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tv   Arlington Ceremony at Tomb of the Unknown Soldier  CSPAN  January 23, 2021 9:43pm-10:00pm EST

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[cheers] [cheers] [applause]
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>> following the pass and review ceremony, president biden and vice president harris motorcaded to arlington national ceremony in virginia for a wreath-laying ceremony at the. tomb of the unknown soldier. . former presidents obama, clinton, and bush and their spouses also attended.
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>> honor guard, attention. forward, march.
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halt! present arms. ♪ ["the star spangled banner"
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plays] >> [indiscernible]
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>> present arms. [drumroll] [drumroll] [drumroll] [drumroll] ♪
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["taps" plays]
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>> order, arms. >> mr. president, i will ask you to please --[indiscernible]
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>> after the wreathlaying at arlington national cemetery, the presidential motorcade traveled to the white house with a military escort. as the presidential limo approached the white house, mr. biden and the first lady walked the rest of the way before entering the executive residence. later, vice president harris and her family walk to the executive of


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