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tv   President Biden Holds First Cabinet Meeting  CSPAN  April 1, 2021 8:25pm-8:30pm EDT

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us and covering all of these issues. ron: thanks for having me, ryan. ryan: if you are not subscribed to playbook yet, you can sign up by visiting you can follow upcoming politico live programming on our lives social media. thank you and take care. thanks again. >> president biden held his first in person cabinet meeting thursday at the white house. the meeting took place in the east room instead of the traditional cabinet room to adhere to social distancing measures. measures during the pandemic. pres. biden: it is hard to believe that we are among the quickest of all the cabinet members being put in place. we have a lot to discuss. but while the press is here, i
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want to make one announcement. yesterday in pittsburgh, i laid out my vision for rebuilding america with the american jobs program. and while most of the cabinet will have a role in helping shape the jobs plan, today, i'm announcing that i'm asking five cabinet members to take special responsibility to explain the plan to the american public. working with my team here in the white house, these cabinet members will represent me in dealing with congress, engage the public in selling the plan, and help work out the details as we refine it and move forward. these five members will be pete buttigieg, jennifer granholm, marcia fudge, marty walsh, and gina raimondo. and i want to thank them in advance for the role they are going to play in this assignment
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i am asking them to take on. and we will be discussing that today, among other things. among those other things in our administration is the commitment to buy american. the plan we are putting forward, to make sure that when the government is spending taxpayer money, that they are spending it on american-made goods, american corporations, and american employees. today, i am directing every member of the cabinet -- i mean this sincerely, every one -- to take a hard look at their agency's spending and make sure it follows my buy american standard which we set out in january. i'm going to ask you to report back to me at the next cabinet meeting, and now, we have a lot business to do and get done. i thank the press for being here. talk to you all later. thank you.
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>> here is a look at alive coverage for friday. at 11:00 a.m. eastern on c-span, the white house covid-19 response team provides an update on the pandemic. that is followed by the daily white house briefing with press secretary jen psaki at 12:30. then at 2:30 p.m., a discussion on the future of congressional redistricting from the federalist society. on c-span2, witness testimony continues in the trial of former neapolis police officer derek chauvin charged in the death of george floyd. >> c-span is your unfiltered view of government. created by america's cable television companies in 1979. today, we are brought to you by these television companies


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