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tv   Rep. Matt Gaetz Addresses Save America Summit  CSPAN  April 11, 2021 9:03pm-9:25pm EDT

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in the death of george floyd. at 3:00 p.m., the u.s. senate returns to continue work on the nomination of polly trenton to beat deputy transportation secretary cover the number two post under secretary pete buttigieg. >> on the same day the house ethics committee announced it was opening a probe into florida republican representative matt gaetz, allegations of sex trafficking and other misconduct , the congressman addressed the allegations at the save america summit in miami. >> can you hear me? are you for america first? freedom fighters, right, that is what we are, and they are very few of them in washington, d.c. we have learned that with president trump, and so when there is somebody that stands up and fights for the american people and who finally puts
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americans in the america first agenda, in front, above all else, it is really, really nice, so i am proud tonight to welcome to our barbecue boots and bluegrass, a congressman who has been a fearless freedom warrior for america first and the america first agenda. you know him, you know him well, he has been all over tv. he has been all across the country fighting for america and i'm proud to welcome to the states tonight -- the stage tonight congressman matt gaetz. ,♪ [rap music in background] >> ♪ what the shotgun quota, republican vota, don't believe in the usa ♪
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rep. gaetz: thank you, amy. thank you to my amazing fiancé, ginger. i love you with all of my heart and i can assure you the best is , indeed yet to come. keep fighting. after a russian hoax, and an knock ukraine election sequel, and election stolen as a consequence of illegal changes to the rules, folks have got to know that i will take on the establishment of the parties and were not have it any other way. we have your back, is a sentiment i have heard from thousands of americans. in restaurants, walking through public parks, sometimes out on the street. in emails and online donations and i cannot tell you how much it means to me. this past week has been full of encouragement from president trump, marjorie taylor greene, and jim jordan.
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let me assure you i have not yet begun to fight for the country i love and the nation i know benefits from america first principles. i am built for the battle and i am not going anywhere. the smears against me range from distortions of my personal life, to wild conspiracy theories. i won't be intimidated by media and i won't be extorted by former doj official or crooks. the truth will prevail. i hail from northwest florida, a land of heroes. i represent the district that has the highest concentration of active duty military in the country. military families are not just a
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feature of my community, they are the defining characteristic. serving them and fighting against the endless wars that ravaged our lives and families, it weighs on me as the most serious and somber obligation of my service. it inspires me to be my best. so they can be at their best. but heroism does not just a rut on the battlefield -- just erupt on the battlefield. inspiration is often drawn from those closest to us when regular folks do spectacular things. this is a women for america first event and seems like the perfect place to celebrate the excellence of some america first women. i want to take this opportunity to tell you about some of my heroes. isabella is an immigrant to our country. she was born in brazil and ended up and washington, d.c. because if she was going to have an american asked arians, she
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wanted to be in the capital city. -- capitol city. she loved the monuments and architecture, and what does things say about ambition of a great nation. what do people do when they need jobs in washington, d.c.? they go to capitol hill. she worked for congresswoman sheila jackson lee. after that she worked for a democratic manager of the impeachment. one evening as my staff and i were working late, she showed up at my door. i am tired of being on the america last team and they hate president trump and he is great -- doing a good job, would there be a spot for me on your team? i was surprised she would reach out to our office for employment
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of work more establishment figures. i have watched you work, you take chances on people, isabella said to me and we were criticized by some in the media for the higher -- hire, and some said she was a to bring me down. today, she and we work closely is a member of my staff together , on a daily basis. she had the courage to jeopardize her career just by talking to me. now my constituents of florida and this great country are better off as a consequence of her resolve and her brilliant. democratic staff may be an unusual place to find greatness. but sometimes we can uncover motivation in unusual places. let me tell you about dawn. don has never worked before in politics or government. she was a legal clerk and a
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hospice care coordinator. and a very tough mother. some rich people said i was insane to hire her as my district director. i figured someone who could manage the logistics of litigation and provide comfort and care to dying people was the type of person i would want. the downtown crowd said, i should consider a better-known leader with political connections. all the recommendations they sent me were predictably men. i take the words of margaret thatcher to heart. if you want something said, get a man. if you want something done, hire a woman. [applause] she has recovered millions of dollars for people in my district who are unfairly treated by government and helped
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veterans restore benefits they had earned. she once helped me rescue schoolchildren stuck in costa rica who had lost her passport. mama dawn, we all call her. all she needed was the chance to lead a great team, the chance to many women were passed up for. she's the grit and soul of our operation. allison was living a comfortable life not far from here in florida, and had thrived as a business executive and member of leadership teams and did not need work, or washington. but she had an anxiousness, i desire to be in the fight. she saw the good president trump and the team were doing and wanted to be in the arena. allison left me five voicemails before i returned her call. besides, 40-year-old intern is the plot of a vince vaughn movie.
