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tv   Joint Session for Counting of Electoral College Ballots  CSPAN  January 6, 2021 1:00pm-7:01pm EST

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the sergeant at arms: madam speaker, the vice president and the united states senate.
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the speaker: the house comes important, his historic meeting. let us remind that each side, and senate, democrats and 11 blicans, each have members allowed to be present on the floor. in the gallery. guidance of the officiating -- attending hysician and the sergeant at arms. the gentleman on the republican will please isle distancing social and agree to what we have, 11 so that --each side, this sibilities to chamber, to this responsibility, nd to this house of
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representatives. please exit the floor if you do assigned role from your leadership. your staff ifwith you want to have a few more, but cannot be together on the floor of the house with that in here.le senate and he those -- let's go. let's just start. >> madam speaker. vice president pence: madam speaker, members of congress, constitution and the laws of the united states, the senate and house of epresentatives are meeting in joint session to verify the certificates and count the votes
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several ectors in the states for president and vice states.t of the united after ascertainment has been ad, correct in form, the tellers will count and make a list of the votes cast by the states. of the several the tellers on the part of the taken their ve places at the clerk's desk. without objection, the tellers will dispensed with the reading of the formal portions of the certificates. ascertaining that the certificates are regular in form and authentic, the tellers will the votes cast by the electors for each state, alabama. with which the parliamentarians advise me is the only ertificate of vote from that state and purports to be a return from the state that has to it an certificate from an authority of the state or orting to appoint electors.
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president, point of order, a quorum is not present. vice president pence: furred the rise?man from virginia >> parliamentary inquiry, mr. vice president. on a limited number of people be may i ask how one would make an objection or make a parliamentary inquiry in the not on the u're floor but in the gallery? vice president pence: title 3 of united states code, debate is ot permitted in the joint session. >> parliamentary inquiry mr. vice president. i am not -- vice president pence: the recognized. >> i am trying to find out how a parliamentary inquiry or point of order, a quorum is not will be made in following with the speaker's request that most of us not be the floor, how do you make one of those points of order
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know what's going to happen later? vice president pence: espectfully, the gentleman's parliamentary inquiry constitute which is under section 18, united states code. that, bui that, mr. blunt. mr. blunt: mr. president.
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mr. blunt: mr. president. vice president pence: order in the chamber. the gentleman will continue. mr. blunt: the certificate of the electoral vote of the state f alabama seems to be regular in form and authentic and it don't j. erefrom that trump of the state -- donald j. rump of the state of florida received nine votes for president and michael r. pence of the state of indiana received nine votes for vice president.
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vice president pence: are there any objections to counting to the certificate of vote of the alabama that the teller has verified appears to be authentic?form and hearing none, this certificate parliamentarian advises me is the only certificate of vote from that purports to be a return from the state ands a annexed to it from the authority of the state purporting to appoint and ascertain electors. president, the certificate of the electoral vote of the state of alaska seems to be regular in form and it appears d therefrom that donald j. trump florida received three votes for president and michael r. pence of the state of three votes for vice president. vice president pence: are there to objections to counting
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the certificate of vote of the state of alaska that the teller verified, appears to be regular in form and authentic? earing none, this certificate from arizona, the parliamentarian advises me is the only certificate of vote to be a state purports return from the state ands a an certificate from an authority of the state purporting to appoint or electors. mr. president, the certificate of the electoral vote of the state of arizona in form and egular authentic and it appears joseph r. biden
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jr. of the state of delaware 11 votes for president nd kamala d. harris of the state of california received 11 votes for vice president. are there ent pence: any objections to counting the certificate of vote of the state of arizona that the teller has appears to be regular in form and authentic? >> mr. vice president, i, paul -- r from arizona vice president pence: for what purpose does the gentleman from arizona rise? mr. gosar: i rise for myself 60 of my colleagues to object to the counting of the arizona.l ballots from vice president pence: is the objection in writing and signed by a senator? is.gosar: yes, it
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vice president pence: an objection presented in writing nd signed by both a representative and a senator complies with the law. 1 of title 3 of the united states code. he clerk will report the objection. the clerk of the house: objection of counting the electoral votes of the state of arizona. member of the house of representatives and a united senator object to the counting of the electoral votes arizona on the grounds that they were not, all of the known
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circumstances, regularly given. vice president pence: are there urther objections to the certificates from the state of arizona? the chair hears none, the two joint will withdraw from session. each house will deliberate separately on the pending and report its decision back to the joint session. the senate will now retire to its chamber.
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the and democrats who are in the identifying these votes will be defending that joe iden's electoral votes are rightfully his. host: how quickly do you suspect its ouse will gavel into session to debate this objection?
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it could be relatively quickly. each chamberll see will have to, you know, go procedural basic to get debate started. they know this is the first of hat could be up to six objections, which each house has will be te time which extended. there needs to be a vote at the end of these debatesry are to covid re -- debates which are extended due in each restrictions chamber. they know it's a long day and them.ahead of efficiency will be a priority for leadership. host: we see the speaker of the remainsancy pelosi, she in the chair in the chamber. today?ll she be doing guest: she has said she will be during these objections, during debate, validity of he
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president-elect joe biden's electoral votes. of course, she rarely presides over the chamber, which she leads. usually not -- only during very big moments. during the end of impeachment. e see at the start of congress and a few details. ut this shows how important this defense is for democrats allegations of malfeasance in the election. host: all right. now you have said debate is two hours. take the full two hours? that we will see. a ublicans certainly have long list of things they would airing get through in these discrepancies. republicans are split. o the leadership in both the house and senate, republicans, necessarily on -- fully
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onboard with these challenges. use procedural tools. they run the debate. they can even have members who fully onboard with these challenges as some of their speakers. the cause oft help the challenges and could speed things along if they do things time.return their host: ok. so we'll come back to you. 021. in accordance with the advice of the attending physician. members are advised to remain in the chamber only if they're participating in debate and must wear a mask at all times even when under recognition for debate. members must also practice proper social distancing when present in the chamber. let the record show that there
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is a gross violation of this on the from this republican side of the aisle. please in the interest of your own health and as an example to the american people abide by the numbers, now up to 25 on each side of the aisle, to participate in this stage of the debate. pursuant to senate concurrent resolution 1, pursuant to senate concurrent resolution 1, section united tle 3 of the states code, when the two houses withdraw from the joint session to count the electoral vote for separate consideration of an objection, a representative may speak to the objection for five minutes and not more than once. debate shall not exceed two hours. after which the chair will put
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the question, shall the objection be agreed to. the clerk will report the objection made in the joint session. the clerk: objection to counting the electoral votes of the state of arizona. we, a member of the house of representatives, and a united states senator, object to the counting of the electoral votes of the state of arizona on the grounds that they were not, under all of the known circumstances, regularly given. signed, paul gosar, representative, state of arizona, ted cruz, senator, tate of texas. the speaker: the chair will endeavor to alternate recognition between members seeking support of the objection and members seeking opposition to the objection. the chair recognizes the gentleman from louisiana, mr. scalise, for five minutes. mr. scalise: thank you, madam speaker. i rise today to object to a number of states that did not
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follow the constitutional requirement for selecting electors. madam speaker, this is something that is clear that our founding fathers debated about as a fundamental decision of how we choose our president. there was a lot of back and forth, if anyone reads the founding documents of our country, about the different versions they went through to ultimately come up with a process where each state has elections, each state has a process for selecting their electors, and sending them to washington. madam speaker, in a number of those states, that constitutional process was not followed. and that's why we're here to object. if you look at what the requirement says, nowhere in article 2, section 1, does it give the secretary of state of a state that ability. nowhere does it give the governor that about. nowhere does it give a court that ability. it exclusively gives that
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ability to the legislatures. and in fact in most states that's the process that was followed. but for those states that this wasn't followed, unfortunately, this is not new. we've seen over and over again more states where the democrat party has gone in and selectively gone around this process. that has to end, madam speaker. we have to follow the onstitutional process. now there might be reasons why some people don't like the process laid out by a legislative body. madam speaker, i served on one of the -- one of those legislative bodies when i was in the state legislature for 12 years. i served on the house governmental affair committees where we wrote the laws for our state's elections. i can tell you, when we had to make changes, those were extensively negotiated. we would have people on both sides come, republicans and
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democrats, madam speaker, would get together to work through those changes. any minute change, to how a precinct would function. to how a change would be made in the time of an election. signature requirements. all the many things that involve a clerk carrying out the duties in each parish in our case. you would see people come and give testimony, madam speaker. both sides could come. clerks of court were there in the hearing rooms. it was an open process, by the way. not behind closed doors in a smoke-filled room where somebody might want to pullly a secretary of state to get a different version that might benefit them or their party or their candidate. that's not what our founding fathers said is the process. maybe it's how some people wanted to carry it out but they laid out that process. so when we would have to make those changes, they were in public view. they were heavily debated. and then ultimately, those laws were changed in advance of the
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election so everybody knew what the rules were. people on both sides knew how to play the rules before the game started. not getting somewhere in the process an saying well, you don't think it's going to benefit you so you try to go around the constitution. that's not how our system works. it's goten out of hand. so president trump has called this out. and president trump has stood up to it, so many of us have stood up to it. and in fact other 100 of my colleagues, madam speaker, asked the supreme court to address this problem. just a few weeks ago. and unfortunately, the court chose to punt. they didn't answer one way or the other. they didn't want to get in the middle of this discussion. we don't have that luxury today. we have to discuss this. we have to fix this in fact, on our first full day of this congress, many of us brought legislation onto the house floor
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to start fixing the problems with our elections to restore integrity to the election process which has been lost by so many millions of americans. we had a vote. every single republican voted to reform the possess. every single democrat voted against it. they don't want to fix this prob -- they don't want to fix this problem. but the constitution is our guide. an it's time we start following the constitution. it's time we get back to what our founding fathers said is the process for selecting electors. that's the legislatures. and public -- in public view. not behind closed doors. not smoke-filled rooms. not bullying somebody who might get you a better ruling. let's get back to rule of law and follow the constitution, madam speaker. and i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has -- the speaker: the gentleman's time has expired. for what purpose does the for what from --
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purpose does the gentlewoman from california seek recognition? >> to strike the last word. the speaker: without objection, the gentlewoman is recognized for five minutes. >> madam speaker, this day marks a crossroads for american democracy. those who object to the counting of the electoral college votes which reflect the votes of the american people want to substitute their preferences for the voters' choice. ms. lofgren: that's not what our constitution requires and it is at odds with american democratic republic. if congress selects the next president instead of american voters, we'll have no need for an electoral college. we'd have no need for presidential elections at all. we would be moving from a government elected by the people to a government selected by those already governing. that's not america. in the united states, we abade by the choices of the people,
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not an elite view -- elite few. the framers considered whether to have congress select the president and specifically rejected it. instead they wrote article 2 and the 12th amendment. article 2 creates the electoral college where each state appoints electors. laws of all 50 states and d.c. require electors to vote for the winner of the state's popular election. each state provides for the orderly conduct of elections including lawful challenges, recounts and the like. the 12th amendment is what brings us to today. it says the electors meet in their states that happened december 14. the amendment says the electors shall cast their votes, sign and certify them, transmit them to us sealed. that's been done. the sealed envelope continuing the signed, certified ball los of each state's electors reflecting the votes of the people were in those mahogany boxes. the 12th amendment directs the president, vice president as president of the senate to do only this. open the sealed envelopes an
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then the vote shall be counted. simple. it doesn't say count it in a manner that some member of this congress and the vice president might prefer. no. the votes are simply to be counted as certified and transmitted by the states. during reconstruction after the civil war, more than one slate of electors were appointed by tates. dualing lists were cent and as a result to make an orderly process congress enacted the electoral count act of 1887. this law governs our proceedings too. the act proceeds -- provides dispute resolution mechanisms. under the e.c.a. if a governor certifies a state of electors and there are no competing slates from that state, the gorpor's certified slate must be counted. today every single slate of electors won by joe biden or by donald trump got their governor's certification.
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not a single state had a competing slate. challenges were resolved by lawful recounts an audits. the result, vice president biden won the 2020 election. more than 60 lawsuits were filed. contesting elements of the election process. none of these lawsuits prevailed. why? as even president trump's own judicial appointees ruled, there was no evidence of any wrongdoing that would change the outcome. the people spoke. it was not a close election. the margin of victory for biden in 2020 was larger than trump's margin in 2016. in in fact, the biden victory is he most decisive in modern times, more than when reagan in 1980.carter the house meets in joint session electoral votes since
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1849. i felt the same in my voting life, when that happens, it's an invitation to upend the constitution and the laws of the united states. an invitation to work with the new president for the good to wait for y and the next election in four years, if you're dissatisfied. i urge my rit, colleagues to uphold the american democracy and reject objection, and i yield back the balance of my time. speaker: for what purpose does the gentleman from ohio seek recognition? mr. jordan: i rise to support the objection. the speaker: without objection, the gentleman is recognized for five minutes. mr. jordan: americans, americans instinctively know there was with this rong election. during the campaign, vice president biden would go to an people at the 0 event. president trump at just one 50,000
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president trump increases votes with african-americans, increases votes with hispanic, 20 belle weather counties, won ohio by eight, florida by three. million votes than he did in 2016 and house republicans of 27s toup races but somehow the guy who never left election?wins the 80 million americans, 80 million fellow citizens, republicans and democrats, have doubts about this election, and 60 million eople, americans think it was stolen. but democrats say, no problem. worries. everything's fine. we ask for an investigation. we asked chairman nadler, chairwoman maloney for an investigation. no. said wouldn't want to investigate something that half the about.ate has doubts it's just the presidency of the united states. why? not one single investigation, why not even one
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last hearing over the nine weeks in the united states house of representatives? why? care e all the democrats about is making sure president trump isn't president. all they years that's cared about. july 31, 2016, before he was time, jim first comey's f.b.i. takes out the insurance policy. an investigation on the nothing. based on may 17, 2017, bob mueller named special counsel. the ears they investigate russia hoax. agents, and $40 million of taxpayer money for nothing. 18, 2019, democrat house members vote to impeach an ident trump based on anonymous whistleblower with no firsthand knowledge who was biased against the president and worked for joe biden. but none of that worked. as hard as they tried, none of
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that worked. they threw everything they had at him. so what did they do next? rules.anged the they changed the election law, and they did it in an and stitutional fashion, that's what we're going to show over the next several hours of debate. is clear as ion whip scalise just said. legislatures and other state legislatures set election law. says voter the law registration ends on october 5. democrats said we don't care law said. they went to a court, got an obama-appointed judge to extend days. no debate, as steve talked about. no debate, no discussion. they just did it. thing.vania, same pennsylvania law says mail-in ballots have to be in by 8:00 election day. democrat supreme court said, nope. we're going to extend it. day doesn't end on tuesday now. they took it to friday. extended the election three days. legislature. partisan supreme court. ennsylvania law says mail-in
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ballots require signature verification. democrat secretary of state said, nope. decide by myself that it doesn't. ballots.illion pennsylvania law says mail-in ballots can't be processed until day.ion some counties said no. you can imagine which counties were. democrat-run counties said no, and allowed ballots to be cured fixed before election day. end runaround the around the constitution that republicans will object to. it was their pattern. it was their template. they did it in georgia, they did michigan, nevada, they did it in wisconsin. and yet some of our members, members say, don't worry about it. we shouldn't do anything. let it go. it was just six states who
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constitution. what if it's 10 states next time? what if it's 15? what if in 2024, 2028 it's 26 states? hat if it's half the states doing an end run about the constitution? out, we, we are the final check and balance. us, theority rests with united states congress, the body closest to the american people, where the founders wanted it. we should do our duty. object to and vote for his objection to the arizona electors. madam chair, i yield back. the speaker: thank you. for what purpose does the entleman from california seek
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recognition? >> madam speaker, i rise in objection. to the the speaker: the gentleman is recognized, without objection, for five minutes. >> madam speaker, a little more than two months ago, america feat,med an extraordinary under the most trying circumstances in our history, our fellow citizens conducted a fair election. mr. schiff: vindicating our founders' belief, once again, capable of self-government and a peaceful transition of power. on november 3, the american joe biden to be their next president by an enormous margin. successful conduct of that election, among the most secured n american history, was not an accident. it was the result of the dedicated work of thousands of canvassers, poll workers, electors and state and local election officials. state e conduct of any election was challenged, the courts, through judges appointed by democrats and those appointed by republicans, heard
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claims of fraud, found they had no merit, and said so. most important, the american people persevered. in the midst of the worst a century, america had one of the most impressive with ons in a century historic voter turnout. our fellow citizens did their duty. the question we face today is, ours?e do that we are here with a substantial number of our members seeking to overturn an is remarkable, tragic, and all too predictable. the natural result of locomotive set in motion months ago with a myth. for weeks and weeks before, during, and after our election, falsehood was propagated that our election would be marred by massive fraud. was the same election which brought the very en and women to this chamber who would challenge its results. what value has consistency when
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against ambition? a former senator from georgia, contested n a election over a century ago, learned , able men, men, distinguished men, great en in the eyes of the nation seemed intent only on accomplishing a party triumph. without regard to the to the country. that is human nature. unfortunately d, party nature. was he right? we stand in a house, which was giants. place of have we become so small? to uphold the constitution, taken just days very little? i think not. our dear, to quote departed friend, elijah we are better than that. i'm sure he would say the debate
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not between republicans and democrats. some republicans, including the republican leader of the senate, the principle to that we are a nation of laws, a individuals, let alone single individual. it may seem unfair to the new takens who have only just the oath for the first time, hat they should be so soon tested with one of the most consequential votes they may how long they serve, but it is so, and none of s can shrink from that responsibility. nor can we console ourselves with the intoxicating fiction oath e can break that without consequence, because oing so will not succeed in overturning the election. an oath is no less broken when fails to achieve its end. mindful that any who seek to overturn an election will do injury to our whatever the result. for just as the propagation of that dangerous myth about this
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made this moment inevitable, our actions today ill put another train in motion. this election will not be verturned, but what about the next? or the one after that? our shall we say when democratic legacy is no more air, exceptthan the we brought trouble to our own inherited the wind? this isn't the first time we had a contentious election, and it election.he in 1800, john adams lost a election to sted thomas jefferson. nd the first transition of power in our history. adams was hardly pleased with the results, choosing to skip inaugural activities, but he did what leaders are required to o in a democratic government when they lose. home.t home.t
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jefferson -- has my time expired? the speaker: 10 seconds. mr. schiff: would say it's the evolution of 1800 but say it occurred by the instruments of reform, the suffrage of the people. place -- er been our the speaker: the gentleman's time has expired. mr. schiff: to overturn an election. a if we hope to remain democracy it never will be. the speaker: for what purpose arizona gentleman from seek recognition? >> i rise to support the objection. the speaker: without objection, the gentleman is recognized for five minutes. >> thank you, madam speaker. countinge objection to votes of electors from my home state of arizona as well as eorgia, pennsylvania, wisconsin, michigan, and nevada because election integrity is he heart of our american constitutional republic. in a representative form of government, we must be able to elections our accurately represent the will of the american voter.
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appropriate form, anticipated and provided for by ur founders to debate whether this election complied with the constitution that we have all sworn to protect. every particularate of the constitution is to be protected, including article 2, section 1. debate is to the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election has been suppressed by and is propagandaist in the media until today. legislatures are required to determine the manner in which electors are chosen. arizona names its electors on general election ballot and which party should popular if they get the vote in the general election. arizona also establishes eadlines for voter registration. the deadline has been in place years. this year, the voter registration deadline was october 5. commenced two days later. five days before the deadline, a
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a lawsuit demanding that an arizona election enforce the not deadline. the federal district court said hat other states have a deadline later than arizona and some allow for registration when arizona's new deadline would be a time he chose, not the legislators' timeline. the appellate court noted that the arizona deadline established state legislature was sound and appropriate and constitution.the but the appellate court merely hortened the extension bypassing of the deadline to 10 days. the appellate court, without also justification, decided that everyone who registered after the legal eadline, but before the deadline created by judicial fiat, could still vote. the arizona legislature was no longer appointing electors
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because of the new deadline even though the court found the deadline was constitutionally sound. during that window more than 32,000 voters registered in maricopa county alone. here are copies of those voter registration records. in going around the deadline set by the legislature, the court ignored the arizona legislature's obligation and right to direct the manner for choosing presidential electors as set forth in article ii, section 1. as a consequence of that judicial usurpation, more than 2,000 people were allowed to unlawfully cast ballots in arizona's presidential election in 2020. the arizona legislature seeks an independent audit of the election. the governor refuses to call them into special session. the maricopa county board of supervisors refused to comply with is subpoenas. in arizona this people who control the evidence related to the election have done everything possible to prevent an independent audit directed by
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the legislature. arizonans have used the limited am of records available to investigate the 2020 presidential election of a limited sample of 1,000 addresses of voters, they found 539 voters did not live at the addresses on voter rolls. here is a stack of 1,000 declaration affidavits supporting that. i object to the counting the votes of arizona electors because of the federal court's went around the mechanism for choosing arizona's presidential electors allowing tens of thousands of voters to unlawfully count votes. the court usurped a key component of the arizona's manner of selecting presidential electors thus violating article 2, section 1. the legislature is being on strubted in its efforts and what little evidence we have, what little information we have has produced this kind of evidence which indicates a significant problem with the integrity of the presidential election. madam speaker, i ask that my comments, my written comments together with the voter registration records that
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reflect the 32,000 reg sfrations permitted to -- in contravention of state law, letters an resolutions from arizona state legislators pertaining to counted votes from electors along with 1,000 affidavits and declarations pertaining to voter -- voter fraud and the statement of congressman randy webb over texas be made part of the record. i yield back. the speaker: for what purpose does the gentleman from maryland seek recognition? >> madam speaker, i rise in opposition to the objection. the speaker: the gentleman is recognize without objection for five minutes. >> madam speaker, i want to thank you first and all my dear beloved colleagues for your love and tenderness which my family and i will never forget. thank you again.
