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tv   Joint Session for Counting of Electoral College Ballots  CSPAN  January 6, 2021 7:00pm-9:04pm EST

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sense. what happened today is what happens when nonsense and absolute absurdity and insanity are there is a difference between freedom of speech and doing the right thing. host: ryan, i have to jump in spir, democrat of california, a congresswoman who has been on capitol hill, trump has given us no choice. 25th amendment we need to get. host: gary in central point,
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oregon. have you been watching and what are your thoughts? caller: i have been watching and good points and bad points to everybody who has spoken. ultimately, i believe they finish theeading and electoral college. i think the bullying as far as trying to hold back any further objections goes against the constitution. think it is pretty clear, the constitution hasn't been violated in arizona because that was the only state that made it that far. and if the governor doesn't release the voting even after court ordered, what does she have to hide? therelays a lot into this is this hidden game of -- it
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falls into swing states run by democrats that got democrat back door rules applied the voting that didn't follow the constitution. i think -- host: one of the states that was going to be objected and see if it happens and one of the next states if they reconvene here is georgia, which is run by a republican governor. caller: that was one of the states that the they didn't go through -- like arizona, for instance, they changed the voting policies after voting had already started. georgia was a separate topic all together and i'm interested to see what they say. i mean, i'm willing to listen to
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go both sides and hear and make the judgment myself, but, you know, follow the constitution, follow the letter of the constitution. all the democrats on the other side are saying the same thing. i mean even down to biden stepped up and said follow the onstitution. ost: you are on the air. >> i want to thank you for your position of neutrality being a professional and being the best to convey that.
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i know other news station you can hear a political slant to it. are you able to hear me? host: i can. caller: i believe in our rights to protest and i protested at the capitol and i respect those protestors that do that but when we stop the political process and breach those buildings, that's when the thin blue line stands between chaos and the actions of the government. when i saw one video where the policeman was backing up the stairs and he did not stand his ground, which is he needed to do to stop them as soon as he picked up a baton and he should have stopped them. as hard as that is to see, it's reality and necessity of what
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needs to happen in order for us to continue our democratic process. president trump ego just stops him from accepting the fact that he lost the election. that's a fact. and that's just the way that is. host: how did you vote in the last election? caller: i voted -- not what i would have preferred, but i had to vote for biden. two-party system is one of our difficulties. the two-party system gives you limited choice. one direction or the other. we need a balance, even a third party that we could vote for that we could enhance political positions from both sides. there is goodness in the republican and democratic parties. and we need to have a third
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party option so we can vote for that option. host: ok. reporters are saying that twitter has removed three of the president's three tweets which caped his video and the other on what he claimed was a fraudulent election. what have you been thinking? caller: there are people of america needs to remember the pledge of allegiance. i pledge allegiance to the united states of america, one nation under god, indivisible for liberty and justice for all. we don't have to follow a man. we need to keep our minds thinking for the the best of
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this country and what i have seen on tv today is not america. this is not the best of america. america is better than this and trump did not come on tv until he was asked to do so. so his followers need to think about this. america is better than this. host: i'm going to read this from twitter.
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host: when did you first start watching this and what was your mmediate reaction? caller: i was super surprised to be honest. host: what did you think about it? caller: say i'm a monk ki and you are a banana. host: we move on to patty. caller: i don't condone but i condoned black lives matter and need voter i.d. for the united doing and the media quick
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analysis and give fair and impartial reporting with no agenda. we definitely need term limits for congress, both the senate and the house. there are too many career politicians that have been in there forever and forever and do not listen to the american people. bipartisanship needs to come back. the american people are tired of all the bickering and we can't dept can't get our leaders, we are their leaders, if we can't get them to compromise, then they need to be voted out. and i'm just so sick and tired f both sides arguing and not compromising. host: patty reports from the white house for bloomberg that resh off of having trump the travel photo lid the president
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won't speak to the press tonight other than more tweets. they locked his account. dan in largo, florida. caller: thank you for everything you are doing for america. i believe we need to impeach trump right now before he does nymore harm to our country and guilty of a catastrophic failure to his oath of office. and the only fraud we have in america is donald trump. no fraud in the election, but he ontinues to make these false comments and continues to pillage our government in the f.b.i. and he has hurt america. and he needs to be stopped. and i thank you for this opportunity to speak.
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have a great night. host: heidi in hudson, new york. caller: you are doing a very good job. my thought right from the beginning was when law enforcement is supposed to protect an area, a building, a business, a police station, whatever, from a mob, there are certain equipment and procedures from people who storm the place, thiff tear gas. what was happening here and i don't hear anybody. the law enforcement was not doing what they normally do. my thought was where were the orders for them to stand down. and the officers just backing up the stairs. why did he not deploy his taser.
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he was under orders not to. under any normal circumstances, law enforcement would do that. i saw all the good security. everyone knew there was going to be a disturbance. where were the orders coming from? host: there are a lot of questions that happened today that will be unpacked and likely addressed by this 117th congress. let's show you the moment in the house when they were debating the electoral college vote when the capitol was breached and went into recess.
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the speaker pro tempore: we can resume. [indiscernible speech]
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the speaker pro tempore: without objection. the chair declares the house in recess. host: the house went into recess almost five hours ago and the capitol police tried to get control of the capitol building and the protestors that had roke -- broken in and gotten inside. you have seen the pictures into the speaker's office, into the chamber. right now the complex has been cleared and the lawmakers are hoping that they can reconvene in the house and the senate in their respective chambers and continue on with tonight. according to congressional reports on capitol hill, there are still lawmakers who are sheltering in place in an
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undisclosed. a lot of soul searching and bipartisan talks are happening. and members are hell bent on returning to to the count. fox news is reporting that senator rand paul says i don't think there is going to be another objection. i think it's over. let's go to eric in seattle washington. eric. caller: thank you so much for hedding light on the issues. i think that our country of 328 million people have a right to have their elected officials elect them properly and i have written my representatives and senators to initiate article 25 or impeachment or sanction those involved in watering down the
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capitol police to have this. and i implore to write to their representatives and have them represent them in a way they would like to be represented. i'm embarrassed for our country and the legacy that my family has invested in this country since the 1700's has been sold by this presidency and its representatives and i'm sad listening to your coverage today. and i haven't seen anything like my lifetime and i'm in my mid-50's. so those are my points. host: dan in new jersey. caller: i'm so sorry about this demonstration. it really breaks my heart this happened, but i do say that i hope the members that are
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objecting to this protest continue that they don't feel because so many people were arrogant interrupted them and are no longer interested in objecting to the presidential fraud. because i do believe there was fraud and i believe it was not a good election and i just hope it doesn't discourage the ones who are defending the president to stop doing so because of a few people who were stupid and should never have gone to the limit that they went to. protesting outside is one thing but going inside is absurd and ridiculous. and i'm so ashamed of these people who did that. host: the kansas city star
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editorial board, kansas city, josh haully who said he was going to object to the electoral college votes in pennsylvania, the editorial, assault on democracy has blood on his hands. and no one owner president trump more responsible than the coupe attempt and senator hawley who put out a fundraising appeal while the cue attempt. his is not a protest but one woman. "washington post" while lawmakers were sheltering. no longer can it be asked has here ever been a high ratio of ambition. awley's actions and deserves a
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blame of the blood. he was first to say he would oppose the certification. that motivation. the rush to senator cruz and other members to put a show of loyalty to the president. after mayhem. hawley put out a brief statement. thank you to the brave law enforcement. the violence must end. those must be prosecuted and congress must get back to work. so modest senator. failing to note your key role. d condolence from our friend long the world recognized. mitch in richmond, virginia.
