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tv   House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Holds Briefing  CSPAN  April 1, 2021 6:42pm-7:13pm EDT

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on the trial of derek chauvin, the former minneapolis police officer charged in the death of george floyd continues friday at 10 a.m. eastern. watch live coverage on the c-span radio, c-span rated -- c-span two, and anytime on-demand on c's got -- >> house speaker nancy pelosi held her weekly roofing today to answer questions from reporters on the congressional agenda. she spoke about president biden's infrastructure plan, bipartisanship, economic stimulus, and the vaccination progress. this briefing is just under half an hour.
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>> the joy of the by another renewal, biden promised when he took oath of office that we would build back at her. he also promised help was on the way, and help is here. i will get to that in a moment. but in building back better, what he presented yesterday, he was in the tradition of america to think. i always like to recall to my colleagues, at the beginning of our country, thomas jefferson passed the secretary of treasury
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at the time to initiate a project, which was to build into america. america was expanding, the lewis and clark expedition, and president jefferson tasked him to build an infrastructure. rhodes, the erie canal, all kinds of projects. 100 years later, the president of teddy roosevelt in the centennial of the original infrastructure plan, teddy roosevelt put forth his infrastructure plan. it was called the national park service. again, thinking big, transformational, making a difference for our country. in this century, president biden is undertaking something in the
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tradition of thinking big, transformational, and creating jobs for america. it is quite remarkable a conference of nature of what he put forward. we can talk about that and its specifics as rico along. i'm very half easy to see that if the build infrastructure, we also recognizing the need for human infrastructure to re-enhance. where is workforce development, or recognizing that for anyone to be taken along this path, it is quite a remarkable and comprehensive plan. when it comes to infrastructure, i always say to our chairman, when the committees of jurisdiction, transportation, and infrastructure hobart ryan
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on you. it's about the domes that -- we need people to be ready for them and that is was his package that the president for the. investing in areas of infrastructure, whether we are talking about the water, adding the lead out of school buildings, issues related to childcare, long-term care, veterans facilities, the list goes on. and again, more to come in the next package. but right now, what the president is doing is getting more opportunity in the rural communities. my time in congress, most of the time infrastructure was never a
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partisan issue. only when president obama was president did republicans insist on a much smaller infrastructure package. it comes down to a four letter word, jobs. good paying jobs. investing in workers and turbocharging for global competitiveness and to do so in a way that is resilient and green. the fact is, it is about working together to save our planet to have clean air, clean water for our children. it is a health issue, competitiveness, to a selves good paying to jobs. it's about security in terms of what we do.
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i did talk about president jefferson, i talked about teddy roosevelt, and when i mentioned -- you don't remember, but read your history books because when eisenhower was president he put forth another transformational large infrastructure initiative. wasted on the national scene. about so that we would be united as a country and honesty. your course father, his sins or functions see hands in the are very excited about weighted the
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administration that infrastructure is renewable. it's the same time, we are still very much insistent that everyone understand what is in and rescue package and how they can readily avail themselves to take the hit. phones for photo of the vulva. next week we are having a teach in. no -- >> phones for the photo of the information. next week we are having a teach in. the more information, and how communities can be helpful in making sure that everyone who is eligible for a benefit knows
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that. again, at the time that we passed it we said it's not -- it is about money in the pocket, it's about children safely in schools, about people safely back to work. in order for that to happen, many provisions in the bill we need to make sure people know about. we are very excited about that. we have more than 100 million vaccines have already occurred in taken place. the president said 100 doses the first 100 days, it will be closer to 200 million doses in the first 100 days. by april 19, 90% of the -- of adults will be eligible for the vaccination. on the economic side, well over
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100 million checks have been distributed and more are on the way. i am very proud and feel so proprietary about the affordable care act and new aca benefit will be available which will dramatically lower health care costs for more people. again, the president has extended the enrollment. . -- the enrollment period. you can accomplish almost anything or nothing. but in order for public sentiment to prevail, people have to know, and that is what we are engaged in -- and making sure people know of the opportunities they can engage in. to list of how the package saves lives and the livelihood in that community.
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i'm proud of house democrats for the courage that they have had to go forward with this covid package. that was rescued this is now into recovery and about jobs, jobs, jobs come jobs. the president said in his campaign, help was on the way, and now we can proudly say help is here. and by the way, more to come. any questions? >> if you would like to be added into the queue for questions, please click on the tablet the bottom of the screen. >> with all these vaccinations it is important for people to still remember to wear a mask because you want everyone to be as healthy as possible so that we can truly crush this virus. we now have the tools at our
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disposal as we wait for the oh i see a lot of hand sprays. >> first question goes to emily with the new york times >> thank you for doing this. i wanted to add, given the allegations -- do you think you should still remain a member of congress, should he step down, and if anything, should he be removed from judiciary? >> well, we have so much going on in our country that we will get back to, but i think the important thing is the integrity of the congress. if in fact these allegations are true, of course the committee's police that could be done. but, again, i think from what we
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have heard so far, this would be a matter for the ethics committee. >> next question will be jake sherman with punch bowl news. >> i'm curious what you think of stott heimer and his crew saying they won't go for anything -- won't before any changes in the tax code. >> i'm a big supporter of their position. it was devastating to the state of california for the republican members of california to vote against our state. by the way without any consultation as to what impact it would have on meeting the needs of california -- meeting the needs of the people of california.
