill. some are taken care of at home and out of work or whatever but through the day, when they cleared the virus from the body, they have a peculiar persistence of a constellation of symptoms that are unexplainable because the virus is gone and yet they have profound fatigue, muscle aches, sleep disorders, temperature dysregulation's, fast heartbeat and a thing called brain fog which means they have a difficulty focusing on anything on a computer or meeting.
5:54 pm
we need to find out what is the percentage of people, is there an underlining cause because right now there is no specific laboratory test that is giving us any clue but it's a phenomena and we are taking it very seriously. we've invested $1.5 billion in the multi-institution type of an approach with the nih and the cdc, multiple institutes. it's something we take very seriously. >> let me continue with that. we are talking about the various variants and hearing some conversation about the possibility of booster shots that may be necessary. would there be a different booster shots for a different variance, for example you described one coming out of south africa and another eluded to one coming out of brazil.
5:55 pm
we heard about the uk. would you think if we have to have booster shots that it may be different kinds of booster shots depending on the variant that is the problem? >> that is the question and one of the things i try to address in partial answer to the question. there's a couple of ways of looking at the variance. one is to boost against the underlining original one to get it high enough it can spill over to the variance. the problem is if you get more and more that's the reason why what we are putting a lot of effort into is to get a more universal vaccine that would cover all different types of variances. that's the ultimate end game.
5:56 pm
but until then we try to isolate and find out what the most damaging or potentially dangerous variant is and to make a special boost against that and that is what we are doing. >> that's a very good to hear and i'm going to be paying a lot of attention to that without having any specific scientific knowledge, i just think there may come a time when we have to have booster shots. having said that, i want to talk about something right here at home that's very simple. the members of congress are congregating in the elevators. they pile in the elevators and when i am on an elevator stopped i will only lead to other people on and because i will not ride with more than three some say i've had shots. i'm not wearing my mask. what advice do you have for us to be more safe and examples to
5:57 pm
prevent the virus. >> there are a couple of things to be done. we should encourage members to get vaccinated. as well as for the community of the congress. the other thing is what we do in the sum of our federal buildings and i know at the nih they have things here that are cornered to say no more than four of the elevator is a certain size and no more than two if it is a much smaller size. and it actually works and people abide by that and respect that and that is a good thing if we can get that done. >> thank you and i will yield back. >> the chair recognizes ms. miller for five minutes. >> thank you mr. chair.
5:58 pm
doctor walensky since the pandemic started i've referred to this as life versus life, not the economy but life versus like. at that time i said we would see with hospitals closed-end businesses closed and childcare closed we would see increased deaths from cancer treatments not given and also not detected from drug overdose, suicide, mental health and now we have certainly that data, the san francisco chronicle earlier this year at the rate of drug overdose and even with narcan being rapidly dispensed it's over 30% higher than it had been the year before. we know the same statistics out of japan and we also know from las vegas having close to their schools was a publication that
5:59 pm
in "the new york times" from march 16th to june 30th of 2020 there were six suicides in young children and between july 1st and september 301st there were an additional 12 to 18 the youngest was nine which was tragic. my question for you do you know how many excess deaths, not covid but excess have been incurred in the past year? >> from january 2020 to februart 500,000 or 75% of which are attributable. so, excess deaths of 500,000 which is somewhat similar to what we have. thank you for that. >> 75 of which is attributable.
