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tv   Pres.- Elect Biden Discusses COVID-19 Relief Proposal  CSPAN  January 14, 2021 7:18pm-7:46pm EST

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about the u.s. economy. markus: thanks a lot. fantastic to have you with us. thank you even more for saving not only the u.s. economy but the whole global economy in march and april of 2020. i'm convinced without the action of the fed, we'll be in a totally different word these days. deep gratitude for doing that. thanks again and hope you stay in touch. ♪♪ >> you're watching c-span, unfiltered view of government. c-span was created by america's cable television companies in 1979. today, we're brought to you by these television companies who provide c-span to viewers as a public service. >> vice president pence participated in a security briefing for inauguration, the
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fbi, u.s. secret service and national guard outlined some of their plans to keep things secure and safe. >> we all lived through this day, january 6th. >> we leave this program now to you bring you live coverage of president-elect joe biden as he deliver remarks for his legislative package to respond the pandemic. this is live coverage on c-span. >> she never knew she had the virus, at the time most folks never heard about the virus. just like that, she was gone. almost exactly one year later, nearly 400,000 of our fellow americans have met the same cruel fate. family and friends left behind with unrelenting grief, angry and frustration. the emptiness felt by the loss
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of life is compounded by the loss of our way of life. during this pandemic, millions of americans through no fault of their own, have lost a dignity and respect that comes with at job and a paycheck. millions of americans never thought they'll be out of work, they are facing eviction, waiting for hours in their cars to feed their families as they drive up to a food bank. millions have kept their jobs or seen their hours and paychecks reduced barely hanging on as well. that's happening today in the united states of america. just as mist of dark winter of this pandemic as cases, hospitalizations and deaths spike at record levels, there's
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real pain overwhelming the real economy. one where people rely on paychecks, not their investments to pay for the bills and their meals and their children's needs. you won't see this pain if you score card is how things are going on wall street. you will see it very clearly if you examine what the twin crises of of pandemic and this sinking economy have laid bare. the growing divide between those few people at the very top who are doing quite well in this economy, and the rest of america. just since this pandemic began, the wealth, the top 1% of the nation has grown roughly $1.5 trillion since the end of last year. four times the amount for the
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entire bottom 50% of american wage earners. some 18 million americans are still relying on unemployment insurance, some 400,000 small businesses have permanently closed their doors. it's not hard to see that we're in the middle of of once and several generations economic crises, once in several generations public health crises. the crises of deep human suffering is in plain sight. there's no time to waste. we have to act, we have to act now. this is what economist are telling us. more importantly, it's what the values we hold dear in our heart as americans are telling us. growing chorus of top economist agree that the moment of crises in this moment of crises,
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interest rates at historic lows, we cannot afford inaction. it's not just a smart fiscal investment are more urgent than ever, the return on those investments and jobs, racial equity, will prevent long-term economic damage and the benefits will far surpass the cost. growing number of top economist has shown, even our debt situation will be more stable, not less stable if we seize this moment with vision and purpose. tonight, i like to talk to you about our way forward. two-step plan of rescue and recovery. two-step plan to build a bridge to the other side of the crises we face to a better, stronger, more secure america. tonight, i'll lay out my first step. the american rescue plan.
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it will tackle the pandemic and get direct financial assistance and relief to americans who need it the most. next month, my first appearance before joint session of congress, i will lay out my bill, back, better recovery plan. it will make historic investments in infrastructure. infrastructure, manufacturing, innovation, research and development and clean energy and investments in a caregiving economy and skills and training needed by workers to compete and win in a global economy in the coming years. moody's an independent wall street firm, said my approach will create more than 18 million good paying jobs. our rescue and recovery plan is a path forward with both seriousness of purpose and a
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clear plan with transparency and accountability with a call for unity that is equally necessary. unity is not some pie in the sky dream. it's a practical step to getting the things we have to get done as a country get done together. as i said in december, bipartisan covid-19 relief package was a very important first step. i'm grateful for the democrats and republicans and independent members of congress who came together to get it done. i said at the time, it's just a down payment. we need more action. more bipartisanship. we need to move quickly. we need to move fast. our rescue plan starts aggressively in order to speed up our national covid-19 response. the vaccines offer so much hope, we're grateful to the scientists and researchers and everyone who
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participated in the clinical trials. we're also grateful for the rigorous review and testing that has led to millions of people around the world already being vaccinated safely. but, the vaccine rollout in the united states has been a dismal failure thus far. tomorrow, i will lay out our vaccination plan. to correct course and meet our goal, 100 million shots end of my first 100 days as president. this is one of the most challenging operational efforts we have undertaken as a nation. we'll have to move heaven and other to get more people vaccinated, to create more places for them to get vaccinated. to mobilize more medical teams to get shots in people's arms to increase vaccine supply and to get it out the door as fast as possible. we'll also do everything we can to keep our educators and students safe to safely reopen