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abraham lincoln whose name is a comfort to us all said we've got the best government the world ever knew. it's best because the first three words of the constitution tell us who governs here. we, the people. watch this proceeding today and tell the world with pride as lincoln did about the brilliant meaning and promise of our country. our government belongs to the people. as president ford said, here the people rule. today we are in the people's house, to complete the people's
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process for choosing the people's president. we assemble in joint session for a solemn purpose we have all sworn a sacred oath to faithfully discharge. the 12th amendment obligates each and every one of us to count the electoral votes, to recognize the will of the people in the 2020 presidential election. we are not here, madam speaker, to vote for the candidate we want. we are here to recognize the candidate the people actually voted for in the states. madam speaker, the 2020 election is over. nd the people have spoken. joe biden received more than 80 million votes, seven million more than that president trump. a number larger than any other president has received in u.s. history. the sweeping popular victory
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translated into an electoral college victory of 306-232. a margin which president trump pronounced a landslide when he won by those exact same numbers in 2016. so now we count the electoral votes that were just delivered to us in the beautiful mahogany cases brought by the hardworking senate pages. these mahogany cases contain only the 538 electoral votes sent in by the states. not the 159 million ballots that were cast by our constituents. those were counted two months ago by hundreds of thousands of election officials and poll workers across america who risked their health and even their lives in the time of covid to deliver what our department of homeland security called the most secure election in american history. many of these officials have endured threats of retribution, violence and even death just for
1:52 pm
doing their job. this is -- the popular vote was for biden, so was the electoral vote. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell recognized that. the electoral college has spoken, senator mcconnell said from the floor of the senate, he said today i want to congratulate president joe biden. yet we have seen escalating attacks on our election with unfounded claims of fraud and corruption. more than 60 lawsuits have been brought seeking to overturn rulls. they have failed repeatedly and spectacularly. every objection we hear today maligning our states and their official, both republican and democrat, has been litigated, adjudicated and obliterated in both federal and state court. the president has not just had his day in court, my friends. he's had more than two months in court looking for a judge to embrace these arguments. more than 50 cases, madam speaker, at least 88 different judges including many appointed by the president himself have
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meticulously rejected the president's claims of fraud and corruption. take georgia's u.s. district judge grimberg named to the bench by president trump last year. he rejected trump's attempt to block biden victory in georgia saying it has no basis in fact or law. take u.s. district judge brett ludwig, another trump nominee who took the bench in september. he dismissed a lawsuit seeking to overreturn adults in wisconsin calling extraordinary a sitting president who did not prevail in his bid for re-election has asked for court help in blocking the pop lohr vote based on issue he is could have raised before the vote occurred. he said the court allowed the plaintiff to make his case and he has lost on the merits. trump asked for the rule of law to be followed, judge rudd wig observed, and he said, it has
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been. i have been a constitutional law professor for 30 years and if i tested my students on these cases, it would be the easiest test in the world. the plaintiffs have lost every case an every issue on the most sweeping turn terms. there's no basis in fact or law to justify the unprecedented relief being requested of nullifying these elections. we are here to count the votes, let us do our job. the speaker: the gentleman's ime has expired. for what purpose does the gentlewoman from colorado seek recognition? >> i rise to support the objection. the speaker: the gentlewoman is recognized for five minutes. >> thank you, madam speaker. and to ease everyone's nerve i want you to all know that i am not here to challenge anyone to a duel like alexander hamilton
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or aaron burr. madam speaker, my primary objection to the counting of the electoral votes of the state of arizona is based on the constitution and the direction of state legislatures through state law as spelled out in the following two clauses, article 2, section 1, clause 2. states -- each state shall appoint in such man thears legislature thereof may direct a number of electors. and, the election clause of the constitution provides state legislator -- legislatetures with explicit authority to prescribe and i quote the times places and maners of holding elections, end quote. for more than three decades, arizona law set by the state legislature has required that voter registration end no later than 29 days before an election. this is clear. it is law. unless amended by the state legislature. this is the way it needs to be carried out. in arizona the deadline for voter registration for the 2020 presidential election was october 5, 2020.
1:56 pm
using covid as a reasoning, democrats filed a lawsuit to extend this deadline by 18 days. and an injunction was made by an oba manufacture appointed judge preventing the secretary of state from enforcing the constitutional deadline set by the state ledgely is chaur. vulls of this frivolous, partisan lawsuit 10 ect tra days for added via judicial fiat. to allow voter registration. these 10 days were added after voting had already begun. this is completely indefensible. you cannot change the rules of an election while it is under way and expect the american people to trust it. now, in this 10-day period, at least 30,000 new voters registered to vote in arizona. all of these votes are unconstitutional. it does not matter if they voted for president trump or if they vote for vice president biden. they did not register in time for the election.
1:57 pm
the law states october 5, either we have laws or we do not. if we allow state election laws as set forth by the state legislateture to be ignored on the whim -- partisan lawsuits, unelected bureaucrats, un-- >> order. the speaker: the house will be n order. mrs. boebert: if we allow state election laws as set forth by state legislatures to be ignore and manipulated on the whims of partisan lawsuit, unlawful procedures an arbitrary rules our constitutional republic will cease to exist. the oath that i took this past sunday to defend and support the constitution makes it necessary for me to object to this travesty. otherwise the laws pass by the lebling slative branch merely become suggestions to be accepted, rejected or
1:58 pm
manipulated by those who did not pass them. madam speaker, i have constituents outside this building right now irk promised my voters to be there for -- to be their voice. in this branch of government which i now serve, it is any separate but equal obligation to weigh in on this election and object. are we not a government of, by, and for the people? they know that this election is not right and as their representative i am sent here to represent them. i will not allow the people to be ignored. madam speaker, it is my duty under the u.s. constitution to object to the counting of the electoral votes of the state of arizona. the members who stand here today and accept the results of this concentrated, coordinated, partisan effort by democrats where every fraudulent vote cancels out the vote of an honest american has sided with the extremist left. the united states congress needs to make an informed decision and that starts with objection. i yield the balance of my time though gentleman from florida r. mast.
1:59 pm
mr. mast: i rise as well to support the objection. and i rise with a simple question. can the chair honestly tell americans that with pending supreme court legislation, pending supreme court case over legal observers not being allowed to observe and inspect signatures that the laws and constitution of that state were not violated to change voting outcomes? madam speaker, i will wait for a esponse. the speaker: the gentleman has 25 seconds remaining. mr. mast: can you honestly tell americans that with pending supreme court case over legal observers not being able to observe and inspect signatures that the laws and constitution of arizona did not be violated
2:00 pm
to change voting outcomes? i will wait for a response. the speaker: the gentleman's time has expired. for what purpose does the gentleman from colorado seek recognition? >> madam speaker, i rise in opposition to the objection. the speaker: without objection, the jell is recognized for five minutes. >> madam speaker, today is an important day. in 1862, during the depths of lincolnl war, president ubmitted his annual message to congress, to this body. fellow use: he said, citizens, we cannot -- mr. eguse: he said, fellow citizens, we will be remembered in spite of ourselves. the fiery trial through which we us down in honor r dishonor to the latest generation. we shall nobly save or meanly
2:01 pm
lose the last best hope of earth. gather today, madam speaker, greatest democracy this world has ever known. and there are millions of people watching today's proceedings. on us s of the world are now, my colleagues, wondering if faith. keep the wondering if our constitutional will hold. will we adhere to our solemn, ion, that visionary document that has so long so well for and enabled the peaceful ransfer of power for the last 230 years, will we continue to be a country premised on the of the governed, a congress that respects the will a republic e, and that will endure? hose are the questions before us today, madam speaker. with respect to my new colleague
2:02 pm
question is , the not whether joe biden was of ted the 46th president the united states. he clearly was. arizona, like so much of the country, spoke clearly and resoundingly. voted in record numbers. americans million elected joe biden as the next president. now, today, we hear from some in his chamber, not all, but some of my colleagues on the other side of the aisle, vague claims fraud. no substance. no evidence. no facts. no explanation for why over 88 across this land have claims. the very same madam speaker, the bottom line s this -- as my colleague, representative raskin, so eloquently put it, the people have spoken.
2:03 pm
that is why on december 14, the electoral college met to of a duly election elected president. ust as they've done for centuries. during terrible world wars, recessions, depressions, pandemics, they met. they et their duty, and once again rose to the occasion and certified the election. question now is -- will we do ours? ow, i know there are many textualists among us. many of my colleagues who would understand that the constitution guide our work today, and the constitution is crystal clear. duty today is a narrow one. 3 icle 2, section 1, clause reads -- the president of the senate shall in the presence of the senate and the house open certificates and the votes shall then be counted. the person having the greatest shall be the s
2:04 pm
president. it.'s period. our job is not to replace the by the american people with our own. and yet, that is precisely what house and senate republican colleagues ask this do, to substitute their will nt for the expressed of the american people. in america, we don't do that. we accept ed states, the results of free and fair elections. will of the re the voters, madam speaker, and attempt to install a preferred power.te into that doesn't happen here. i will close with this. duty, our task is a very simple one. the nor the voice of people, to honor our onstitution, to count the votes, certify this election, heal this great ours.y of
2:05 pm
i pray each of us may find the courage to do so. with that i yield back. he speaker: i thank the gentleman. for what purpose does the seek man from louisiana recognition? >> madam speaker, i rise in support of the objection. tempore: the o gentleman is recognized for five minutes. >> madam speaker, we have a solemn responsibility today. must vote to sustain objections to states of electors ubmitted by states that we genuinely believe clearly violated the constitution and he presidential election of 2020. this is the threshold legal uestion before us, and it's an issue before us for the state of arizona. we got to repeat this for emphasis because a lot of people seem to be confused. because judges, and not the state legislature, changed the of the election, arizona clearly violated the plain 2, section 1rticle of the constitution in the selection of presidential
2:06 pm
electors. our constitution elected that elections were susceptible to krups. how do they fix it, how do they provide it? they created the electoral to safeguard and they empowered states to ensure the integrity of our unique election system. only the state legislatures, of use they are a full body representatives and not rogue officials, would direct the manner of presidential electors, because it was so important. the supreme court acknowledged this over and over. affirmed in ly article 2, section 1, clause 2, the appointment of these placed are thus absolutely and wholly with the legislature of the states. never be rity can taken away or abdicated. said that state state was determined and was supposed to follow to choose its electors. thein the months proceeding 2021 election, as we heard, and by the way, 1,000 pages of vidence have been submitted on the facts on this, those well-established rules and procedures were deliberately
2:07 pm
changed. hey weren't changed by the legislature, friends. they were changed by judges. the hose actions taken by judiciary were not limited to mere interpretations of existing law. there were substantive, who holesale changes to those changes. that's usurpation. that was repeated across the year.y this the primary reason that the 2021 election had serious allegations of fraud and the ularities across country. national polls, has been said, indicated that a huge percent of have serious doubts about not just the outcome of this presidential future -- the contest but the future of the elections itself. since weare convinced, are convinced that the election in arizona was changed in this manner, we have a responsibility today. the slates of electors produced thusose modified laugs are un -- laws are thus unconstitutional. or are not regularly given
2:08 pm
certified as by the electoral count act, and they're invalid that's the conclusion you have to reach. given these ines capable facts, no choice we have today but to sustain to objections. and others cited the 12th amendment. they cite article 2, section 1, that 3 -- remember, clause 3, and they asserted that congress has one narrow role today. the supposed to the count electoral votes that have been submitted. overlooked aocates critical first principle. their assertion is only true so congress, first, is convinced that the electoral otes that are produced by a process that violated the constitution is there. clause 2 get through of article 2, section 1, before we get to clause 3, is the point. our unique system, congress' position is the last a presidential election to ensure the constitution was followed. just two decades ago, the
2:09 pm
this.e court spoke to they plainly acknowledged this important deliberative role of congress. bush v. gore litigation that everyone remembers from 2000. justices, it was unanimous, they noted strict electoral count act may, quote, create a safe as or for a state insofar electoral votes are concerned, however, they said, unanimously, title 3, said, since section 5, contains a principle of federal law that would assure a finality of the state's they followed f all the prescriptions there, if legislature, the will of the legislature is attempted to be changed by a state court, that problem. that, they said, congress might deem to be a change in the law. precisely why we're here right now. go read bush v. gore and you'll this. chief justice william rehnquist nd scalia and thomas had a concurring opinion eight days later. significant departure for
2:10 pm
appointing presidential electors presents a federal question. it's a big problem for us and around. we cannot get that's why we're here. i urge my colleagues today to the at the facts, to follow law and follow our congressional oath. we're supposed to support and constitution. that's what we do here today. i urge everyone to do the right thing, and i yield back. the speaker: the gentleman's time has expired. for what purpose does the arizona, the dean of the arizona delegation, seek recognition? mr. grijalva: thank you, madam speaker. i rise in opposition to the objection. the peaker pro tempore: gentleman is recognized for five minutes. mr. grijalva: thank you, madam speaker. futility that f congress is undertaking is at the behest of republican members congress. the effort to overturn the grant ntial election and donald trump four more years is it.motivation behind baseless ntinue a
2:11 pm
conspiracy-fueled, threat to our democracy, makes no sense because there is no viable legal path to or overturn the election that will president biden and senator harris president and vice president of the united after january 20. process is the weakening of our democracy and threatening of our democracy. with arizona, congress is being asked to chase down a baseless, discredited and judicially fringe conspiracy theories, but for the record, et's talk a little bit about arizona. arizona and state and local an cials that did unbelievable job to ensure that smoothly.lections ran mr. hickman, the republican county of the maricopa
2:12 pm
party, the largest county in the state of arizona, said, no voted, this u election was administered with in grity, transparency, and accordance with state laws. arizona showed up to the polls in record number. more than 3.4 million people voted. increases in every county, and a 65% of all eligible voters in 2020 a voted in the election. arizona cast their ballots up and own for republicans democrats, and the 11 electoral joe biden granted to and kamala harris based on their arizona.n that's the story. arizona voted in hundreds of this year, and in addition to the presidency, these races nclude nine members of the state's congressional delegation that are with you. four of them my republican colleagues. these members have already been seated in the 117th congress.
2:13 pm
the do not question accuracy of arizona's 2020 election to select a delegation.l yet, my four republican colleagues question the ur colleagues may say they are only asking questions and seeking to reassure voters. us be clear. these questions have been answered by the voters and by the courts. rather than accepting the answers and the results of the fanning the y're flames of unfounded suspicions thre e again creating a threat, a very real and dangerous threat to our democracy. again, our friends do not the outcomes of their own elections. that is, because they have no reason to. they have no legitimate reason to question the results election in ential arizona. ask my colleagues to reject this objection, to respect the will of the voters in the state
2:14 pm
arizona and throughout this country, and to fundamentally preservation to our democracy for many future damage this effort that we are undertaking in this house today today does notte further damage our democracy. back.d the speaker: for what purpose does the gentleman from arizona seek recognition? i gosar: madam speaker, rise in support of my objection. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for five minutes -- the speaker: the gentleman is recognized for five minutes. madam speaker, i filed my petition -- challenge slate of the electors from the state of arizona that was actually put forward by of arizona.ey my ask to you, the speaker, to is simple.esident do not count these electors until and unless the secretary allows a forensic audit of the election, a request she's
2:15 pm
denied repeatedly. we have been told over and over that even though this was a using public n, money on public machines, utilizing public employees, the no ability to s simply double check the veracity results. as if the presidential election was a football game, we will get from motion review multiple angles and the correction of a controversial decision. but not so. of re told by our secretary state for the presidential election. no review for you. no ack sense to the dominion voting machines enabling fraud through its discredited adjudication system, one that allows one person to change tens of thousands of votes in a mere minutes. the only audit done in arizona, a court found 3% error rate against president trump. vice president biden's margin of error was one tenth of
2:16 pm
that,.03%. a 3% error rate at minimum is 90,000 ballots. after finding the 3% error rate, the court stopped the audit and refused to go further. in arizona, as my attachments make clear, mail-in ballots were altered on the first day of counting as shown in data graphs we provide and concluded by data analysts. over 400,000 mail-in ballots were altered, switched from president trump to vice president biden or completely erased from president trump's totals. the proof is in the counting curves, the curves that can no occur except with odds so rare and unlikely that winning the megamillions lottery is more probable. mr. speaker, can i have order in the chamber? the speaker pro tempore: the ouse will be in order.
2:17 pm
the speaker pro tempore: the house will be in order. he house will be in order. members will take their seats. he house will be in order.
2:18 pm
e can get order we can resume.
2:19 pm
the speaker pro tempore: without objection, the chair declares the house in res is pursuant to clause 12-b of rule 1.
2:20 pm
>> chuck grassley graffled the senate out subject to the call of the chair. the capital lockdown with lawmakers inside as the trump administration supporters outside have breached the capitol steps, according to the cnn. and we also saw reports that reporters were told that if they enter -- if these protestors enter the capitol building, that the press would be ushered into their respective chambers, the house and senate, and the doors would be locked. obviously a lot unknown right now and watches this as it all u.n. folds. earlier representative haley tevens from michigan tweeted saying i'm sheltering in place with my office. the building next door has been evacuated. i can't believe i have to right this.
2:21 pm
that was when cannon was evacuated for some sort of threat. by the capitol police. media reports that there has been an all clear on that. let's just watch the senate chamber floor right now. >> you just saw the slate go up in the senate as they are in recess subject to the call of the chair. also reporting that vice president mike pence was presiding over the debate in the senate. he was then -- left the chamber, press gallery doors were locked at that point, and put into lockdown. other media reports that the vice president has left.
2:22 pm
while we are waiting to learn more with what -- about what is happening on capitol hill and for the debates in the house and senate to resume, let's show you what the majority leader, mitch mcconnell, had to say as that chamber began their debate over the first objection to the electoral college, that was over the state of arizona. senator mcconnell: we are debating a step that has never een taken in american history. whether congress should overrule the voters and overturn a presidential election. i have served 36 years in the senate, this will be the most important vote i have ever cast. president trump claims the election was stolen. the assertions range from specific, local allegations to
2:23 pm
constitutional arguments to sweeping conspiracy theories. >> over and over the court's rejected these claims including all star judges whom the president himself was nominated. very election we know some illegality and irregularity and of course that's unacceptable. i support strong state-led voting reforms. last year's bizarre pandemic procedures must not become the
2:24 pm
new norm. but, my colleagues, nothing before us proves illegality anywhere near the massive scale, the massive scale that would have tipped the entire election. more can public doubt alone justify a radical break when the doubt itself was incited without ny evidence. the constitution gives us here n congress a limited role. we cannot simply declare ourselves a national board of elections on steroids. and the s, the courts,
2:25 pm
tates have all spoken. have all spoken. if we overrule them, it would damage our republic forever. this election actually was not unusually close. st in recrept history, 1976, 2000, and 2004 were all closer than this one. he electoral college margin is almost identical to what it was in 2016. this election were overturned by mere allegations from the losing ide, our democracy would enter
2:26 pm
a death spiral. we'd never see the whole nation ccept an election again. every four years would be a cramble for power at any cost. the electoral college, which most of us on this side have been defending for years, would cease to exist. leaving many of our states with no real say at all in choosing a president. the effects would go even beyond he elections themselves. self-government requires a shared commitment to the truth -- >> here on c-span we'll take you back live to the house floor.
2:27 pm
mr. gosar: than you do having statistical issues here. over 30,000 illegal aliens voted in arizona, using the federal ballot. our s refusedec the public access to review the ballot. 1,000 residents were revisited for proof of residency address. 456 failed that test. there were vacant lot. recorder's office used as addresses. what are they hiding? fair, these s was would be deemed probably. these would be once in a lifetime applications. look at the ballots, the signature, and the adjudicated records. done, mr. speaker, we should not count this slate. you have a letter from the slature stating he -- legislature stating the review. our governor has refused the state to properly convene to do oversight. madam speaker -- mr. speaker, i ask you one question today.
2:28 pm
ceremonial figure head in your current role, or did the amendment the 12th and congress in the electoral a nt act of 1887 envision role where you make discretionary decisions about elections?d and if you are ceremonial, let's eat crumpet and witness decline. to not just count from one to not accept arizona's electors as certified. slate back to the governor with the following instructions. until a full and complete forensic audit is allowed by the secretary of the state, the electors currently counted.d will not be it will then fall on the state of arizona to decide, does its electors, are they in the game not? anything less is an abdication f our constitutional republic and our ethos. one man, one vote. we ask why.
2:29 pm
what is there to hide? shouldn't the lawful victor of an election be proud, open, transparent about an election audit? would. instead, we are made with denials, cover-ups, and contempt subpoenas. there is too much demonstration of fraud. that experts have determined absence of n in the fraud. to accept. i am not asking these electors be counted. it's just they need to be certified the proper way. but eloved constitution is a mere piece of paper. law. do not follow the upholding the law. but now at last we found lawless, destroying the very thread that binds us together. but we need to get back to the law.of that is what has been violated, truly by the actions in these states. that i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. without objection, the house is to go back into recess.