6:00 pm
>> thank you representative for bringing up congregating in the elevators and crowding because when i was there at the facility, it was at 420% capacity. they brought it down from 5,000 per day to 3500 per day. the facility wasn't built for that. while i was there as a woman and a mother i was concerned about being smuggled into the country brought across without any parental support or parental guidance and asked them about pregnancy, rape, sexual assault and they informed me the week before they had an 11-year-old girl recently pregnant and a girl between 11 and 15 who the day she arrived at the facility gave birth to twins. so does pregnancy put individuals with these young people not being tested for covid, we already know that, does it put them at a high risk
6:01 pm
for illness from covid-19? >> epidemiological studies show outcomes. >> does the overcapacity put them at a higher risk for covid-19? >> crowding is a risk for covid-19. >> i've been working on vaccine hesitancy and think the previous administration and president trump for getting the vaccine to this point in time but it's the nation's vaccine, not a particular president's vaccine. working that even this weekend was able to vaccinate 20 individuals attending a meeting and so we talked about the vaccine hesitancy and the need to get across that but i'm wondering and mr. chair i would like to introduce this article into the record if i may from
6:02 pm
september 2020 when vice president harris was asked if she would get the vaccine, i would say i wouldn't trust donald trump and it would have to be a credible source of information. i will not take his word for it. is this the kind of information you think also contributes to the vaccine hesitancy? >> i think we all have a role to get vaccinated and i would encourage everybody to get vaccinated. i fully respect the freedom of speech. i think yes it is incumbent upon all of us to be transparent and to be ethical to give information and also this applies to how we handle the vaccine. i appreciate all of you being here with your testimony today. >> thank you. the chair now recognizes himself for five minutes to close the
6:03 pm
second round of questioning. i remember the statement made by vice president harris and i also seem to remember that she had a very public vaccination, she and the president as well. i am old enough to remember the tuskegee experiment. i'm also remembering the polio vaccines. one being a shot owed to the
6:04 pm
genius [inaudible] and the other owed it to the genius [inaudible] i wouldn't have to explain to you which community got which vaccine. that is why the vice president was so public with her vaccination and i was public with mine and received my second one on january 7th. as you can imagine my mind was on a lot more but i thought it serious enough to have that
6:05 pm
vaccination done on that day in the same place. it's important that we recognize the mask mandates and though it seems they help save lives i believe mask mandates have helped. >> how about you, doctor walensky? >> i agree with doctor fauci.
6:06 pm
>> with the public looking in on this hearing today will take to heart the fact that the scientists, the people who spend their lives in this field those who haven't spent a day studying these issues, those who spend their time practicing the words of persuasion rather than adhere
6:07 pm
to scientific research and so many other diseases. i've taken my shingles shot and from what i know about these kind of diseases, when the scientists tell me that the research says it would be helpful to my well-being and to have any confidence in my opinion to please follow the scientists and get vaccinated.
6:08 pm
with that i would yield back and call in and to the second round of questions and yield to my ranking member for any closing comments. >> i want to thank chair man cliburn and the witnesses for coming. when you look at some of the conversations we've had i know when i listen to constituents we are a year into this now and see some states that have opened more broadly and some are shut down going against the science. the states that are the most closed down have some of the highest incidence of covid transmission and if you look at
6:09 pm
50 it's one of the most open states, so the science shows you can safely reopen, some just are choosing not to. when you look at the states practicing for political science that's what angers so many of us when you look at the school reopenings if you follow the cdc guidance which says socially distance and wear a mask every school should be open today yet about half are not educating kids in the classroom and the science is clear on this. long-term damage being done to these kids some are committing suicide and some are turning to drugs. some have lost a generational ability to have the same opportunity as anyone.
6:10 pm
over a year they didn't learn the same way as everybody else. when they send to private school while telling the teachers and public school system that they should teach kids in the classroom you want to talk about racial disparity in this country this is a disgrace occurring before our very eyes and instead of waiting ten years looking back how did we lose a generation of millions of young kids, let's do something about it now. everyone of us should be able to stand up, republican and democrat. if your school system doesn't want to educate your kids in the classroom and the science says do it, absolutely do it. if you want to take their money and not educate their kids shouldn't you take it somewhere else they are willing to educate because your kid is going to lose this opportunity if it goes on. so much damage has already been done and the medical science backs it up.
