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tv   U.S. Senate Sen. Mc Connell on U.S. Troops in Afghanistan  CSPAN  April 14, 2021 7:53pm-8:06pm EDT

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and i just think it is in our interest to see this thing through. until we can have an honorable and secure end to this war. thank you. >> c-span is your unfiltered view of government. created by america's cable television companies in 1979. today we're brought to you by these television companies who provide c-span to viewers as a public service. >> on the senate floor, minority leader mitch mcconnell and connecticut senator chris murphy reacted to president biden's announcement on u.s. troops in afghanistan.
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mr. mcconnell: quote -- biden takes the easy way out of afghanistan, the likely result is disaster. this is the morning's lead editorial from one of the nation's most liberal newspapers. the administration decided to abandon u.s. efforts in afghanistan which have helped keep radical islamic terrorism in check, and bizarrely, they have decided to do so by september 11. apparently, we're to help our adversaries ring in the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks by gift-wrapping the country and handing it right back to them. here's what this administration's own national intelligence threat assessment says will happen. quote -- this is a quote from this administration -- the taliban is likely to make gains
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on the battlefield and the afghan government will struggle to hold the taliban at bay until the coalition withdraws support. in 2019, the democratic leader and the now-chairman of the foreign relations committee expressed outrage that the previous administration considered hosting taliban officials for discussions around the date of september 11. but now a democratic administration is going to skip the negotiations and just surrender an entire country back to the taliban on the very same date. our president should remember what happened when the obama administration let political considerations rush a retreat from iraq -- total chaos and bloodshed. and isis. two years ago i wrote a bipartisan amendment that warned a republican administration against recklessly withdrawing
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from afghanistan or syria, a supermajority of senators right here voted for it. supermajority of senators voted for it. warning that the terrorist threat has not abated. where are the democratic voices today? i hope we'll hear from some of them. unfortunately, this mistaken afghanistan -- mistake in afghanistan is one of the instances of the new administration surrendering leverage without making america, our allies, or our interests more secure. in january, president biden extended the new start agreement with russia by executive order for five years. no strings attached. no concessions secured. not even a shorter-term extension to keep russia to cooperate on a better agreement. just a gift. a gift. then there's iran. senior administration officials
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have gone from denigrating the former administration's maximum pressure strategy to simply begging for direct talks to iran to proactively offering to remove sanctions that are, quote, inconsistent with the jcpoa. so which sanctions exactly are inconsistent with the jcpoa? our sanctions on iran's terrorist organizations or its ballistic missle program? most republicans would be thrilled if president biden could actually secure a better deal that holds iran accountable. giving up the leverage of sanctions before we even get to the table -- before we even get to the table or just return to a bad deal certainly not a good sign. it would be hard to support any deal that isn't part of a broader strategy that also
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confronts the nonnuclear threats that iran poses to america and to the region. on china, the administration's tough talk has been welcomed, but its proposal to cut defense spending after inflation suggests there is less interest in walking the walk. we'll not keep pace with china and russia by cutting spending to placate fringe parts of the far left. the american people need and they deserve a foreign policy that puts our security, our partners, and our interests ahead of the reflective desire to break with the past four years at any cost -- at any cost. if this administration wants a successful legacy on the world stage, if they want accomplishments that will endure, they need to put american strength back at the center and come back to a bipartisan mainstream. now, mr. president, on a
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completely different matter, we know democrats are desperate to create a national controversy over voting regulations, but the facts and the truth keep getting in the way. for more than a year, we've seen a coordinated campaign to call any american institution that occasionally frustrates liberal activists an evil relic of jim crow. let me say that again. for more than a year we've seen a coordinated campaign to call any american institution that occasionally frustrates liberal activists an evil relic of jim crow. when these talking points came into circulation last summer, their focus was the legislative filibuster here in the senate. except it was senate democrats who had just used the legislative filibuster to kill senator tim scott's police
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reform and antilynching legislation. two days oog our colleague, the majority leader, says he opposes the filibuster because he said it was used back in the 1920's to block an antilynching bill. to be clear, our colleague from illinois was a loud and proud defender of the current senate rules as recently as 2018. this isn't about the 1920's. it's not about the 1920's. it's about democrats wanting different sets of rules depending on whether or not they happen to be in the majority. our colleague didn't need to go back nine decades to find instances of democrats filibustering a republican antilynching bill. he only needed to go back nine months. he didn't have to go back to the 1920's, just go back nine months to find democrats filibustering an antilynching bill.
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democrats filibustered tim scott's police reform, body camera and antilynching legislation because it wasn't far left enough or antipolice enough. that's the ironly here. -- irony here. if any recent senate filibusters have been reminiscent of the 1920's, it was when democrats killed an antilynching bill just last summer. here's the truth, mr. president. our colleagues can't defend any of the details of their radical policies so they want to change the subject -- change the subject by any means necessary. look at voting regulations. the recent bill passed in the state of georgia mandates more days of early voting than plenty of democratic-run states allow. it continues no-excuse absentee voting which some blue states do
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not allow. there's no factual standard by which its overall approach is radically more restrictive than the rules in place in many other states, blue or red. "the washington post" has given the white house its worst rating, four -- four pinocchios for repeated lies about georgia and the election law. but the president and his staff just keep on doubling down. one of our colleagues who represents georgia put his name to a public statement -- to a public statement with inaccurate information about the bill. in the rules committee, the democratic leader shouted angry attacks at things the georgia law simply doesn't do. why the fake narratives? why the falsehoods? we all know why. for more than two years washington democrats have been desperate to pass a sweeping
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partisan takeover of our democracy. it's packed -- packed with shameless provisions that have nothing to do with ballot access. they want to take the bipartisan federal election commission, make it a partisan body and give democrats the majority. they want to send taxpayer money to political campaigns. they want to expand washington's policing of american speech. they want to neuter voter i.d. and mandate ballot harvesting in all 50 states. strangely enough, for multiple years now this exact same power grab has been their answer to every changing circumstance. when they didn't like the outcome of the 2016 election, democrats said our democracy was
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broken and only this takeover could fix it. then in 2020, they got the result they liked. suddenly the same bill became the way to simply preserve a system that functioned, well -- functioned well. there seems to be no situation where this attempted power grab is not the democrats' answer. i think we could learn tomorrow that an asteroid was hurdling toward earth and democrats would say our only hope was to pass h.r. 1. this isn't about responding to recent state laws. it's not about justice or equity. washington democrats want to rewrite all 50 states' elections laws. they want to take over the federal election commission. they've been trying out different justifications for multiple years straight to get
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what they want. any federal law addressing the ground rules of our democracy has a special obligation to be sober, to be factual, and to be bipartisan. the senate has done just that in the past. we've passed reasonable laws by huge bipartisan margins he making it easier to vote but harder to cheat. so ask yourself. why won't democrats today deal in truth and facts? why do they keep using the same smears to distract from their policies? why are they hell bent on a bill that passed the house with purely partisan support but bipartisan opposition? talk about tipping your hand. senator from connecticut. mr. murphy: thank you, mr.


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