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tv   U.S. House of Representatives Debate on Objection to Arizona Electoral...  CSPAN  January 10, 2021 1:22pm-2:23pm EST

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>> a few minutes later, debate began in the house about the protests against arizona's electoral votes. the debate continued for just under an hour until the house chamber was cleared because of the security breach at the capitol. rep. pelosi: the chair will remind embers of the need to adhere to the requirements of the chamber as laid out in the ofaker's announced policies january 4, 2021 in agreement with the advice of the attending physician. members are advised to remain in the chamber only if they are participating in debate and must wear a mask at all time, even when under direct recognition for debate. members must also practice proper social distancing when present in the chamber. let the record show that there
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is a gross violation of this guidance on the republican side of the aisle. please, any interest of your own health -- in the interest of your own health and as an example to the american people, abide by the numbers, now up to 25 on each side of the aisle to participate in this stage. pursuant to senate concurrent -- pursuant to senate concurrent resolution one and section 17 of title three of the united states code, when the two houses withdraw from the joint session to count the with everyotes consideration of an objection, a representative may speak to the objection for five minutes and not more than once. debate shall not exceed two
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hours, after which the chair will put in the question, show the objection -- should the objection be agreed to. the clerk will report to the objection made in the joint session. >> objection to counting the electoral votes of the state of arizona. we, a member of the house and a senator, object to the counting of the electoral votes of the state of arizona on the grounds that they were not, under all of the known circumstances, regularly given, signed fall are, representative, state of arizona, ted cruz, senator, state of texas. rep. pelosi: the chair will endeavor to alternate recognition between members speaking in support of the objection and members in opposition to the objection. the chair recognizes the gentleman from louisiana, mr. scully's, for five minutes. to. scalise: i rise today
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object to a number of states that did not follow the constitutional requirement for selecting electors. madam speaker, this is something that is clear that our founding fathers debated about as a fundamental decision of how we choose our president. there was a lot of back-and-forth. if anyone reads the founding documents of our country, about the different versions they went through to ultimately come up with a process where each state has elections, each state has a process for selecting their electors and sending them to washington. and, madam speaker, in a number of those states, that constitutional process was not followed, and that's why we are here to object. if you look at what the requirement says, nowhere in article two, section one does it give the secretary of state of a state that ability. nowhere does it give the governor that ability. nowhere does it give a court
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that ability. it exclusively gives that ability to the legislatures. and in fact, in most states, that's the process that was followed, but for those states that this was not followed, unfortunately this is not new. we have seen, over and over again, more states where the democrat party has gone in and selectively gone around this process. end, madame we have to follow the constitutional process. [applause] there might be reasons why some people do not like the process laid out by a legislative body. madame speaker, i served on one of those legislative bodies when i was in the state legislature for 12 years. i served on the house and governmental affairs committee, where we wrote the laws for our state's elections, and i can tell you, when we had to make changes, those were extensively negotiated. we would have people on both
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sides, republicans and democrats, come to get together and work through those changes. any minute change to how a precinct would function, to how a change would be made in the time of an election, signature requirements, all of the many s.ings that involve you would see people, and give testimony, madame speaker -- you would see people come and give testimony, madame speaker. it was an open process, by the way. now behind closed doors in a smoke filled room where someone might want to bully a secretary of state to get a different version that would benefit them. that is not what our founding fathers said was the process. they laid out that process. and so when we would have to make those changes that were in public view, they were heavily debated. and then ultimately, those laws
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were changed in advance of the election so everybody knew what the rules were. people on both sides how to play the rules before the game started, not getting somewhere in the process and saying, well, you do not think it will benefit you, so you try to go around the constitution. that is not how our system works. it has gotten out of hand. and so president trump is calling this out. president trump has stood up, and so many of us have stood up to it. over 100 of my colleagues, madame speaker, asked the supreme court to address this problem just a few weeks ago. unfortunately, the court chose to punt. they did not answer one way or the other. they did not want to get in the middle of this discussion. we do not have that luxury today. we have to discuss this. we have to fix this. on our first full day of this congress, many of us
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brought legislation onto the house floor to start fixing the problems with our elections, to restore integrity to the election process, which has been lost by so many millions of americans. and we had a vote. every single republican voted to reform the process. every single democrat voted against it. they don't want to fix this problem. but the constitution is our guide. and it's time we start following the constitution. it's time we get back to what our founding fathers set is the process for selecting electors. that's the legislatures. in public view. not behind closed doors. let's get back to rule of law and follow the constitution. i yelled back the balance of my time. back the balance of my time.