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majority of our k through 8 schools bring end of the first 100 days. we can do this if we give the school districts, the schools themselves the communities, the states, the clear guidance they need as well as the resources they need this they can't afford right now because of the economic dilemma they're in. that means more testing and transportation, additional cleaning and sanitizing services in those schools, protective equipment and ventilation systems in those schools. need to make sure that workers who have covid-19 symptoms, are quarantined and those who need to take care of their family members with covid-19 symptoms, should be able to stay home from work and still get paid. this will reduce the spread of the virus and make sure workers get the support they need to maintain their families. but, they need about -- we need
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about $400 billion in funding from congress to make all of what i just said happen. it's a great deal but i'm convinced we're ready to get this done. the health of our nation is at stake. our rescue plan also includes immediate relief to american's hardest hit in most in need. we will finish the job of getting total of $2000 in cash relief to people who need it the most. the $600 already appropriated simply not enough. you have to have choose between paying rent and putting food on the table. even from those who kept their jobs, these checks are really important. you see if you're an american worker, making $40,000 a year with less than $400 in savings, maybe you've lost hours or maybe you're doing fewer shift, driving a truck or caring if the kids or elderly, you're out
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there. putting your lie on the line to work during this pandemic and worry every week you'll get sick or lose your job or worse. $2000 is going to go a long way to ease that pain. also provide more peace of mind for struggling families by extending unemployment insurance beyond the end of march for millions of workers. that means 18 million americans currently running out ever unemployment benefits while they look for work, can count on these checks to continue to be there. plus, $400 per week supplement so people can make ends meet. this gets money quickly into the pockets of millions of americans who will spend it immediately on food and rent and other basic needs. as the economist tell us that helps the whole economy grow. it will tackle the growing hunger crises in america.
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as i speak, and vice president-elect spoken to this many times, one in seven households in america, more than one in five black and latino households in america, report, they don't have enough emergency nutritional assistance for 4 million children and their families enrolled in the snap program through the rest of this year. it will help hard had the hit restaurants provide food for the hungry. we'll invest $3 billion in making sure mothers and their young children have the new tradition they need. this will not only meet our moral obligation we have to one another but it will spur economic growth, get restaurants and workers back on the job and as we work to keep people from going hungry, loss of work to
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keep a roof over their heads, to stem the groaning eviction prosuccess. approximately 14 million americans are falling behind on rent, many at risk of eviction. if we don't act now, there will be a wave of infections over the coming months as people have nowhere to go. next week we'll take action to extend nationwide extension on evictions and four closures. this will provide more than 25 million americans greater stability instead of living on the edge every single month and i'm asking congress to do its part by funding rental assistance for 14 million hard-hit families and tenants and it will also be a bridge to economic recovery for countless
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mom and pop land marks. these crisis are straining the budgets of cities and states and communities that are forced to consider layoffs and service ricings of the most needed workers. millions of people putting their lives at risk are the very people now at risk of losing their jocks. police officers, firefighters. all first responders, nurses, educators. you know. over the last year alone, over 600,000 educators have lost their jobs in our cities and towns. our rescue plan will provide emergency funding to cheap these special workers on the job and maintain a sense of service. we'll ensure that vaccines are administered and schools can reopen. vice president-elect harris and i have been peek -- speaking with county officials, mayors
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and governors on a regular basis. we're ready to work with them, help them get the help they need. our plan will also help small business. the root of the economic recovery and holding the communities together. but they're hurting badly and they account for nearly half of the entire u.s. workforce. our rescue plan will provide flexible grant that provide those hardest hit small businesses survive the pandemic and the low-cost capital that will help sbrup failures of all backgrounds create and maintain jocks plus provide the essential goods and services that communities depend on. last week i laid out how we'll make sure that our emergency small business relief is indicted swiftly and equitably, unlike the first time around.
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we'll focus on small businesses on main street. we'll focus on minority small businesses, women-owned small businesses and getting them the resources they need to rebuild and we'll be assuring of no waste of fraud. rent relief, food assistance, keeping essential frontline workers on the job. ading small businesses. these are the key elements to the american rescue plan that will lift 12 million americans out of poverty and cut child poverty in half. that's 5 million children limited out of poverty if we move. our plan will reduce poverty in the black community by 1/3. it will reduce poverty in the his panic community by almost 40% and includes much more like
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an increase in the minimum wage to at least $15 an hour. people tell me that's going to be hard to pass. florida just passed it, as guided as that state is. they just passed it. the let's of the country is ready to move as well. there could be a national minimum wage of $15 an hour. no one working 40 hours a week should live believe the poverty line. if you work for less than $15 an hour and work 40 hours a week, you're living in poverty. it includes access to affordable child care that will allow parents, particularly women, to get back to work. i look forward to working with members of cock from both participants and threaten we can move with equal by partisanship to my build back better recovery plan that i will call for next month to generate even more economic growth.
