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tv   Washington Journal Open Phones 2  CSPAN  January 11, 2021 11:13am-11:41am EST

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p.m. eastern on c-span. online at or listen on the c-span radio app. ♪ ♪ >> you are watching c-span, your unfiltered view of government. c-span was created by america's cable television companies in 1979. today, we are brought to you by these television companies who provide c-span to viewers as a public service. here is where we are today on capitol hill. nancy pelosi announcing in a letter to lawmakers last night that she will put a bill on the floor today demanding the vice president mike pence invoke the 25th amendment when it comes to president trump, giving him 24 hours to take action on that, if not, nancy pelosi saying she will move toward impeachment -- toward impeachment this week on capitol hill.
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those efforts to remove president trump and we are asking whether either should happen. the phone lines are split as usual. , (202) 748-8001. , (202) 748-8002. derek in randall's town, maryland. a democrat. caller: good morning. absolutely, pelosi should go ahead. this guy needs to be impeached. the guy is mentally ill. we know that. he doesn't care about anybody but himself. i can guarantee within a week you will be pardoning everybody. another sign of guilt. he needs to be impeached. they need to go ahead with it to send a message. thank you very much. host: when you say pardoning everybody, do you mean pardoning folks who attacked capitol hill? caller: now, he is going to
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,ardon his sons, his daughter he is going to try to pardon himself. we know all of this is getting ready to happen because he knows he is in big trouble after january 20th -- after 20. oft: this is harold out flowery branch, georgia. republican. should president trump be removed? caller: no. ais country has gotten into real bad situation where the communist party is taking over. it is straight out of the communist book, divide and conquer. cause enough trouble, use natural disasters to benefit from, not do anything about, benefit.
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to be intry is going bad shape if this continues. host: do you think president trump bears responsibility for what happened on capitol hill? caller: i think everybody does. commissionerelosi -- mr. schumer, maybe not mr. pentz. pence. this takeover of our government should not stand. host: that is harold in georgia. from usa today, "republicans join cries for trump impeachment." , christhe photos christie. he was on abc's newsweek. [video clip] >> they are going to have to vote their conscious.
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what we had was incitement to riot at the united states capital. we had people killed. to me, there is not a lot of question here. >> you think it was an impeachable offense? >> sure. yeah. >> you will vote to that she would vote to impeach? >> that is exactly what i would do. i am not in there, but that is my opinion. isn't,ting insurrection i do not know what is. host: chris christie from the sunday shows yesterday. for impeachment. housees a majority of the to impeach, conviction with two thirds support in the senate. a lot of steps between now and then. what democrats are focusing on today is there effort to get the
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vice president to invoke the 25th amendment to remove the president from office. we are asking euros, should the president be removed? this is mike from ashburn, virginia. caller: how are you. i think he should be impeached. just take a look at what happened and think about it. he riled up the crowd to go in and murder people. think about it. if it would have gotten out of hand, if they could have got a hold of any of those lawmakers, most of those people went in couldn't tell a democrat from a republican. they would have murdered lawmakers. that would have been donald trump's presidency for life. and getsdy insinuates people riled up to do something, that is heinous. there are some good people in the republican party. but, you can't embrace the
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racist side of those people because those people really don't care about america. they just care about tearing it down. the good people in the republican party, we need them to be the party they were before. host: this is from tony via ,witter about what happened tony is saying "i haven't heard anyone defend the violence in d.c. last week. what i am seeing is a guilt by association strategy, and a policy of collective guilt, both have proven destructive." caller: if you look at the crowd, their world ladies they're just trying to express themselves and be part of the crowd. they had nothing to do with the fringe element. it is not just a fringe element, those are dangerous people for the whole country. you can't embrace a racist group of people who don't like jews, blacks or anybody else, and say
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come be a part of our party. donald trump used that to our fullest. -- to the fullest. he set those people into murder lawmakers. if they would have found you, there was an of guns in that building. host: that is mike and virginia. this is james in fort worth. democrat. -- white supremacists caused the -- but direction from the republican party. the election of barack obama gave us donald trump. i am not saying that every trump voter is racist, but i am saying every racist is a trump voter. the proof is the people who attacked the capital, the extreme right neofascists, the
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proud boys were in there, the militia movements were there, white supremacists were in there. we can't ignore that. donald trump has pandered to the white supremacists since the day he called barack obama a kenyan born muslim. i am a 70 five-year-old vietnam veteran who has voted every time , and i voted mostly for democrats. we cannot allow white supremacist neofascists, which has media support in some places, we cannot allow those people to turn america into a neofascist country. thank you for taking my call. host: from the wall street journal, "law enforcement bracing for more violence. the intelligence group which tracks extremist threats online said the weekend that they have
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armed far-right protests scheduled for january 17." others telling the million militia march in washington january 20, the day president-elect biden would be inaugurated. bidens said the inauguration has been designated a national security event, and given a threat rating that the wednesday events last week did not receive. today if youll were to walk around you would notice of fencing, seven feet tall, placed around the capital and is expected to remain for at least 30 days. daniel and stanford, texas. caller: hello. host: go ahead. not think trump should be impeached. bottom line, he got our embassy moved.
