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tv   Washington Journal Cenk Uygur  CSPAN  April 6, 2021 3:55pm-4:11pm EDT

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of covid-19 vaccinations in the u.s., delivering remarks from the white house. he is expected to announce all adults are able to get vaccinations sir earlier than planned. we will bring you an update as soon as it begins on c-span. until then, some of today's washington journal. host: all week on this program at this time, we have been featuring political podcast. joining us from los angeles, the founder of the cya pride cast. what was the purpose and starting it? guest: the number one purpose was get -- was to get the progressive measure out there.
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especially when we started, back in 2002, we were a radio show on sirius satellite radio, then it turned into podcast. there whether lesch there was almost no progressive podcasts. later, msnbc had keith olbermann and rachel maddow. at this point, i wouldn't consider anyone on msnbc progressive. we are not that far removed from our original purpose which is to be the strongest voice and often the only voice for progressive's. host: how do you find progressives as you see it? guest: there is the general definition commode trying writing about, expanding the circle of liberty, equality, opportunity and justice. aren't most americans in favor of that? no, republicans hate everything if i just said. they don't want to expand the circle of liberty at all. i can prove it. do you want to expand it to immigrants? no. trans people?
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no. you have never wanted to expand it, you have never been in favor of justice. so that eliminates about 40% of the country. and then there is a giant chunk that the rest of the media never talks about. corporate democrats. democrats who say, we don't hate black people or gay people, but those sweet tax cuts for the rich. they push for that, they push for deregulation, the same thing corporate republicans push for. we are not in that camp. we are in the camp of fighting for the people and only the people. host: is it easier to do what you do nowadays with a democrat in the white house and democrats controlling the house and senate? guest: yes and no. yes, in that they are at least willing to listen and they are rational human beings. getting trump to do anything that wasn't 100% in favor of trump -- even his own voters know that. do you really think he was looking out for you guys? come on.
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he took all of your money, said he was going to spend it on the lawsuits he went 0-60 and the , lawsuits, pocketed the rest. he is a crook. he is a con man. everyone knows it. republicans like him because he hates the same people they do. when it comes to joe biden, it's not like, oh my god we made it! [laughter] joe biden is the definition of a corporate democrat. so proud of locking up millions of people through his crime bills, his war on drugs, etc. has he gotten better? yes. he is a political animal adjusting to the wind. right now, the country is very progressive, his voters are massively progressive. the only reason he became president over bernie sanders was the media said he was the only one who could be donald trump, and he barely did in three states. do we have to push joe biden? yes we have to push them a lot to get them to halfway decent. would you like an example? host: please.
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guest: $15 minimum wage. every democrat said they are in favor of the $15 minimum wage. i knew they were lying. corporate democrats work for the chamber of congress and they are never going to pass it. the only way they pass it is if progressives beat the living hell out of them. everybody said, oh, you're too skeptical, rachel maddow tells me how great the democrats are, they will probably do what they promise. i said that is hilarious. when they put the $15 minimum wage in the covid relief bill, -- they are not going to have it it has always been a lie. they took it out, and that's exactly what were talking about. i've got news for you, it is the
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money, lebowski. the only thing politicians in washington care about, with the exception of justice democrats, is money. donations, donations, donations. we've made bribery legal and are surprised that everybody works for big business. everyone does. mitch mcconnell, nancy pelosi joe biden. host: thank you for joining us. he is the host of young turks. if you want to ask him questions, (202) 748-8000 for democrats. (202) 748-8001 four republicans. (202) 748-8002 for independents. what is the tyt network? guest: we are the largest online news network. we are on about a dozen platforms. youtube, facebook, youtube tv, roku, pluto, you name it. twitch, twitter. we are a 24 hour news channel.
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just like other folks do. look, sometimes people compare us to the conservative alternatives, except we are not. we are not insane. [laughter] we deal with only facts. facts, then analysis. we are very proud of our perspective and we do not hide it. mainstream media hides our perspective completely, which is pro-corporate. tax cuts for the rich are objectively great, universal herrell test universal health care sucks, what bias? we are clear about our perspective, but we never play with facts. if the facts come out against us, we have done this many times, we said no, here are the results of the math. here what the numbers and the facts show.
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when you do that, you get to be popular. right now we have about -- views a month. host: i noticed he did an interview with someone who holds to this qanon. what prompted you to engage in that conversation? guest: conservatives have an interesting love-hate relationship with us. as you can tell are ready, not a fan of republicans. the qanon people are, well, nuts. i wanted to find out why. what made them lose their minds? the reason conservatives don't mind us the way they mind mainstream media is they know they know we are honest. they will on mainstream media, say yeah, that is a good idea, there could be jewish space lasers.