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and that's how you can identify eople. >> members are advised as far as the house sergeant at arms that he building is safe, we will resume debate. after debate, the house is expected to vote by groups. following the votes, the house will reconvene to count electoral ballots for president and vice president. members and staff shall remain grounds. itol
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up on capitol hill, law enforcement has been brought in. the barriers have been erected around the capitol and the protestors pushed back. you will watch the house proceedings right here on c-span and the senate debate over that arizona objection over on c-span 2. when the house reconvenes the joint session for continuation of counting of electoral votes, the senators will do as they did earlier today and will gather and will go into the house chamber. we believe, we don't know how this will play out. that's what they did before. but there are security concerns. so we will wait and see what happens. but the minority leader said 8:00 p.m. and less than 40 minutes away from 8:00 p.m. eastern time when
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convene. e would re jack jee in st. louis, missouri. caller: can you hear me? i want to say first of all as a physician here in st. louis, it is disheartening to see all of those people out there without masks exposing themselves and others and the only other point i wanted to make, it was heartbreaking to see an assault on our democracy and the way the capitol police were responding. they will looked lot gentler than we have seen against plaque live matters protestors. they were using pepper spray and not tear gas and not some of the other ways that other people
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have been responded to. that was incredit apply heartbreaking both as a physician and also as a plaque person. and i'm thankful to the senators that are continuing to not allow our democracy to become under siege. i want to thank you and all members of our congress, both democratic and republican for not relenting to violence. hank you so much, greta. host: we are not part of the government. we are funded by your dollars by however you receive cable. i want to make sure that's clear. and most days we don't have our own cameras in the house and senate chamber. house the video from the and senate. cat lynn collins who reports from the white house. hearing despite, president trump
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doesn't want his republican allies. there has been discussion among g.o.p. senators but the president wants them toll keep fighting it. to be determined what they will do. steve miller --
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>> i know with that little signature looks like nothing of a person's signature and we have all this time prior to the next election to work on this and like arizona and i can see where that should have gone over with the state changing the laws prior to the election and giving two extra days same as pennsylvania. host: what about all of the court challenges and 60 judges dismissing the cases either because the parties didn't have standing or no evidence of fraud or irregularities presented in these cases? caller: i don't know what to say about that. and you know and i know and a lot of -- and i am for trump and today was upsetting but not to
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the peaceful protestors and i'm tired of them saying they were rioters. maybe 1% broke in. but there is a way to get into the elections and have them validated. people who aren't citizens who are voted. host: you want to see these objections continuing? caller: i think it's necessary. it shouldn't be, but i think it is. the united back in states capitol. 7:30 p.m. here on the east coast and expecting the senate to reconvene. and afterwards the house will come back in. and there are plans to do so. they will as the majority leader
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said continue to the objections to the arizona electoral college votes. after that debate ends, they will have a vote on that objection and then presume apply reconvene the joint session. that takes place in the house chamber with the senators making their way through the capitol and into the house chamber exactly where you saw the protestors today. the capitol police with the help of other law enforcement have cleared the complex. scott long is tweeting out. first lady's chief of staff and former white house press of ecretary resigned over violent protests. similar owna in california. aller:
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indiscernible] host: difficult to hear you. governor o'malley said he never left the capitol. to facilitate efforts to secure the capitol
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and reconvene congress and we will finish the people's business. ony in st. cloud, florida. theer: i have been watching first thing i want to mention i don't know how to discuss today's events with my children, randchildren and my teenaged great-grandchildren. i have no words to describe what occurred. i don't thing is, believe that there has been any mall feesance or fraud in the elections that occurred or the states would not have certified the elections. the third thing i want to mention is, i think that it's
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time someone initiate whatever the process is to activate the 25th amendment to remove having any ump from presidential powers for the next two weeks, because in my opinion, he has clearly gone over the edge of the cliff. and i'm concerned what he might do next that could really be etrimental to our country. i don't understand why there weren't barriers out in front of the capitol today. and i don't understand why they weren't allowed to have more police presence nor were they allowed to be at least as active
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and forceful as they were with the black lives matter crowd. . the way, i'm 78 years old nd the crowd today was treated clearly a lot different. and it just didn't -- it didn't seem real to me. i thought -- i didn't know what i was watching. and thank you for taking my call. i appreciate the hard work you at c-span and i will be watching until you get off the air tonight, thank you greta. host: we are continuing on with this. we will continue here on c-span. paul who reports for the "washington post." the electoral college certificates are being marched
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back into the senate chamber. a message from mitt romney to objectors and four south carolina depop members. those who continue this --
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>> when the covid hit, i was uspect -- i have been suspect. indiscernible] caller: what strikes me. they didn't give me much evidence to run with this russia
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clution things for years and ran for it with little evidence. and the these people accused the president of treason. host: the mayor of d.c. has issued a statewide curfew and started at 6:00 p.m. and supposed to go until tomorrow morning 6:00 a.m. and extended that starting until thursday 6:00 a.m. essential workers and media are exempt. at is the city-wide curfew eing sent out. caller: hello. host: what have you been thinking today? raised inwas born and
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d.c. d.c. is my hometown. and it hurts me to see my friends and my family in danger because of this violent mob that has been unleashed on my hometown. i'm also astonished at the difference in police response to today's rioters breaching the nited states capitol [indiscernible] i find that astonishing that there is such a difference. nd not particularly surprised. i'm horrified by what is happening but i'm horrified that so many people don't understand the severity and the seriousness
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of doing this. reporter, lawmakers led, tear gas -- host: dick sherman of punch bowl news says -- caller: thank you, greta. i have several comments and run through as quickly as i can. there was a lady that called earlier about obama about being a two-term president and trump is upset because he lost.
