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tv   President Biden Delivers Remarks Signs Executive Orders on Environmental...  CSPAN  January 27, 2021 1:35pm-1:57pm EST

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values and leaves their children and grandchildren a healthier and more peaceful world. we have our work cut out for us, that i am confident we will succeed. the united states has enormous source of strength. we are going to build on it. we will re--- we will recommit to them and america's leadership is needed around the world. -- >> new secretary of state from earlier today. we will leave the last few units -- few minutes of this and take you over to the white house. live coverage here on c-span.
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>> good afternoon everybody. i know the press has had a long session with the team here about what we are going to be talking about today and this afternoon. i will start by saying i cannot tell you how much i appreciate the three people standing next to me here for what they agreed to do to help. my buddy john kerry, asking a former secretary of state to come back and do this. i know it has been a big ask, i was going to blame kamala as
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well. [laughter] i don't think anybody knows more about the issue and the damage that has been done by some of the executive orders from the previous administration. we will get to it. today is climate day at the white house, which means it is jobs day. you're talking about american innovation, products, labor. we are talking about the health of our families, leader water, cleaner air, and cleaner -- and the health of our communities. it is a future with a future with enormous hope and opportunity. it is about coming to the moment to deal with this threat that is now facing us, climate change,
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with a greater sense of urgency. we waited too long to deal with this climate crisis, we cannot wait any longer. we know it in our bones that it is time to at. -- to act. the american people will but a greater emphasis on focusing on climate change and do something about it has increased. that is why i have signed an executive order to supercharge our business plan to confront the existence till -- the existence -- confront the existence -- existential climate plan. an area roughly the size of the entire state of new jersey, more intense than powerful
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hurricanes, tropical storms, the pommel states along the south coast and now the east coast, severe floods ravage the northwest, more americans feel the devastation in red states and blue states. at the defense department, climate change is a direct threat to more than two thirds of critical operations. this could well be on the conservative side. many climate calamities are colliding all at once, it is not the pandemic that will keep people inside, it is poor air quality. studies have shown air pollution is -- has led to an increase in deaths since 2019.
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just like we need a unified national response against covid-19, we need a unified response against the climate crisis. we must lead the global response, because today the challenge has been met by the united states alone. we know what we have got to do, we just have got to do it. this is a case where conscience convenience will cross paths with economic -- with increasing our economic growth and prosperity. when i think of, -- when i think of climate change, it is building a modern, resilient climate structure with clean energy that will create millions of good paying, union jobs with
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not just minimum wage, we can put millions of americans to work. we have already reached a point where we are going to have to live with what it is now, that's going to require time and of itself. we see farmers making american agriculture first in the world to root -- to achieve a zero emissions. i want to thank the secretary of agricultural -- of agriculture for putting that together along with the campaign. we are going to produce electric consumption and save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in energy costs.
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will -- the biden-harris administration will not only bring those back, but will set new and ambitious ones our workers are ready to meet. we see workers building and installing 500,000 vehicle charging stations across the country. we see american consumers switching to electric vehicles with rebates and incentives. and residents of our cities and towns breathing was cleaner air with fewer residents dealing with asthma. today's executive order combined with the buy american executive order i signed on monday, we are going to harness the purchasing
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power of the federal government to buy clean, zero omission vehicles that are made and sourced by -- source right here in america -- sourced right here in america. this will bring one million jobs to america. it is my goal to have a 100% carbon free electric sector -- carbon pollution free electric sector by 2025. this will bring benefits to our health and environment. already 84% of all known electric capacity planned to come onto the electric grid this year is clean energy. why? because it is affordable, it is clean, in many cases it is
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cheaper. we are keeping up. we are going to need scientists, national labs, -- two integrate the technology for clean electricity across distances and battling a whole host of other things. we need engineers to design them, we need ironworkers and welders to install them. it will ultimately become cheaper than any other kind of energy, helping us dramatically expand our economy and create more jobs and a cleaner environment. we will become the world's largest exporter of those technologies and create even more jobs. i've also going to create 1.5 million homes -- and energy
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efficiency housing units. going to create more than a quarter million jobs to do things like bloods the millions of abandoned we -- like plug the millions of abandoned oil and well units. we are going to put people to work. we are going to create jobs, we are going to get a prevailing wage. these are not pie in the sky dreams, these are concrete solutions. we know how to do this. the obama-hyden -- obama-biden administration knew how to do this, and we know how to do this.