2:30 pm
2:31 pm
2:32 pm
2:33 pm
>> we have learned now as you can see the protestors have
2:34 pm
breached the capitol, inside. crossing over statuary hall the chamber that separates the house and senate. as you can see they have made their way over into the house side, some of them on the house side. some on the senate side. right outside these chambers. a reporter has covered capitol hill for many years is joining us on the phone. do we know how it is they were able to get inside the capitol? reporter: well, from my vantage point away from the hill, i don't know exactly which door or doors they were able to breach, but there were clearly protestors and violent protestors who appear to have breached at least one of the doorways if not multiple of the capitol building itself. and so there has been -- there were efforts locking down the
2:35 pm
building, but quite frankly, it appears that the shear number of protestors just overwhelmed whatever capacity that the capitol police had to keep people away. they did not manage to get the --rs secured, extouror doors exterior doors security quickly enough. it looks like based on the fact we are seeing people go through statuary hall that it was doors on the senate wing of the capitol that may have been breached first. again, there are people apparently coming from all sorts of different directions where there are lockdowns throughout the capitol complex. so certainly one of the things that they have to be paying attention to if you were the sergeants at arms and the capitol police is a breach that could come from -- a vantage point where you normally wouldn't expect it to.
2:36 pm
there are so many entrances to the capitol, many of which are not normally open to the public, but in theory if you have a large sort of mob, for lack of a better term, there are lots of places from which the capitol building can be accessed both underground and at surface level. host: the mayor of d.c., mayor bowser tweeted out today i'm ordering citywide curfew for the district of columbia from 6:00 p.m. today until :00 a.m. thursday. cnn and "politico" is reporting that the capitol hill police have asked for more law enforcement. what have you learned about what the capitol police are trying to could right -- do right now? reporter: what we are learning, this is a developing situation, but we have been hearing from my colleagues in the capitol complex some of whom are very familiar to your viewers,
2:37 pm
captain mcmahonnies who has been on with you throughout the day and lindsey mcpherson who covers house leadership, both in the building and one of the immediate priorities appear to be securing the senior leaders of congress, the people in the presidential line of succession, both vice president mike pence and the senate president pro tem, chuck grassley, were both hustled away from the senate chamber. similar situations, rushing out of the chamber include on the house side include steny hoyer the majority leader and minority whip -- excuse me minority whip steve scalise. so they are trying to secure everyone either inside the chamber or in some other locations to the extent possible, but it is no exaggeration to say that the capitol building at this hour is
2:38 pm
under siege. and that is not something that i , andyone else says lightly i'm understanding some of what may be going on otherwise for very obvious reasons i am not going to say right now in terms of what security protocols are being put into place. but in large i tell you that the capitol police are doing everything they possibly can to secure both lawmakers and as well as -- we are in the middle of this electoral college count, which is in recess in both chambers at the moment, and i can tell you that that's certainly -- will eventually have to get done. but in what format or method remains to be seen. host: where are senators and house law mangers -- lawmakers
2:39 pm
right now? reporter: they are in motion through the building as i understand. we do not know exactly where everyone is going. we know that they are trying to get them to secure locations within the complex. and i don't know that it would be appropriate for me to detail how much of it i know beyond that. in part because i have -- we have colleagues in this developing situation who are actually with lawmakers at the moment. quite frankly until they get to a secure location, it may be best not for me or frankly anyone else to give too many details as to their precise whereabouts. host: how are members of the media, congressional media, being -- how are they receiving
2:40 pm
this communication? from capitol police or the gallery? reporter: we are hearing things in a few different ways. we have people who are hearing directly from capitol police or being with senior lawmakers. my colleague, katherine, is, in act, with some senators this afternoon. and -- so we are hearing it from directly out of sort of the mouths of lawmakers and capitol police. they have also been sending alerts, both through email from the capitol police and using what is a somewhat always alarming, even in normal circumstance when is it comes on, there is an overhead sort of pager system within the capitol complex that makes announcements when there are lockdowns or when there may be some sort of a nor routine security challenge like -- more of a routine security
2:41 pm
challenge like a backpack left by a tourist. those sorts of things have been deployed as well. some of it is just hearing from the various announcement forms that are normally there. they go off from time to time, but this is the first time in a while, i would say to the viewers, this is the first time in a long time i heard this many of them. this is not a situation like anything i have experienced previously. the only thing that i can remember where we had a significant lockdown like this previously was several years ago there was a woman who drove a car from the white house complex down across-town to the capitol and there were concerns that she was going to attempt to ram the vehicle into the capitol. so we have been through that sort of thing before. but nothing on the scale, in my
2:42 pm
memory, and i have been covering congress as you probably know since about 2007. nothing on this scale at all since then. host: we are learning from the hill that lawmakers are being evacuated. i just want to show a tweet from a reporter on capitol hill. this moment from earlier. you can see through the doors, the protestors about to break into the capitol. do we know what kind of security precautions were put into place before today? and if capitol police were anticipating something like this? did they have extra resources on hand?
2:43 pm
reporter: they certainly would have extra resources on hand. some of the barricades are -- some of the barricades are, in fact, put up because the inauguration is coming. so there was already sort of an available enhanced security perimeter because of the preparations that were under way for the event on january 20. the capitol was already at a heightened state of security. the other thing which sort of has been going on nor months now -- for months now obviously is covid. we had a situation where the building has largely been closed to the general public except for people who have meetings with senators or staff. so things have not been open generally like they normally would be to the general public. really since earl knit pandemic.
2:44 pm
so that is part of also what's sort of going on here. i'm certain there was an extra security presence today, but it clearly, clearly was not sufficient. once we know -- the other thing i would say is once we have better guidance on where the members of congress and senate e able to assemble what we actually have ability, congress has the ability to actually convene in alternate locations, not even all in the capitol building. so if we see the house or senate reconvene, it is entirely possible that could happen at least in terms of officially being able to gavel out or something like that, could happen in an alternate location.
2:45 pm
you may remember, viewers may remember that actually did happen when the earthquake came through the national capitol region a number of years ago. and the senate actually convened briefly. it was only a pro forma session. there was no business. but the senate has, in fact, been able to convene off site in the not-too-distant past. host: we are learning from cnn that the vice president has been evacuated from the capitol grounds. matt fuller, who you know -- who reports for the huffington post, he sent this out at 2:43. guns drawn in the chamber. punch bowl news reporting, he sent out a tweet a few minutes ago, crowd trying tro break down doors into the house chamber. obviously we can't see what's going on inside these chambers as both the house and senate are
2:46 pm
in recess. matt fuller now saying they are shooting into the chamber. reporter: yes. i was just as you were saying at i was just seeing those same reports from -- matt fuller who covers the house for huff post, worked at roll call with me a number of years ago. what happened in this case, there were a lot of people who were actually evacuated into the chambers. now we are at the point where we ave to talk about the shooting of capitol police officers several -- a number of years ago . that is another thing, now that we have apparently live fire, that this situation has gotten even more complicated.
2:47 pm
and i do think that we'll continue to update as we hear -- what is happening lawmakers are now being eval vac waited out of the house chamber. host: i want to show video of tear gas in the capitol. outside the house chamber. there were congressional media reports of masks being zribted among the staff -- distributed among the staff and press because of the tear gas. it sounds like there has been reinforcements called to the capitol. what do you know about your colleagues there? and what -- inside the building.
2:48 pm
have' they said what they plan to? what can they do? reporter: right now the mmediate concern appears to be at the house doff front, that is according to one of the members of our pool of reporters who are operating out of the capitol, eric boughtson -- watson from bloomberg, he just sent a note through there is an armed standoff at the house front. there are guns drawn with someone attempting to reach. this is continued to be a developing situation. at this point i think the immediate concern is with the use of weapons and sort of this
2:49 pm
being beyond a peaceful protest. we missed that point a long time ago. we are just continuing to see these reports coming in as we are speaking. host: obviously we are asking you to give us insight on the fly here as we watch this scene unfold. do you know what sort of authority capitol police have if -- i'm getting emergency alert -- from the district of columbia government on my phone as we talk. do you know what sort of thority these capitol police officers have if these people were to get close to those in power? we lost niells.
2:50 pm
it's a question i posed to him. the house and senate have recessed. they are subject to call of the chair. they have stopped their proceedings of tallying the votes of the electoral college, or hearing the objection over the arizona electoral college. what you are seeing right now is video of the crowd crossing the street outside of where we are at, i believe, is that right? so these are the crowds, the crowds have been on capitol hill starting from very early this morning, as well as close to the white house where the president addressed them earlier today. it seemed that a lot of those people then made their way up to the capitol. and now we are in a situation where protestors have reached the -- breached the capitol,
2:51 pm
guns have been drawn, gas fire in the chamber, lawmakers being evacuated. as we sit here and wait for news of what's going to happen next, the d.c. mayor has called for a curfew starting at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. we have learned that law enforcement up on capitol hill called for reinforcements. "politico" reported that the national guard has been called to capitol hill. scott long is joining us, a congressional reporter. hat do you know? reporter: greta, this is neills back with you again. >> we are both here. host: both of you. hang on the line. scott, to you. where are you, first of all? .cott: i am in the u.s. capitol
2:52 pm
a couple floors down from the house floor on the house side. it is very chaotic right now. there is a lot of fear among all sides, police officers, reporters, staff, and certainly lawmakers. what i have seen so far is that some -- u.s. capitol police officers have been attacked by the protestors with tear gas. we assisted some capitol police officers helping them wash their eyes out. they have advised us for the moment to shelter in place. so that's what we are doing. i know some of my colleagues through text message and twitter are still on lockdown inside the house chamber. it's my understanding that the lawmakers have been escorted out
2:53 pm
of the chamber already. i'm not sure where they were told -- where they were taken to, but there are still a number of people, including reporters, still inside the chamber, as some of the protestors are trying to breach that chamber. host: it's your understanding they have not made it inside the house chamber or they have? scott: because i'm two floors down, all i can tell you is what i have seen on twitter and from some of my colleagues. it just looks like chaos. there is definitely been tear gas deployed outside, just outside the house chamber doors. it appeared that there was some tear goss inside the chamber itself. however i can't confirm that from my vantage point, which is about a couple floors down from the house chamber itself. all i know is there is a heavy police presence, but also a lot
2:54 pm
of pan do moan yum -- pandemonium given that a number of police officers have been injured in this may lay -- melee. it's not very organized at the moment and it's very terrifying. host: scott, obviously hoping you and everyone up there stays safe during this. are you -- have you been told what happens next? what the capitol police is doing right now to get this situation under control? scott: not on any official level. just in very basic quick conversations i had with the officers who we were assisting. they advised either that we shelter in place or that we try to move towards some of the house office buildings. again, because there is not a whole lot of information we are unclear about where exactly we
2:55 pm
should go. also about 45 minutes ago was an announcement that came over the loud speakers in the capitol that talked about the external security threat. as you know already, the entire capitol complex is on lockdown. people cannot come and go freely. if you are somebody who works in the capitol. so there is also the challenge of trying to figure out how to get out of here, whether by foot or car, if the capitol itself is on lockdown. host: scott long, talk about the on to ors even getting the exap steps on the u.s. capitol. where you know as you are up there -- lawmakers are the only ones allowed on those steps. scott: it really is one of the
2:56 pm
most secure buildings in the country. there are people guarding the building at all times. to me from how i'm looking at this, it seemed that the capitol police chose not to engage and probably chose not to inflame the situation. there wasn't much resistance from the capitol police officers to the hundreds or thousands of protestors that are here on the grounds. they did earlier in the day try to keep those protestors at a distance with some external fencing around the perimeter, but clearly those perimeters were breached. as we saw from some of the pictures, some of the walls were scaled. i did see on the -- on one of the sides of the capitol there was broken glass. protestors were trying to break the glass through. and it's unclear to me from where i am how exactly they got
2:57 pm
in or where exactly they got in. but it appeared to me there was not -- capitol police, which is usually very strict about access to the capitol, that they did not choose to resist the protestors. in order, perhaps, not to inflame the situation. host: jennifer, who reports for the huffington post, sent out a tweet two minutes ago. nancy pelosi is safe. the speaker of the house. i can confirm with no other details is what she writes. scott long, can you speak a little bit to the -- what the capitol police would do -- have done to get the speaker of the house, other high top officials out of the situation and get them to an area where they are protected.
2:58 pm
i have no personal knowledge about where they would have taken the speaker of the house. clearly she is in the line of succession after the president. i'm sorry, after the vice president, mike pence. she is second in line to the presidency. as are -- is the senate pro tem in the senate. so there would be a desire to get her in a very safe place. i believe there are secure rooms in the capitol though i can't speak to them. i believe there are heavily fortified and secure rooms in the capitol. and i would assume that they would have even -- they would have taken the speaker and other key members of leadership to those secure rooms. or if they could, they would take them off site to another secure location. host: here's a picture of one of the protestors in the senate chamber sitting in the chair of
2:59 pm
the presiding officer. this taken from moments ago on apitol hill. neills, let me go to you. what have you learned? >> greta, the latest -- i think the photo you just probably put on the air from inside the senate chamber is perhaps the most jarring image we have seen yet. it is, in fact, that the has ing officers chair been occupied quite layerly. the other thing is that i can now tell you that two of my colleagues, you may see this on twitter as well, two of my colleagues, katherine and chris, who have both been on capitol hill are now, this is the state
3:00 pm
of where we are, they are now in what i have to describe to you . an undisclosed location so we are in the situation now where there are areas in the capitol complex people have been taken that because of the ongoing security situation and basically the building being overwhelmed. that we are trying to keep people in secure areas away from what you are actually seeing on these pool cameras and elsewhere and it's just an absolutely unbelievable situation. but if i could take a second to .heck the various messages here there are members as of the last
3:01 pm
said that inutes members, some are still in the house chamber and so they are trying to figure out how to get everyone to where they need to go. and basically i think that the way i'm reading what i'm hearing is that at this point in time, the priority is ensuring that all of the people are safe and frankly the building may not be the best place for people to be. and so i think there's going to be an effort to get them to secure locations. but the amount of damage, frankly, that we may be seeing is unbelievable. i'm just getting a little bit
3:02 pm
more information. there is a possibility that senate is going to be going back -- senate in an atlanta alternate location shortly. if that does happen, i don't think they will get the television cameras in place in time. but frankly, i will do the best that i can to relay the proceedings of the senate by phone setting up a telephone chain if we can and if we can get an audio and anyone in that room who is in that room will attempt to do so if they end up convening in an alternate location. host: the senate can convene in another location? >> yes. it appears there are pool reporters with the senate and if
3:03 pm
the senate does go into session in its alternate location, i am certain we will do the best we all can to get that information c-span e public and audience as quickly as we can. i don't know exactly who is in that press array that would be with the senate yet. but my understanding is that there is a press pool that would be with the senate if it were to go back into session at an alternate site. host: ted cruz who objected to the arizona electoral vote, that is what dissolved the session and the house and senate went into the respective. violence is always unacceptable when passions run high.
3:04 pm
anyone engaged in violence. god bless the capitol police and the men and law enforcement who are involved in keeping us safe. that is a tweet from senator cruz. scott long, what have you learned? >> not that much, greta, to be honest. we are still sheltering in place in the capitol. i don't want to say where actly, but it is still touch-and-go. my colleague, alex bolton is outside the capitol. there are hundreds of people protestors. you have a better vantage point than i do who are milling about. the capitol building itself has already been breached. as you mentioned, the senate chamber has been breached and possible that the house chamber has been breached.
3:05 pm
it is just unbelievable. when i started the day this morning, i informed family members that everything would be fine and that the capitol building itself was probably the most secure place in america and no need for concern despite the thousands of protestors that we were expecting. i could have never imagined that we would see the capitol building and capitol complex breached and disrupted like this and have our democratic process under attack in such a dramatic fashion. it is -- i'm still sort of in shock that we are where we are just from a couple of hours ago. host: reporter from the "washington post" breaking news, source told us that the defense
3:06 pm
department denied a request to deploy the national guard to the .s. capitol. scott, you or any reporters up there given any idea or communication that this was a scenario that the capitol police and others were preparing for today? >> as we were discussing earlier greta, there were a number of security measures put into place around the capitol. there was an external fence put up around the capitol to push potential protestors back around the capitol. shop keepers and businesses and
3:07 pm
restaurants boarded up their windows in anticipation of possible violence. the mayor of d.c. issued a statement the other day saying urging d.c. residents and any counterprotestors to stay out of the downtown region and not to engage with the pro-trump protestors for fear of violence similar to what we have seen -- i'm sorry, shortly around the time of the election last fall. and so there was definitely -- it was definitely in the back of people's minds and that measures were put in place, but clearly, you know, whatever scenarios were dreamed up, this is -- this has got to be in my book the worst case scenario where you have a breach of the united states capitol interrupting the
3:08 pm
of ting and certification the electoral votes and members and staff fleeing for their staff. ost: a reporter for n.p.r. and quoting senator romney. this is what you have gotten guys. this is what the senator said. the mayhem unfolded in the senate chamber addressing his colleagues to press president trump's false claims of a stolen election. scott, what is your reaction to hearing that? >> it was interesting that you mentioned mitt romney because there was video of senator romney making his way through the utah airport out to d.c. for this process. and he was heckled by pro-trump
3:09 pm
supporters at the airport. supporters were chanting traitor to mitt romney during his flight to washington. he brushed it off and said he is used to it after being in the spotlight for so many years. but, clearly, we have reached a level of discourse that has been you know so egregious that has descended into violence on this particular day. and so, i have been trying to reach a lot of lawmakers myself who are normally very responsive >> i just got a text message from the speaker's office, from man eaker's top spokes
3:10 pm
said the speaker is in a safe location and unharmed. host: kevin mccarthy sent out a tweet saying thank you to capitol police for protecting the people's house. people have a right to be heard but i urge them to remain peaceful. >> and greta, it's my understanding that from tweets from some of my colleagues that kevin mccarthy has called into fox news as well and called the violence and the breach of the capitol so un-american and urging anyone involved in this, if they hear him loud and clear that this is not the american way. that this is not protected. this type of violence is not protected by the first amendment and he said this must stop now.
3:11 pm
there are a lot of republicans i think in washington and perhaps around the country who want the president to sort of call off these protestors. of course the president earlier today was whipping up a lot of his supporters into a frenzy and urging a march down to the capitol. he, i don't believe, he himself advocated for violence, but clearly the insinuation was there that they had to stop the certification of the electoral college in favor of joe biden and that is what has taken place so far. the certification of the lection of joe biden, which is -- which happens under federal law every four years has been halt. ely stopped to a forcing lawmakers from both
3:12 pm
chambers to basically be escorted or flee to safety. and again, i can't emphasize this enough. we have never seen this in at least in my lifetime and many generations. it comes to mind when the british attacked the u.s. capitol and set fire to the capitol, there are still reminders of that attack in the building. there have been violence among lawmakers in the past. lawmakers have been -- have suffered enormous injury in past scuffles. but in terms of modern history, we have not seen something like this in a very long time. host: that is scott talking right now. and katherine from c. q. is joining us from an undisclosed
3:13 pm
location. tell us where you were when the capitol was breached and what you saw. >> i was in the senate chamber watching the proceedings and location anda safe very highly secured. when the capitol went on lockdown and that is where we headed and the doors were barricaded and became clear that the lawmakers who were seated in the chamber itself no longer conducting business and business ended when the lockdown began. they were told to evacuate the chamber which was thought to be the safest place and there was a crush towards the doors and everyone tried to get out of there. reporters
3:14 pm
indiscernible] >> i'm aware that the chamber itself in the senate has certainly been breached. there is either smoke or goods f some sort eminating from the house chamber. not anything like i have ever seen. the capitol building itself is completely not secure at all.
3:15 pm
host: what were those senators saying a after you were being rushed out of the chamber? >> they were grateful for the dricks and guidance of where to be headed. here was some nervous laughter and joking around and not making light of the larger situation. senator sanders, oh, there your we're in this together. and kind word to reporters who were being shuffled along with them. host most you were escorted out by the capitol police and in a location that we will not disclose, how long will you stay where you are at and there are reports of the senate convening somewhere else, what do you know
3:16 pm
about that? >> i don't feel comfortable sharing a time line. one because i don't know. and also honestly to keep anything but i'm here and i don't want to alert anyone who may want to harm senators or the press of a time line of movement. but i will say this is -- the senate has procedures in place and the house for how to meet somewhere else. there are contingencies and backup locations in place. that has happened before. during the anthrax attacks back in the early 2000's, they gaveled in at the post office building which has a space at the senate. there are backup places. i was on the hill and i'm not
3:17 pm
aware of all the potential locations. require eve that would secure transportation to get these senators out of this building safely and i think that right now seems like a big challenge given the status even inside the capitol building itself and the chaos that is happening outdoors. host: president trump asked i'm asking for everyone at the u.s. capitol to remain peaceful. we are a party of law and order and respect our men and women in blue. >> the capitol police has a police force that is similar to the size of that serves the city of atlanta or other large metro areas just for the capitol campus and some of the surrounding area. there is a massive undertaking
3:18 pm
of the capitol police force. they have an enormous budget that has been increased over the last decade. but i can confidently say in the last eight years, this is certainly the biggest challenge and biggest assault that the pitol police have faced in size and scale. i don't know of any threats, but in terms of being stormed at the capitol, the capitol police were in some cases overtaken. host: what is the mood like i e you are at and with -- don't want to ask too many specifics and don't tell us anything that you don't want to say publicly right now, but what is the mood like where you are? >> i would say there is a lot of nervousness and concern.
3:19 pm
when we were still in the chamber and locked down in that space and felt comfortable in the chamber, as soon as the doors were on lockdown they were on their phones. but they were relaying and saying they were safe and maybe that is a more common occurrence than i fully understand but i have never texted or called my parents to tell them i'm safe while at work very often. not never before, but it is a very tense and people are really concerned about their own personal safety and safety and security of the congressional body and the idea that the capitol is under siege. i don't know if i have to move. just letting you move.