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>> for what purpose does the gentlewoman from california seek recognition? >> this day marks a crossroads for american democracy. those who have objected to the counting of the electoral college votes with -- which reflect the votes of the american people want to substitute their press -- preferences for the voters choice. if congress selects the next president instead of american voters, we will have no need for an electoral college. in fact we would have no need for presidential elections at all. we would be moving from government elected by the people to a government selected by those already governing.
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that's not america. in the united states, we abide by the choices of the people, not an elite few. they wrote article two and the 12th amended. article two creates the electoral college, where each state appoints electors. d.c.of all 50 states and require electors. each day provides for the orderly conduct of elections including lawful challenges and the like. the 12th amendment is what brings us to today. the amendment says the electors shall cast their votes, transmit them to us sealed. the sealed envelopes containing the signed certified ballots reflecting the votes of the people are in those mahogany boxes. the president of the
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senate to do only this. open the sealed envelopes and then the vote shall be counted. simple. it doesn't say counted in a manner that some members of congress or the vice president mike prefer. the boats are simply to be counted as certified and transmitted by the state. more than one slate of electors were appointed by states during reconstruction and the civil war. processes were undertaken in presidential elections and as a result, congress enacted the electoral count act of 1880 seven. this law governs our proceedings today. the act provides dispute resolution mechanisms. are no competing slates from that stave -- state, the government certified slate must be counted. a single state submitted a competing slate. dispute to worse --
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resolve. the 2020 election was the most secure election conducted in modern history. resolve multiple recounts and audits. more than 60 lawsuits were filed contesting elements of the electoral process. none of these lawsuits prevailed. as even president trump's own judicial appointees ruled, there was no evidence of any wrongdoing that would change the outcome. the people spoke. the margin was larger than trump's margin in 2016. it is one of the most decisive victories in modern times. congress has gathered in joint session to cast electoral votes since 1780years
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nine. i understand the disappointment people feel when their candidate for president loses. when that happens, it's not an invitation to bend the constitution and the laws of the united states. it's an invitation to work with the new president for the good of the country. to upholdcolleagues the american democracy and reject the objection and i yield back the balance of my time. >> the gentleman from ohio seeks recognition. to support the objection. americans instinctively know there was something wrong with this election. -- 50resident biden
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people at the event. president trump with just one rally gets 50,000. by eight and, iowa florida by three. somehow, the guy who never left his house wins the election? 80 million americans. republicans and democrats have doubts about this election and 60 million people think it was stolen. democrats say no problem. everything is fine. we ask for an investigation. nadler andrman chairwoman maloney for an investigation. they said no. wouldn't want to investigate something half the electorate has doubts about. why not one single
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investigation? why not even one single hearing in the united states house of representatives? because all the democrats care about is making sure donald trump isn't president. 2016, before he was elected the first time. jim comey's fbi takes out the insurance policy. opens an investigation on the president based on nothing. bob mueller names special counsel. he investigates the russia hoax. 19 lawyers. 40 agents and $40 million of taxpayer money for nothing. december 18, 2019. democrat house members vote to increase -- impeach president trump based on anonymous whistleblower no first-hand knowledge who was biased against the president and worked for joe biden.
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tried, none of that worked. they threw everything they had at him. so what did they do next? they changed the rules. they changed the election law and unconstitutional fashion. clear.stitution is state legislatures and only state legislatures set election law. losses voterhe registration ends on october 5. democrats went to court, got an obama appointed judge. no debate. no discussion. they just did it. pennsylvania same thing. pennsylvania law says mail-in ballots have to be invited click p.m. election day. supreme court said we are going to extend it. they took it to friday. extended the election three days.