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they -- political action on the part of other republicans in a tax bill they gave 83% of benefits to the top 1%, the injustice of it all. i am some of that into their position. i was say hold any comments. again, i share their exuberance about the subject. it was mean-spirited to begin with, politically targeted, had no place as it was a tax scam to begin with, but, hopefully we can get it into the bill. i will never give up hope in something like that means so much to the people. >> our next question will be linzie mcpherson throw call. >> hi mendham speaker, thanks so
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much for joining this -- this call today. was wondering if you're going to invite president biden to do a joint session of congress anytime soon? >> of course we will. part of the decision in that regard is in the hand of -- as well as a sergeant of arms. in terms of how we can do that and how many people can be in the room and this or that will -- hopefully the more people who get vaccinated, the more people we can have any room. some people have objections to vaccinations which i hope they can -- which i hope they can overcome in the new -- the near future. oh my gosh, he is so remarkable.
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merrill christie first african-american sergeant of arms. he is going to be absolute spectacular. he has formally been head of the national guard for the district of columbia, so he knows the territory. again we'll wait on the advice of the capital physician about allowing people to be accommodated. but whatever the number, we will be ready. it is a collaboration. we all -- we do it together, especially in a time of covid, which this is. we had the stay of the union last year, which you may recall, right before covid, that is when i tour of my speech.
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it will be soon, i hope, as -- to purchase surveyed as possible. in a conversation about when that would be. >> next question comes from ellen nelson with fox. >> thank you mendham speaker for holding the call. i know the biden administration is expected to release a second part of his package dealing with childcare and health care. wanted to ask you, do you know yet of the actual drafting of the bill if it will start in the house, or if you have any sort of timeline that on when you think there will be a draft of the mill rate to the.
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-- there will be a draft of the bill. >> or any heroes act. we didn't have the vaccine piece last may. much of what we had either in the december legislation that passed and had some elements in the vaccine and that, and now this rescue package again has the benefit of much more availability of vaccine and still with testing, tracing, and treatment to better crusty virus. so again, the initiative, the priorities put forth have -- are important to us, that they are shared values, a lot like what we did in the summer which was moving america forward legislation that any use thank home.
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but refreshed and expanded by this administration to recognize more fully how if you cannot build the infrastructure physically, but now building the infrastructure personally so that many more people can and more communities can benefits. so we will see what the presentation is from the administration. but i am certain we will have shared values. how it is prioritized and the amount of funding is yet to be seen. yes, if it is a spending bill, it begins in the house of representatives. that would be the case. but right now, we are again making sure people understand how they can benefit from the rescue package. we are building upon what we did in moving america forward to blend with build back better, that the president proposed just yesterday. we eagerly await it. i think it's going to be very good news for america's families.
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because it will reflect the president's priorities and he's values -- and his values which we share. we will wait to see what they present. we are waiting for the budget, which will be soon. the top line budget. sometimes called skinny. it ain't that skinny, it's just more topline. all of this is the work we are engaged in, to the extent that we can, until we see what the white house proposes. but remember, the house appropriations bills, spending bills, begin in the house of representatives. >> our next question comes from jonathan nicholson from market watch. >> thank you for doing this. i had a similar question, which maybe you can be specific on.