3:20 pm
host: kathy on the phone. was moved out of the capitol along with other members of the dia -- of the senate chamber with lawmakers. i want to show you, -- we have one of our camera text outside of the capitol. and as you can see, this is the senate side of the capitol grounds. some of the protestors, you can see them walking away from the capitol at this point. there are many more on the capitol grounds. and situation unclear. the security questions remains. we do know from the speaker's office according to scott's reporting that the speaker has been evacuated.
3:21 pm
she's safe and unharmed in the line of succession and falls after the vice president. lawmakers as well have been removed from the chamber, at least in the senate, we know that. and the capitol police have asked for law enforcement help on capitol hill. i want to show you this image on facebook. this is the house chamber where guns were drawn as many reporters noted. this is in the house chamber earlier today. 3:20 p.m. here on the east coast and the house and senate were in the process of debating the first objection to the arizona electoral college vote when the protestors who came to washington in support of the president stormed the capitol
3:22 pm
and breached the capitol security. got into the capitol itself into the hall ways, into the senate chamber. this scene from images as well as house chamber as well, as well as the house chamber at this point. lawmakers are being told to shelter in place. the d.c. mayor has called for a 6:00 p.m. east coast curfew. and the scene is unfolding on capitol hill. we are waiting find out more information obvious from capitol olice as to what happens next.
3:23 pm
host: and only count electors who have been lawfully slated. everyone will be marching to make your voices heard. today, we will see where they stand strong and whether or not they stand strong for our country. that is what the president told is supporters earlier.
3:24 pm
representative plaskett, a dem cat. how are you at this moment? >> i'm grateful for you keeping everyone informed, myself and the few staffers that are here are well at this point. host: what were you told and how were you told about the breach? >> we were watching as everyone else was, one of my screens turned to c-span and another one turned to live news and watching the speeches by members during the debate and then saw what was of course was going to happen. prior to that, i had actually been watching and listening to the president give his speech at the rally and was very concerned about some of the language and the things that he was stating to those who were at that rally
3:25 pm
and and that protest and that had to do with the level of violence we are seeing right now. i think that the tweet by kevin mccarthy is so disingenuous at this point saying people have a right to be heard, but do not have a right to break the law and what they are doing is way beyond their constitutionally protected right to be heard. they are, in fact, engaging in domestic terrorism. so many laws ied think that should be taken into account. it is so hurtful to watch these individuals desecrating the u.s. capitol, that which was built by african-americans and fought over by so many americans in the civil war and wars beyond and our servicemen and women who continue to fight for democracy
3:26 pm
and those elected first that are here to do the right thing, to represent the people of this country. this is just absolute chaos. host: what have you been told about what you should do right now or what comes next? ms. plaskett: we are all keeping safe and the safety of the members of the capitol police officers and even of those who were here to protest piecefully, i'm sure there were some who protested did not want to be engaged in the violence and are being kept safe and at this point after that, we would begin to clear the chamber. want to remind everyone that the mayor of d.c. has imposed a 6:00 p.m. curfew. i'm hopeful that order will be restored. and at some point we will constitution the
3:27 pm
of the house and senate and certify this election. that is not going to be stopped by those who hate our democracy and hate the constitution and order. host: what have you been told how the capitol police are trying to get the information are trying to get the situation under control? ms. plaskett: i think that should be kept quiet. host: we obviously understand the security implications of this. ms. plaskett: i'm grateful to hear that nancy pelosi is safe. praying for the safety for vice president pence as well as the members that were in the chamber and those members that are here on the capitol hill and their staff. so many people doing the people's work here in washington and hoping that they remain
3:28 pm
safe. host: fox news has learned that a shooting victim has been transported from the capitol complex. your reaction. ms. plaskett: this is a travesty as happened. capitol police and others continue to watch and investigate this. those hoe incited this riot and those engaged in domestic terrorism, which this action is and that even while he cannot be charged as president, that the president is held accountable for his words, which encouraged this activity by individuals, as well as those members. i know that my colleague debbie wasserman schultz has requested a resolution regarding members who may have been --
3:29 pm
host: represent delegate plaskett. our conversation cut off. she is safe. she and her staff are safe as we continue to watch the scene unfold. and see the protestors are on the capitol steps which normally are secured. only lawmakers allowed on those steps. there is security everywhere on capitol hill. cnn is reporting that the protestors are in the rotunda of the capitol. that there has been guns drawn, as you have seen images. tear gas deployed up on capitol hill. news shooting victim, fox said that a shooting victim was taken from the capitol grounds. there is this image, tweeted out
3:30 pm
of protestors breaking windows on the u.s. capitol, using what looks like a police shield to break through the windows in the .s. capitol. so we are waiting and learning as all of you are to see what appens next. she expects to continue on once the situation is under control with the electoral college process. when that happens, unclear. and how that happens also unclear. all those questions unclear. enry cuellar, congressman from texas, are you ok? >> i'm in office looking out the window and seeing some of the
3:31 pm
protests and capitol police. mr. cuellar: some of the protestors are starting to walk away from the capitol and seem to be disbursing. and again, we have a job to do and that is we are going to continue with the certification. we have a constitutional duty to do that. unfortunately this has brought a disruption. in my opinion, but it's going to be a delay, but we are going to continue and do our job. host: jonathan martin is saying that the virginia national guard and 200 state troopers are being sent to d.c. as per a top virginia official. congressman, your reaction to that. mr. cuellar: our capitol police have done a wonderful job and i support them and appreciate what
3:32 pm
they are doing, but in circumstances like this when you have thousands of people, i think that it is the prudent thing to do is to make sure that we have all the necessary support. so, yes, capitol police are the ones to make that decision and they need that support and definitely yes. i'm seeing them. i saw them when they were moving towards the capitol grounds. yow i'm seeing some of them are walking away from the capitol grounds. there are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people but i'm seeing movement away from the capitol. hopefully they are starting to disburse. camera text of our out and looking at the east front of the capitol? mr. cuellar: i'm looking at the part where the presidential inauguration for joe biden is
3:33 pm
going to be held. so i'm looking at that. and i'm in my office in the rayburn building looking out towards the capitol and looking at the folks. and i do some of them walking away, not all of them. so maybe some of them came to do what they needed to do and calling it quits. host: where were you when the capitol grounds were breached? >> i was in my office, because only al disstansing and members of congress doing the debates. they only had those members there and going to call us. so we have been here at the capitol, capitol office waiting to be called so we could do the
3:34 pm
vote once the debates is finished and the debate got interrupted and we are going to be continued. these folks are not going to stop us and we are going to do it. host: both you and delegate plaskett, is this something you are hearing from leadership? mr. cuellar: we were told that we were going to continue. they are going to access the security of staff and members to do our work, but i'm sure once they feel it is good to get back, we will continue. i don't know exactly when they are going to tell us to do that. but we are going to continue. this disruption is not going to stop us from doing our jobs. st: what do you know about preparations by the capitol police before all of this
3:35 pm
happened? what were you told about -- what would security be like today? mr. cuellar: certainly, they gave us some instructions about today. and so they gave us instructions to be -- as we walked in and all that. but again, what the police did to ensure and now looking at and i'm seeing a lot more police coming up. so there is now more police coming up. they are getting more people to join the folks that need to finish their job protecting the capitol grounds. host: "washington post" is reporting that the entire d.c. national guard will be activated on ng 1100 national guard
3:36 pm
duty. congressman cuellar, what is going through your head as you are watching this all happen to the u.s. capitol, to the house chamber to the lawmakers, like yourself who come here and work every week and have to go through security measures every day to get into the u.s. capitol? mr. cuellar: certainly this is not an ordinary day. the last time i saw something ike this with the tea party, radicals. they did not try to breach the way we seen this here. they didn't try to get on the house floor or senate floor. these folks seem to be more aggressive than we saw 10 years ago. we come up here to do our jobs,
3:37 pm
our staff, a lot of very young people come in to do their job up here and for them to be put through this because of the people outside that i'm looking udes the window is not right and police that have been put through this because some of by the e been motivated rally that president trump joined this morning is not right. we work up here and staff come up here to do their job. our jobs -- they have a job to do and you are seeing people that are not respecting the police, the instructions of the police and i find it very ironic that some of this complain about the left doing certain things and now they are doing some of he things that they are doing.
3:38 pm
mr. cuellar: they put everything under control. and you and i have been talking for the last few minutes and i'm looking out the window and in the morning i was seeing people going towards the capitol. now i'm seeing movement of people walking away from the capitol.
3:39 pm
so they seem to be disbursing at this moment. and if there is other help that will be coming to the capitol police, that certainly will be welcomed to our men and women that protect us, our capitol grounds and members and staff. host: what do you think the president should say or do right now? mr. cuellar: first of all, i don't think he should have joined that rally when he said we will never concede and accept the election results and that sent a strong message to a lot of the folks here. i don't know -- he was very quick to call the national guard to homeland and other folks other places when the left was protesting. but i don't think he has moved as fast on his people that he
3:40 pm
supports like he has done at other times. host: sarah cook for cbs is kevin that g.o.p. leader mccarthy that he spoke to the president and told him to speak to the nation and told him to stop. i told him he had to speak to the nation. congressman. mr. cuellar: i agree with kevin mccarthy. he has access to the president like some of us don't and what he needs to do is do exactly that. i think the president needs to speak to the nation and tell people to be calm and tell those folks to get away from the apitol and let us continue our work. i certainly want to thank kevin mccarthy doing that with the president.
3:41 pm
and i would join him to ask the president to talk to the people, because he did put a tweet, but he needs to do more than a tweet. he needs to tell the folks to back off the capitol, respect the capitol police and respect the authorities and let us continue our constitutional job and that is doing the certification of the electoral college. we stopped on arizona. we are on the third state. we have to finish the third state and move onto the other 47 states. host: a woman is in critical condition after being shot in the chest on the capitol grounds according to two sources. and alisa slotkin is telling abc that she has coming firmation that the national guard is being . d the easier that goes, less
3:42 pm
bloodshed we'll have. mr. cuellar: i do understand one of the protestors was injured. i don't know the situation, i think it was a lady. i don't know what her situation is right now, but she must have done something for the police to take certain action. we certainly asked people to step away from the capitol and make sure that we are allowed to do our jobs. we are sent from all 50 states to do our jobs. and i keep saying, as you and i keep talking, i keep seeing more of those folks disbursing from the capitol. this morning, i was seeing people outside. 'm on the rayburn building
3:43 pm
third floor and seeing people walk away now from the capitol. so they are slowly disbursing rom the capitol. host: we appreciate you spending some time. and appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us and hope veryone up there stays safe. host: bill scanlon. bill, what have you learned? >> we are quarter of 4 eastern time. and as you have mentioned, it lasted 15 or 20 minutes before the first objection to the electoral count was made on the electoral vote in arizona. the president of the senate,
3:44 pm
vice president senate gaveled out and each of the chambers split for their respective debates, debates on the arizona electoral votes. the house went through a number of members. and heard from the majority leader who called on members to object to these objections to electoral votes. and shortly around 2:00 eastern or so, the protestors gathering outside breached the u.s. capitol, still to be determined how many are in there currently and how that happened. but the capitol is under capitol lockdown and members as you have heard from heny cuellar are sheltering in place. the leadership of the capitol take to a safe place. and the fate of the electoral count unknown, although we heard
3:45 pm
that perhaps the senate will meet in a separate location. we do not have an update as to whether the house or senate will gavel in. they have to vote on this first of what we expect four or five objections to states' electoral votes. and that has yet to be announced as police on capitol hill, the capitol police deal with the protestors and mob violence up there and have called in reportedly called in the national guard to assist. on social media, a couple of observations, this first one from the "new york times." trump told his supporters on the mall that republicans have been too nice like a boxer with his hands tied behind his back and need to fight much harder. he told them to walk to the capitol. another who ran the president's
3:46 pm
campaign says this. this is not maga. we are not antifa and the left. we should do this in the correct way. leaf the capitol and stop. the world is laughing at us. live to fight elections in the future. save this country by growing our base and winning elections. and this from senator rubio who tweets this. mr. president, donald trump, the men and women of law enforcement are under assault, it is crucial you help restore order by sending resources to assist the police and ask those who are doing this to stand down. some video. protests as protestors gathering up on the west front of the u.s. capitol. that is from washingtonian. this is the video that was shot by steve nelson who reports on
3:47 pm
"new york for the post." what looks to be tear gas. although there were reports that fire extinguishers were set off in the u.s. capitol. and potential times of return for the house and senate and the joint session. host: the vice president sent out a tweet at 3:35. the violence and destruction taking place at the u.s. capitol must stop and must stop now. anyone involved must respect law enforcement and immediately leave the building. congressman raskin is joining us now. congressman raskin, how are you doing? where were you when the capitol was breached? mr. raskin: they are still being careful but i'm in a safe ocation still on the hill.
3:48 pm
and i think that all members are safe right now as far as i know. host: where were you when they breached the capitol and got inside? mr. raskin: i don't know when they breached the capitol but there were repeated efforts to arrel into the capitol chamber and there were people in the chamber and protestors who were trying to ram up against the doors and they seemed to be roaming for a while. host: were you in the chamber when this happened? mr. raskin: yes. host: what was going through your mind? mr. raskin: we experienced a terrible family tragedy in the last week and i had one of my daughters with me and son-in-law
3:49 pm
with me because we wanted to be together and i thought i could show them the peaceful transfer of power and what was going on in my mind was their safety because they were not with me in the chamber and i wanted to make sure we could get back together and we are all back together. host: we are sorry for your loss. and now here we are with the capitol being breached. what were you told about security heading into today? mr. raskin: i'm not the best person to say because i was so distracted with our terrible family misfortune. we were certainly told to take care that the proud boys and encouraged s en--
3:50 pm
to come to washington from president trump and stay inside the building as much as possible. host: what have you learned about -- and obviously you can't share everything with us, but what have you learned about what comes next? mr. raskin: i don't know. but i'll tell you that every single member that i have spoken to is absolutely determined to have us complete the counting electoral college votes as demanded by us of the 12 amendment in the constitution and everyone is absolutely determined that we will continue with the normal proceedings of the u.s. congress and any violent insurex against the government of the united states will be put down and american constitutional democracy will prevail. and everybody here is absolutely resolved to make that happen.
3:51 pm
so we will complete the counting of the electors, if there are any further objections, they ll be heard fairly but i'm sure we have a muge bipartisan majority that wants to the electoral college. the american people have spoken and the election is over and we of d not be indulging any the terrible fantasies of a public insurrecollection. host: what do you think should happen to these protestors? mr. raskin: this is an attack on the government of the united states. it did not even happen during the civil war. you have to go back to the war of 1812 to find this kind of attack on if i had buildings and work of government.
3:52 pm
so, you know, i'm not aware of any confederate attack on the congress of the united states in the interruption of the proceedings of congress. but we are going to go forward if we have to stay all night. if we stay here all day tomorrow. we are going to complete the counting and swear in the new president of the united states, president-elect joe biden on january 20 as called for by the constitution of the united states. and i hope that every political leader in the land in the executive branch and legislative branch and supreme court, everyone in the military will quickly stand up and say this is utterly intolerable and lawless and unacceptable and continue the working of the first great modern democratic government. we are going to get through this, everybody.
3:53 pm
host: congressman mccarthy told the president that he should address the nation. do you think he should do that? i can't n: i cannot -- comment. i don't know the details of what's going on outside the room where we are sheltering right now. i don't know what's going on. we need to secure the government and our constitutional processes. we are going to complete the counting of the electoral college votes which is the united states of america and i hope everyone out there is staying safe and using social media to express what party you are with, that violent attacks on the integrity of the u.s. government are unacceptable and people should be dealt with the full force of the law if they are engaged in such conduct. host: are you hearing from any leadership as to what you should
3:54 pm
do or what happens next? mr. raskin: i can't comment on any of that. but the capitol police are working very hard to keep everyone safe. host: congressman jamie raskin, thankry for your loss and you for taking time today. mr. raskin: i appreciate it. thank you very much. host: seeing the scene outside the u.s. capitol. the protestors outside of the building. they are inside as well, according to media reports. an alert was just sent out that there is more law enforcement on the way to capitol hill to get the situation under control. and you heard from congressman raskin, congressman cuellar and the delegate, staysey plaskett that they intend to move forward
3:55 pm
with the tally of the electoral college after this situation on capitol hill is secured. >> a couple of remarks here, this one from nabs reporting on the -- the person being shot earlier. one person is in critical condition after being shot at the u.s. capitol. at least five people have been transported to the hospital per d.c. e.m.s. and several were those police officers. of those was several officers and treated for pepper spray. "boston globe." genuine senator cruz still signing on to objections in georgia and pennsylvania? they have not finished arizona yet. from kelly o'donnell. law enforcement sources tell me
3:56 pm
the u.s. secret service and national guard will assist the u.s. capitol police at their request. also from the "new york times" on this, new -- an explosive device was found at the r.n.c. and detonated today. this from the democratic caucus chair, that keem jeffries. he says members plan to return. members from both parties applaud this. hill.te here from the i'm seeing protests at state exols. kansas is the only one where the mob has broken in. but i hasten to add, yet. host: the scene on capitol hill still unfolding.
3:57 pm
police requesting as bill was saying, more backup and we understand more is on the way to clear the protestors from inside the capitol and the capitol grounds so that the house and senate can resume the counting of the electoral college vote. as bill said earlier. they were 15 minutes in when the first objection took place to the state of arizona and their 11 electoral college votes. the objection was heard, a house and senate member who made the objection and then they adjourned to their respective chambers where debate began. and that is when these protestors arrived from the other end of pennsylvania after flew noo to capitol hill and then the breach happened on capitol grounds.
3:58 pm
you have seen the photos of tear gas, guns drawn, and there is a woman in critical condition from a gun them shot wound who has been brought to a hospital. there's a picture of the senate chamber from before where the protestor in the chair of the presiding officer and then there is the image of the guns drawn inside the house chamber. and so we will bring you more as e continue here to cover the breach of security at the u.s. capitol. representative espaillat. congressman, how are you doing right now? where were you when this breach appened?
3:59 pm
we'll try to get him on the phone. as we said, waiting for the security the capitol grounds to be secure. congressmen want to continue going forward today. it is almost 4:00 p.m. here on the east coast. the mayor of d.c. has put a curfew for 6:00 p.m. eastern time. unclear what the curfew requires. streets have to be cleared and people have to be home. more law enforcement on the way to the capitol and see how the grounds are disbursed on capitol hill. take a look at some of the images. these are the folks that are there right now on capitol hill. we understand the vice
4:00 pm
president, as you saw, he was presiding over the senate. he was evacuated from the capitol right as the security breach happened. the lawmakers were in the senate chamber and the house chamber. we understand from press reports the media was then brought into those chambers. the doors were locked but then law enforcement, capitol police got them out of those chambers. we're seeing that many lawmakers are marching themselves -- marking themselves safe on social media today. and as we showed you before, mike pence tweeting out, the violence and destruction taking place at the u.s. capitol must stop and it must stop now. anyone involved must respect law enforcement officers and immediately leave the building. burgess everett who covers capitol hill sent a tweet out saying police are now banging on doors in the senate. this was at 3:44. trying to make sure no one is in the building. that shouldn't be. don bacon, a republican of nebraska, joins us. congressman, your thoughts.