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what was obama's legacy and he had none and he was there for two years. let's move on to what happened today. where was the sergeant-at-arms. does he not have some responsibility in this? and also, yes, this was stolen from the american people. where are all these people being bused in by who? we know. t's by biden's team. and people should have been behind him because he was president. but not even biden stood behind the president then. do you think the american people ant to stand behind biden. the man needs to be replaced, period.
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>> we appreciate this platform that you have made available to everybody to let everybody be heard regardless of their views. thank you very much. you are doing a wonderful job and i really appreciate it.
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host: amanda in san diego. thank you for taking my all. mainstream media has been biased against trump. nothing he says is good. indiscernible] d then also -- indiscernible]
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ost: wanda in texas. -- r: congress should not [indiscernible] >> the judges were afraid for various reasons and not truly hearing the evidence of the massive voter fraud and irregularities that happened in the 2020 election. host: you think the judges were afraid? caller: they are all afraid. if they did their job along with democrat pressure -- indiscernible] ost: kyle, phoenix, arizona.
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caller: how are you? what i was thinking was mainstream media came quick to say that the capitol police failed. the capitol police did not fail. their use of force model, they out to work every day, they take into consideration the scrutiny under police force right now. the congress and members in the senate weigh in on what levels of force that they can use and were more than likely culpable in telling those police officers to stand down or use less force so there wouldn't be any political fallout. that is point one.
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point two, for the last four years, we have seen black lives matter and antifa have flee rein across the united states. these individuals although they didn't go about it the correct worse saw blm do a lot based on criminals of jacob blake and george floyd. ey burnt down cities and got far more political change than we will see from these individuals today. just to reiterate, plaque lives matter and antifa are far worse than what happened today. host: you are not condoning the violence up there? you are not condoning the violence that happened up there?
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caller: i'm not condoning any sort of violence. what i'm saying a great many of your callers have been comparing this to b.l.m. host: president clinton -- st: jonathan martin of the "new york times" saying --
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host: charles in washington, north carolina. charles. caller: i have a pretty short comment. and basically about the elephant in the room and talked about the constitution. basically this is all about the constitution and the state constitution in four, five of these states which clearly broken and went around republican legislatures and that broke their own state laws, ok? then the supreme court ignored when theyly voted 4-4 were one person short and ignored the thing. and then they clearly broke article 2 of our constitution. and that's what the problem is. it's not going to go away.
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you can't excuse it and can't be hypocrites about it. and when you use the constitution in your favor only when it suits your purpose, but ignore it when it doesn't suit your purpose, we have truly lost the country and that's why the people were there. and i did not see a big riot. they were peaceful. and to plend in -- host: let's go back to the moment when security was broken and the protestors entered the capitol building. this is what happened on the house floor. the speaker pro tempore: the . use will be in order the house will be in order. [indiscernible speech]
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the speaker pro tempore: we can resume.
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the speaker pro tempore: without objection, the chair declares the house in recess. pursuant to clause 12-b of rule 1. host: from the house floor earlier today and gaveled into a recess and that is where things stand right now. a live shot of the capitol. security has been beefed up. more police officers including d.c. police, national guard, law enforcement from virginia and maryland all on the scene at the capitol complex. it has been cleared and the leadership in both the house and the senate say they intend to reconvene today's proceedings of recounting the electoral college votes. we reached out to two. josh hawley has not yet agreed to drop his vote to pennsylvania despite lobbying from members of
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the conference. the republican senator ted cruz d paul gosar had objected to arizona's about 15 minutes into today's joint session. that required them, the house lawmakers and senate lawmakers to retreat to their chambers and debate that objection. when they come back in, we believe that is where they will pick up. there is also earlier today reports that georgia senator kelley loffler who is serving out the term of johnny isakson of georgia and just lost that race last night and still senator, that she would object to georgia's electoral and josh hawley of missouri had planned
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to object to pennsylvania's electoral college vote. they are going in alphabet call order and georgia would be up next after about seven states. and you will watch and see what happens as negotiations sounds like they are continuing bysome republicans to get these other republicans to not go forward with their objection. while we wait for the house and the senate to reconvene, your thoughts on this day. josh in louisiana. caller: i would just would like to say, if you look at this march today, there were no burning of police cars, buildings, small businesses, i don't promote but antifa are not going to show up with trump
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flags and not show how they are repping. they went in there with a plan with a very precise plan and accomplished what they wanted. host: what proof do you have? caller: it will come out. it will be clearly coming out. aller: quite a day turn of vents in the country, historic moment. these events in my opinion are not surprising. if you understand the real conditions we live under at this --ge in capitalism, you have what you had today was a middle adventurism. at
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these are not working. they come in here and engage in this type of adventurism and we see it from the ultraleft. and these type of actions are not surprising and will probably continue because the stage of capitalism present sip tates this alienation and political violence. because we have so much alienation in the country, these type of outbreaks are likely to occur. if they shed light on the hypocrisy as the state doling ut and group of -- host: we are a couple of a nutes away from the senate reconvening.
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here is the video. escorting senators to the capitol. the joint session expected to resume at 8:00 p.m. they are being escorted unclear if they are going to go into a joint session right away. they will resume their debate over the arizona objection. the objection to the arizona electoral college votes. we will see what happens. here on c-span is where you can watch the house floor proceedings and over on c-span2, you can watch the senate. i'm going to try to get you in, daniel, and georgia. -- in georgia. to say i just wanted there are a lot of people who are not holding their leaders responsible for perpetuating
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this whole entire voter fraud scheme. one person i want to call out theifically is the queen of 14th congressional district freshman, marjorie taylor greene, who refused to wear a mask while being sworn in, then called nancy pelosi and the hypocrites. i find it hypocritical of her. i even spoke with her staff and her office today, trying to get her to stop with her twitter account today and this morning, where she was saying steel.s an election she is just as guilty as donald trump era she was herself promoting the fight for trump come all morning long. nobody is bringing up the gop senators. nobody is speaking out against her. i want to be the first person in georgia to say that we need to do something to have all of these leaders recalled, because
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he perpetuated the violence that happened on the capital today. and one thing that i grab its me about some of these callers is they are not taking responsibility for their crazy belief that it is a stolen election. host: ok, daniel. post editorial board has called for the president's removal. charles fallbrook, california. caller: you have done a heck of a job. host: when have you been thinking, charles? caller: i'm an expert on my collar crime. i'm very observing of things you do. and c-span, the owner of the phones that were taken in statuary hall, -- in century hall -- in sanctuary how. host: say you can?