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pennsylvania law says mail-in ballots require signature verification. democratic secretary of state said no. i'm going to decide by myself that it doesn't. for 2.6 million ballots. pennsylvania law says mail-in ballots can't be processed until election day. some counties said no. you can imagine which counties they were. democrat run counties said no and allowed ballots to be cured and fixed before election day. they did an end run around the constitution in every state that republicans will object to today. every single one. it was a pattern. it was their template. they did it in arizona. they did it in georgia. they did it in michigan, pennsylvania, nevada and wisconsin. some members say, don't worry about it. we shouldn't do anything. just let it go.
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it's just six states. what if it's 10 states the next time. 2028 it is2024 or half the states. we are the final check and balance. the authority rests with us. congress rightes where the founders wanted it. an both forject to this objection to the arizona electors. i yield back.
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>> the gentleman from california. >> i rise in opposition to the objection. >> the gentleman is recognized without objection for five minutes. >> america performed an extraordinary feat. conducted aitizens free and fair election. vindicating our founders belief once again that we were capable of self-government and a peaceful transition of power. the american people chose joe biden to be there next president by an enormous margin. conduct of that election was not an accident. it was the result of the dedicated work of thousands of volunteers, canvassers, poll workers, electors and state and local election officials. when the conduct of any state election was challenged, the courts heard unsubstantiated
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claims of fraud, found they had no merit and said so. important, the american people persevered. in the midst of the worst pandemic in a century, america had one of the most impressive elections in a century with historic voter turnout. our fellow citizens did their civic duty. the question we face today is will we do ours. aat we are here with substantial number of our members seeking to overturn an election is remarkable, tragic and all too predictable. of it is the national result a locomotive set in motion months ago with a myth. for weeks, a dangerous falsehood was prosecuted that our election would be marred by massive fraud. same mind it was the election which brought the very men and women to this chamber who would challenge its results.
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has consistency when measured against ambition? georgia senator from said that able men, learned men, distinguished men, great men in the eyes of the nation seemed intent on accomplishing a party triumph without regard to the consequences of the country. that is human nature. that is he said, unfortunately party nature. was he right? we stand in a house which was once the place of giants. have we become so small? does our oath to uphold the constitution taken just days ago mean so very little? i think not. i believe to quote elijah cummings that we are better than that.
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i think elisha would be proud that the debate here today is not between democrats and republicans and that some republicans including the republican leader of the senate remain devoted to the principle that we are a nation of laws, not individuals, let alone a single individual. neway seem unfair to the members who have only just taken the oath for the first time that they should be so soon tested with one of the most consequential votes they may cast no matter how long they serve. it is so and none of us can think -- shrink from that responsibility. nor can we console ourselves with the intoxicating fiction that we can break that oath without consequence because doing so will not succeed in overturning the election. whenth is no less broken the breaking fails to achieve its and. we must be mindful that any who would seek to overturn an election would do injury to our constitution.
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our actions today will put another train in motion. this election will not be overturned, but what about the next. or the one after that. our shall we say when democratic legacy is no more substantial than the air except that we brought trouble to our own house and inherited the wind? we hadn't the first time a contentious election and it won't be the last. a closely lost contested election to thomas jefferson in the first peaceful transition of power from one party to another in our history. adams chose to skip the inaugural activities, but he did what leaders are required to do in a democratic government when they lose. he went home. he went home.
