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tv   House Democratic Leaders on Meeting with President Biden  CSPAN  February 5, 2021 8:29pm-8:48pm EST

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you for last night, yesterday and what you will be doing in this recovery act. and i can hardly wait to sit down with peter defazio towork -- to work on infrastructure. so thank you all for being here. thank you for coming in. i appreciate it. >> [inaudible question] >> following their meeting about that economic recovery plan, house democratic leader spoke to reporters outside the white house. this is about 20 minutes. >> i wanted to see if it was still morning or afternoon. good day to all of you. so, so delighted to be at the white house. i know i can speak to all of our colleagues when i say that. to visit with president biden
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and vice president kamala harris. in the chairs of committee who have a direct input for the biden the rescue plan that will be on the floor today. as we leave here we will go back to the capital. steny hoyer will take us to the floor. the chair of the budget committee will be conducting the debate this afternoon, early this afternoon so that we will have established the plan. on monday we will begin working on the specifics of the bill. hopefully in -- in a two week period, we will send something over to the senate. and this will be done long before the due date. in terms of this meeting, the president was as usual values
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based, knowledge informed, and strategic thinking in his presentation. it was a joy to hear his commitment to meeting the needs of american people. open, as we all are, to bipartisanship, but nonetheless is interested in getting results as soon as he can in the best possible way. we passed a reconciliation bill and we will later today to have as an option, we hope we can proceed in a bipartisan way and that was part of the meeting e with the president. most of the time the president heard from the leadership of our committee and the house which, the leadership is so diverse, representative of our country in every way. i couldn't be prouder then -- than to hear their values based
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knowledge informed presentation to the president. as we leave here we do so happy -- and he's there, and the vice president. and the senate well into the early hours of the morning passed a bill that we will be able to finish off today. so, again, we thank the president for his leadership, for the opportunity to share some thoughts with him. but more importantly to hear from him about his vision for america. this is the america rescue plan to save jobs, as mr. difazio tells me, to save jobs. next, we prepare for the recovery act to create many more jobs. questions? >> the bill as it is now will pass the house due to reconciliation? [inaudible] speaker pelosi: our hope would
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be that we have bipartisanship. the reconciliation bill is necessary so that we know that we will get the guarantee that we will have results and to have some leverage with republicans. i hope we can work together because we are going to work -- >> first of all, you all remember we passed four, excuse me covid-19 bills of economic recovery with overwhelming bipartisan support. then for whatever reasons the republicans decided that's wait. we waited a long and a lot of people got hurt. and then we passed a $900 billion bill in december, 16. that is an overwhelming bipartisan bill as well pay let me finish. we called it reconciliation. there is nothing that precludes republicans voting for it.
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this was a unique meeting that i had in the white house. over the last four years, this is a unique meeting. we are going to have a lot more, because it was not focused on the president. it was focused on the people that we needed to help. >> democrats though -- still saying it should be smaller? [inaudible] >> [inaudible answer] >> my opinions there are democrats pushing back on the bill because of its size. do you have enough support to pass it? >> absolutely. before i got here this morning and i mentioned it to the president this morning it has been making sure that we dial back on $1400. the $1400 is on top of the $600, and therefore this is the $2000 we promise.
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they only agreed to $600. now we are putting the $1400 to get to $2000. i am getting pushback from people to make sure that we target what we're doing. we are all for that. we believe it should go to the people who need it most. it's just that we are there. we can't get it recorded that we are there. speaker pelosi: one more say on that score. we have had 17 reconciliation bills in a bipartisan way. and so, i want to yield to the distinguished chair, because the bill that the senate passed is identical to our instructions to the budget as we sent them. come to the microphone. >> the speaker is right. we got the same amount of instructions back from the
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senate that we passed. so we can pass it with a simple vote today. then the committees will draft the legislation that actually creates the assignment of those dollars. and we'll bring that back to the floor in just a couple of weeks. we only lost two democrats in the vote. they just voted for $1.9 trillion. we do not anticipate a problem. >> do you have any concerns that a package this large, $2 trillion, might sacrifice policies going forward? speaker pelosi: absolutely not. one one of the things we always discuss is as we try to address the emergency that we have now to crush the virus, to save the lives and livelihood of the american people we are not going to perpetuate any injustices. we spent a good deal of time in the early part of the meeting
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talking about the disparity -- in many ways, but including access to health, provisions that are necessary to fight the virus now including the distribution of vaccines. absolutely positively not. >> [inaudible] the $1400. did you raise the issue they should be targeted? where is the cutoff point? speaker pelosi: let me just say this because i think there is not a clear understanding. this is the overarching budget bill. next week the committees of jurisdiction will take those targeted amounts and make this, establish priorities there. so we're not going to have a negotiation right here. mr. neal, the chair of the ways and means committee, did you want to say something about that? >> thanks, speaker.