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i'm not sure, what is your point? caller: i need them. i will tell you what i saw. i'm observing is an expert. the hall leading into was wearing a certain kind of escort, aby a police capitol police man. and that policemen led him up three flights of stairs to the thetors' gallery, into house of representatives. i need that film, you need that film, mr. trump needs that film. this is a falsehood. i believe i have seen that man led up by a specific patrol. host: i'm going to leave it there. a lot of speculation. terrence? karen in believe it is
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columbus, ohio. this is the first time i have an imminenty seen threat to the house. imminent threat to the security of the house. it became an insurrection the moment they breached the building. they shouldn't go home peacefully. they should turn themselves into the authorities and be prosecuted. i feel bad for them. they have been misled just like all the other people who were following this guy, who uses his position of power to do nothing but insight fear and violence and hatred -- incite fear and violence and hatred, and now insurrections. who: senator mike braun, rejected the vote so there in the day come on whether he will object again -- i think today changed things drastically, whatever point you made before, that should suffice.
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we should get this ugly behind us. we are waiting for the senate to reconvene. they are standing in recess. that any moment, they could gavel back in their session, where they left off was debate over the arizona electoral college votes. we will wait and see if they continue with that. if they do, the debate will go 5n for potentially another 1. hours, our and 45 minutes, then -- willill place take place in the house and the senate. saying allowed the tally of each state's electoral college votes. with the vice president presiding and the speaker of the house next to him in the house chamber. that is how it is supposed to work, we are all waiting to see if that is how it will happen tonight. let's go to lisa in kentucky. lisa? caller: hello, thank you. 25thld like to say the
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amendment needs to be invoked immediately. we need to harken back to win president trump said you can actually stand in the middle of his avenue and shoot someone and never lose a vote. at the time, i thought, well, that is preposterous. but as the cold of trumpism -- cult of trumpism has progressed into what it is today, we can see more and more how this attitude toward trumpism instead of a republican or democrat or democracy has totally been eroded. sayslike -- anything he the people are more than willing to buy and act on, apparently, today. it sets a dangerous precedent. i began to wash the feeds last night on twitter of what was happening in d.c. just utter shock. and how anyone that is an american and a patriot and loves this country can't stand by and allow this to happen, i just pray for all of us and i pray
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everybody does the right thing when they reconvene in moments. host: a political reporter, twitting out the senate is back in the capital, now with armed federal guards. axios, senator from senator cotton, one of mr. allies onst close timeol hill, it is past for the president to accept the results of the election, quit misleading the american people, repudiate mob violence. michael? caller: thank you for having me. in my observation, i highly doubt all of these people out there doing these atrocities, i highly doubt they would be doing this if trump had not been out there repeating these lies. i think it would be a peaceful transfer of power.
8:05 pm
thever, the results of power trump has over his admirers, we are now seeing the actions of people that are easily manipulated. we need to move forward quickly with the current president and hold all accountable. host: kathy, plainville, kansas. kathy? caller: can you hear me? host: we can. caller: i want to say that people better wake up. you think you are shocked and surprised. you need to talk to people from venezuela. the exact same things happened. the same thing happened in venezuela and it is happening here. when the communists take over, you will be shocked and surprised. people need to wake up. host: ok kathy, nbc, twitting out a statement by former president, barack obama, history will remember today's violence on the capital, along with the president who continues to
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about they lie outcome of a lawful election, as a moment of great dishonor and shame for our nation. they are now headed for the 4%. we are waiting for the senate to reconvene. we were told it would happen at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. it is six minutes past the hour. the house is also expected to reconvene tonight. you can watch it right here on c-span. the debate in the senate over on c-span2. when they go into a joint session, which we expect them to do, you can watch that right here on c-span. byron, in minnesota, go ahead. .aller: thank you so much host: i'm going to jump in. if you are watching c-span2, you can watch it right here, the vice president presiding over the senate.
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that itsident pence: was a dark day in the history of the united states capitol. but thanks to the swift efforts of u.s. capitol police, federal, state, and local law enforcement, the violence was quelled. the capital is secured, and the people's work continues. we condemn the violence that took place here in the strongest possible terms. we grieve the loss of life in these hallowed halls, as well as the injuries suffered by those who defended our capital today. and we will always be grateful for the men and women who stayed at their post to defend this historic place. to those who wreaked havoc in our capital today, you did not win. violence never wins.
8:08 pm
freedom wins. and this is still the people's house. and as we reconvene in this chamber, the world will again witness the resilience and forngth of our democracy, even in the wake of unprecedented violence and vandalism at this capital, the elected representatives of the people of the united states have assembled again, on the very same day, to support and defend the constitution of the united states. laws, the bless the injured -- the loss, the injured, and the heroes forged on this day. may god bless those who served here and those who protect this place. and may god bless the united states of america.
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let's get back to work. [applause] >> i ask unanimous consent the democratic leader be allowed to count against two hours of debate in the objection raised on the state of arizona. pence: without objection, so ordered. senator mcconnell: the united states senate will not be intimidated. kept out of this chamber by thugs, mobs, or
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threats. lawlessnessbow to or intimidation. we are back at our posts. we will discharge a duty under the constitution and for our nation. and we are going to do it tonight. this afternoon, congress begin the process of honoring the will of the american people and counting the electoral college votes. we have fulfilled this solemn duty every four years for more than two centuries. whether our nation has been at peace, under all manner of threats, even during an ongoing armed rebellion and a civil war, the clockwork of our democracy has carried on. and the unitedes
8:11 pm
states congress have faced much theter threats t-- than unhinged crowd we saw today. we will -- we have not been deterred before and we will not be deterred today. the attempts to disrupt our democracy failed. they failed. they failed to attempt to obstruct the congress. this failed insurrection only underscores how crucial the task before us is for our republic. precisely was founded so that the free choice of the american people is what shapes our self-government and determines the destiny of our nation. not force, but the peaceful expression of the popular will.
8:12 pm
we assembled this afternoon tes andt our citizens' vo formalize your choice of the next president. now we are going to finish exactly what we started. we will complete the process the we willy, by the book, follow our presidents, our laws, and our constitution to the letter. the winner certify of the 2020 presidential election. will neverhavior dominate the united states congress. this institution is resilient. our democratic republic a strong. the american people deserve nothing less.