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jefferson -- has my time expired? victoryter refer to his as the roof pollution of 1800 marveled it had occurred by the rational and peaceful instruments of reform. the suffrage of the people. it has never been our place to overturn an election and if we hope to remain a democracy, it never will. >> the gentleman from arizona. the gentleman is recognized for five minutes. cannot -- and the electors from the state of michigan and nevada because election integrity is the heart of our american constitutional republic. thatst be able to trust our elections accurately
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represent the will of the american voter. appropriate forum anticipated for and provided by sureounders to make compliedhis election the constitution we are
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sworn to protect. the debate as to the legitimacy the 2028 presidential election has been suppressed by the left and its propagandists in the media. state legislators are required to determine the manner in which electors are chosen. -- identifies what candidates electors are required to vote for, should that candidate obtain the majority of votes in a general election. it also establishes deadlines for voter registration. this year, the deadline was october 5. early voting commenced two days later. a group filed a lawsuit demanding that in arizona election official not enforce the deadline. the federal district court decided some even allowed for registration when voting at arizona's new deadline would be a time he chose, not the legislators. the court noted that the arizona deadline established by the state legislature was sound and appropriate and complied with the constitution. but the appellate court merely shortened the bypassing to 10
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days. note that the arizona legislature was no longer in control of appointing presidential electors because the court had set a new deadline. even though the appellate court found the legislatures's deadline was constitutionally sound. during that window, more than 32,000 voters registered. here are copies of those voter registration records. in going around the deadline set by the legislature, the court ignored the arizona legislature's obligation and right to direct a mentor for choosing presidential electors as set forth in article two section one. as a consequence of that judicial usurpation, more than 32,000 people were allowed to unlawfully cast ballots in arizona's presidential election in 2020. the arizona legislature seeks an independent audit of the election. the governor refuses to call them into a special session. the county board of supervisors has refused to comply with subpoenas.
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arizonans have used the limited amount of records to investigate the 2020 presidential election. of a limited sample of 1000 addresses of voters, they found 539 voters did not live at the addresses on the voter rolls. stack of 1000 declaration of affidavits supporting that. i object to counting the votes of presidential electors because they went around the legislative measure -- allowing tens of thousands to unlawfully cast votes. the legislatures being obstructed in its efforts and what little evidence we have has produced this evidence which indicates a significant problem with the integrity of the presidential election. madam speaker, i ask that my
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written comments together with the buddhist -- the voter registration records permitted in contravention of state law. pertain to the votes from electors along with approximately 1000 affidavits in declarations pertaining to potential voter fraud in arizona and the statement of congressman randy weber of texas be part of the record. >> for what purpose does the gentleman from maryland seek recognition? >> opposition to the objection. >> the gentleman is recognized for five minutes. >> i want to thank you first and all my dear beloved colleagues for your love and tenderness which my family and i will never forget.
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[applause] thank you again. , whose name is a comfort to us all, said we've got the best government the world ever knew. it's best because the first three words of the constitution tell us who governs here. we the people. watch the proceeding today and tell the world with pride as lincoln did about the brilliant meaning and promise of our country. our government belongs to the people. fordson, here, the people rule.
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today we are in the people's house to complete -- complete the people's process for choosing our president. we assemble in joint session for a solemn purpose that we have all sworn in sacred oath to faithfully discharge. the 12th amendment obligates each and every one of us to count the electoral votes, to recognize the will of the people in the 2020 presidential election. we are not here, madam speaker, to vote for the candidate we want. we are here to recognize the candidate the people actually voted for in the states. , the 2020 election is over. and the people have spoken. so biden received more than 80 million votes, 7 million more than president trump. a number larger than any other president has received in u.s.
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history. the sweeping popular victory translated into an electoral victory of 306 to i marched with president trump pronounced a landslide when he won by those exact same numbers in 2016. the cases brought by those hard-working senate pages. these mahogany cases contain only the 538 electoral votes that were sent in by the states. thathe 159 million ballots were cast by our constituents. those were counted two months ago i hundreds of thousands of election officials and poll workers. to deliver what our department of homeland security called the most secure election in american history. many of these officials have
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endured threats of retribution, violence and even death just for doing their job. vote forthe popular biden. this was the electoral vote. mitch mcconnell recognized the electoral college has spoken. congratulateto president-elect joe biden. yet we have seen escalating attacks on our election with unfounded claims of fraud and corruption. within 60 losses have been brought today. they have failed repeatedly and spectacularly. every objection we hear today maligning our states has been litigated, adjudicated and obliterated in federal and state court. has had more than two months in court looking for a judge to embrace these arguments. than 50 cases, they have
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meticulously rejected the president's claims of fraud and corruption. stephen grunberg last year to blocktrump's prayer certifications seeing as he has no basis in fact or law. dismissed the lawsuit seeking to overturn the results in wisconsin, calling it extraordinary. a sitting president has asked for federal court help in setting aside the popular vote based on issues he plainly could have raised before the vote occurred. this court has allowed the plaintiff to make his case and he has lost on the merits. the rule ofked for law to be followed and he said definitively, it has been.