4:01 pm
mr. bacon: hey, it's don bacon. i was trying to turn down the volume so i didn't get the oako -- echo. host: no problem. congressman, your thoughts of what's happening at the capitol. mr. bacon: it's disgratesful. these folks aren't republicans. i see them as anarchists, those who broke into the buildings. who have injured our law enforcement. who's vandalizing the capitol. we live in the oldest and greatest democracy, the oldest and greatest republic in the world and these folks embarrassed our country today. those who are doing the violence and who broke in. i'm not talking about the peaceful protesters. they have that right. but it's disgraceful what their actions -- it's an embarrassment to our country. host: where were you when you learned of the breach of the security? mr. bacon: i was going to be in the chamber, but then they said we were loaded to a certain number so i went back to my office. then i was watching, but then we had the cannon building have a bomb threat next door. so all that chaos, i could hear
4:02 pm
a lot of sirens thefpblet we had the mayor said she was going to put a curfew on washington. and then i was watching c-span, watching your channel, and i saw the folks running out of the chamber. and so we knew that we had a problem. it's disgraceful. what happened. but we can hear a lot of noise where i'm at. i'd rather not give our location off hand. you can hear lots of noise out of my hallway. so we had our doors shut. i'm not personally worried for me but i always worry about my team and our staff. you always feel bad putting them in a tough situation. host: how are they feeling about this situation? mr. bacon: i think very poised. we have a good team but there's obviously nerves and we're angry. we're angry that this could happen. and i'm angry that -- i personally feel like our
4:03 pm
president should have given a uch more clear tone -- leaders create calmness and direction. they don't inspire people to get angry and do the things that they're doing. i feel like he needs to stand up and be a better leader on this. because he's not been. in my view. i think, two, we have to make it clear as a country, and as a president, he needs to respect the peaceful transition of power. you know, we've had -- you know, it's one thing to have elections and to say you disagree with them but we use our court system to get to that and he's not succeeded there. we've had vertified votes in the states. the president needs to respect the peaceful transition of power. and he needs to make that clear to the american people. host: senate democratic leader chuck shuker and house speaker nancy pelosi issued a statement saying, we are calling on president trump to demand that
4:04 pm
all protesters leave the u.s. capitol and capitol ground immediately. should he address the nation? mr. bacon: he should. he should -- he has to some degree. i saw a tweet they each put out saying we're peaceful. we don't -- we're not the party that violates law and order. i'm paraphrasing. but i think he needs to be more -- he needs to exclaim this more clearly and he needs to be a leader with the folks who obviously are protesting on his behalf. or at least they feel they are. and he needs to give clear direction and he needs to be a leader. this is what leaders are supposed to do. i'm a 30-year air force guy. retired general. commanded five times. leaders stand up and they create calm and a sense of direction and they don't exacerbate the situation and it's time for him to step up. host: what were you told about security today and do you think the capitol police did enough to prepare for this type of
4:05 pm
scenario? mr. bacon: i really don't know off hand. i talked to the police last night and this morning. because i thank them every day and i said it, it could be potential problems today. but i didn't know. let's be candid. i think most -- i've been to a lot of different gatherings and i've never seen violence. i figured it would be a peace protest -- a peaceful protest. i'm sure they did too. i think they'll have to do an action-doctor after-action review and see what they could have done better. i don't know what that could be. i don't want to speculate on that. i thank them. i know some police were injured today. i saw some being punched and that's wrong. and i think folks that are part of this, that broke into those buildings should feel very ashamed that they're beating up policemen. that's wrong. host: what do you think should happen to them? mr. bacon: they should go to jail. they should be charged. anybody that unlawfully enters,
4:06 pm
anybody that does physical violence against a policeman or anybody, any vandalism, it's all wrong. and people should pay for it. i do believe in law and order. i believe in holding people accountable. when they violate the law. i want to take a moment, if i may, i want to thank the vice president today. he stood up to the president and he did the right thing. he followed precedence, he followed the constitution. and just want to publicly say thank you, vice president pence. host: in what way? what did he do specifically? mr. bacon: the president wanted him on his own to disqualify state selecters -- state's electors. there's theory that can be done. it's never been done. i think it's unconstitutional. i don't think the founders ever wanted that to happen. but there was a theory out there he could do it and the president was articulating that the vice president could just on his own disqualify state selecters -- states' electors. and the vice president today
4:07 pm
made very clearly that he disagreed and he would not do that. and then the president subsequently tweeted criticizing pence's decision. but i think vice president pence was absolutely right. host: congressman, we're learning from governor larry hogan, from the virginia governor, the d.c. federal law enforcement, seen congressional reports of homeland security and possibly f.b.i. coming to -- >> represent who we are. what we're seeing. vice president biden: a small number of extremists dedicated to -- president-elect biden: a small number of extremists dedicated to disorder and chaos. it boards on sedition. and it must end. now. i call on this mob to pull back and allow the work of democracy to go forward. you heard me say before in different context, the words of
4:08 pm
a president matter. no matter how good or bad that president is. at their best, the words of a president can inspire. at their worst, they can insight. -- incite. therefore i call on president trump to go on national television now, to fulfill his oath and defend the constitution and demand an end to this siege. to storm the capitol, to smash windows, to occupy offices. the floor of the united states senate, rummaging through desks . on the capitol -- on the house of representatives. threatening the safety of duly elected officials. it's not protests. it's insurrection.
4:09 pm
the world's watching. lirke so many other americans -- like so many other americans. i am genuinely shocked and saddened that our nation so, long the beacon of light and hope for democracy, has come to uch a dark moment. through war and strife, america's endured much and we will endure here and we will prevail again and we'll prevail now. the work of the moment and the work of the next four years must be the restoration of democracy. decency, honor, respect the rule of law. just plain, simple decency. the renewal of politics. it's about solving problems, looking out for one another. not stoking the flames of hate and chaos.
4:10 pm
as i said, america's about honor, decency, respect, tolerance. that's who we are. that's who we've always been. the certification of the electoral college vote is supposed to be a sacred ritual. to affirm the majesty of american democracy. but today's a reminder, a painful one, that democracy is fragile. and to preserve it requires people of goodwill, leaders of the courage to stand up -- with the courage to stand up, who are devoted not to the pursuit of power or the personal interests pursuits of their own selfish interests at any cost, but to the common good. think what our children
4:11 pm
watching television are thinking. think what the rest of the world is looking at. for nearly 2 1/2 centuries we the people, in search of a more perfect union, have kept our eyes on that common good. america's so much better than what we've seen today. watching the scenes from the capitol, i was reminded as i prepared other speeches in the past, i was reminded of the words of abraham lincoln. in his annual message to congress, whose work has today been interrupted by chaos. here's what lincoln said. e said, we shall nobly save or merely lose the last best hope on earth. went on to say, the way's lain, peaceful, generous, just
4:12 pm
. a way, which if followed, the world will forever applaud and . d must forever bless the way is plain here too. that's who we are. it's the way of democracy. of respect. of decency. f honor. and commitment as patriots to this nation. notwithstanding what i saw today, and we're seeing today, i remain optimistic about the incredible opportunities. there's never been anything we an't do when we do it together . and this god-awful display today is bringing home to every republican and democrat and independent in the nation that we must step up.
4:13 pm
this is the united states of america. there's never, ever, ever, ever , ever been a thing we've tried to do that we've done it together and not been able to do it. o, president trump, step up. may god bless america and may god protect our troops and all those folks at the capitol who are trying to preserve order. thank you. and i'm sorry to have kept you waiting. reporter: [indiscernible] reporter: are you concerned about your inauguration, sir? reporter: [indiscernible] -- reporter: are you concerned about your inauguration, sir? are you concerned about violence? president-elect biden: i'm not concerned about my safety, security or the inauguration. i am not concerned. the american people have to
4:14 pm
stand up and stand up now. nough is enough is enough. host: the president-elect joe biden in wilmington, delaware, live coverage of his brief remarks on the violence that have marred the joint session to count the electoral votes on capitol hill. we are live here on c-span, awaiting word on when the house and senate will resume their sessions. just a reminder of the timetable. the u.s. house came in at 1:00 eastern -- came in at noon and joined in the senate in a joint session at 1:00 p.m. eastern. the president had spoken to the rally at the he's ellipse at about 11:00, 11:00 or so, and spoke until just shortly afternoon, at which point that rally broke up and many of those protesters made their way down pennsylvania avenue, down constitution, toward the u.s. capitol. some of those protesters broke into the u.s. capitol and
4:15 pm
violence ensued between the protesters, between capitol police and others. the capitol's on lockdown. the session, the joint session was ended before the violence began. and both the house and senate had begun the deliberation on the objections to the electric thunderstorm college count in arizona -- electric thunderstorm college count in arizona. we expect this will be three or four objections to electoral votes going on today and into tonight. so we have not seen all of the objections yet and certainly more ahead. we as of this hour do not know when the house and senate will gavel back in. there has been damage and destruction up on capitol hill, including in the speaker's chambers. and we'll show you that in a moment. just a look inside the u.s. house chamber, a photo here from andrew harknick of the associated press. members of congress shelter in place, shelter in the house gallery, as protesters try to break into the house chamber at the u.s. capitol today.
4:16 pm
also, a photo here from matt fuller of huffington post tweets that, damn, that's a photo and headline, maria weding protesters -- marauding protesters vandalize speaker pelosi's office. and a reporter from new york magazine relays a statement of a capitol hill aide, a house aide on what happened on the house floor. this aide says, i got on the house floor later, they only let me in people because invaded. once i got on the floor i stood by the door and heard a capitol police officer ask how many guns were in the room. then they told us to get behind the chairs as we may have to drop to the floor and they are bulletproof. then they told us to get gas masks out from beneath the chairs and put them on. before we could get them on, and out of a package, more people got through because they had to evacuate us through the tunnel. one police officer guarded madison and i and helped us get
4:17 pm
to an elevator and out of the capitol. rich and ted came with us to rayburn. both of those are congressmen. we'll keep you posted on any news when the house and senate return. greta, back to you. host: we are waiting obviously to get more reports from capitol police, from capitol leadership, as to what happens next. they're talking about their plans to move forward. they still have presumably more objections to go if they continue with the state of orgia, with the state of arizona, georgia, excuse me, i'm just blanking on the -- pennsylvania, of course. 20 electric thunderstorm votes there -- electric thunderstorm - electric thunderstorm -- eelectoral votes there.
4:18 pm
host: jim acosta who covers the white house for cnn sends out this tweet. that a source close to the white house who is in touch with some of the rioters at the capitol said it's the goal of those involved to stay inside the capitol through the night. president trump addressed his supporters earlier today. this is what he had to say. president trump: i hope mike is going to do the right thing. i hope so. i hope so. because if mike pence does the right thing, we win the election. all -- this do, is -- this is from the number one or certainly one of the top constitutional lawyers in our country, he has the absolute right to do it. we're supposed to protect our country. support our country.
4:19 pm
support our constitution and protect our constitution. states want to revote. the states got defrauded. they were given false information. they voted on it. now they want to recertify. they want it back. all vice president pence has to do is send it back to the states, to recertify. and we become president and you are the happiest people. and i just spoke to mike, i said, mike, that doesn't take courage. what takes courage is to do nothing. that takes courage. and then we're stuck with a president who lost the election by a lot and we have to live with that for four more years. we're just not going to let that happen. many of you have traveled from all across the nation to be here and i want to thank you for the extraordinary love. that's what it is.
4:20 pm
there's never been a movement like this ever, ever. for the extraordinary love for this amazing country. and this amazing movement. thank you. host: president trump from earlier today. around 11:00 a.m. eastern time. when he addressed the supporters that came here to washington to rally and protest the electric thunderstorm llege vote that was -- electoral college vote. they're still in the capitol. law enforcement from surrounding states, virginia, maryland, on their way to the capitol. we understand from lawmakers that we talked to, the intention is to keep going, when the capitol is cleared, with the counting of the electoral college. the president has taped a message from the white house, we understand. we will show that to you
4:21 pm
shortly. in the meantime, john in cliffton park, new york. john, your thoughts. caller: i am stunned. i never thought i could see this kind of thing happen ever. in this country. hope on't hold a lot of for whatever statement has been trump because i truly believe that what he wants to do and what he wanted to do when he sent -- when he, quote, suggested that people take walk down pennsylvania avenue and break into the capitol, is -- he wants to watch the rikestad burn down. and it -- it -- when the vice
4:22 pm
president has to be the one to say people need to leave and only do it by twitter, while the president just sits and watches television, the level of disgust that i feel, that is usually pretty high for this administration, but we've urpassed that today. it is beyond compare. i'm praying that there are no fatalities. i know there's one person who has been shot. and is in serious condition. hopefully that's the last person that's going to be hurt. but it looks like these protesters are going to -- they're not protesters. they're terrorists. i truly believe that. they're going to stay in the capitol as long as they can. and they're going to keep disrupting as long as they can. nd they should be dealt with as hard as the justice system
4:23 pm
can handle it. an i hope this is indication to a lot of people that, you know, a democracy is a great thing, if you can keep it. and we're right on the precipice of losing it. if we don't stop this and we don't stop the kind of rhetoric and the kind of craziness that has enveloped this country in the last four years. thanks very much and thanks for c-span. host: ok. john in cliffton park, new york. kathleen, tucson, arizona. caller: yes, hello. i echo what john said. just absolutely in shock. i so appreciate president-elect biden's words, enough is enough is enough. this country is about something greater than our individuals or about the common -- individuals, we're about the combhon good. it really is time, and i agree, we're at the precipice of our democracy being tested.
4:24 pm
so i thank the founding fathers for putting the three branches of government in place. we have the structures that we need. i believe that treason charges need to be brought against this president in the way that he has taken this country and insighted this kind of violence. to me -- incited this kind of violence. to me, it takes it to this level. i want to thank all of who you have reported on this, all the capitol police who are there trying to defend our democracy. and i as a 60-year-old woman, i'm ready to go, if i need to show up in d.c. to protect our democracy for our future generation. this is that important and that critical and i am just beyond words to know that our president has incited this kind of violence today. so, again, thank you all for reporting. thank you for covering. and i will move on. thank you. host: all right, kathleen in -- abc news says that kevin
4:25 pm
mccarthy, the republican leader in the house told abc, quote, i called the president and explained to him what is going on. i begged him to go to the nation, says -- he said that the president was recording a video message. the president has tweeted out that message and again we'll get that ready for you here momentarily. you heard from the president-elect, joe biden, going before the cameras to say that the capitol's under senal. calling on the president to give a national address and saying that the democracy is under an unprecedented assault. martha in kissimmee, florida. caller: hello. thank you for taking my call. host: as you watch this, what are you thinking? host: this is nothing more than a symptom of what has been going on for years, for decades . the uneducated have been cheated out of good schools, good jobs, factories and other jobs, locked down and taken to
4:26 pm
other countries. these corporations still getting these tax breaks. and as for those who are educated, how many people are indifferent, who lapse when others talk to them -- laugh when others talk to them about voting? voting needs to be made into a law where we have to do it as obligations. like they do in australia. we pay taxes. no argument. we have to go to jury duty. no argument. we have to vote. we have to register and vote in every election. no argument. this is nothing more than a of -- [indiscernible] -- between our elite and privileged government and the people who have been cheated for more than 40 years. poort are getting poorer, the rich are getting richer. who is going to step up? we need to step up.
4:27 pm
and vote. [indiscernible] host: ok, martha. bill, what you have learned? >> the president has just tweeted out a recorded video on the mob violence and destruction at the u.s. capitol today. here's what he had to say. president trump: we had an election that was stolen from us. it was a landslide election and everyone knows it. especially the other side. but you have to go home now. we have to have peace. we have to have law and order. we have to respect our great people in law and order. we don't want anybody hurt. it's a very tough period of time. there's never been a time like this where such a thing happened, where they could take it away from all of us. from me, from you, from our country. this was a fraudulent election. but we can't play into that the hands of these people. we have to have peace.
4:28 pm
so go home. we love you. you're very special. you've seen what happens, you see the way others are treated that are so bad and so evil. i know how you feel. but go home and go home in peace. i know your pain. host: president trump in a tweet came out shortly ago, the president telling his supporters to go home and all of them will have to go home. there is a 6:00 p.m. curfew in effect in the nation's capitol. greta? host: tweeting out at about 4:24 this afternoon on the east coast -- host: car men in belleview, washington. caller: hi. letting ateful for you
4:29 pm
me tell what i've been experienced. overnight there were anarchist tweets. i kept going into these -- there would be accounts that would be talking about the end. lynn wood, who is associated with trump, said, pence is in fact a traitor. i have the evidence and i have interviewed the whistleblower. i am sending pence to -- word blocked -- he will never be released. he will spend eternity there. then he retweeted a little bit later at 5:30 a.m. pacific time, i'm sorry, i'm shaking because i saw this happening and i didn't know who to tell. but ron watkins, who's the administrator for qanon, he tweeted out, three of three. and own on the very bottom, luckily -- host: you know what, i'm going to stop you there.
4:30 pm
i don't think at this time it's appropriate to on national television repeat the incitement of violence. lori in silver spring, an independent. lori. caller: hi. thank you for taking my call. i am just disgusted to watch this and it's hard to believe that our country has come to this. not only should we be holding president trump accountable, but all the republicans who today are finally speaking out and saying how absurd this is and how dangerous this is. they should have been speaking out all along. and i hope that the constitutional lawyers and attorney generals and whoever else has the standing and popovich power to hold these people accountable, i hope that they do that. because they are putting our country at risk. and if we claim to be the beacon of light of democracy
4:31 pm
for the world, and today we have lost that right hold it that position. we will, i believe, come around and survive this. but this is a disgrace for our country. it is a national shame. thank you. host: katie in russellville, kentucky. katie, as we watch these protesters on capitol hill they are remain there at this hour, what are you thinking? caller: well, i'm hoping the protesters are safe. i wonder how many antifa have been fill -- have infiltrated that might be causing violence. it's not like trump supporters to be violent at all. however, i am so pleased to see people that can get there to protest the rigged election. communism in this country unfortunately is now here. and we have to stand up. i don't believe in violence, respect the police, and i suspect that the trump supporters have. i suspect the anti-a -- antifa has gotten in there in trump
4:32 pm
gear. st: do you think that it was or should the security on capitol grounds have been -- should they have tried to enter the capitol? caller: yes. communism must be stopped, if they have to take them by the ear and throw them all down the steps and call for re-elections across the board. we have allowed our institutions to be overrun by communists over the last 60 years. they're now here. it's either stand up and defend now or lose the country forever. host: all right. max in boston. max, go ahead. host: hi. thank you so much for giving a platform for all of us who want to share what we're thinking about right now and for taking my call. one thing i just wanted to get out there, something that's on the mind of so many young people in this country, is how the reaction from law enforcement of this riot differs from the reaction that
4:33 pm
was present several months ago during the black lives matter protests in reaction to the killings of george floyd. at the time, several months ago, folks were protesting civil right, they were protesting police brutality. and were met with a huge force from the national guard. tear gas, rubber bullets, and what we're seeing today is nothing in comparison to that. and what we're seeing today is a full-blown riot that borders on a coup and i just think that it is so horrifying to see the double standard in this country . for protesting the subjugation of people of color versus a full-blown riot. that's all i wanted to mention. thank you. host: all right, max in boston. sara patrick leahy, democrat of vermont, says he's safe with other senators. we're eager to get back on senate floor when safe and resume the certification of the election. i applaud president-elect biden's remarks a few moments ago. as you know, if you were
4:34 pm
watching our coverage here today, the proceedings of the certification of the election, that's counting of the electoral college votes, the final step in campaign 2020 was interrupted when it was obbletted, when a senator, senator ted cruz, and paul gosar of arizona, objected to the electric thunderstorm college votes from arizona -- the electric thunderstorm ollege votes of arizona -- electoral college votes of arizona. they were going vote on the objection. as you all know, once the security of the capitol was breached, those proceedings were put into vess in both chambers. lawmakers were evacuated and we're hearing from senators like patrick leahy and others, either on social media or other places, that they are safe. the protesters are still on the grounds of the capitol.
4:35 pm
there's law enforcement coming in from the surrounding area. the mayor, the d.c. mayor, has put in a 6:00 p.m. curfew to clear the area and lawmakers are saying that they will the electoral college. jim from texas is next. caller: yes, ma'am. i just want to thank you for giving people the voice because we don't have much voice in this country anymore. the little people. we've been watching a man who was elected president and we saw that hillary clinton never served one day in jail and we saw f.b.i. people lying on the stand and we've lost credibility in our f.b.i. and . r justice department
4:36 pm
i called up the f.b.i. and i asked, who's your boss? and they couldn't tell me who their big boss was. i called the justice department and asked, who's the f.b.i.'s big boss and they said, we don't know. and i come to find out through my research, the justice department is over all these federal agencies. they control them. so when the f.b.i. won't release paperwork and won't release documents, it's because the justice department is dragging their feet. host: so, jim, your point? caller: what i'm trying to say is, we've lost hope in our representatives and we know that the dominion system was switching votes and it was hooked onloin and we know it went to frankfort, germany. host: what evidence is there of that? caller: well, you can't get evidence if you can't get it to the court system.
4:37 pm
and the court system has been blocked by the justice department. host: ok. michael in new york. caller: hello. can you hear me? host: we can. caller: first of all, i love president trump. i love him even more after today. and what exactly do you think is going to happen with the fraudulent election? do you think people are just going to get walked all over for the rest of their lives? honestly. i'm asking you. are you? host: michael, are you -- caller: do you like being walked all over? that's what's happening. when i see what's happening today, i'm not surprised. i'm not saying i condone it. but are you priced -- surprised? host: you're not, michael? you're not, it sounds like. caller: no, i'm not surprised at all. are you? host: ok. we'll go to andrew in new exico. andrew, new mexico.
4:38 pm
all right. let me go to parker who is in california. parker. as you've watched the breach of the u.s. capitol, today, what has been going through your mind? caller: yes, i. have i started watching this morning, watching republicans try and object to free and fair election results, which is a direct precursor. what we saw, the storming of the capitol, is a direct consequence of that. so what i want all the viewers at home to pay attention to is pay attention to the double standard. reflect on the way that racial justice protesters were treated this summer, and that includes at our nation's capitol, for peacefully assembling. now look what happens when we have armed white domestic terrorists allowed to essentially walk into a our nation's capitol, take pictures with police, take pictures in the offices of our duly elected officials. freely rooming the chambers of congress -- roaming the chambers of congress. i have never seen this in my lifetime. i am shocked. i am disgusted. but from what we've seen, we have to expect this would be a
4:39 pm
consequence of president trump and his supporters sowing discord in our nation's elections, in the integrity of our democracy. ted cruz, paul gosar, jim jordan, everyone this morning. this is what is going through people's minds. and we've heard callers today who are taking those words to heart. they're saying, this isn't white supremacy, this is antifa. this is communively. no, these people have trump flags. this is white supremacy. this is militant white right-wing violence and anyone else who is trying to defend this -- spin this in another way is living in an alternate reality without evidence. the courts have upheld this election. congress should do the same. congress should allow joe biden to become the president-elect and the people of the capitol right now need to leave and they need to be charged. i also believe any official who has supported trump in his efforts to overturn this election should be expelled from congress. thank you. host: the new senator from montana, a colorado, ex -- excuse me, the following governor, sends out this tweet
4:40 pm
-- host: president-elect joe biden addressed the country earlier. here's a portion of that. president-elect biden: at this hour, our democracy's under unprecedented assault. unlike anything we've seen in odern times. an assault on the people's representatives and the capitol hill police sworn to protect them. and the public servants who work at the heart of our republic. an assault on the rule of law like few times we've ever seen it. an assault on the most sacred
4:41 pm
of american undertakings. the doing of the people's business. let me be very clear. the scenes of chaos at the capitol do not reflect a true america. do not represent who we are. what we're seeing are a small number of extremists dedicated to lawlessness. this is not dissent. it's disorder. it's chaos. it boarders on sedition. and it must end now. i call on this mob to pull back and allow the work of democracy to go forward. you heard me say before in different context, the words of president matter.