8:13 pm
>> resident franklin roosevelt a day aside that will live in infamy. toortunately, we can now add nor 6, 2021 to that very short list of dates in american history that will live forever in infamy. temple of democracy was desecrated. its windows come -- its windows, smashed, it's offices,
8:14 pm
vandalized. individuals, hurriedly assured out because they were in harm's way. house and senate floors were places of shelter until the evacuations were ordered, leaving rioters to stock these hallowed halls. feared for their lives. i understand that one woman was shot and tragically lost her life. we mourn her and feel for her friends and family. these images were projected to the world. reported thesies harrowing scenes at the very heart of our democracy. this will be a stain on our country, not so easily washed away. indelible terrible,
8:15 pm
legacy of the 45th president of the united states, undoubtedly our worst. i want to be very clear. those who perform these reprehensible acts cannot be called protesters. rioters andre insurrectionists. domestic thugs, terrorists. they do not represent america. there were a few violent extremists that tried to attack a democracy. they must and should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, hopefully by this administration, if not, certainly by the next. they should be provided no leniency. i want to thank the many of the capitol hill police and secret
8:16 pm
service and local police who kept us safe did it and worked to clear the capital and return it to its rightful owners and purpose. i want to thank the leaders, democrat and republican, house with speaker pelosi, leader mcconnell, leader mccarthy and myself, who came together and decided that these thugs would not succeed, that we would finish the work of our -- constitution requires us to complete. in the very legislative chambers of the house and senate that were desecrated, but we know always belong to the people, and do again tonight. mistake, make no mistake, my friends, today's event did not happen spontaneously. the president, who promoted conspiracy theories and motivated these thugs, the president, who extorted them to come to our nations capital, egged them on, he hardly ever
8:17 pm
discourages violence, and more often encourages it. this president there's a great deal of the blame -- this president bears a great deal of the blame. this mob was in part president trump's doing, and cited his incited bylies -- his words, his lies, his responsible that he, his everlasting shame. today's events certainly, certainly would not have happened without him. january 6 will go down as one of the darkest days in recent american history. a final warning to our nation about the consequences of a president,c the captive media that parrots his lies, and the people who follow him, as he attempts to
8:18 pm
push america to the brink of ruin. tonights -- as we reconvene tonight, let us remember, in the end, all this hishas really accomplished delay our work for a few hours. we will resume our responsibilities now, and we will finish our task tonight with the house and senate chambers will be restored good as new and ready for legislating in short order. the counting of the electoral votes is our sacred duty. democracy's roots in this nation are deep, they are strong, and they will not be undone, ever, by a group of thugs. democracy will triumph, as it has for centuries. americans, who were shocked and appalled by the images on their televisions today, and who are worried about the future of this country, let
8:19 pm
me speak to you directly. the divisions in our country clearly run deep, but we are a resilient, forward-looking, and optimistic people. and we will begin the hard work of repairing this nation tonight, because here in america , we do hard things, in america, we always overcome our challenges. i yield the floor. mr.tor mcconnell: president, i yield to minister the senator of oklahoma. vice president pence: the senator from oklahoma. star vice president, you said things were eloquently than we say it in oklahoma. in oklahoma, we would say something like, what in god's name -- why in god's name would someone think attacking the nation's capital is the best way to show that you are right?
8:20 pm
why would you do that? do not run thegs capital, we are the united states of america. we disagree on a lot of things and we have a lot of spirited debate in this room. but we talk it out, and we honor each other. even in our disagreements. that person, that person, that person is not my enemy, that is my fellow american. we disagree on things and disagree strongly at times, we do not encourage what happened today. ever. my fellowjoin toators in saying think you the capitol hill police and law enforcement and national guard, the secret service, who stood in harm's way while we were here debating, they were pushing back. i was literally interrupted midsentence speaking here,
8:21 pm
because we were all unaware of what was happening right outside this room, because of their faithfulness, because of what they had done. and i want to thank them. ronald reagan once said, piece is not the absence of conflict peace, is not the absence of conflict, it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means. the peaceful people in my state of oklahoma want their questions answered, but they do not want this, what happened today. they want to do the right thing. they also want to do it the right way. to honor the constitutional process but have a debate about election security, because they want to make sure it is right. which is why it is an important issue that still meets to be resolved. transparency in government does not seem like a better idea. obviously, the commission that we have asked for is not going to happen at this point.
8:22 pm
i understand that. we are headed towards tonight toward the certification of joe biden to be the president of the united states. and we will work together in this body to be able to city peaceful example of the days -- be able to set a peaceful example for the days ahead. i yield the floor. vice president pence: the senator from nevada. president, -- announcer: the senate has resumed its debate on the electoral vote certification. you can watch all that live on c-span2. we are waiting for the house to come back into session. afternoon,15 this debating the certification for arizona's electoral votes. as soon as the house comes back into session, we will go live there, as well.
8:23 pm
the senate will return to the house chamber at some point. we will watch that. that will be the joint session. they will get back to going to the roster of states, following the debate of arizona, arkansas, and california, the states that are up. we will watch all of that live. if you want to dial in and comment on today's activities, you can see there our numbers. you can see our text number. be sure to include your name and your city. you can see another line as well. cynthia and frank for, kentucky, go ahead. have you been watching all day today, cynthia? i have. good afternoon. things for taking my call. i think that the violence is not the answer, but also people need to be heard.
8:24 pm
the united states used to be a source of great pride, because the people voted for the people there now. but now it seems we the people are never hurt anymore. we have all the financial issues, everything going on. maybe they think they should start listening to the people little bit more? because we are the ones that but for them -- hope for them. host: this is omar in ohio. good evening. caller: good evening. thank you for having me. i was actually watching this joint session life. -- live. about whatsurprised happened. i think at this point we know the next president will be joe biden and president trump should concede the election. at this point. host: who did you vote for? caller: i voted for joe biden. host: why? caller: it was my first time
8:25 pm
voting. i took my time to research the candidates. i watched all of the debates. was a like joe biden better choice than trump. host: as a first-time voter, you said you were surprised that today's events. caller: that is true. host: did you spend the afternoon watching? caller: i watched for a couple of hours, but i had other stuff to do for school. opened the news about two hours ago to continue watching what's happened. host: fix for joining us. the senate has returned to session, live, they are debating the arizona electoral votes, live on c-span2. the house is due to come in shortly to begin their debate, to continue their debate on arizona. we will bring that to you as soon as they come back. al in new jersey, please go ahead and share your thoughts on today. caller: hi.