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i have been a constitutional law professor for 30 years and if i were to test my students on these decisions, it would be the easiest test in the world because the plaintiffs have lost nearly every case and every issue in the most sweeping terms. there is no basis in fact or law to justify the unprecedented -- we aret is being here to count the votes. let us do our job. >> for what purpose does the gentleman from colorado seek recognition? >> i rise to support the objection. >> the gentlewoman is recognized for five minutes. >> i want you to all know that i am not here this -- to challenge
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anyone to a duel like alexander hamilton or aaron burr. madame speaker, my primary objection to the counting of the electoral votes of the state of arizona is based on the constitution and the direction of state legislatures through state law as spelled out in the following clauses. each state shall appoint in such as the legislature may direct a number of electors and the election clause
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constitution -- the times, places and manners. arizona law set by the state legislature has required voter registration in no later than 29 days before an election. this is clear. it is law. unless amended by the state legislature. the deadline for voter registration for the 2020 presidential election was october 5. democrats filed a lawsuit to extend this deadline by 18 days and an injunction was made by an obama appointed judge preventing the arizona secretary of state from enforcing the constitutional deadline set by the state legislature. as a result of this frivolous partisan lawsuit, and extra days were added via judicial fiat to allow voter registration. after voting had already begun. this is completely indefensible. you cannot change the rules of an election when it is under way and expect the american people to trust it. day period, at least
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30,000 voters are registered to vote in arizona. all of these votes are unconstitutional. it does not matter if they voted for president trump or vice president biden. they did not register in time for the election. either we have laws or we do not. bewe allow election laws to .gnored and manipulated partisan lawsuit. unelected bureaucrats. >> order.
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>> the house will be in order. >> if we allow election laws to be an -- ignored and manipulated, then our constitutional republic will cease to exist. the oath that i took to defend and support the constitution makes it necessary for me to object to this travesty. otherwise the laws merely become suggestions to be accepted, rejected or manipulated by those that did not pass them. i have constituents. i promised to be their voice. equalmy separate but obligation to weigh in on this and object. are we not a government by and for the people? election is not right and as their representative i am sent here to represent them. i will not allow the people to be ignored. it is my duty under the u.s. constitution to object. the members who stand here today and accept the results of this concentrated, coordinated partisan effort by democrats where every fraudulent vote canceled out the vote of an honest america. i yield the balance of my time to the gentleman from florida.
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asmadame speaker, i rise to support the election. honestly tell
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americans that with pending legislation over allowed tovers not ,bserve and inspect signatures that the laws and constitution of that state were not violated to change voting outcomes? i will wait for a response. >> 25 seconds remaining. >> can you honestly tell americans that with pending supreme court case over legal observers not being able to inspect signatures that the laws and constitution of arizona were not violated to change voting
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outcomes. i will wait for a response. >> the gentleman's time has expired. >> madame speaker, i rise in opposition to the objection. >> five minutes. >> today is an important day. in 1862, during the depths of the civil war, president lincoln submitted his annual message to congress and in he wrote the following. fellow citizens, we cannot escape history. we of this congress and this administration will be remembered in spite of ourselves. fire really trial through which we pass -- the last best hope of earth. we gather today to ensure the survival of her grand american experiment. the greatest democracy this world has ever known. and there are millions of people watching today's proceedings. the eyes of the world are on us now. my colleagues wondering if we the faith. wondering if our constitutional republic will hold.