4:42 pm
no matter how good or bad that president is. at their best, the words of a president can inspire. at their worst, they can incite. therefore i call on president trump to go on national television now, to fulfill his oath and defend the constitution and demand an end to this siege. host: president-elect joe biden from earlier calling on the president to address the nation and tell the protests that are you see on the screen right there, that are still on the capitol ground, to go home. law enforcement on the way. the 6:00 p.m. cur to you here in d.c. will be in place in a little over an hour. and we are getting your thoughts today as this scene unfolds on capitol hill. t was supposed to be the final
4:43 pm
step of campaign 2020. proceedings that happen every four years, where congress plays its role in talying the electoral college votes and certifying the election. lindsey graham, after the senator from south carolina, after the security breach occurred, tweeting out moments ago, i cannot agree more with president-elect biden's statement to the nation. it's time to retake the capitol and the violence and stop the madness. it's time to move forward and govern our nation. our differences are real but the love of our nation verwhelms our differences. bill? host: after joe biden, the president-elect's live statement from wilmington, president trump released a recorded tweet, just wanted to point this out because shortly after that tweet was released, it was locked down by twitter and this is a screen shot of that from the recount. again, admonishing the fact that there are issues that they
4:44 pm
have, that twitter had, with things the president said in his tweet. the president's first former and first chief of staff, reince priebus, with this tweet this afternoon. many of these folks are nothing but domestic terrorists and many are criminals and trouble makers all acting in a manner opposite of patriotism. these violent people have no respect for democracy. pure insanity and disgusting. from senator joe manchin. host: one more thing here too from josh campbell, national security reporter with cnn.
4:45 pm
f.b.i. agents have been deployed to the u.s. capitol complex in washington. a look at the video of that from nbc's leanne caldwell. let's take a look. host: we will keep you posted on any upkates on social media -- updates on social media. host: we're getting our viewers ', americans' thoughts on this. on this day, on capitol hill, january 6, 2021. the protesters sieging -- taking siege of the capitol. a word that the president-elect joe biden used. senator tim kaine, democrat of virginia, has tweeted out that
4:46 pm
he and his staff are safe right now. following the instructions of capitol police and praying for the safety of capitol workers. members of the press and all here in washington today, this violence must end now. donna in anderson, south carolina. what do you think? caller: well, what i think is, what gets me is how come the president-elect joe biden didn't say anything -- the same thing when all of the democrats was going out there and destroying everything and burning everything down? nobody even said anything about that. they say they're terrorist -- they didn't say they're terrorists on tver -- tv or nothing like that. when the republicans does something like that, oh, they're terrorists. they're bad. most republicans are christian people and they're not violent. now, yes, there was somebody on here that was very stupid and did shoot and that was wrong of them to do that. because violence -- you shouldn't do violence. i'm a christian. and i love this country.
4:47 pm
but i love god more and this -- you know, the world is going to end. i mean, it's going to get worse than what it is now. host: all right, donna. diana in careville, texas. caller: yes, hello, hi. can you hear me? host: we can. have you been watching this all day? caller: yes, i have, ma'am. i have a couple thoughts about. this first of all, i appreciate the coverage that you've provided today. but y'all aren't the only game in town. so what you are putting out there is -- but the people that put forth the violence, that you're purporting that they're trump supporters in reality it was antifa. there's videos out there that show that they broke windows in, that they're the ones that breached the capitol, that they're the ones that actually created the violencement some of them were wearing trump gear but this was not trump supports that are did that. trump supporters are peaceful. it was actually antifa. and yesterday the antifa was actually bust in with a police he is -- bused in with a police escort approved by the d.c.
4:48 pm
mayor. there's videos of that. if you truly want the truth, there is videos and there's alternate media that actually provides the truth. host: diana, are you not -- you're not condoning this violence? whoever's doing it? caller: of course i don't condone the violence. but you're blaming the wrong people. you're blaming trump supporters. this was antifa. the video is of antifa. you can look at the antifa -- their videos. it's antifa that's doing this. some of them were wearing trump gear. so you're blaming trump and your narrative is to blame trump. it's not trump. this was antifa that did that. at the end of the day, this election, we're trying to legitimatize an illegitimate president-elect. biden didn't win. this is the absolute color revolution using false media in order to drive the narrative. dan: diana there in texas -- host: diana there in texas. as you can see on capitol hill, more police have arrived on the
4:49 pm
site. the governors of virginia and maryland all sending more resources, more law enforcement resources to the capitol. the entire national guard of washington, d.c., has been called. you saw images of that earlier. we'll go to lisa in roseville, michigan. caller: hello. hi. i'm a trump supporter. and it's true. i agree with the last two callers. that just called you and everybody seems to right away blame trump for everything. now think about this. there's many, many, many groups. not just antifa, not just the trump supporters. there could be the boogaloo bois out there, there could be black lives matter out there. there could be antifa out there. there's a lot of different groups. there's michigan militia here where i'm at. so it's like, you cannot specifically say, oh, that was
4:50 pm
a trump supporter. and you got to remember, we watched tv for the last four years. we've seen impeachment, impeachment, impeachment. everything that trump's ever did, and he's had an impeccable record before that covid virus came out, it's disgusting. and now we got to deal with socialism now? host: ok, lisa, if -- if charges are brought against people who broke into the capitol and they are supporters of president trump, what should happen? caller: i think they should go to jail. host: ok. we'll show you the moment on the house floor, right before they went to recess as protesters breached the chamber. the speaker pro tempore: the house will be in order. the house will be in order. k.
4:51 pm
the house will be in order. he house will be in order. members will take their seats. he house will be in order. we can get order, we can
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
without objection, the chair declares the house in recess pursuant to clause is it 12-b of rule 1. host: that was when the house recessed in when the protesters broke into the capitol earlier today. the scene outside of the capitol right now on your screen, these are more police that have been called to the area. we can see on cnn that they are around the capitol grounds. it appears they are in some sort of holding pattern. i'm not -- obviously don't know what's going to happen next here on the capitol. the mayor has called for a 6:00 p.m. curfew. and senators and house members have been told to shelter in place. they've been evacuated from at least the u.s. capitol. they are in an undisclosed location. along with members of the press who were brought out thereof by the capitol police. you've been watching this unfold today.
4:54 pm
when the house and senate was supposed to be counting the votes from the 2020 presidential campaign. we're getting your thoughts on all of this today as well. bill, what you have found? bill: as you pointed out on that voorks additional police resources arriving. those officers, metropolitan d.c. police department, keep in mind the capitol hill complex and the surrounding area patrolled, the jurisdiction of the capitol police and has been for quite some time. here in washington, d.c. but additional police resources, metropolitan, f.b.i., the national guard, and they're there because, as you pointed out, the curfew, getting under way. scott wong, who has been helpful to us today in figuring all this out. senior congressional correspondent for "the hill," tweeting now, d.c. officials say there's a cur knew effect from 6:00 p.m. tonight until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. this is from sam who covers transportation issues for
4:55 pm
"politico." he writes, he tweets, a statement from the national manufacturers association, the national association of manufacturers just asked mike pence to, quote, seriously consider invoking the 25th amendment. that's the amendment that calls for the removal of the president if he is incapacitated. this is from fox who tweets the democratic minnesota representative ilhan owe harpreparing articles of -- omar preparing articles of impeachment for trump. and senator from alaska with this tweet, saying that the dangerous destructive activity at the capitol is continuing to unfold. i along with other members of the senate are secure, but the situation is clearly not safe. it is truly mob rule at the moment. d from overseas, michael martin, the first reaction we've seen from foreign governments.
4:56 pm
host: i'll just add to, that senator rand paul tweeting out, it is one thing to be angry. it is another to focus on one's anger in a constructive way. that hasn't happened today. so to say the least, we simply -- to say the -- to say the least. we simply cannot destroy the constitution, our laws and the electoral college in the process. he goes on to say, i hope as the nation's anger cools we channel that energy into essential electoral reforms in every state. adding, america's admired around the world for free elections. we must absolutely must fix this mess and restore confidence and integrity into our elections. and senator maggie hasan writing, this insurrection will not deter congress from certifying our election. our democracy des on. you are watching law enforcement head into the capitol. katie in greensburg, pennsylvania.
4:57 pm
caller: hi. thank you so much for taking my call. i want to say, his rally today, it wasn't for anything else than i think to generate fear and fear is his biggest strength. it can turn into, like, it can just evolve into anger, rebellion and violence. and the people in that crowd knew that the count was going on. they knew time was running out. of course emotions are going to run high. and he took advantage of that. it's so sad to so he that this guy is getting more power or a following by taking away hope from the american people. the people that he was sworn to protect. i think citizens need to put their face back -- faith back in mue manatee. not him. this man literally put violence on peaceful protesters for a bible photo opportunity and then was slammed by the church. nothing he does makes sense at all. then his video response right after the violence, right at the beginning he's capitulating that this is a rigged election. he got caught on a recording
4:58 pm
asking for votes in georgia. and he's going to be there saying, yeah, i know you guys are fighting a good fight, he was recorded asking for votes. i'm just, like, beyond disturbed. i hope everyone is safe on both sides. i just hope everyone stays safe and just hope this awful, awful display of patriotism, that's not what it is, like, i'm saying that with air quotes and sarcasm, it's not patriotism, i hope this is a catalyst for people just to really try to get some real change. because it's heartbreaking to know that this is the reality of america. -- [indiscernible] -- i'm in my early 20's and knowing that this is kind of like what i had to deal with for the rest of my life -- it's really -- and what everyone else has to deal with and people remember how things were better in the good old days, this is just really, really, really shocking. i can't believe it's gone to this point of violence, just like -- just violence.
4:59 pm
and ignorance. host: katie in pennsylvania. senator jeff merkley tweets out, electric thunderstorm college ballots were rescued electoral college ballots were rescued from the floor. if they hasn't been saved they would have been burned. those were brought in in those boxes from the states. you saw the proceedings at the beginning of the joint session in the house chamber with the vice president, mike pence, presiding over the electric thunderstorm college votes take electoral college votes taken. what happened next or very early on in the process was an objection to arizona's 11 electoral college votes. they gaveled down that joint session. the senate went back to their chamber and they began debate
5:00 pm
and then that is when the protesters went to capitol hill , breached the security there, went past the capitol police and into the actual building itself. pete in florida. what do you make of all of his? caller: thanks for having me on, i don't think i've ever watched c-span live, i d watch it pretty often, you guys are a national treasure. you know, let me ask you a question. have you -- can you imagine, where are the capitol police while people, i understand the congressmen, the senators were taken, they're safe, ballots were preserved. how am i watching an hour's worth of vandals walk around
5:01 pm
inside our nation's capitol, on the senate floor and house floor, sitting in the speaker's chair, banging the gavel, carrying podiums around, rummaging through senator's papers on their desk. here are the capitol police? i'll be nice about it. i'm not saying go to billy clubs d zim ties but where are the butt kickings that should be going on when this happens anywhere, much less our nation's capitol? you couldn't do this at a football game. you couldn't do this at a concert, you couldn't do this at -- you couldn't do this anywhere, much less the capitol building. i mean, what are -- i'm watching 45 minute, where are the police when you see people rummaging around on the floor of the nat. host: obviously there's a lot of questions right now as we wait
5:02 pm
and after action report of how this all transpired. there's the pick tchoifer senate chamber, one of the protesters sitting in the chair of the presiding officer. let's go to george in alabama. caller: how are you doing? i want to say this is ridiculous. we've been here all our lives, getting this stuff done in a decent, peaceful way and now you've got a bunch of thugs going up there to raid our capitol? all of them should be locked up. they should have been escorted back out of the building, should have been locked up. this is ridiculous. they make it seem like we're a third world country. this is the united states that everybody in the world used to look up to and we look like garbage. garbage.
5:03 pm
host: i am sorry, i apologize, i thought you were finished. tyler in sacramento. caller: hi there. thank you for taking my call and for the coverage you're providing today and giving me the opportunity to voice my opinion i feel personally consider myself abindependent in california, which is a rare i think, i think, at least. i'm a classic ron paul libertarian. just had a few points to make. i personally don't think it's any real surprise what's happening today. having watched a lot of the hearings. you constantly hear, on what evidence? where's the evidence? i think a lot of the people out there were paying attention to the hearings going on in michigan, pennsylvania, arizona, an georgia and we saw these people that had submitted the affidavits with purported election, you know, seedy things going on. i think those are the questions people want answered. watching ted cruz's speech this morning, it kind of brought to light, i think, what should have happened and you know, he said
5:04 pm
if a member of congress votes against an objection, a lot of voters are going to hear from that that you don't think voting fraud is real and that's a big deal. in my opinion, i think that restoring election integrity she most important thing. hearing this constant chicken little syndrome, the sky is fall, the sky hasn't fallen for the last four years when trump was in office. we've heard the same thing for four years. as someone who didn't have a dog in the race, i didn't vote for biden or for trump, i'm pretty much always feeling disenfranchised. from my angle, trump will go. he won't go without a fight but he will go when it comes down to it. there was a previous tweet about invoking the 25th, encouraging mike pence to invoke the 25th. in my mind that's the quickest way to a civil war which i don't want to see happen. it's scary to see how much divisiveness has entered into the country over my short life span, i'm only 33 years old.
5:05 pm
you see both sides and oftentimes you're in the middle and you can't have a rational dialogue with people. people, if you don't agree with them they shut off completely. it's one of the most frustrating things to be a witness to. from my angle all i hear is supporters of more big government policies on're side arguing over who wants to be next. host: all right, todd, i want to tell people what we're seeing on the screen. according to cnn, riot police are moving into place. to move the protesters away from the building off of the capitol grounds. so that, i believe, according to cnn is what's happening right now. moving those police officers moving into place. it's 5:05 p.m. here on the east coast. we're approaching the 6:00 p.m. curfew put in place by the d.c. mayor. bill scanlon?
5:06 pm
host: i'm sorry, greta, i was lining up some tweets and responses. let me first show you, i'm not sure if this is from d.c. police or from capitol police, a statement here. zeke miller of the associated press reporting this statement. the d.c. police said protesters deployed chemical irritants on police to gain access to the u.s. capitol. lisa bennett, a video reporter with "the daily caller," request if you listen you hear the pop of a flash grenade go off, this is video this afternoon before the breach, before the assault here on what appears to be the west front of the u.s. capitol. couple other comments here. this is from chad, who covers congress, longtime correspondent for fox news. a couple of things about the process ahead. he said it's unclear when the house and senate return to members orries about
5:07 pm
of the mob they haven't been able to find potentially still roaming the capitol, the smell of tear gas in the building, members and staff sheltering in place. that tweet a short while ago. he also said to note this. note the house and senate don't have to meet here in the capitol. unclear if today's mob incursion, he calls it, will force the g.o.p.'s intent on contesting the electoral college. also from representative kinzinger from illinois, republican from illinois, saying this. we live in the greatest country on earth and today millions of americans will exercise their right to vote in a free and fair election. this is special. it is a reminder that our greatness stems from our freedoms. may god blessdz the u.s.a. that's a tweet back on election day. on november 3. i want to show you some video here from mike gallagher of wisconsin. a marine vet. here's what he had to say about today. >> we have protesters who have stormed the capitol.
5:08 pm
clashing with capitol police, forcing their way into statuary hall. the vice president of the united states was just rushed off the floor of the house by secret service. this is banana republic crap that we're watching happen. right now. and the objectors over the last two days have told me, there is no problem with just having a debate. we know we're not going to succeed. so we're just going to object, we're going to have a debate. we'll voice people's concerns and then we won't actually overturn our entire system of representative government so nothing bad will happen, there'll be no cost to this effort. this is the cost. of this effort. this is the cost of countenancing an effort by congress to overturn the election and telling thousands of people that there is a legitimate shot of overturning the election today. even though you know that is not true.
5:09 pm
we have got to stop this. mr. president, you have got to stop this. you are the only person who can call this off. call it off. the election is over. call it off. this is bigger than you. it's bigger than any member of congress. it is about united states of america, which is more important than any politician. call it off. it's over. right now -- host: matt gallagher, congressman from wisconsin, who represents the eighth district, green bay, a tweet, looks like from inside his office at the u.s. capitol. greta? for: david muir who reports "daily kos," says several have called for trump's impeachment
5:10 pm
for causing today's coup attempt. you can see the name there is. back to capitol hill, our cameras outside of the two chambers. riot police put into place to move them away from the capitol. not clear what is happening inside that building at this moment. senators and house lawmakers, many of them saying, on twitter, and to us, this afternoon, that they would like to continue forward with the counting of the electoral college. it's unclear, though, if that can happen. we'll go to alen in ohio. allen? caller: me? host: yes, you. clip i'll be darned. -- caller: i'll be darned. actually i'm proud of what's happened. these people are standing up for what we believe in. host: to be clear, are you endorsing the violence? caller: i don't see any violence. host: you didn't see --
5:11 pm
caller: i don't see any violence. i see with the people standing up for what we believe in and this has been about to come. host: there are reports of police being hurt. punched. guns were drawn. caller: i don't know. i mean there's bound to be things like that happen if there are confrontations, person-to-person. it is going to happen. host: ok. aaron in provo, utah. caller: hi. sorry. i'm going to try to be calm and nonpartisan in my comments. but this is one of the scarest things i have ever seen. in my life. and when you see what led up to this, the comments by elected -- ials in whatever state
5:12 pm
offense, wehem take power d to vote, use the of the vote. we can't afford to be bystanders anymore in our system. i don't condone any violence that's happened. and i do think this is something that could have been avoided had other actions been taken by the people in charge. host: what other actions? cry foul ll, if you often and try to say look -- if you start the allegations of fraud with no evidence of fraud and then you maintain issues of fraud that is beyond any substantive argument. that's not valid logically to do. if you start with a statement
5:13 pm
that doesn't mean it's right, it ust means you can do that it makes people feel like they're being suppressed. host: robert in milwaukee. caller: hi. yeah. i am a political scientist and historian and quite honestly many of the people, especially the guy before last, are completely delusional and inundated with political propaganda. the people that are saying the democrats are some sort of communist conspiracy that are trying to like take away our freedoms, the democrats are not communists. ey're one of the capitalist, imperialist, ruling parties of this country. they couldn't be further from communist. there are two parties, the democrats and the republicans, that have been trying to increase the contradiction between them in order to prop up the legitimacy of this obviously
5:14 pm
failing late-stage capitalist system. like they've been ramping up these contradictions between them and this is the outcome. when the legitimacy of the entire party of the republicans hangs on the figure of donald trump this is what's going to happen. it's an inherently unstable situation. and they've created this because they don't have anywhere else to draw legitimacy from. tens of millions of people are out of work. tens of millions are hungry. this economic system is failing. capitalism in this country is failing and we're seeing the violent outcomes of that host: robert in milwaukee. let me show you from earlier today when the senate went into recess because of the protesters getting close to, possibly at that time entering the chamber. i want to show you that moment and note for you that there is no audio after about -- a little
5:15 pm
bit of time. so we'll show you the entire moment when it happened but you will not be hearing audio for some of it. >> senate will stand in recess until the call of the chair. >> thank you. [no audio]
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[no audio] host: that was the moment from this afternoon, a lit a.f.l. 2:00 p.m. eastern time, when the senate adjourned. or i should say in recess, not adjourned. they are still in recess as is the house. once the security was breached on capitol hill and the protesters entered into the building, the lawmakers were
5:21 pm
first locked inside the chamber and then evacuated from those chambers. we're getting tweets from many lawmakers saying they are safe. they are waiting for the capitol police and police from virginia and maryland along with other law enforcement backing them up today, this evening, to clear these protesters out of the capitol and from the capitol grounds. capitol hill reporters are saying there are many lawmakers still committed to moving forward with the tally of the electoral college votes. we will see if that happens. we're getting your thoughts on this day as protesters -- as president-elect joe biden said he described it as a siege on the nation's capitol and democracy under uns predened assault. those were his words. do you agree with that or disagree? we'll get your thoughts on that. bill scanlon? host: our u.s. capitol is nearly
5:22 pm
220 years old. it has seen a lot of contentious debate. rarely has it seen violence. some historical perspective here with this tweet he says this is the first time the u.s. capitol has been breached since the british attacked and burned the building in 1814 in the war of 1812. according to samuel holliday with the u.s. capitol historical society. a photo from jordan fisher inside the capitol. he's a local tv reporter here in washington. during the four years of the civil war, the confederates never got closer to washington than fort stevens. until today when insurrection supporters of donald trump paraded through the u.s. capitol building carrying the confederate battle flag. this is from gabriel alsandro who said trump supporters are attacking media sites outside of
5:23 pm
the capitol. that video before han was from one of the sites out there. from the local u.s. attorney. this is from mathieu schneider, the violent protesters at the u.s. capitol right now are committing crimes and they must stop immediately. our constitution protects peaceful protests, but not this. just as the violence in our cities this summer was prosecuted, this violence should be treated the same under the law. and also a tweet from dick here, from - from boris johnson of the u.k., disgraceful scenes in the u.s. congress, the united states stand for democracy around the world and it is now vital that there should be a peaceful and orderly transfer of power. i want to show you video of the scene inside the u.s. capitol. igor babic of "huffington post" with this. let's take a look.
5:24 pm
[yelling] > stay away. back up. back up. back up. back up. leave now. o.