6:11 pm
you don't need to look far or reinvent the wheel because it is out there. you don't need billions more dollars to reopen schools. the bill that passed the massive spending bill over 90% of which had nothing to do with the medicine wasn't even going to the schools and so people went back to the question what is the money for because i want my kid kidsback in school it is denying opportunity and we ought to be concerned about the numbers. i appreciate the testimony from the witnesses because when confronted with the pictures, the biden administration will not let the press see, the administration is keeping the press out of the facility. it's a natural disgrace what's going on but as attested to it
6:12 pm
is a violation of the cdc guidelines. when you have a facility designed for 250 with over 4,000 crammed in it, kids on top of kids, that is a violation of every cdc protocol out there. and this isn't a private sector entity because your business would be shut down in america if you are doing this but because the biden administration is running it it remains open today. last friday that is what i saw. major violation. in the guidance regarding mexico, high level so if you are an american taxpayer cdc says before you travel back to the united states, all air passengers coming to the united states including u.s. citizens and fully vaccinated people are required to have a negative covid-19 test and if you come across the border illegally,
6:13 pm
many of these kids are given a free airplane ticket with no test, border patrol agents telling you 10% with a facility crammed on top of each other which as we all know based on science way more than 10% this is insanity. this has to stop. go to the border and see this for yourself. then reverse the executive orders you created that have created this national disgrace. let's solve this based on medical science. thank you to the witnesses and mr. chair man. i yelled back. >> i would like to enter into the record a letter i think we've made that available. i would like to have that
6:14 pm
entered into the record with respect to the role of physicians and dentists in the rollout. i ask unanimous consent that this be entered into the record. >> as a former public school teacher, whose i have a daughter that followed me into that arena and recently retired as a public school teacher, second daughter sitting on the board of our public school district, today she reassures me that under the leadership of this administration we are on the right track to overcoming the coronavirus pandemic.
6:15 pm
all of us want to see our children back in school but we want them back in school safely and teachers who had their vaccinations and all others with whom they may come in contact. millions of americans are being vaccinated every day and days from now all adults will be eligible to receive a vaccine. we are prioritizing equity and increasing access and low income minority and rural communities and in the vaccination program the federal government continues to expand testing and critical supplies of going where they're needed most. research into the disease
6:16 pm
continues. we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. it is in the distance. but i think we are finally beginning to see it because we are leading with science instead of with politics and that is what has made this possible. replace our trust in the country's best science that has guided us out of this chaos and confusion. i'm glad we can work to restore the preeminent public health organization and to the trump administration [inaudible] and altering scientific reports. we must commit today to never
6:17 pm
again allow politics to interfere with the public health. despite the vaccinations and decrease in deaths the last several months, the pandemic is not yet over. almost 5,000 people died from the virus this past week alone. more contagious variants are spreading fast. if we are not careful, thousands of lives will be lost that could have been saved. you heard today that we must do what we do to save lives. we must continue to wear masks and avoid crowds until all americans have had an opportunity to be fully vaccinated. and we must overcome the vaccine hesitancy so that all americans
6:18 pm
benefit from these lifesaving scientific breakthroughs including those of us the american people have given leadership positions by their actions we ought to lead not by our words but our deeds, not just our precepts but by examples. i often refer to the hall of the house as america's classroom from which lessons ought to be taught. i understand as i said earlier, the awareness of people that have had their lives disrupted. we take these steps and continue to follow scientists swiftly and safely [inaudible] i look forward to working closely with our witnesses to
6:19 pm
achieve this in the months ahead. and i think you for joining us here today. with that, without objection, all members will have five legislative days within which to submit additional written questions for the witnesses to the chair which will be forwarded to the witnesses for their response. this hearing is adjourned.
6:20 pm
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[inaudible conversations] announcer: the house meets monday at noon eastern and 2 p.m. for legislative business. they're considering a bill that starts a process for the district of columbia to become a state. another bars foreign visitors to the u.s. based on country of origin. the senate returns monday on 3:00 p.m. eastern. they will work on the nomination of the deputy attorney general. later in the week, senators begin working on the second nomination for gary gensler to serve on the sec.
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they are expected to work on water infrastructure legislation . watch live coverage on the house on c-span, the senate on c-span2, and follow our coverage anytime at or listen on the free radio app. announcer: washington journal. every day we take your calls live on the air on the news of the day and we discussed policy issues that impact you. coming up monday morning, we will talk about the week ahead in washington, first with bloomberg news white house reporter and later with the washington examiner's chief congressional correspondent. then a discussion on various student loan forgiveness proposals. in the history of vaccine passports with howard martel. wash c-span's washington journal live at seven eastern monday morning and be sure to join the
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