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will we adhere to our that solemn, visionary document that has guided us so well for so long and enable peaceful transfer of power for the last 230 years? will we continue to be a country premised on the consent of the governed? congress that respects the will of the people and a republic that will endure? those are the questions before us today. mike question -- is not whether joe biden was elected the 46th president of the united states. he clearly was. the people of arizona, like so much of the country spoke clearly and resoundingly. they voted in record numbers and over 81 million americans selected joe biden as the next president. today, we hear from some in this chamber vague claims of fraud. no substance. no evidence. no facts. no explanation for why over 88 judges across this land have rejected the very same claims. line speaker, the bottom
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is this. as my colleague representative , then so eloquently put it people have spoken. that is why on december 14, the -- electoral college
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met to certify as they have done for centuries. they met. they met their duty and they once again rose to the occasion and certified the election. the question now is will we do ours. i note there are many textual list among us who would understand that the constitution must guide our work today and the constitution is crystal clear. article two, section one, clause three reads the president of the senate shall in the presence of the senate and the house open all the certificates and the votes shall then be counted. the person having the greatest number of votes shall be the president. that's it. period. our job is not to replace the judgment made by the american people with our own. and yet that is precisely what so many of my colleagues ask this body to do. to substitute their judgment for the express will of the american people. in america we don't do that. in the united states we accept the results of free and fair elections. we don't ignore the voters an to install a preferred into power. that doesn't happen here. close with this.
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our task is a very simple one. to honor the voice of the people, to honor our , to count the votes, certify this election and begin to heal this great country of ours. i pray each of us may find the courage to do so. with that i yield back. >> and for what purpose does the gentleman from louisiana seek recognition? >> i rise in support of the objection. we have a solemn responsibility today. we must vote to substate -- sustain objections submitted by states that we genuinely believe clearly violated the constitution in the presidential election of 2020. this is the threshold legal question before us. we have to repeat this for emphasis because a lot of people seem to be confused. because judges and not the state legislatures changed the rules of the election. theona clearly violated plain language of the
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constitution in its selection of presidential electors. constitutionf our recognized that elections were susceptible to corruption. electoraled the college as a safeguard and expressly empowered date legislators to ensure the integrity of our system. legislatures were given the authority to direct the manner of appointing presidential electors because it was so important. the supreme court has previously ofirmed the appointment these electors is placed absolutely and wholly with the legislatures of the several states. that authority can never be taken away or abdicated. the arizona legislature did enact detailed rules and procedures that that state was determined and supposed to follow -- as we've heard, and by the way, i thousand pages of evidence have just been submitted on the facts on this.
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those rules and procedures were deliberately changed. they weren't changed by the legislature. they were changed by judges. limitedtions were not to interpretations of existing law. they were substantive wholesale changes. that's a usurpation of the authority. that was repeated across the country this year. it's one of the reasons why the election of 2020 became riddled with an unprecedented number of serious allegations of fraud and irregularities all over the country. national polls indicate that a huge percentage of americans now have serious doubts about the of ourreliability election system itself. since we are convinced that the wereion laws in arizona changed and unconstitutional manner, we have a responsibility today. the slates of electors produced under those modified laws are
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unconstitutional, they are not regularly given or lawfully certified. and they are invalid on their face. that's to list the conclusion they have to reach. we believe we have no choice today but to vote to some stain objections to those electors. esther raskin and others have cited the 12th amendment. they have asserted that congress is just supposed to count the electoral votes that have been submitted. those advocates overlooked a critical first principle. only true so is long as congress first is convinced that the electoral process thatd by a violated the constitution. congress is positioned as a last bulwark.
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this.preme court spoke to they plainly knowledge this important role of congress. famous bush v gore litigation that everyone remembers. it was unanimous. they noted strict adherence to the provision of the electoral account active may create a safe harbor for estate. unanimously, the court said since title three section five contains a principle of federal law -- if they followed all the prescriptions there. , is attemptedre to be changed by state court, that is the problem. that they said congress might deem to be a change in the law. that is precisely why we are here right now. justice rehnquist and scalia and thomas joined in a concurrent opinion and reiterated this point.