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american manufacturing was the arsenal of democracy in world war ii. it will be so again. imagine a future made in america. all made in america and all by americans. we'll use tearp dollars to rebuild america. we'll buy american products, supporting millions of american jobs. imagine historic investments this research and development, to sharpen america's innovative edge in markets where global initiative is up for grabs. the battery market, artificial intelligence, wireless technology, clean energy. imagine american jocks and ingenuity leading the world. it's time to stop talking on infrastructure and to finally
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start building within infrastructure so we can be more competitive with millions of good-paying jobs putting americans back to work on our roads, our bridges, make them faster, cheaper, cleaner, to transport american-made goods across our country and around the world. that's how we compete and imagine millions of jobs and a care-giving economy to ease the financial burden of caring for young children and aged loved ones. let's make sure our care giver, mostly women, women of color and immigrants have the same pay you quality that -- kuwait -- kuwait that they deserve so we can do -- equality that they deserve. i know what i proposed will not
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come cheaply. but we simply can't afford not to do what i'm proposing. independent respected institutions from around the world from the federal reserve and international monetary fund have underscored the urgency. even wall street firms have spursed the logic, if we reinvest now boldly, smartly, we will strengthen our economy, reduce inquick -- inequity and put our country's bong -- long-term finances on the most sustainable course. we will make sure that everyone pays their fair share.
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asking everyone to pay their fair share at to top so we can make permanent investments to rescue and rebuild america. it's the right thing for our america, the fair thing, the ziegets thing to do. i believe we have a moral anly -- obligation to act now. in this pandemic and america, we cannot let people go hungry. we cannot let people get evicted. we cannot let nurses, educators and others lose their jobbings. we so badly need them. we must act now and act decisively. my fellow americans, the decisions we make in the next few weeks and months are going to determine whether we thrive in a way that benefits all americans or that we stay stuck in a place where those at the top do great, and for economic
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growth for everyone sells just a sfeck at a timor sport and where american prospects ditch, not brighten. these investments will determine whether we reaserment american leadership and out-compete our competitors in a global economy. we're better equipped to do this than any nation in the world. or do we watch them catch up and pass us by. together, i noel which path we'll choose and that includes all americans, so we can tone 21st century. but everyone with all these bold steps, it's going to take time to do get where we need to get. there will be setbacks but i will be honest with you. the more people we in accordance -- vaccinate, the faster we do
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it, the sooner we can save lives and put this pandemic behind us and get back to our lives and loved ones and the sooner we can rescue and rebuild our american economy, the biggest and most profitable engine in the world -- i know it's been nearly a year. it's tested us beyond measure. for all of you who have lost someone, my heart goes out to you. i know that feeling looking at an empty chair across the table. all of you have fallen on hard times, i know you can never get back what you lost, but as your president, i know that every day matters and every person matters . of the very first to the nearly 400,000 lost souls and counting.
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i promise you, we will not forget you. we understand what you're going through. we will never, ever give up and we will come back. we'll come back together. but we didn't get into all of this overnight. we won't get out of it overnight and we can't do it as a separated and divided nation. the only way we can do it is to come together, as fellow merges, as neighbors, as the united states of america and when we do, there's nothing beyond our capacity. i've said this many times. when america acts as one, there's never been a single thing we've been unable to do no matter how consequential this year has been. under all the peril of this moment, i want you to know, i give you my word, i see the promise, the promise as well, we've seen clearly what we face now and i remain so optimistic
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about america. as optimistic as i've ever been. we have everything we need but it will must be demonstrated. so come wednesday, we begin a new chapter. the vice president-elect and i will do our best to meet all the expectations you have as a country and the expectations we have for it. i am confident, truly confident together, together we can get this done and come out better off than when we went into this crisis. god bless you all and may god protect our troops. >> have you heard about bifurcation, sir? [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2021] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> use our website, to follow
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the federal response to the coronavirus outbreak. watch our searchable videos anytime on demand and track the spread with the maps. >> c-span's washington journal. every day we're discussing the news of the day and policy issues that affect you. monday morning, a conversation with covid distribution efforts with andrew dunn then we'll talk about the house republican agenda after donald trump leaves office. watch c-span's washington journal live at 7:00 eastern friday morning and be sure to join in with your phone calls, facebook messages and tweets. >> on friday, avril haynes, the
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biden administration's nominee to be director of intelligence testifies before the senate intelligence committee. watch live at noon eastern on c-span or listen on the free c-span radio a.m. >> the united states supreme court heard three oral arguments this unique dfment week. listen to all three at c-span/supreme court. fan v. sanchez, a case on the detention of non-u.s. citizens and bond hearings while they await transportation. they also heard a case concerning a go college -- georgia college's civil suit against the school -- school and the f.t.c. on injuxes and


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