8:26 pm
i have two comments. after the congress certifies the electoral college vote count, think immediately -- i think immediately, the legislative branch and the executive branch, vice president pence, as the president of the senate, and as vice president, should immediately begin to invoke the 25th amendment. because it is clear that president trump is incompetent, anhe incited an attack, unsuccessful attack, on the other branch of government. secondly, i think that all the added expense that has been incurred by this insurrection should be deducted from the more than $200 million that president trump has raised to farce that the election was not fair and free. it certainly was fair and free and it certainly was -- through
8:27 pm
all his objections and court processes has been shown to be fair and free. host: the president put out a tellingdeo earlier everybody -- calling out the election, but also telling everybody to go home, that we need to be peaceful. twitter pulled that down. do you think that was the right move? caller: i don't agree with twitter moderating free speech in the u.s. if there's going to be a platform for speech, they should allow any wacky person, including the president of the u.s., to say whatever they want. it's up to each individual american to be able to decipher fact from fantasy. unfortunately, we see that half the country, less than a little bit than half the country that voted in the 2020 election, is unable to see fact from fiction, ad actually supported
8:28 pm
mobster, a man who has never earned any money himself, through the grace of his father's inherited money and evading taxes, has perpetrated this myth that he is a successful businessman. in new jersey. this tweet by daniela diaz, the same jibber doors were the ago isf took place hours being cleared for members to return to the joint session, which will be live on c-span as soon as it begins. tammy is in boise, idaho. caller: i just have one question. i wanted to know if my president lied to me today. and if he did, i want him to tell me, and more importantly, i want him to tell the family of the woman who got shot and killed today. i voted for him. i voted for him. [crying]
8:29 pm
and i -- host: that is tammy. dallas is coming in from georgia. dallas, are you with us? caller: i'm here. i was watching all day today. shockeds really when all of this happened. i would have never imagined any of this happening. all i could think of when i saw it was, this is the beginning of the civil war. to i think that we all need start putting politics aside and stop with republicans and democrats, and we need to realize we are all americans. because like the lady just said great before, a woman lost her life -- said before, a woman lost her life. this is unnecessary, it does not have to go on. we all need to find a way to
8:30 pm
move past this. host: that is dallas in georgia. belford is in florida. please go ahead. caller: yes, hi, thank you for taking my call. i just want to say that today, we definitely saw democracy lead today. what took place, it is very heart wrenching. it is sad. it should have never happened. and the blame conflict leave falls -- and the blame completely falls on the president. the 25th amendment should be invoked. the president should be removed until the next administration comes in. day.finitely is a sad family,hat woman's regardless of who she voted for, i sent my prayers for her family. this should have never happened. as a leader has
8:31 pm
failed the american people, whether you are republican, democrat, or what have you, trump has failed america, and it has shown today. thank you. host: cindy from joshua tree, california. good evening. caller: hello. i would like to say thank you so much for taking my call. second of all, i would like to elsebasically to everybody in my age group and younger, i am 26. independent. i am a veteran. i would like to say that the events that happened today, obviously i wholeheartedly condone them, but this is an example of why it is so important for people our age, younger, whoever is able to vote, whoever is able to go and be an activist, it is so important that we do that.
8:32 pm
not, thingse do like what happened today, it's only going to get worse. host: what do you think about what happened today? he said you condemned the events that happened today. if you are going to be an activist, what kind of activist are you going to be? caller: you need to start at obviously the lowest level, in your local community. do what you can do. make sure people are registered to vote. make sure they are informed, so aty can be informed voters, your local level, at your state -- thenhen of course of course, at the country level. host: we are waiting for the house to come back into session. the senate has already returned to session. you can watch it on c-span2. when they came in at about 8:15 this evening, vice president pence made an opening statement,
8:33 pm
the vice president of the senate. vice president pence: the senate will come to order. the vice president as president of the senate will like to give a brief statement. in theas a dark day history of the united states capitol but thanks to the swift efforts of u.s. capitol police, federal, state, and local law enforcement, the violence was quelled. the capital is secured, and the people's work continues. we condemn the violence that took place here in the strongest possible terms. we grieve the loss of life in these hallowed halls, as well as the injuries suffered by those who defended our capital today. and we will always be grateful for the men and women who stayed at their post to defend this
8:34 pm
historic place. to those who wreaked havoc in our capital today, you did not win. violence never wins. freedom wins. and this is still the people's house. and as we reconvene in this chamber, the world will again witness the resilience and strength of our democracy, for even in the wake of unprecedented violence and vandalism at this capital, the capitol, the elected representatives of the people of the united states have assembled again, on the very same day, to support and defend the constitution of the united states. so may god bless the loss, the -- the lost, the injured, and
8:35 pm
the heroes forged on this day. may god bless those who served here and those who protect this place. and may god bless the united states of america. let's get back to work. [applause] that was the vice president about 20 minutes ago one the senate came back into session, according to the vice president's press secretary, vice president pence has returned to the senate. he never left the capital. in vice president was regular contact with house and senate leadership, capitol police, the department of justice, and the department of defense to facilitate efforts to l ande the capito
8:36 pm
reconvene congress, and that we will finish the people's business. that is a live shot of the capitol. usually, people are walking back and forth. the senate is on your far-right. the house chamber is down on the far-left. for the house to come back into session. the senate, you can watch live on c-span2. lauren in great length, texas, go ahead and make your comment about the events of today. caller: hello. people want to lay blame on president trump, wherever, but to me, i think all of this could have been totally avoided several weeks ago if the republicans and the democrats listened to the people and said, you know what? folks are not confident. we need to take a real close look at this, and see if there was any problems with this election. if they would have done that,
8:37 pm
the people would have been satisfied. maybe not everybody. but i know that myself, i would have been satisfied if they at least listened to the people and looked into the irregularities of the selection. i saw a news report there was some activity or protest in austin at the state capitol. do you know anything about that? -- not and about that about that where i live. texas is a good place. host: patricia in georgia. go ahead and make your comments. caller: yes. age that if an remember a time when people ilyld simply discuss -- civ discuss politics and disagree. 1987, i shouldto say, the federal communications commission had a ruling that
8:38 pm
anytime a political position was --ted, on any kind of media host: the fair use doctrine. turn off the volume on your tv and go ahead and finish your point. caller: okay, sorry. made ae somebody political statement in public newspapers, television, radio, people had to be allowed for the opposite. was: why'd you think that good or bad? caller: i know what my own family, when i go to visit, people get up in the morning, they turn on fox news, and they listen to it all day long. i believe a lot of people in america are indoctrinated. host: patricia in oregon. this is harold in alaska.
8:39 pm
harold, good evening to you. caller: good evening. thank you for taking my call. i just have a couple of comments. i've been watching for the past four years, i guess maybe longer , and i am not liking what i see. i think i can speak for everybody here in alaska. democrats,ll of them what they had to do was be honest about the election. host: that is harold in alaska. tweeted out by jake sherman of political, the house is coming back at 9:00 p.m. this evening. that is in about 20 minutes. n waynesville, north carolina. susan, please go ahead and make your comment. caller: i watched it all day.