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we weatherized more than a million homes. the recovery act of the last tipper craddick administration made record clean energy investments, $90 million. the president asked me to make sure -- the president asked me to see how that money should be spent. now the biden-harris administration is going to do it again. we will create the white house office of domestic public policy as the head of the new office and my national climate advisor, jean will chair the national climate task force made up of many members of our cabinet to deliver a whole government approach. we need to be bold. that includes revitalizing the
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economies of coal, gas, and power plant communities. we have to create jobs for recapping old mines and wells, creating new good paying jobs in those communities where those workers live because they helped build this country. we are going to do right by them, make sure they have opportunities to keep building in the nation and their own opportunities and getting paid well for it. we are going to work with mayors, governors, travel leaders and business leaders for stepping up and young people leading and organizing, leading the way. you have the full capacity and power of the federal government, your government is going to work with you.
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i've asked the secretary to stop issuing new oil and gas leases on public lands and offshore waters wherever possible. we are going to review and reset this program. we are going to start properly managing lands and waterways in ways that allows to protect and preserve the full value they provide for future generations. let me be clear, we are not going to ban fracking. we will can -- part -- we will protect jobs. unlike previous administrations, i don't think the federal government should give handouts to big oil. i'm going to be going to congress and asking them to
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eliminate subsidies. we are going to take money and create millions of jobs. in fact, today's action will help us increase in offshore wind and meet our obligation to be a good steward of public lands. to heal our public lands and make us less vulnerable to wildfires and floods. this executive order today also makes it official that climate change will be the center of our public policy. with him, the world knows how serious i am by appointing one of america's most distinguished statesman and one of my closest friends on speaking on one of
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the most important threats of our time. today's executive order will help strengthen that commitment by working with other nations to support the most -- the most vulnerable and impacted of climate change should increase our collective resilience. that includes a summit to address the climate crisis on earth they this year. in order to establish a new -- as part of our national security risk assessment and analysis, will also be included. with this executive order, environmental justice will be at the center of all we do addressing the disproportionate health, environmental, and economic impacts on kindred -- on communities of color --
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whether brown, lat, native american, or whites, the hard hit areas, like route nine in the state of delaware, that is why we are going to work hard to make sure that everyone receives part of the benefits from clean energies. lifting up these communities increases the health of everybody. finally, with our fight against covid-19, we will listen to the science and protect the font -- earlier this month i nominated dr. air calandra -- dr. eric lander, i also nominated dr. francis arnold and dr. maria zuber to co-chair be cast -- p
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cast that president eisenhower started. it is a team of america's top scientists charged with asking the most important questions, what is next? what is the next big breakthrough? to help us make the impossible possible. today i will sign a member in her -- sign a memorandum to make sure they will speak freely and directly to me, the vice president, and the american people. it is a whole government approach at climate change as a
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center of our domestic and foreign policy. it is advancing, revitalizing communities and farmlands. our plan is ambitious, that we are america, we are bold, we are unwavering in the pursuit of jobs and science and discovery. we can do this, we must do this, and we will do this. i'm now going to sign the executive order for american jobs and the climate crisis and ingenuity. i'm going to sign that now. [signing document] pres. biden: the first order
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that i am signing is tackling the climate crisis in america and abroad. this next one is instilling trust in the government's science and evidenced based -- restoring trust in the government's science and evidence based policymaking. and over here, this last one is creating a council of advisors on science and technology. i think you all for your time.
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-- i thank you all for your time. [talking over one another] >> the senate veterans affairs committee begins today at dachshund -- or listen live on the free radio app.


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