5:25 pm
>> we're staying here. this is our america. host: there you go, the video shot earlier as we mentioned, igor babic tweeted that out from "huffington post." greta? host: we'll get to more calls in a minute. looks like some of the protesters have been moved away from the capitol grounds. there's one flag that remains there. we'll continue to watch the scene here on capitol hill as the house and senate lawmakers wait to reconvene their respective chambers and continue on with this last step of the presidential campaign. i want to share some other images and thoughts with you. haley, a political reporter, sent us this image. she said this photo breaks my
5:26 pm
heart. representative jason crow, democrat of colorado, comforts representative susan wild of pennsylvania, while taking cover as protesters interrupt the session. this is during the house debate over the first objection. and then there's this from manu raju, saying lawmakers are committed to finishing tonight. senator joe manchain said there's a belief they'll finish the electoral certification tonight, quote, the thugs aren't running us off. john in plainview, texas. caller: hi. can you hear me? host: we can. caller: yes. for the younger audience out there, you know, stay calm. be fine. everything will be all right. this is something that happens almost every election time, you know, senators and congressmen, they all decide, you know who is going to vote who isn't going to
5:27 pm
vote, who is going to reject, who isn't going to reject. it's just part of the process. what we need to look at, what we need to try to do going forward is how can we restore to the american people the way we can make the elections more safe, feel better because what trump has done has put it into people's minds that we do not have a proper election system. that there is something wrong with the system. it needs to be looked at and it needs to be fixed. many p people apparently from what you can see via capitol hill feel that same way. now should everyone who is inside capitol hill be arrested, be detained and be charged to the full extent of the law? yes. but at the same time there are people there who are simply trying to protest. and only protest. and show the facts. we d not agree with this. we do not want this to be happening. we want to somehow fix this.
5:28 pm
ultimately, no matter which way it goes, obviously, president-elect joe biden has won. regardless of that fact -- host: finish up, regardless of that fact? ok. let me go to carolyn in mechanicsburg, pennsylvania. carolyn? caller: thank you for taking my call. just on the note of the previous caller from texas, he's absolutely right, with the constitution, we do know that as a people we can gather in peaceful protest. it's happened in the summer. it started peaceful. but then became violent with looting and fires and taking over police stations and downtowns. all of that needs to be prosecuted. the people who ran into the capitol building today, they need to be prosecuted. that is so true. but that is just the beginning of our problem as a nation. e further we divide from democrats and republican, the further chance we have of
5:29 pm
collapses, there's no chance a house will stand when the columns are separated so far. we have to come together. our constitution was based on morality, integrity, respect, truth, honesty and when those factors are lost and left, left behind, our country is going to collapse from within. it won't even need to be attacked. it's going to be -- it's going to collapse from inside. because we are becoming so divided and until we come together and listen to each other and respect each other, whether you have a difference of opinion or not, we have to come together to come to solutions. because it's not going to help the further we go apart. no matter who is spreading the evil and who is talking bad and who is prop granding. it doesn't matter. if we don't come together as a unity and a country, respecting each other's differences, it will collapse from inside.
5:30 pm
it's a fact. it's a truth. and it will collapse unless we join and be able to embrace each other and the differences. it has to happen. we saw it after 9/11. we saw it after the attack, after the gunshots against the republicans when they were playing softball. people came together after calamities. and if we don't start doing that, we're going to have a nation that's going to collapse. that's -- is that what we're going to leave for our children and grandchildren? a collapsed nation? host: ok, carolyn in pennsylvania. here is the president earlier addressing the protesters. pres. trump: i know your pain. i know you're hurt. we had an election that was stolen from us. it was a landslide election. and everyone knows it. especially the other side. you have to go home now. we have to have peace. we have to have law and order. we have to respect our great
5:31 pm
people in law and order. we don't want anybody hurt. it's a very tough period of time. there's never been a time like this, where such a thing happened, where they could take it away from all of us. from me. from you. from rainshower country. this was a fraudulent election. but we can't play into the hands of these people. we have to have peace. so go home. we love you. you're very special. you've seen what happens. you see the way others are treated that are so bad and so evil. i know how you feel. but go home and go home in peace. host: president trump making those remarks in a video message, later tweeting them out from the white house and he was asked to do that by abc's reporting. they say it was the minority leader kevin mccarthy and others, we presume, who pleaded with him to talk to the protesters.
5:32 pm
im in martinsville, indiana. caller: good evening, ma'am. thank you very much for letting me be on your thing here. i know that donald trump was a good president for us. but like they said we have to move on. we can't keep going behind. we have to keep going forward not backwards to what's happening now. like you said we all have to -- we're just going to have to deal with what we have to face. biden being our president of the united states of america. we just need someone that's going to be controlled of our country and do the right thing. t this gossip thing that people say on here. we're all united states citizens. host: did you vote for the president? caller: yes, ma'am, i did. i'm not -- i didn't voted for biden. i voted for donald trump and a
5:33 pm
president is a president. if i'm trying to say, ma'am. i like ronald reagan. he was a good president. we never been in this kind of situation what we're seeing now in the future ma'am. but like i said is, my opinion is, we all need to be like showingnot children and the ignorance on tv and doing this thing to the republicans and dems all together. we all need to make peace and let it go. just let life go on instead of fighting because it's not going to get you nowhere. people just going to get killed. police officers trying to protect us and these protections are going around around and trying to break into the building and everything making ignorants of theirselves because wire the united states of america. that's what we're supposed to be. we're not supposed to be
5:34 pm
enemies. we're supposed to be for the ones that's trying to do the right thing. and like i said is, i don't know biden very well. barack obama was a good president. but like i said, we got to go on. generation. we don't just stay and keep doing the same thing we're doing now. if donald trump, it's time for him to go. then let him just go on and not let this keep going on. i think vice president pence did a great job for us. he's close to us in indianapolis, indiana, he's our govern -- he was our governor. i think he did right for what his opinion is. he ain't going to cheat pause he's a good vice president. and like i said, donald trump is going to have to quit acting like a child and be a man and just face it and just go on and shake his hand, biden's hand and not be stubborn. and do like what you're supposed
5:35 pm
to do when you're not going to get elected as a president. let the other person know that -- thank him for going against each other but none of this ignorance, ma'am. while these kids are seeing this on tv and it's not right because we're supposed to be all united states citizens in america. god made us a country here to not be evil but be good to each other. that's my opinion. i'm very sorry to take up your time. god bless you all. i hope you all have a good peace new year and thank you for letting me be on your show. host: all right. bill scanlon. host: a remind ore they have timeline as the nightfalls in washington, we're 25 minutes away or so from the beginning of the curfew as issued by the mayor of washington, d.c. set to begin at 6:00 p.m. eastern and run through 6:00
5:36 pm
a.m. tomorrow morning. still uncertain as to when the house an senate will deliberate in their separate chambers. both were considering the objections to the count in arizona. the electoral votes in arizona. that was the first of what we expect will be three or four votes, objections that will be raised to electoral votes. but as we mentioned, the house and senate still in recess because of the lockdown on capitol hill. what we assume are still protesters within the building. on the timeline, we're uncertain as to when they'll come back but on the timeline today, this is a "the new york times." she said the storm oing of capitol hill was organized on social media. time to stop acting like things said online don't translate into real action. kim seth ler tweet this, at 2:24 p.m., after mr. trump tweeted that mr. pence didn't have the
5:37 pm
courage to do what he should have done, dozens of messages on gab called for those inside the capitol building to hunt down the vice president. in videos protesters can be heard chanting, "where's pence"? later in the afternoon, katy tweets this, just witnessed an alarming scene outside the u.s. capitol. a group of tv reporters were swamped and chased away from their cameras which a mob of president trump's supporters trashed. and great tark you showed this tweet earlier and a number of people retweeting jeff merkley's shot, to remind us what this day is all about. the electoral college count, the electoral college ballots rescued from the senate floor. if our capable staff hadn't grabbed them they would have been burned by the mob. i want to show you a video. this is from a person named joshua partlow, let me play the video from earlier this afternoon.
5:38 pm
[video clip] >> police are squabbling with protesters there we go. they tpwhreached capitol again. -- they breached the capitol again. host: the tweeter's contention that the police let the protesters through the gates. host: on the electoral votes in those mahogany boxes, according to brian williams, senator duckworth said a sharp-eyed senate aid thought to reach back and grab the electoral college certificates to safeguard them from the trump-supporting rioters. president joe biden addressed the country earlier today. here's what he had to say. mr. biden: sorry, not just an
5:39 pm
inconvenience, but i'm sorry for the reason we delayed, i've delayed coming out to speak to you. i initially was going to talk about the economy. but all of you, all of you have been watching what i've been watching. at this hour, our democracy is under unprecedented assault. unlike anything we have seen in modern times. assault on the citadel of liberty. the capitol. -- the capitol itself. an assault on the people's representatives, the capitol hill police, sworn to protect them. the public servants who work at the heart of our republic. an assault on the rule of law like few times we have ever seen it.
5:40 pm
an assault on those sake -- on the most sacred of american undertakings, the doing of the people's business. let me be very clear. the scenes of chaos at the capitol do not reflect a true america. do not represent who we are. what we're seeing are a small number of extremists, dedicated to lawlessness. this is not dissent. it's disorder. it's chaos. it borders on sedition. and it must end. now. i call on this mob to pull back and allow the work of democracy to go forward. you heard me say before in different contexts, the words of a president matter. no matter how good or bad that
5:41 pm
president is. at their best, the words of a president can inspire. at their worst, they can incite. therefore, i call on president trump to go on national television now to fulfill his oath and defend the constitution and demand an end to this siege. storm the capitol, to smash windows, to occupy offices. the floor of the united states senate, rumaging through desks. on the house of representatives. threaten the safety of duly elected officials. it's not protests. it's insurrection. the world is watching.
5:42 pm
like so many other americans, i am genuinely shocked and saddened that our nation, so long the beacon of light and hope for democracy, has come to such a dark moment. through war and strife, america has endured much. and we will endure here and we will prevail again and will prevail now. the work of the moment and the work of the next four years must be the restoration of democracy. of decency. honor. respect. the rule of law. just plain, simple, decency. the renewable of politics. it's about solving problems. looking out for one another. not stoking the flames of hate and chaos. as i said, america is about honor. decency. respect.
5:43 pm
tolerance. that's who we are. that's who we've always been. the certification of the electoral college vote is upposed to be a sacred ritual. the purpose is to affirm the majesty of american democracy. one,'s reminder, a painful that democracy is fragile. and to preserve it requires people of good will, leaders, with the courage to stand up, who are devoted not to the pursuit of power or the personal interest pursuits of their own selfish interest at any cost, but of the common good. think what our children watching television are thinking. think what the rest of the world
5:44 pm
is looking at. for nearly two and a half century, we the people, in search of a more perfect union, have kept our eyes on that common good. america's so much better than what we've seen today. watching the scenes from the capitol i was reminded as i prepared other speeches in the past, i was reminded of the words of abraham lincoln in his annual message to congress, whose work has today been interrupted by chaos. president lincoln said, he said, we shall nobley save or merely lose the last best hope on earth . nt on to say, the way is .lain, peaceful, generous, just a way which, if followed, the
5:45 pm
world will forever applaud and god must forever bless. the way is plain here too. that's who we are. it's the way of democracy. of respect. of decency. honor. and commitment as patriots to this nation. not with standing what i saw today, we're seeing today, i remain optimistic about the incredible opportunities. there has never been anything we can't do when we do it together. and this god awful display today is bringing home to every republican and democrat and independent in the nation that we must step up. this is the united states of america.
5:46 pm
there's never, ever, ever been a thing we've tried to do that we've done it together not been able to do it. so president trump, step up. may god bless america. may god protect our troops. and all those folks in the capitol who are trying to preserve order. thank you and i'm sorry to have ept you waiting. >> are you concerned about your inauguration, sir? >> are you concerned about your inauguration? are you concerned about violence? mr. biden: i am not concerned about my safety, security, or the inauguration. i'm not concerned. the american people are going to stand up, and stand up now. enough is enough is enough.
5:47 pm
host: president-elect joe biden from earlier today. callinging on the president he says, to step up. outside of the capitol, police have put up more fencing. around the capitol grounds. they've pushed the protesters back. more police were brought in from virginia and maryland to do this. unclear what is happening inside the actual capitol. however, matt fuller, with the capitol hill reporter, who was in the building when the breach happened, tweets out at 5:34 hat sergeant at arms says the capitol building is secure. the room breaks out into applause. not clear where he is, where he was brought to, with other reporters and lawmakers. we'll go to your calls. warren in washington. what have you been thinking as you've watched this unfold today?
5:48 pm
warren, are you there, in washington state? caller: i'm sorry, i was on mute. thank you for asking me that question. let me can you, what do you think the most embarrassing thing is about all this? excuse me. host: why do you ask that? caller: i'll just say, i think the most embarrassing thing is the hypocrisy of you, the media, pretending today that you object to protests and violence when that's exactly what you've been encouraging every day for a year. it's pathetic. enough is enough is enough. host: ok. josh in inglewood, colorado. josh? caller: hi, how are you doing? host: josh, what are your thoughts? caller: can you hear me? host: yeah, we can hear you. caller: so, i think what we've seen today is a result of division in this country and i don't think that the division in this country has been created by a president. i think the division in this
5:49 pm
country has been created by the media. and the failure to report on both sides. you got half of the country that believes one thing and then the other half of the country, along with the media trying to convince that other half that what they're seeing and saying or believing is wrong. so now we have a president that everybody looks up to, that is the epitome of those beliefs that there's been something wrong in this country for a very long time, standing up for those -- and that's what the results of today is all about. i mean, you see anger, frustration and hurt in people, throughout the coronavirus, throughout the protests, and throughout the four years of attacks on donald trump that the media is -- has been pushing into the minds of every citizen.
5:50 pm
and people have just had enough. i don't think that the majority of those protesters wanted to storm the capitol building. i don't think violence was wanted by a majority of those protesters. i believe the majority of those protesters believe in peaceful protest and they just want their voices to be heard. but with so many failings happening, when you get a million people in one city something is bound to happen. i think we all expected something major to happen and again, i just want to thank you for giving the platform for everybody to be able to express their opinions on this and i don't encourage the violence and i can't wait for congress to resume so that those representatives that want to back up the other half of the country that's been suppressed so much can go in there and fight for all of us. host: ok. josh is referring to the objections that some republican and house members say they will
5:51 pm
make to the counting of the electoral college votes. it started with arizona and earlier today, it look like they would, if the proceedings continue, would object to georgia and pennsylvania as well. those were the con filmed states. there were some house republicans that wanted to object an needed -- they needed a senator to do so along with them. to a total of six states. now a reporter for "the washington post" says there's news from her colleagues, there's an effort under way to persuade senator ted cruz who objected to arizona, senator josh hawley who said he would object to pennsylvania, to stand down from their objections after the pro-trump mob breached the capitol today. bill? host: sad news to report if it is true. this is scott car lynn, i can't bring it up on the screen. he said alert, the person shot at the u.s. capitol today has died, per law enforcement
5:52 pm
sources. the reporter from "the washington post" also tweets this about a possible timetable. mcconnell telling members they should go back into the chamber tonight to project strength after today's catastrophe. according to two senior republican sources familiar with his message. and he's just been sworn in as kansas senator, roger marshall, who says this, tweets this we need to get back to the chamber and finish our work tonight. senator elizabeth warren says we cannot allow the actions of domestic terrorists to undermine the peaceful transition of power in our country. americans picked a new presidential -- a new president who wants to save lives, cey our economy and save our democracy. the certification of this election must resume immediately. the amiche alcindor, attorney general of d.c. says on "the newshour" tonight, what you had today was an attempted cue
5:53 pm
day tau that is seemingly still in process. it is time for trump and his supporters to leave d.c. peacefully. from karen bass. i want to show you a couple of photos the congresswoman from los angeles, was considered a vice-presidential candidate she tweeted a series of photos of people in the house and senate chamber with the caption, arrest this man and here are those photos. a man dangling there from what appear to be the visitors' section of the u.s. senate. also this one and this one on all of them she said arrest this man. greta? host: we are a few minutes away from a 6:00 p.m. curfew here in the nation's capital put in place by the d.c. mayor. as you can see, law enforcement has pushed the protesters back from the building. they've put up more fencing around the complex and we we learned from reports that the complex is clear.
5:54 pm
now whether or not the senate and house reconvene to continue on with the electoral college process is still uncertain. we'll wait and see if that happens and continue here with your thoughts about what is happening in washington, d.c. danny in ohio. go ahead. caller: yeah. i think this has been building for four years with fake impeachment and russia, russia, russia collusion, and f.b.i. agents lying to the senate, and othing is done about it. the durham report before the election, then you've got all the news medias, fake news, you've got google, you've got facebook, all suppressing information so no one in the country can actually hear the truth. only half the people hear it. and one other thing i got to say is the fellow sitting at nancy
5:55 pm
pelosi's desk with the feet up, when he gets arrested i hope kamala harris will step up and take her funds for, you know, bailing out all the looters and arsonnists all summer long so they could go back an loot and burn more, i hope she steps up and bails that guy out of jail. host: melissa kingman of arizona. have you been watching today? caller: i have, yes. host: what have you been thinking? caller: first i'd like to take the opportunity to thank you. so all throughout 2020, we saw over and over again law enforcement taking extreme precautions and mass arrests at b.l.m. protests. now we're watching armed domestic terrorists storm our capitol, threatening this esafety and -- threatening the safety of our democracy and the lives of capitol hill staff and elected leaders. it's disappointing to watch white privilege being given to
5:56 pm
these people yet again. most of america already knows that they would have been dispersed and won't be held accountable for their actions. so i as well as many americans are calling on our government officials to perform the mass arrests and extreme precautions on this group of people throwing a fit that their candidate lost that were used against protesters fighting for human life being taken from black americans without justification. we should not be relying on ourn current president to take real action against these terrorists who create -- -- he and his family can't call their followers off without paradesing their action. host: i'll leave it there. bill, what do you have? hoif we have been seeing the presence of law enforcement strengthen on capitol hill over the last hour or so. incruding that live video with police on buses arriving at the
5:57 pm
capitol here just a few minutes before 6:00 p.m. eastern. and the start of the capitol curfew imposed by the mayor of washington and this is set to be enforced shortly and is being reiterated here in a tweet from fox news, an announcement just went out at the capitol on laud speakers that everyone must leave the capitol or be subject to arrest. i wanted to show you too, the visual representation of that. listen to this from scott wong. >> attention, a curfew is in effect at 1800 hours until 600 hours tomorrow. all individuals must leave the u.s. capitol or be subject to arrest. i repeat, a curfew is in effect hours hours until 600 tomorrow. all individuals must leave the u.s. capitol grounds or be subject to arrest.
5:58 pm
host: that tweet, greta, from scott wong, senior congressional correspondent from the hill work that curfew getting under way momentarily. host: subject to arrest, you heard it there good evening to you, what have you been thinking today? caller: my thoughts are actually around the stock market, i'd like to find out that there's been attempted coup today and then the stock market went up. so i think there's a disconnect between what's happening in this country and what's happening in the stock market. host: justin in south haven, mississippi. what about you? caller: yes, ma'am, thank you for taking my call. i just have a question that seems to be a way to find a middle ground because it seems like most of the people that are calling are very biased toward one or the other political party. the facts are that almost half of voting age americans feel like this election has not been
5:59 pm
fair. and the way that we can hopefully find a way to bridge this huge gap that a lot of callers have spoken about within the country would be to find a way to restore their faith in the election -- electoral process and the election. and biden even said in his statements that the worst thing under attack right now is the american republic. the american sovereignty. what we need to do is probably what was suggested by ted cruz, love him or hit him, and give the audit to the people that want the audit. for the people that feel like this election was fair, it shouldn't cause any risk. give them a little time. let them do this audit they are asking for. and give them the peace of mind. when they have this audit, these people have the peace of mind, we go ok, this was done by the senate. this was done by the house of representatives. and it was done by the supreme court. they took time.
6:00 pm
they looked into it. they did the research that they deemed necessary. it delays it it 10 days and on january 20, biden or if there's some miracle and it happens to be trump, they're duly elected. host: ok, justin. it is 6:00 p.m. on the east coast. the d.c. curfew is in place effective now. we saw these buses pull up to national ground it. looked like national guard officials that were getting on and off of them. we'll see what happens next. congressional reporters are saying that they've been told the complex is clear. but that with this curfew in place, if you don't have an i.d. to be up there, whether you're a lawmaker or member of the press or a congressional staffer, you need to leave. the curfew is put in place and you heard on that tweet there that you are subject to arrest if you are not leaving this
6:01 pm
rea. caller: hi. thanks for taking my call. i haven't heard anything else express this. i've been watching this literally all afternoon. watched it from president trump speaking and saying they were going to walk or march over to the capitol. area. and if there were as many people as -- there had to be hundreds of thousands. if there were that amount of people -- they could have easily taken over that and crushed anybody in their wake. that's not what they wanted. and contrary to what in air quotes, president-elect biden says, it's not ceremonial what was happening. it's a process. so, i don't know if he's misinformed or whatever. but this is a process and we need to let it play out. nobody on trump's side that has any brains would have done that. because they know this is part of the process. so it was probably some agent
6:02 pm
provocateurs that were slipped in and then some people that were misguided or just thought, oh, this is what we're doing, ok, let's follow them. and went and breached -- it wasn't a siege. whatever they did. host: if that was the case, why did the president say to those people that they need to be peaceful and that they need to go home? caller: because if he doesn't he'll be crucified. whatever he does he'll be crucified in the media. that's why. because y'all are biased and it's obvious. i can watch his speech, two seconds later, turn on the tv, and hear something that did not happen. when i watch it. i'm not stupid. i'm an educated person. i was in the military. two branches of the military. i was an officer with the 101st ashe. served in ishe. you can't fell -- airborne. served in iraq. you can't tell me what i'm watching isn't what i see. it's calm there. there are there people there burning things?
