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tv   Acting U.S. Capitol Police Chief Delivers Statement  CSPAN  February 7, 2021 12:29am-12:39am EST

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>> on friday afternoon, acting u.s. capitol police chief posted a video statement on the eve of the one month anniversary of the january 6 attack on the capital. she was named acting chief after the previous head of the capitol police resigned in the wake of the attack. -- on the capitol. >> hello. i am the acting chief of police for the united states capitol police. tomorrow marks one month since the january 6 attack that threatened to disrupt our nation's democratic process. the attacks on january 6 also
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led to the deaths of two members of our family, officer howard leaving good and officer brian sicknick, who was just honored this past week at the end up. words cannot express how much we appreciate the tremendous honor that congress but stowed upon him with the an honor ceremony and a moving tribute -- with the lying in honor ceremony and moving tribute. their deaths will not be in vain. our department was challenged like never before and i want to thank the united states capitol police officers for their heroic efforts on january 6. the continued long hours and sacrifices that they continue to enter -- endure in order for our
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department to protect congress during this heightened threat environment which we continue to operate in. the resolve of our department was tested and we will not be intimidated or beaten down. we will get through this together. i also want to thank congress and the american people for their outpouring of emotion for our department. our healing has barely begun, but the donated food, supplies, calls, emails, cards, and letters, all of the support for our officers has been tremendously moving. and of course, the support that has been most critical has been that of our families and loved ones, our husbands, wives, partners, and children.
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their support day in and day out is what gets us through. they too share the sacrifice. they are also tired, sad, frustrated, and overwhelmed. since that insurrection on january 6 and my appointment as the acting chief on january 8, the department's executive team and i have been focused on three areas. first and foremost, taking care of our employees who have worked tirelessly and sacrificed much in service to our mission. secondly, ensuring that the congress and the united states capital are safe and secure. thirdly, ensuring that the incidents that occurred on january 6 never happen again. with thousands -- when thousands
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of insurrectionists stormed the capitol, the capitol police officers who were on the front lines performed bravely in the face of extraordinary violence and destruction. they were engaged in hand-to-hand combat, assaulted with chemical irritants, and tasers. they were assaulted with pipes, bats, bricks, and american flagpoles. in all, 125 capitol police officers were physically assaulted and over 70 injured. the damage extends beyond their physical injuries. from a mental health perspective, many are understandably struggling. what happened was traumatic, which is why we have ensured our officers and their families get the counseling and peer support services they need. this includes 24/7 access to
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peer support and professional counselors to help them process the trauma they experienced. understanding the continuous demands that have been placed on our department, we have adjusted officer shifts and communicated with a uscp police union in order to allow them time with their families and to get much needed rest. in addition to taking care of our officers, we needed to work quickly to secure the conflicts for inauguration as well as upcoming congressional events. the national guard has been working side-by-side with our officers since january 6, assisting us in securing the campus. we have taken steps to ensure that the operational temple and
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the posture of the department conforms with the available intelligence. we have also reinstituted critical emergency training and will be providing officers with additional training based on the lessons we have learned. our executive leadership is conducting our own internal review, including an extensive physical security assessment of the capital complex. we will be making significant changes to our operations, policies, and procedures based on the findings, as well as the findings from other reviews being conducted by the departments inspector general and the general at the behest of speaker nancy pelosi. i look forward to all of these reviews and the changes that
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they will prompt. having been with the department for 20 years, i say with absolute certainty that the january 6 attack forever changed this department, but working with congress, we can and we will make it for the better. to me, the congress and the people, the police officer who's invented the capitol complex are heroes. i am proud to serve alongside them and our nation is lucky to have them. thank you for your >> the senate impeachment trial of former president donald trump begins tuesday, with senators deciding if the former president should be convicted on incitement of insurrection. watch our coverage of the senate
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impeachment trial starting tuesday at 1:00 p.m. eastern on c-span two,, or listen live on the free c-span radio app. if you miss any part of the proceedings, watch anytime on demand at >> book tv on c-span two has top nonfiction books and authors every weekend. coming up sunday at noon eastern on in-depth, a live conversation with the editor-in-chief and ceo of congressional quarterly. his most recent is "president mckinley: architect of the american century." other books include "taking on the world." join the conversation with phone calls, facebook comments, texts, and tweets. and before the program, be sure to visit the c-span shop to get
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your copy of his books. at 9:00 p.m. on afterwords, "made in china." the author is interviewed by the assistant director of the princeton university center of contemporary china. watch book tv this weekend on c-span two. >> next, a look at restrictions on in person religious gatherings during the pandemic. the heritage foundation hosted the event looking at a case brought before the supreme court, arguing against these restrictions due to first amendment protections on religious freedoms. this is 40 minutes. >> welcome t. my name is emily and i am the director at the heritage foundation. this


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