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tv   Sen. Lindsey Graham Unaccompanied Minors  CSPAN  March 28, 2021 2:18pm-2:21pm EDT

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we are committed to solutions. that is why i noted we reopened three facilities that have almost 7000 beds to allow for processing these kids more quickly out of the border patrol facilities. we absolutely agree these are not places for children and our focus is on solutions and moving them as quickly as possible. we are also making sure we are processing kids more quickly at the border. some come with a phone number in their pocket. we want to make sure we are breaking through the red tape and getting them to their parents as quickly as possible. >> what she said is going to make the problem worse. she said that any unaccompanied minor that comes with a phone number, we are going to call the parents who are here in this country illegally and reunite the family, so we are going to have a flood based on this interview. all these kids have numbers on their wrist. they already have family here already. we are going to reunite them.
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we will not turn 18 euros away. jeh johnson during the obama administration -- you need to do two things. nobody is released until their case is adjudicated in the u.s., keep them in their home country, and turn every account -- unaccompanied minor away after they have been tested for human trafficking back to their country. >> do you consider china the united states's biggest adversary? >> i would not simplify to a label. there are clearly and increasingly adversarial aspects, competitive ones, but there're also cooperative ones. the common denominator is to approach from a position of strength. >> you said you believe the
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chinese government misled the world about coronavirus. given that and the millions of people who have died around the world, should china be punished for that? the issue for us is to make sure we do everything possible to prevent another pandemic even as we are working through this one or, at least, make sure we can mitigate and more effective ways any damage done if something happens in the future. a big part of that is making sure we have a system in place, including with the world health organization, that features transparency, that features information sharing, access for international exports at the start of something like this. that's where i think china, like every other country, has real obligations that it needs to make good on. we need to focus on making sure we are protecting ourselves and the world going forward. that will require reform and it will require china to do things it has not done in the past. >>

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