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presentscant departure a federal question. it's a big problem for us and it's one we cannot get around. i urge my colleagues today to follow the law and follow our congressional oath. support andsed to defend the constitution. >> for what purpose does the gentleman from arizona seek recognition? >> i rise in opposition to the objection. >> the gentleman is recognized for five minutes. >> this exercise in futility that congress is undertaking is at the behest of republican members of congress. overturn the presidential election and grant donald trump four more years is the motivation behind it.
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to continue a baseless conspiracy fueled threat to our democracy makes no sense. because there is no viable constitutional or legal path to that willhe election make vice president biden and senator harris president and vice president of the united states after january 20. this whole of process is the weakening of our democracy and the threatening of our democracy. beginning with arizona, congress is being asked to chase down a rabbit hole baseless, discredited and judicially discarded fringe conspiracy theories. at for the record, let's talk little bit about arizona. state and local officials didn't unbelievable job to ensure that the 2020 elections ran smoothly. mr. hickman, the republican
2:15 pm
-- the largest county in the state of arizona said matter how you voted, this election was administered with integrity, transparency, and in accordance with state laws. arizona showed up to the polls in record numbers. county andn every 65% of all eligible voters in arizona noted in the 20 election. arizonans cast ballots up and down and 11 electoral votes were granted to joe biden and kamala harris based on their victory in arizona. that's the story. in addition to the presidency, these races include nine members of the state congressional delegations that are with you. republicanm my colleagues.
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these members have already been seated. they do not question the accuracy of arizona's 2020 yet myns to suggest -- republican colleagues question the presidential election. say they ares may only asking questions and seeking to reassure voters, but let us be clear these questions have been answered by the voters and by the courts. rather than accepting the answers and the results of the election, they are fanning the flames of unfounded suspicion and once again creating a very real and dangerous threat to our democracy. again, our friends do not question the outcome of their own elections. i asked my colleagues to reject this objection, to respect the
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will of the voters. add somendamentally preservation to our democracy from any future damage that this effort that we are undertaking in this house today and in the furtheroday does not damage our democracy. >> for what purpose does the gentleman from arizona seek recognition? >> i rise in support of my objection. >> the gentleman is recognized for five minutes. >> madame speaker, i filed my challenge on the slate of electors from the state of arizona that was put forward by governor ducey of arizona. i ask to you is simple. do not count these electors until and unless the secretary
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of state allows a forensic audit of the election, a request he has denied repeatedly. we have been told that even though this was public election using public money on public machines utilizing public employees, the public today has no ability to simply double check the veracity of these results. if the presidential election was a football game, we would get a slow motion view from multiple angles. but not so. no review for you. the dominion voting machines with a documented history of enabling fraud through its now to credited adjudication system that allows one person to change tens of thousands of votes in mere minutes. arizona,audit done in a court found 3% error rate against president trump. vice president biden's margin of error was 1/10 of that at .03%.
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by the way, a 3% error rate at minimum is 90,000 ballots. after finding the 3% error rate, the court stopped the audit and refused to go further. in arizona as my attachment makes clear, maryland ballots were altered on the first day of counting as shown in data graphs. over 400,000 mail-in ballots were altered, switched from president trump to biden or completely erased from president trump's totals. is in the cards that cannot occur with lots -- odds that are so rare and unlikely, that winning the lottery is more probable. can i have ordering the chamber? >> the house will be in order.
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the house will be in order. members will take their seats. the house will be in order.
2:21 pm
we can get order here. if we can get order, we can resume.
2:22 pm
without objection, the chair declares the house in recess. >> after the house suspended its proceedings, they would not return until almost seven hours later once order was restored. the senates's work was also interrupted. here's a look at their debate on arizona's electoral college votes weaving up to the president pro tem of the senate, chuck grassley, declaring a recess because of the security break.


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