8:40 pm
i was already watching, hearing what was going on. i watched everything that happened most of the day. i don't believe in any way, shape, or form that trump was trying to incite anything. call on therying to people to breach the capitol building. he was calling for support of the american people. but i think that we should all go ahead and recount every state, because it was not fair. if there is any idea that there is any kind of corruption that went on, been we need to look at -- then we need to look at the evidence. they said earlier, as it was happening, the representative from arizona said there were 1000 pages he brought with him of evidence. why can't they look at the evidence? why does everybody keep turning it down, including the supreme court, including at the state level? why does everybody keep turning the evidence down and not looking at it? let the american people see it. let us decide.
8:41 pm
host: susan, some of the president's fellow republicans in the senate and the house have all said the president needs to --fuiet, he is from ending omenting this violence. do you disagree with that? caller: i disagree with it. i don't think our president needs to be on twitter giving up different information at different times. i don't agree with everything trump has done and everything, but i also don't think he was calling for the american people, the ones out there protesting, supporters, because imho um supporter, i don't think he was calling on us to incite something bad to happen. he was calling on us to stand by and say, let's look at this evidence. i want to know as a voter, i want to know. if hee he is -- because is telling us wrong, if all
8:42 pm
these other people supporting him are telling us run, all of those american people need to know. host: did you consider coming up this week to washington, as a president trump supporter? caller: no, because i've been sick. otherwise, i would have considered it. susan in waynesville, north carolina. when the senate returned at 8:15 this evening, the majority leader, mitch mcconnell, made an opening statement before they returned to the electoral college certification. mcconnell: i ask unanimous consent the democratic leader be allowed to speak and not count against two hours of debate in the objection raised on the state of arizona. vice president pence: without objection, so ordered. majority leader mcconnell: to the american people, the united
8:43 pm
states senate will not be intimidated. we will not be kept out of this chamber by thugs, mobs, or threats. we will not bow to lawlessness or intimidation. we are back at our posts. we will discharge our duty under the constitution and for our nation. and we are going to do it tonight. this afternoon, congress began the process of honoring the will of the american people and counting the electoral college votes. we have fulfilled this solemn duty every four years for more than two centuries. whether our nation has been at war, or at peace, under all manner of threats, even during an ongoing armed rebellion and a civil war, the clockwork of our democracy has carried on.
8:44 pm
the united states and the united states congress have faced much greater threats than the unhinged crowd we saw today. we have never been deterred before, and we will not be deterred today. they tried to disrupt our democracy, they failed. they failed. they failed to attempt to obstruct the congress. this failed insurrection only underscores how crucial the task before us is for our republic. our nation was founded precisely so that the free choice of the american people is what shapes our self-government and determines the destiny of our nation. not fear, not force, but the
8:45 pm
peaceful expression of the popular will. now, we assembled this afternoon to count our citizens' votes and to formalize your choice of the -- their choice of the next president. now we are going to finish exactly what we started. we will complete the process the right way, by the book, we will follow our precedents, our laws, and our constitution to the letter. and we will certify the winner of the 2020 presidential election. criminal behavior will never dominate the united states congress. this institution is resilient. our democratic republic a -- is strong. the american people deserve
8:46 pm
nothing less. host: that was majority leader, mitch mcconnell, about a half-hour ago when the senate reconvened. they are live on c-span2. newseports, this is "not -- deliverli ghtly, trump cabinet secretaries are discussing invoking the 25th amendment to remove president trump. nothing formal yet presented to vice president pence." what do youler, think about today? caller: i have to say, today is just one of the -- it is a very sad day for our country. i am a veteran. afghanistan.iraq,
8:47 pm
and i've got to tell you, our enemies, in my opinion, i believe they are laughing at his. i believe that we have become a joke. -- laughing at us. i believe that we have become a joke. that is what happens when you elect a reality tv said to the oval office. he is an entertainer. he doesn't care about the drama, about a woman losing her life. for what? what about that poor 17-year-old boy in kenosha, wisconsin that thought he was doing the right thing, patrolling the streets and protecting businesses? he killed three people. and he is going to pay for his crimes. he drank the kool-aid, you know. this is like -- i mean, to me, president trump has been, i don't even like calling him , butdent trump
8:48 pm
unfortunately he is still president of the united states. he is like the reverend before i was born, jim jones. he got all those people jerking the kool-aid and commit suicide. this is important, this is a cancer. i've listened to some of the people that you have had on this program before me. and some of these people, they are so brainwashed, they don't understand. one woman said, the election was not so transparent and all this other -- i don't know what it takes for it to be more transparent than what it is, okay? you had to take. , onetened to the tape president trump called georgia, the georgia governor, the secretary of state of georgia, and said, you know, i want you to find me votes. he said, mr. president, we need evidence. trump, haspresident
8:49 pm
refused to give any evidence. host: we are going to leave it there. we got your point. let's hear from ed in myrtle beach, south carolina. what is your reaction to the events of today? caller: well, it was bad. a woman lost her life. this country -- when it comes to civil suit. most civil suits are three to five years. people are put under oath and testimony is given. host: curious as to where you're going with this. caller: i'm just trying to say, trump had two months. when they said there's no evidence, of course there's no evidence. the system didn't work, the system doesn't work for two months. host: we had a caller earlier who said she just wished that
8:50 pm
some of the voting, potential voting irregularities, had been explored, and she would have been satisfied. do you agree with that? caller: yes. this is what i think. if trump had gone to court and loss, no one had set up -- would have said a word. lawsuits andhese testimony was given, evidence were given -- evidence was given and the court ruled against him, everybody would have shut their mouth and trump would have went away. host: that was in myrtle beach, south carolina. the 15reporting that minute bells in the house of representatives have gone off in the capital. 9:00 p.m. back in at straight up, he says. jacoby in tucson. hi. caller: thank you for having me. i wanted to say what happened
8:51 pm
today at the capitol building i don't find a tracting is somebody who studies civil rights movements and revolutions, this is just something unfortunately that was bound to happen. i think it is happening because the american people, at least trump supporters, are now blmizing what their brothers and sisters had been experiencing for decades and centuries now, they are not being listened to and they don't like it. i think they need to take a long, hard look at what they believe and realize that they have brothers and sisters who are in the same position, but against the whole election system, but the system of injustice. i think congress and need toional leadership not sweep this under the rug and take a hard look at why americans have done this. we need to challenge ourselves to look at history and realize what lessons we can learn from our civil rights leaders in the past and see what the people actually want, and that is a correction to the system.