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they had been talking about it for 50 years, and he did it in his first year in office. in three years, we had the best economy in the world. is, hillary clinton. host: to see bear responsibility for what happened last week? caller: north korea is not our ally. 250 thousand social security funds major president. anyhow. bear does president trump responsibility for what happened on capitol hill? caller: what you mean? he didn't invite them there. if that's what you're saying. the country has been stirred up
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for the last four years. elected, theyeven try to impeach him. host: that is daniel in texas. we go to north carolina, independent. caller: think you for taking my call. i have questions. as to what happened in our capital, it was unheard of. speech, inald trump's sons and speech andis it started with giuliani. then his son got up there. you do not fight, i will be in your backyard. it won't be pretty." if that isn't inciting a riot, i do not know what is. the 60's, i heard of
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inciting a riot being against the law. isn't it against the law for donald trump? his lawyer is going to defend him. why isn't he brought up on charges? why isn't his son brought up on charges? i do not know if i should do off or if you might cut me if i try, but i have been watching fox news for a little bit. i have never seen a more prejudiced news station in my life. it donald trump in 2016 when he was running for president said there onan walk out the street, shoot and kill somebody and they will still vote me in. he has proved to the world he actually believes that. guess he should be impeached, yes he should be convicted and and he needs to go to a
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hard-core prison. host: to your questions about incitement, i would point due to to a column in the wall street journal on the opinion pages by jeffrey scott schapiro. he served as assistant attorney general of the district of columbia from 2007 to 2009. he takes up this issue of incitement pertaining to district law. the headline of the column by the way -- president trump is not guilty of incitement but this is what he writes -- " the district law defines a riot as a public disturbance which by tumultuous and violent conduct or the threat thereof creates grave danger of damage or injury to property or persons." there wasrump spoke no public disturbance, only a
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rally. the disturbance came later at the u.s. capitol by a small minority who entered the perimeter and broke the law. they should be prosecuted. the president's critics want him charged for inflaming the emotions of angry americans. that alone does not satisfy the elements of any criminal offense and therefore his speech is protected by the constitution." caller: thank you for taking my call. do not hang up on me. thestice sawyer article, guy in the wall street journal saw your article, the guy in the wall street journal. the speech is limited until point where you incite or cause
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people to commit crimes. have the president of the united states of america that incites people to go to the capital. .hose people had bombs those people had zip ties. they were going to arrest people. they went in there to do bodily harm. they killed one of the capitol police. they murdered him. what organization can you tell me where someone can do what he did and people will still give him all the keys to come in and do whatever he wants to do? he should have been gone on the seventh of january. host: in florida this morning. 10 minutes left in this segment
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of washington journal. do you think president trump should be removed from office? trump's staunchest defenders headed to the morning shows yesterday including jim jordan. he was on fox's sunday morning futures. >> what happened wednesday is a tragedy. it is as wrong as wrong could be but i hope the democrats do not go down this road. we do not know if they are going to. let's hope they do not do that. 75 million americans have been called deplorable to eat at the olive garden. peter strzok said he could smell the trump supporters in a walmart. now the democrats are going to try to remove the president from office seven days before he is set to leave anyway. i do not see how that unites the country.