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you are using reconciliation for passage. do you have a timeline for when you guys want to do the fy22 budget resolution? and do you have any ending timeline, labor day, the august break, for wrapping up the infrastructure bill? rep. pelosi: well, let me just say that the needs of the american people are great. the infrastructure needs are self-evident. the american society of civil engineers has demonstrated that we are trillions of dollars behind. there is no more expensive maintenance than no maintenance for our infrastructure. and it is a safety issue when it comes to bridges, as the president indicated yesterday. having said that, we will prepare the bills and bring them to the floor when we are ready. not one day sooner, not one day later. and again, we look forward to
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writing a bill, maybe much of it in the first week of may, for the infrastructure piece of it, and we will see when the senate then will act upon those proposals. then we go either to congress, amending each other's products. but again, i am not one who sets dates. no, when we're ready and we have the best possible bill, that is when we go forward. one we understand people need these jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs. and as i said earlier, this is about addressing saving the lives and the livelihood of the american people. and that is what this legislation will help to do, as we address long neglected infrastructure needs. some of the border systems in
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our country are over 100 years old. made of wood and brick. they definitely need to be upgraded. many of them have water supplies that are full of lead, not good for children or other living things. the president spoke so clearly about ridding water of lead for the children. there are so many things that are of urgent matter that we would like to get the bill done soon. a couple weeks ago i called upon my chairman to reach across the aisle to see how we can work in a bipartisan way in order to pass infrastructure legislation. because it's almost always been bipartisan, nonpartisan. it meets the needs of communities. and again, whether we are talking about additionally infrastructure for broadband, for distance learning, and
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telemedicine, and so many other reasons that you are well aware of as how people communicate with each other and what a disadvantage it is to rural america or inner-city deserts who are not wired or prepared for all of this. as the president said, it's not just about broadband infrastructure. it is about the system that we have to replace. so there is a lot to be done. the sooner we can get legislation done, the sooner we can allocate the resources to he sooner we can reach across america, as we have been saying, in every zip code, to make sure everyone participates fully. and again, when we are ready, we will go to the floor. i don't set a date, because we are not in a position to do so until we see the breadth of the legislation between the house and senate, and the hope that we have for bipartisanship to get the job done as soon as
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possible. >> our last question comes from chad with fox news. rep. pelosi: ok, chad, i have been watching the final four. i think i have seen a piece of every game. of every game. we are glad ucla is going to the final four. usc i was hoping, that they would be playing against each other. stanford women are going. we're a la jolla family. we were hoping they would win the big east and they would participate in march madness, but for some of us, there was march sadness. they bring that up every call we're on. so between march madness and the deep sadness of the george floyd trial, it has been quite a time. of course, we have to stay focused on the day job.
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but chad and i have a conversation going about sports. what have you got, chad? >> he is to be the head coach that she used to be the head coach. rep. pelosi: >> you are right. >> i have a question. we hear about the and for -- about the infrastructure bill and green energy and green jobs. in your remarks earlier, you said sometimes when people hear the word green, that frightens people. sometimes that's going to be the resistance to this piece of legislation. why in your mind when they hear that word green, why does that frighten people and how could that potentially undercut this bill? rep. pelosi: the people you are referring to are the people in the pocket of the fossil fuel industry in the united states. they know we have to go forward with resilience and sustainability as we build our infrastructure. we would be delinquent in our duties, derelict in our duties if we started to build infrastructure a la 20, 30, 40
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years ago. we are about the future. so what the people are referencing are the members of congress, who again, defy science and governance. science says we need to address the climate crisis. governance gives us some path to do that. if you don't believe in science and you don't believe in governance and you are in the pocket of the fossil fuel industry, you might call that fear. i call it lack of courage, too. and again, in terms of those who may have some concerns about what will happen to their jobs, that is what the beauty of what president biden is putting forward. this is about everybody going forward together. this is not a zero-sum game. if one industry succeeds, another fails. it is about all of america's workers being equipped to go into the future with good paying
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jobs. not another job that's much less paid. that is why i am so pleased that we will be able to have the wage legislation as part of it. so those in the community who may have some concern about what saving the planet might mean to their livelihood, we're all in this together and we are not going forward without them. it is a path forward that is for our entire country. and that is what is so great about president biden. he is a unifier. he is a unifier, not a divider. that is what is so great about president joe biden. any other questions? ok. thank you very much. happy easter. happy passover. happy ramadan. whatever you observe, or don't, have a joyous springtime. enliven your spirits in this
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time of renewal and a time of reconstruction. thank you all very much. announcer: c-span is your unfiltered view of government, created by america's cable television companies in 1979. today, we are brought to you by these television companies who provide c-span to viewers as a public service. announcer: white house chief of staff ron klain talked with politico today about what is next on president biden's agenda. you can watch the entire half-hour conversation tonight starting at 8:00 eastern on c-span. then coming up at 8:30, the veterans affairs secretary before the house veterans affairs committee on his agency's covid-19 response and progress made at the va during the first 100 days of the biden administration. that is primetime tonight here on c-span. announcer: sunday night on q&a,
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a conversation about education policy and the importance of having civil discussions when different opinions are involved. our guest co-authored a book a search for common ground. and pedro, usc's dean of school of education. >> we have too many kids languishing into many schools who are not challenged, and no one is troubled by it. and that should disturb all of us. we know that we -- that if we are going to use education to promote mobility and opportunity, address inequality, we are going to have to empower kids as learners, make sure they get the skills and education they need to they can contribute to their families and communities. >> pedra has eloquently talked about some inequities in american education. i think given those of us who have the resources to move into communities with good schools
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work to attend private schools, have strategies for making sure our kids get something. school choice is a way to empower those who do not have those resources. announcer: sunday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span's q&a. you can also listen to it as a podcast where you get your podcasts. announcer: president biden held his first in-prison cabinet meeting at the white house. that gathering took place in the east room to adhere to ongoing social distancing measures during the pandemic. pres. biden: it is hard to believe that we are among the quickest of all the cabinet members being put in place. we have a lot to discuss. but while the press is here, i want to make one announcement. yesterday in pittsburgh, i laid out my vision for rebuilding america with the american jobs program.


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