8:52 pm
trump hope all these supporters calling in can listen to themselves and see it is the same things civil rights leadership have been saying for years. host: is it fair to say you are comparing some of the antifa and protests this year with what happened today at the capital? caller: i definitely think so. there's definitely strong parallels there. if people would correlate what is going on and get the message, toy might peacefully be able talk about these things. we don't need to storm the capitol building. martin luther king jr. brat one million people, and they did not break into the capital. i think people need to come together. if they want change like these colors keep saying, these trump supporters keep saying, they need to reach across the aisle and look to their blm brothers and sisters and say, we are on the same side.
8:53 pm
the is how to do with democratic way, not through violence or aggression or name-calling, but we listen to each other. i think that is what we saw here at the capitol building today, a failure to listen to one another and get the messages that people have been saying -- host: are you studying at the university of arizona? caller: yes, i am. host: what is your major? caller: ethics and civil rights. i just finished a lecture course tom i'm not a liberal. i'm an independent. i don't want people to think i'm just some liberal. host: thanks for calling in, sharing your thoughts. kim in port clinton, ohio. what's your reaction of the events of today? caller: i'm a veteran. the actions of today are appalling.
8:54 pm
i evern my life have witnessed anything like this. i feel bad for that lady's family and all the people involved. but this didn't come from the election or today. this has been going on for the last four years. when you look across the aisle, the democrats can't work well with the republicans. -- in thisin that administration wanted to work with president trump. this started four years ago. when they started going after president trump. and then, just increasingly, got worse over time. host: do you see fault with the president's reactions? yeah, he needs sustain off of twitter and be more diplomatic, accepting to change himself.
8:55 pm
this just didn't start from today or the election. this has been going on for the last four years. host: he mentioned the president's told her account, which has been locked, supposedly, for the next 12 hours or so, because of some of the tweets he sent out earlier. this is from sarah matthews, the deputy press secretary at the white house. to serve in the administration and proud of the policies we enacted. a someone who worked in the halls of congress, i was deeply disturbed by what i saw today. i will be stepping down of my role effective immediately. our nation needs a peaceful transfer of power." ronald in colorado. please go ahead with your thoughts. me?er: can you hear host: we are listening, go ahead. caller: i want to make a suggestion to help get our country back together, and not
8:56 pm
divided. congress is elected for the people, by the people. and i notice that the republicans sit on one side of the aisle and the democrats on the other. i would make a suggestion that they have to sit together by state. so if you have a republican and a democrat, they have to sit not byr by their state, their party, that way they can discuss what the people in their state want, not what the party wants. host: that is ronald in texas,o, calling in from jose. hi, jose. caller: good evening. i just wanted to talk about
8:57 pm
tonight's events. as a father of 2, one of them being a three, watching the news together broke my heart today. the future of our country lies in children like mine. and it is sad when we can't come together as a nation and honor what has been around for hundreds and hundreds of years, which is the institution of voting. words matter. i feel like the president has failed for the last four years, he's just been insinuating this violence. there's a thing called presidential decorum. unfortunately, this president likes that. -- lacks that. history,ad day in our just because we are not able to honor that. and really, the people who suffered in this is the future, like my children. it is a sad day. i hope everybody can look past this. it's going to be a dark day in
8:58 pm
our history. i hope we can move forward from this. host: a couple of colors ago, ron from ohio, blamed it on the other side of the issues, the democrats, etc., saying they were inciting the president. know, it's tough to think about what the president should do. this country has had a long history of, whether you are a democrat or a republican with a certain type of belief, i think ,hat matters is the institution and to respect each other's votes and rights. someah, the president has moral responsibility here. i understand he probably has not gotten a fair shot the last four years. but you also have to look at what's happened to our country. we are still in the grips, in
8:59 pm
the middle of the pandemic. probably on the verge of a disaster when it comes to our economy. i unfortunately have been a victim of that myself, losing my job because of covid. there is a lot going on in our country. the last thing that we need right now is for this to happen. jose, fornk you, hosin coming in and sharing -- jose, for coming in and sharing your thoughts with us. this is by zeke miller. theysenate has returned, have been in session for 45 minutes on certification of the electoral college. they are debating arizona. you can see senator dick durbin speaking live, on c-span2. back intois coming session. a 2:15 this afternoon is one everything broke loose -- when everything broke loose, the
9:00 pm
senate when teresa's, all the members fled and were taken to safety. six hours later, the senate came back into session. now the house is about to come back into session. they were in the middle of debating the challenge to the arizona electoral votes when all this happened. so that is where they will pick up. my guess is they will probably make some opening statements. and then they will go back to that debate. at some point the senate will walk back from its chamber when it finishes debating the arizona chamber -- challenge. they will walk back to the house chamber, and then they will move on from there and go through the states in alphabetical order, certifying the electoral college votes. so, whether or not there anymore challenges, there had been talk about challenges in georgia and in pennsylvania as well, whether or not those happen is not known at this point, after the events of today.
9:01 pm
but c-span will be live with the house on c-span, and the senate on c-span 2, until this is all complete. john in east hampton, connecticut. we might have to cut you off, but please go ahead and make a short comment. caller: my father is rolling in his grave over what happened today. normandy, he was in korea. it's just a shame what this country has turned into. portland, oregon, a city that has had some issues with protests of the summer. adam, what is your comment? caller: you know, i just wanted to comment. today was a dark day, and disturbing on many levels. i want to say that the majority of people, as far as i can tell,
9:02 pm
are pretty moderate in their thinking. it is not so much a blue, red, left, right. people are purple. i think this moment really affects those people the most, and people are depressed by it. and i think going forward, i hope this is a pivot point, system ofmism, for a checks and balances, and realizing that this is not a conservative or liberal or democratic or republican issue, necessarily. it really hinges on one man's ego, and that ego has really drawn a line in the sand that has deeply affected, in a negative way, this country. and it is not representative of us, it is not who we are, and we are better than this. we should love why neighbor -- love thy neighbor as thy less of. host: what was the effect of the protests the summer in portland?
9:03 pm
caller: the effect was something that did not strike me as too unusual. portlanders are very passionate about what they believe in. although i think to counsel he mompare bl to -- compare bl to what we saw -- host: i apologize. we have to interrupt you. the house is back live. ful assault was made on our democracy. it cannot, however, deter us from our responsibility to validate the election of joe biden and kamala harris. congress has returned to the capitol. we always knew t responsibility would take us into the night and will stay as long as it takes. our purpose will be accomplished. we must show to the country and to the world that we will not be diverted


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