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senator graham asked vice president -- president-elect joe biden to give a speech to the country and say we should not be pursuing the 25th. we should bring the country together, move forward and return to being america the greatest nation ever. host: congressman jim jordan on fox yesterday. , the questionext of should trump be removed from office out of oklahoma city. caller: first time i have ever called. 52ave been a republican for years. right before the election i switched to independent. in 2016.or trump i have never voted for anyone other than a republican. i am very distressed. i see hypocrisy. i see people who allow their
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party to do one thing and the other party not. yes, he needs to be held accountable. that is the problem. he has not been held accountable. done so much damage to our country, to our party so for the first time i voted for a democrat. i am 73 years old. my heart is broken to see all this. when i see republicans like jim jordan and all these others -- if president trump had been a democrat, they would be on this in a hot minute. terriblerisy is because they want to get away with it but they do not want the other party to get away with it. he needs to be held responsible. host: what was it before the election that was the breaking point for you? listen, i read
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trump's biography in the 90's and he did not have very much character in my opinion. we came down to the election i was shocked he became the know we had so many good people in so i came in with my fingers crossed hoping and praying -- i am a minister's hoping andl -- praying that he had changed. i was trying to believe he was untilto do great -- right he went into all the lies, the deception, the way he has hooked up with prudent -- with putin. my husband is a world traveler. you want to hear what people say around the world about america
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now. it is the saddest thing. i have cried my eyes out over it. host: oklahoma city this morning. this is diane out of slidell, louisiana, republican. i am certainly not in favor of president trump being impeached again. it is bad. he has given unselfishly over ensure ourain to safety. -- as us in position position we have never been in before and i have the utmost respect for all his efforts. certainly there are things that have gone wrong along the way on if we do notut find things in common instant of
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-- instead of finding our differences -- it is my prayer them to lord will cause say where will we find our similarities? we all love america? well let's love america. it would be tragic to impeach a man that has given as sacrificially as he has over these last four years in office. host: diane out of louisiana. at some news from capitol hill when it comes to the capitol police so much attention focused on the capitol police in the last week. attack a new acting cheese -- chief of police after the resignation of the prior chief of police. yoganandapendent --
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be the interim chief of police after the resignation of steven sund. the washington post talks about his efforts trying to get help sooner and capitol efforts to ask members of the capitol police board to a let that happen. he said in his interview that paul irving said before the attacks that he was not confident -- comfortable with the optics of declaring an emergency ahead of the demonstration. suggestednt of arms lean forwardext to and be on alert in case something happens. it was the sixth time sund's request for help was denied. amidst to the cross -- crisis help five more
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times. , another tragic story we found out involving the capitol police, the agency took another hit with the death of off duty -- and off-duty officer two law-enforcement officials said that li bin good died by suicide after being at the scene of the capital violence on iebengood died by suicide after being at the scene itol violence on wednesday. trump ordered flags flown at half mast. this is theck, picture of the hearse carrying his body passed to the u.s.
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capitol and salutes from his fellow capitol police officers. democrat, your next. -- you are next. caller: should trump be impeached? yes. is it practical? no. should he be removed from office? yes. is it practical? no. after hearing from your republican callers, i am humbled. so many people believe so many things that are not true. where are these republican people getting this amiss -- this misinformation? they are being fed it, probably from fox news. they were focusing on the riots in the summer. if you did turn to fox news during that time, all you saw was conflagration.
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you did not see discussion of the underlying matters at hand, which was black lives matter, people trying to draw attention to the fact that they cannot even walk down the street -- they cannot be in their own homes without getting murdered. out,g on, i want to point peaceful protest is a gift of our founders to the people of america. these were not peaceful protests. underlying all that smoke and mace and such is what donald trump had been asking the people of this country to do for two months, which is overturn a fairly conducted election and what the legislators were doing was enforcingng the law. come toe only going to
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the certified electors from the various states as is the law -- certified electors from the various states as is law. listen to lindsey graham's speech. that was what donald trump did not want them to do. he called people to the capital riot and to= disrupt that lawful process. i want biden to be a peacemaker. i think he needs to bring the country together. on a positive note, the last time i called in, we were discussing the confederate flag. nascar that week pull down the flag. the people of mississippi --thank you, mississippi --
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they got rid of the confederate flag and then voted in the most beautiful flag in the union. it has a magnolia blossom in the middle, the only state i know with flour on it. that is something -- flower on it. that is something we can look towards. we need to put our differences aside and move forward together. host: >> one of the flags of the u.s. capitol at half staff in honor of officer brian sicknick, one of the five who perished as a result of the mob vilest an attack on the u.s. capitol last wednesday. the u.s. house gaveled him at 11:00 a.m. and came in briefly seeking to consider a resolution


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