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the cares act, if you recall we used a ceiling of $150,000 for single filers. we had a great deal of difficulty believe it or not because there are in america joint filers underr $44,000 who do not have tax i.d. numbers. we attempt to address these issues are the president mentioned today discussion with the speaker on the ceiling that we we can strike as we go to negotiation as speaker pelosi noted. >> [shouting inaudible questions] was there any discussion of an infrastructure bill? speaker pelosi: actually, this is a jobs meeting. mr. defazio, the chair of transportation. >> when the president acknowledged me he said, you're next. he's committed to doing an infrastructure package. it will draw the elements of my
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invest act we passed on the house. we will do with climate change and create a hell of alot of jobs in this country. we will do it through massive job retraining, reaching out to communities that have been left behind and bring them in. and they are going to get good jobs. whoa, whoa. >> i want to make a, and on your question. we had, and i mentioned this to the present, a very-- to the president, very, very successful 116th congress. we passed four, five major bills to help people suffering from covid-19 in our economy. and we passed voting rights. we had equal rights. we passed hr one. we passed so many very big bills that the american people overwhelmingly supported, and they would not put them on the floor. we are going to move that agenda. speaker pelosi: just hold on a
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second. as i said originally, this is the american rescue plan. the biden american rescue plan. the next bill will be the recovery plan. again, even before any of us spoke, and even the president addressed us when we sat down he said to peter, you're next. before anything else. >> if you do not mind, if infrastructure is next, democrats want to raise the minimum wage and there is also talk about canceling student loans -- speaker pelosi: we're not going to that level of specificity right here at now. that is a discussion for next week, when the members and the committees. because the senate finish this morning, welcome to our world. because the senate finished this morning, today, we can notice for mark up starting monday, the beginning of next week as the
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committees prepare to go forward and some of the coverage -- from one committee to the next. we're talking about this subject. that's it. we're talking about this subject. >> i'm curious. speaker pelosi: why don't you have on a jacket? [laughter] >> i feel pretty good. because of the minimum wage, obviously that will not be included right now. any thoughts from the senate bill last night with the minimum wage increase? speaker pelosi: we just don't know. wait a second, you had a second. i'm so sorry. >> matter speaker, is -- madam speaker, is there anything not in president biden's proposal that any of your chairman or chairwoman could do in their reconciliation bills? aid to airlines to help make
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sure people stay on the payrolls. flight attendants and pilots. is there anything not in the president's blueprint we should expect to see them one of the bills and mark of next week? speaker pelosi: the blueprint is what the senate passed and what we passed yesterday. >> what was the mark up before? >> will begin on wednesday morning and finished by friday afternoon. as the president said, the speaker just said, we can take and offer suggestions to improve the bill. that is the system i came through. speaker pelosi: wait a second. >> to your question, i was in along here yesterday on covid impacts on transportation workers but i saw a reuters story that said i had been silent on psp. and i have not been silent. and there's a large transportation component to this bill, saving well over one million jobs. we're dealing with transit,
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dealing with rail, contractors and construction and airports and we are dealing with aviation. speaker pelosi anybody who has not had a question yet? >> matter speaker, can you guarantee that this'll be done by march 15? speaker pelosi: absolutely. before then. >> what is the timeline? speaker pelosi: the timeline, again, more on the subject than you ever want to know. we finished by today -- when the bill is passed we can notice for mark up. the committees of jurisdiction that have impact on this bill, and it's not every committee but it is most, will then do their markups. they'll coordinate among each other, so there's no contradiction or whatever. and then by the end of the week-- the week, no later,
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by the end of the week it will go to the budget committee. there were all kinds of things -- a couple days to notice the meetings that takes a little time. the budget committee. do you want to go from there? >> what we do is we take -- we take all the bills. we package them together and we essentially scrub the bill to make sure there are no errors regarding the bird rule or any procedural steps that might kill. it in the senate on technicalities. then we bring it back to the floor. >> what about airlines because the white house -- >> did president biden comment on the criticism -- in virginia? speaker pelosi: no. >> [shouting inaudible
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questions] >> listen, we are not doing airlines. the payroll program is airline workers only. we limited it. no dividends, no executive bonuses. we are using them as a very efficient unemployment division to pass the payroll through to their workers, which is hundreds of thousands of jobs. that is what we're doing. it is not for the airlines. it is not like 9/11. we did not let that happen. speaker pelosi: that's it. thank you all very much. to be continued. you did not have a question, dear? >> when can americans expect the second piece of this bill? speaker pelosi: right now we have been focused like a laser on getting this done. this is about crushing the virus. it is about honoring our heroes, the people who worked to get
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this done. it is about putting money in the pockets of the american people. in a matter of more than, less than two weeks or around that time we hope to be able to put that -- in peoples arms, money and people's pockets, children safely in schools, and, and workers in their jobs. and that is what we are doing nowl .-- now. at the same time the committees of jurisdiction, the transportation committee have what we started last year with moving america forward. we have the ingredients for what will come next. but we first have to get this done. at the same time, the groundwork is being done for the recovery. that's it. thank you, all, very much. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2021] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its
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caption content and accuracy. visit] >> how is it different from the ones before? [laughter] speaker pelosi: you really have to ask. i mean, as i said to the president at the beginning, as a figure of speech, people will say, i am delighted to be here. but i know i speak for all of my colleagues when i say we are really delighted to be here for what it means to the american people. thank you. >> any regrets about impeachment, madden speaker? -- madam speaker? >> the white house budget director nominee appears for her confirmation hearing. watch live monday morning or listen with the free c-span radio app. >>


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