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it is not a career trajectory for most people. i will come answer the phones for free, allison said. she took an unpaid internship and then a paid internship, then the lowest salary position in my office. she earned her promotions. with her hard work she is now , the director of operations and a member of my senior staff. she had zero capitol hill experience, but earned her way. every step of the way. there are so many powerful forces in washington that fight against the america first agenda and i find them in both parties, they want trade deals that screw over american workers the bottom line of some business or some corporate profit or investing opportunity on wall street. they want illegal immigration to drive down american wages, and they want bloody wars to last forever. it takes people like allison who battle not for the money, or self adulation, but for the love
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of the country to win. and we will win, and we must win, because there's no place to turn there is no distant land to , convert for our purposes. should america fail. the sound of freedom in my district, like a fighter jet going over. jillian is a military spouse. i mentioned before i have a special spot in my heart for military families. her husband spent time overseas in combat. his return to civilian life required her to spend her days in california. she paused her career to support her husband but was itching to get back into the game, and for good reason. she is the best at what she does. we tried something crazy, unheard of called remote work, , where someone can be in a different place than the office
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and contribute their effort, contribute their talent and make , the operation better. before hiring jillian to be my communications director, i had been on television once in my first 10 months in office. since hiring her, i have been on more than that mypillow guy. that says more about her that it does me. she never wanted to be a chief of staff, communications was her expertise. i saw in her tremendous potential to listen and lead and motivate and inspire and she is the hardest working person i know leading by example. i may be biased but i think she's the best chief of staff on the help. i share these stories about women, because i'm proud of them and admire them so much. you may have seen a recent hbo
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documentary, the swamp which , chronicled my time in congress. there was a scene they filmed but did not include in the movie, where the director asked me that your political and professional world is run and managed and led by so many women, almost exclusively females? i told him it is how i was , raised. my mother is a hero of my life and when i was three years old, i learned a blood vessel burst and my mother spinal column and that she would never walk again. being a three-year-old, i walked to her hotel room and said, mom, i know that you cannot walk. but can you run? everyday since then, my mother has been running. she has built businesses, she's led scouting organizations.
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she contributes her time, talent and treasures nonprofits that help abused and neglected animals. nothing slows her down. i have seen determination and drive in my mother that i have never seen in any man. i don't know if it will be possible to see that in any man. i do know there is something special, tangible, and powerful in what women have, and i have known it all of my life. there is a sentiment among some women in the workforce that men are hired and promoted based on potential, but women are hired and promoted based on what they have done. my service in congress is more meaningful, impactful, more noteworthy because i have seen the potential unlocked with so many brilliant, patriotic women
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that i have had the chance to work. for us to truly make america great again, we will need all that all of us have to offer. men and women, gay and straight, rural and suburban, lack, white, -- black, white, brown, everybody. when he accepted the 1988 republican nomination for president, george herbert walker bush said, i am a quiet man and i hear the quiet people in our country. well, america first is not a quiet movement, and i am not a quiet man. i may be a canceled man in some corners and i may even be a wanted man. but i hear the millions of americans who feel forgotten, canceled, ignored, marginalized, and targeted.
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i draw confidence knowing the silent majority is growing louder by the day. i welcome to our movement anyone who can rally around our inclusive america first agenda. it is going to take all of us, one great big team to make america the best version of herself. forgiving each other our foibles and flaws. besides, what is in the mind and heart is never lost. this is the message today we have tasted victory, we have , renegotiated trade deals, had built 400 miles of wall, changed asylum laws, had drawdowns from wars, and created peace and acceptance for the land connected to our fate for years. 4000the economy rose and america
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was its best. until marxists attacked our streets and the chinese coronavirus attacks our bodies, and fraud attacked the election process itself. they could not beat trump at the ballot box in 2016, so they tried impeachment. and the witness box. that failed, too, so they ran to the mailbox. i'm glad georgia and states like georgia are embracing reforms to uphold election integrity. no election this country should be stolen. they can never still what america felt like under donald trump. the energy, the optimism, trump did his job.
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he led us to tasty expense of american greatness. no it is our job to keep up the craving and earn a great bounty again. i know this. firebrands do not retreat, especially when the battle for the soul of our country calls. big government, big tech, big business, big media, they would all breathe a sigh of relief if i were no longer an congress fighting for you. i am the only republican in congress that does not take any money from federal lobbyists or political action committees. that scares them, and it should. they lie about me because i tell the truth about them. so when you see the lies, and leaks and falsehoods, smears, and anonymous insiders,
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and anonymous sources forecasting my demise know this. , they are not really coming for me. they are coming for you, i'm just in the way. god bless america, god bless our country. let's hold our head high, believe in each other and go get them. thank you. [applause] ♪ [rap] >> ♪ could be bad, right the wrong ♪ ♪ will the shotgun quota, republican vota, protect our border, don't believe in the usa, because this is what i say ♪ >> ♪ take my job but not my gun
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♪ ♪ good lord up above, i ain't hurt no one ♪ ♪ >> c-span's washington journal. everyday we are taking your calls live on the air of the news on the day. we discussed policy issues that impact you. monday morning, francesca chambers, white house correspondent for mcclatchy, discusses the week ahead at the white house. then, lisa muscat with the associated press previews the week ahead in congress and president bided and's -- president biden's legislative agenda. the atlanta constitution discusses what is in george's new voting law and the political and economic thought since its passage. pfizer chief executive -- chief medical officer discusses the
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devout men of the vaccine. c-span washington journal live at 7:00 a.m. monday morning and join the discussion with your phone calls, facebook comment, text messages and treats. -- tweets. ♪ >> coming up live monday, on c-span, the u.s. house meets at noon eastern for a pro forma session with no legislative business scheduled. at 1:00 p.m., a discussion on supply chain vulnerabilities, hosted by the woodrow wilson center. at 5:30 p.m., house republican conference chair liz cheney talks about the future of the republican party and the conservative movement at georgetown university's institute of politics and public service. on c-span2 at 10:00 a.m. eastern, the trial continues for former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin, who is charged in the death of george floyd. at 3:00 p.m., the u.s. senate returns, to continue work on the
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nomination for deputy transportation secretary, the number two post under secretary pete buttigieg. ♪ >> c-span is your unfiltered view of government, created by america's cable television companies in 1979. today we are brought to by these television companies who provide c-span to as a public service. ♪ >> house majority leader steny hoyer hosted a roundtable of maryland education leaders on the federal sponsor to the pandemic and how it will impact students and teachers. rep. hoyer: i want to think all of you for what you do every day. leading extraordinary school systems, all of which i


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