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i don't know, i can't make up my mind. to be fair, the mainstream media is clear on that. that is factual. there is no jewish space laser. everyone in mainstream media is clear on that. corporate interest. conservatives know that we are honest with them, and yes, sometimes we can even agree. i will give conservatives credit come i talk about this in my book too, i spent a whole -- by the way, after talking about why republicans are awful, i say to be fair, conservatives have corruption. up better than democrats. a lot of democratic voters bend their neck and say the corruption on the democratic side is ok. we nancy pelosi take $720 million, that is absurd. we have gained some trust with conservatives because we are honest. why did i interview qanon? honestly, like how could you possibly believe this insanity
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of a child molestation ring run by democratic leadership and brain juice harvesting? that is insane. there's a couple reasons. mainstream media lost all credibility with them, so then a believer where they say. you keep telling me trickle down economics is great, it hasn't been great for 40 or 50 years so you guys are liars and i don't believe you. and then we go looking for other theories, and then it's on to conspiracy theories. one of the reasons it works is that child molestation in this country is apparently a much bigger problem then people are willing to admit. once they run into people like that, which is far too often, they are more likely to believe it. a lot of mainstream media is not understanding that problem. the second issue, buckle up, religion is wrong and religion gets them to believe there is a real satan running around.
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one of the qanon guys told me -- and he is a former cop from chicago, otherwise seems like a sane person. he said look, we eat the body of christ every sunday. in the satanists probably the same for satan. so they probably do it with kids. once you get people to believe in nonsensical mythology that makes no rhyme or reason or sense, you can get them to believe anything. that is why religion is a giant part of the republican party. people who have completely lost logic and reason? perfect voters for republicans. host: we have calls lined up. valerie in new york. you're on with cenk uygur of the young turks. caller: hello, how are you? i did know yours still around. the first time i heard your voice was in a documentary about
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independent journalism. i've got a question, i just finished christopher hitchens' memoir and got a good education on how far-left politics have just died in this country. do you think republicans are better at independent journalism? because i do. they have all of the radio stations. how do you think that has impacted politics? guest: it is a mixed bag. great question. again, i give republicans credit -- voters, not the politicians. their politicians are the worst. they either work for giant corporations, or in terms of donald trump, himself. in terms of the voters, they are more independent-minded they have gotten rid of the blanket propaganda that encompasses us all. i've got to say, trickle down economics -- the new york times, npr, cnn, they told you trickle-down economics makes sense.
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do you know that is? give all the money to the rich and hope it trickles over you. come on. how could you believe such nonsense. it turns out look, you get a covid-19 relief bill and most of the coast of the american people in the last version, it stimulates the economy from the bottom up. every economist knows the truth but they never share with you on television. or in the new york times. the rest of it, they slip into insanity so often in republican media. they lost 60 cases in a row in the courts. every conservative appointee, every trump appointee said you have no evidence. there was no fraud. republican media gets up and says, obviously there has been
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fraud, obviously all of the judges are liberals, they didn't actually roll on it. ok, well, you're a weirdo liar. they lose all credibility every time they leave the arena of facts. host: on the republican line from nashville, tennessee. tom, go ahead. caller: i would like to talk -- remember ukraine? getting away blankets and medicine. how about burisma? here's another thing, how many houses does biden, kamala and pelosi own? why don't they give up their houses and give it to the homeless people? giving vaccines all over the world -- you know what they would do? they would set up things like hunter and burisma. host: your are on with our guest.
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ask him? caller: i would like to comment after i hear you. host: what would you like to ask our guest specifically? caller: hunter biden and burisma and joe biden holding up blankets and medicine. guest: first on burisma, hunter biden on the board of burisma because he is a ukrainian gas expert? of course not. that is why conservatives trust us more than mainstream media. he knew nothing about gas, little-known ukrainian gas. he was on there because his last name was biden and that was a way of getting a payoff, hoping to influence joe biden. is that true? of course it's true. now, is hunter biden super relevant to current day politics? not at all. he has no role in the administration formally or informally. you want to beat up the
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president's son because it makes you feel good? have at it. understand that trump's kids robbed us blind when they were in office. what are they get, $640 million? extra wealth while they were in office in four years? a ivanka trump, jared kushner, beavis and butt-head, eric and don jr. so, after you got fleeced by trump's kids, and he put them in charge jared kushner couldn't , even get clearance from the secret service. he was a national security threat and you want him in charge of national security? so after trump robbed you, you , are worried about hunter biden and his past? look, brother, i am here to tell you corruption is real, it is as real in the democratic party as the republican party, but hunter biden has zero role. zero. they are doing that to distract


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