6:03 pm
host: it's been cleared now. if you're watching speeches, remarks, on c-span, you'll see them in their entirety, without interruption, and without analysis. mike, a political reporter, tweets out a statement -- a quote from a statement from president george w. bush. this is how election results are disputed in a banana republic. not our democratic republic. i'm appalled by the reckless behavior of some political leaders since the election. ick in boise, idaho. caller: yes. can you hear me? host: we can, nick. caller: ok, great. thank you for covering today. i tuned in because i wanted to e the objection to the electoral votes. i believe that there are states in question that violate the constitution. article 2, section 1. it doesn't surprise me what happened today. i believe that this has been
6:04 pm
coming since 2009 when the obama and the clinton regime brought in identity politics. so i can see where this is coming. to the maga side. you have people like me who are independent. you have former democrat -- former democrats and you have republicans of all ethnicities on the maga side. and i just believe that this is a culmination of four years of a president who was elected, who made promises and he delivered on those promises, he's been crucified by the media, crucified by the democrat party. there's been collusion between the media and the democrat party on whatever the president says and whatever his followers and constituents say and do.
6:05 pm
so today -- host: to be clear, you're not condoning the violence? caller: no, i'm not condoning the initial siege on the capitol police. but these, you know, as the democrat tweets come out and stuff and even george w. bush, which i voted for, i voted for gore, and i think the main thing is people are disgusted th the royalty of politics and i think today you saw a siege on the capitol, the people's house, where people are just tired of parasitic politicians who make all these promises and they never keep them and they finally got a president who did and this is just a culmination of the identity politics and as you can see, they occupied the
6:06 pm
capitol, it's not burning, there's peace. and it's not thugs like all these par sit cal politicians are stating -- paracitical politicians are saying. host: i'll leave it there. nick, who was an advisor to president trump, a homeland security advisor, tweets out -- this is beyond wrong. and illegal. it's un-american. the president undermined american democracy, baselessly for months. as a result, he's culpable for this siege and an utter disgrace. despite of him, not because of him, police will regain control and prosecute those involved. and as our caller was talking, you saw, it looked like national guard in riot gear, lining up outside of the capitol. you can see them there. let's watch.
6:07 pm
6:08 pm
host: law enforcement circling around to the other side of the capitol, just now. you see they're wearing riot gear. they've been called to capitol hill. the entire national guard of d.c., as well as law enforcement from virginia and maryland, to help the capitol police. kasey in richardson, tick. you have been watching today?
6:09 pm
caller: i have. thank you for taking my call. i think the -- this hasn't been brought by trump or brought in the last year, this has been a big issue boiling in america and it's due to lack of education and disinformation. i think we're in an era of politics called post-true politics or post-reality politics where appeals to emotion and largely disconnected from details of policy prevail and we have ocial media and we have news media that, making the ideological gap much, much bigger in america. i think some of the things we need to take care of are taking care of disinformation by the internet, taking care of disinformation by politics, and we need to kind of bridge this ideological gap. one other issue we need to correct here is the growing class divide. we have people that have been
6:10 pm
working in stable factory jobs that have been shipped out to other countries. that have now lost their jobs. they've lost their main source of income. they've fallen below the poverty line and these people have been left behind and when trump came along, he said, i hear you, i hear these people. i hear your problem. and he was elected. but the problem is not trump. he symptom is trump. host: kasey there in texas. more of your calls coming up. neil is joining us. what you have learned about what is to happen next? we understand the complex is clear. >> that's right. we understand that we have had the complex being cleared and recently reporters who are in the capitol complex, who were in the hart building, heard from senator joe manchin in one of the hallways, that they are looking to proceed this evening
6:11 pm
. representative jim clyburn, the majority whip in the house, has also said they intend to proceed this evening. so it sounds like they're just trying to get enough order restored and to be able to get things set back up to maybe even resume the electoral college vote counting within the senate and house chambers themselves. rather than using some sort of alternate location or anything that could be more complicated in that regard. host: would they resume where they left off? reporter: yeah, i believe that because they both recessed subject to the call of the chair, when sort of all the as could broke out around 2:30 this afternoon, that they should still be in the middle of the debate on what to do with the electors from arizona.
6:12 pm
now, certainly one thing that we know which never really thought was something that uld need to be considered, but when the 1969 electoral college challenge happened, there was a ruling on the floor of the senate in response to a question from ted kennedy that t's not allowed to table the objection of a state. so they either have to run out whatever is remaining on the clock of the debate, i'm sure the folks in your control room will know better than i do how much time is left in that first two-hour block, or they would need unanimous consent to be able to dispense with the situation. so, again, i think that where we are is that they're going to go back and try and figure out probably whether or not they actually have to run through the entire two hours of debate.
6:13 pm
we probably need to figure out whether or not they are going to have to hear any more challenges. but certainly, you know, in a normal year, and we've been saying this for a while, but in a normal year this whole process takes 25, 30, 35 minutes. so the question is really going to be for senators like ted cruz and josh hawley and their supporters of these objections, whether or not now that we are in the dinner hour, whether or not they really want to launch any more objections or whether, a, they think their point has been heard, or, b, it's not going to be possible to hear their point at this point in time. ecause frankly, the issue is that, you know, what are the headlines of the newspaper going to be tomorrow? it's going to be mob overtakes
6:14 pm
capitol. it's not going to be about whether or not people were defending what side of a particular state's electoral vote. host: are there efforts by those republicans in leadership who were opposed to objecting, to convince the objecters to not go forward? reporter: yeah, that's what we're hearing has been going on in the capitol to the extent to which people have access to lawmakers at this point. there certainly is discussions under way about what to do and possibly speeding this process along at this point. i think there's a general sense, even perhaps among people who support the challenges, that democracy itself is now, you know, the fundamental problem here. so if in fact challenges go
6:15 pm
forward, it also wouldn't surprise me, even if they do go forward, if the tone of the debate is a little bit different than what we saw earlier this afternoon. host: what do we know about the roles people were playing before? the vice president was presiding. the speaker of the house was next to him. will they continue? reporter: well, the speaker most likely will continue. i have not heard yet regarding where exactly the vice president of the united states is. so some of the question of whether it is vice president pence or whether it is grassley, the senate president pro temp that is presiding over this when they reconvene, and it would juncture is probably going to be dependent on what the security assessment is around pence.
6:16 pm
because certainly there were people in this group of protesters that overtook the capitol earlier today who, suffice to say, are not happy with vice president pence fulfilling his constitutional duty. so there may have to be a discussion, and i'm sure that there is a discussion going on about where it is best for the president of the senate, mike pence, to be spending his evening this evening. and it is remarkable that we are having that conversation. t that is where we are and preserving and protecting the vice president may take precedence over what we've all been saying is a largely ceremonial role, but certainly it may depend on just how secure the capitol is supposed to be. i'm looking at the clock and
6:17 pm
realizing we're about a quarter past 6:00 in the evening. there is a curfew in effect here in d.c. now and so in theory, the crowd should be leaving. but, you know, there's always the possibility that those orders will not be adhered to. host: what do we know about what security did in that moment when the chamber was breached and the vice president, second in line to the presidency, and then over on the house side, you had the speaker of the house, next in line after him, what do we know about how quickly the capitol police moved to protect them? reporter: well, that movement took place very quickly and if i can just take just a second to pull up -- i'll tell you exactly what i'm looking at here. the reality was that in both
6:18 pm
cases, things moved very, very quickly. ong the reporters in the senate chamber was paul king from "the washington post." ne of my colleagues noted that kaine ran out of the senate chamber and announced that pence had just left the chamber, which was a sign that there was some kind of an imminent threat and when people were able to see, when reporters were able to see what was going on, it was also quoted grassley was not in the senate chamber. so similar things were happening on the house side. the couldn't nuent of government -- continuity of government was one of the preeminent concerns. the other thing i would tell you that was remarkable to see
6:19 pm
and we've now seen senators, including jeff merkley and tammy duckworth, both make reference to this. the floor staff had to quickly think to make sure to remove the wooden boxes that hold the actual electoral college documents, the paperwork from the various states. they had to make sure to take that with them to the undisclosed huddling security area where everyone sort of went to after the chamber was cleared, because the other thing that, like, it's amazing that people thought of it in real-time, was what would have happened if somehow these literal wooden boxes that contained the paperwork had
6:20 pm
been still sitting in the senate chamber in particular when the violent protesters were able to get into the chamber? it's not something we even really want to contemplate exactly what they may have done . but it's certainly not outside the realm of speculation to think that they could have either taken or destroyed, in some way, the actual certificates from the states which would have made this entire evening way more complicated. host: as we wait to see if the house and the senate can reconvene and continue on with the electoral college process, "the washington post" tweets out, house majority whip confirms top congressional leaders are hoping to come back tonight and finish. potential obstacles, can the building be secured? can members safely get in and out? the capitol is a crime scene. a woman was fatally shot steps rom the house floor.
6:21 pm
reporter: those are all the exact questions. the other thing is, whether or not -- some of this may hinge on whether or not there were objections, frankly. because if there are no further objections, if this is able to all be sort of processed in an orderly manner, quite frankly you don't need a whole lot of house members or senators to be in the chamber, as long as no one actually asks if there's a quorum or not. we know that the quorum calls sort of go away in a hurry when they can go away and so i think that the question, one of the things that is probably being worked out, is whether or not a handful of lawmakers, probably roy blunt and amy klobuchar, the chairman and ranking member of the senate rules committee, their counterparts in the house, on the house administration committee, and a
6:22 pm
few lawmakers can actually just get through this processing themselves. and whether or not you need to have some contingent closer to 435 house members in the house chamber and closer to 100 senators in the senate. i don't know that we know that quite yet. the other thing, of course, which i hesitate to even bring up, but is it became clear that because there was this urgent security situation, everyone kind of had to set aside the covid protocols for a while this afternoon. there is still a pandemic. while lawmakers have largely received at least the first dose of the vaccine, the second dose of the vaccine isn't -- [indiscernible] -- yet because at least two texas republican house members, kay granger and
6:23 pm
kevin brady, both have tested positive this week and so there is this whole other factor. i'm not so sure how much you want people to be in close proximity and close quarters any longer than they already have had to today because of e security breach and, frankly, shots fired and someone being killed on the house floor today. host: and you and i were talking earlier about when the breach happened, in the senate chamber, outside of the house chamber, those -- describe what happened for anyone who was in the chamber, including the journalists. reporter: the remarkable thing was, so people generally, when there are security threat, i don't think this is ever really been that secretive. but now it's obviously public knowledge because of what had to happen today.
6:24 pm
the first move in the capitol building is usually into the chamber. if you are in proximity of the house or senate floor and there's some sort of lockdown situation, the initial instinct of capitol police and the sergeant at arms and various other personnel is to actually go into the chamber because threems are considered some of the most secure spaces in the entire building and so part of what was chaotic today, and you probably have seen people with videos s and photos and of that, my colleague, tom williams, one of our photographers, was actually in the house chamber and had some amazing photos of people trying to put on these sort of single-use gas masks and protective equipment, there are -- the reality is that's normally the way you go is in
6:25 pm
and so when the chambers had to be evacuated because there was no way apparently for the capitol police to secure the rooms, that was the part when the real, i think, panic set in because then we were in the -- then we were beyond the realm of what our normal security procedures even would be. host: mitt romney, the senator of utah, has tweeted out at about 6:15, what happened at the u.s. capitol today was an insurrection. incited by the president of the united states. he goes on to say, we must not be intimidated or prevented from fulfilling our constitutional duty. i urge my colleagues to move forward with completing the electoral count, to refrain from further objections and to unanimously affirm the legitimacy of the presidential election. your reaction to republican utah senator m.i.t. romney?
6:26 pm
-- mitt romney? reporter: senator romney is probably certainly not going to be alone among his republican colleagues. he had always been one of the republican senators who said that joe biden won the election and will become president on january 20, as he will. but i think what we have to watch out for is what do the people who were the ardent backers of president trump say? you know, i would say that the other thing is on the other side of the pendulum we have people who are calling for using the 25th amendment procedure or an impeachment oceeding or something to get current president trump sidelined for the remainder of the 14 days or so that are left in his term. and, you know, i don't think anything is out of the realm of
6:27 pm
possibility after what we saw today. but that certainly is going to be the sort of wide expanse of where we are. we may have people who still want to be challenging electoral college votes well into the night and overnight tonight. and on the other hand, we have people who would like to boot the president out, the current president out of office before the sunrises tomorrow, frankly. host: niels, thank you for your time. reporter: thank you. host: we'll continue with your phone calls here as we await to see what happens on capitol hill. after the protesters breached the security, entered into the chambers, lawmakers evacuated. we'll get to your phone calls in a minute but bill has an update for us. bill: let's catch up with what some members are saying and our own capitol hill producer who has been on capitol hill throughout the day. house armed services committee chair here, adam smith saying
6:28 pm
-- bill: the president releasing a video earlier today both on twitter and on facebook. this is the tweet from the vice president of integrity at facebook. e says this --
6:29 pm
bill: i would say however you can find that in our video library at greta? host: florida, we go to you next, jeffrey. as you've been watching and listening today, what has been going through your mind? caller: yes, ma'am. i have. if anybody had read the art of the deal, they would know what trump's all about. in that book he admits outright that he lies all time, he never apologizes about anything he's ever said, he never admits when he's wrong. no matter what it is. he will not admit it's wrong. and when he says a lie, he will repeat it over and over again and he will do it for months on end because the more he thinks that you repeat the lie, the
6:30 pm
more people will start to believe it. host: we'll go to brooksville, florida. dorothy. what you have been thinking? caller: thank you for taking my call. i wonder what the people from other countries, higher officials, think of what this country has come to be when they're watching us closely. because the electoral votes that count as biden being the president and the people seems like it doesn't count. what we do. electoral votes made it said and done that, oh, biden is the president, and then trump wants to step in and saying it was not done right. and i feel like, you know, he needs to wake up and smell the coffee and realize that biden is the president. host: barbara in wendover, tah. caller: thank you for taking my call. first and foremost, i think we
6:31 pm
should all say a silent prayer for the lady that was shot. that was a horrible, horrible thing to happen -- host: barbara, i apologize. i hope you can call back. but you were breaking up. it's a really -- it was really difficult to hear you. we'll go to steve in stranton, pennsylvania -- scranton, pennsylvania. caller: hi, thanks for having me on of the i do find the democratic party is pretty hypocritical when it comes to the constitution. the constitution, they pick and choose what they like and the rest they just kind of try to disregard and abolish. it's why this country is now in the state that it's in. you know what i mean? host: you don't think both parties share some blame? the republicans? caller: well, no. i mean, it's fine and dandy when the constitution suits the democrats' agenda, like with the electoral college. but not too long ago they were talking about abolishing the
6:32 pm
electoral college because they thought trump was going to win. host: jenny in wichita, kansas. caller: you know, it's a very sad day for our country. and i think a lot of people are to blame. i think not all the blame should be on president trump. i think the media has a lot to do with it. but there's one person right now that can do a lot to bring everyone together and he's preaching unity right now and that is the apparent president-elect joe biden. and if he let everyone know that he wanted to do a full audit of all of the states on every level, every election, because if it happened in those states that are in question, it could have happened in any state. so he needs to do that and that would really bring us all together. because if he's confident in his win, and if there wasn't any fraud, then there should be no issue. and so really the ball is in his court to bring peace to this nation and he's really dropped the ball.
6:33 pm
that's sad. it's a very sad day for our country. host: ok. as we're listening to jenny. showing you the u.s. capitol, the fences have gone up. security strengthening and a lot more law enforcement on capitol hill. nearly four hours, probably past four hours now, since the chaos began out there. brenda, in kentucky. caller: yes. thank you for taking my call. i am calling because i am very upset with this whole situation going on. i'm tired of trump being blamed for everything. when fake news is involved with this. facebook is involved with all this. all the lying from joe biden that has done nothing but lie to the american people. -- he will not tell
6:34 pm
everybody the truth about him and his son ripping us off about china. we need to stop this stuff with china, unless they shut it down, do another election and everybody show voter i.d. that will end this problem in this country. host: brenda, the attorney general, the former homeland security advisor to the president is saying what happened up there is criminal. do you think that people who breached security and broke into the capitol should be prosecuted? caller: no. [indiscernible] -- go ar all these people burning down people's businesses. how many of them people got thrown in jail? people lost their businesses. people are losing their homes over this stuff. everybody's -- [indiscernible] -- it's our lives that we're losing. nobody -- [indiscernible] -- they're all millionaires and billionaires. do you really think they care about the american people? how many people lost their
6:35 pm
businesses? how many people fought for them? do you hear anything? host: ok. brenda in kentucky. walter in addison, illinois. caller: hi. i want to say thank you for taking my call. i mean, first, we just have to face the facts here. trump has not been a normal candidate since he started in 2016. for making fun of a disabled reporter to insulting women and i think that has just really snowballed until now. i mean, look at where we are. a few years ago we might have laughed at this or thought this was some form of a joke. but this is serious. they went into that capitol today with the intent to harm whoever they could. and i just think that trump's message today was very inappropriate. he took no accountability for that and he continued to do what he has shown he does during his presidency and that is start a fire and walk away. if the roles were reversed, i mean, could you imagine if biden had sat on the foot of the capitol and said, charge,
6:36 pm
you know, we need to fight or a free and fair election, we need to charge the capitol we need to storm it now. people would be losing their mind. host: do you think that if they can make the area secure tonight on capitol hill, that they should continue with the counting of the electoral college votes? caller: i apologize for cutting you off. we need some real leadership. i think we need to finish this tonight, but donald trump needs to either resign or be impeached. he cannot remain in office for the next two weeks. this country will not survive that. host: loretta in red oak, texas. caller: yes. hi. thank you for taking my call. i have just a couple of things. first of all, i want to thank mike pence for doing the right thing and not bowing down to the pressure that was going to be or was put on him but donald trump. second of all, the reason in my
6:37 pm
mind i know the reason that trump is so angry about losing this election is because he can't stand the fact that obama, a black president, served two terms. i heard mitch mcconnell, they did a little cut from something he was saying, and he said, when obama came into office, that we will do everything we can to make this president a one-term president. well, now that trump is the one-term president, then he is not -- it is just burning him up because he hasn't done anything presidential period actually in four years. but he certainly hasn't done anything presidential since the election. he has hid away wherever he has been. we got people dying and the lady previously saying that -- losing their homes. the pandemic, my president, where are you? when it comes to this pandemic?
6:38 pm
all you want to do, and he doesn't even want to be president. he could care less about being president. he does not want the fact that obama served two terms and he is only going to serve one. that's the only thing that's bothering him. you have ever in your life seen a president try to hold on to the presidency like this? i could understand if he was a president who actually was presidential. this man doesn't have a presidential bone in his body. host: ok, loretta, i'm going to leave it there. there's an update from the speaker of the house. a quote from pelosi saying, we have decided we should proceed tonight at the capitol. once it is cleared for use. leader hoyer will be sending out more guidance later today. ryan in brookfield, colorado. -- broomfield, colorado. caller: hello. thank you for taking my call. the main reason for calling in was as a journalism major to the callers who were claiming antifa was responsible because
6:39 pm
they were wearing black, of the protesters who were in the capitol, business insider on he third of january wrote that proud boys would be attending and incognito and wearing all black to blend in and be inconspicuous. it's a sad state of affairs when people who claim that other people need to do their own research just parrot what they've read online without actually doing the research themselves or even caring what the facts are. ultimately, it's a sad day for america. currently experiencing a stupid coup. and no matter how stupid, it's still a festering wound that's going to continue to run until it's addressed completely and without disregard for those in power or with power or subservient to those with power. host: ryan, how did you learn about the breach on security? were you watching when it happened? caller: i believe i saw -- yeah. it was a headline or a news update from -- i think it was
6:40 pm
youtube on abc news that i was watching and then tuned in to c-span but they kept cutting to the capitol. felicity, quiet, please. thank you. host: ok. ryan there in colorado. loretta, portland, maine. caller: hi. how are you today? host: i'm ok, loretta. what you have been thinking as you've been watching this? caller: i can't -- i can't wrap my head around it. the lady that was shot earlier has passed away. so shall we say a prayer. but what i want to know is here was the capitol police? it is incredible, every time when you guys show the capitol, it is full of police. today there was no police. i don't understand that. what we witnessed today was a
6:41 pm
republican coup from the top down. it started with trump, infected the senate, went on to the house, and then it radicalized the people. those followers. and they ripped up the capitol and i heard that lady calling in talking about people who lost their businesses. that's what insurance is for. those people have insurance. they've been paid already. but for those followers of our capitol, ed every last one of them should be prosecuted and they should go to jail. thank you, greta. host: ok. caller: have a great day. host: bill. bill: a couple -- you mentioned the tweet, we were getting an idea of scheduling perhaps.
6:42 pm
thanks tweet saying that senator chuck schumer, when asked about the proceedings, says 8:00 is to when they will begin. on the speaker, cnn, speaker says the house will proceed tonight to count the electoral college votes. she add as prayer of catholic optimism, quote, today, january 6, the feast of the epiphany, let us pray that this insity dationgation -- instigation to violence will provide an epiphany for our country to heal. this is from -- a quote from mo brooks. mo brooks was the first member of the u.s. house to say he would contest the electoral votes. he says the violence at the u.s. capitol today is despicable, un-american, prosecute these thugs.
6:43 pm
bill: and this from nbc social
6:44 pm
media reporter. he posts here from instagram a like from eric tweet. one of the president's son. ben collins says -- bill: that's the latest. we're still awaiting word on when the house and senate will return to session. and the joint session obviously resuming. they haven't finished work on the first electoral college challenge on arizona. that's first and then they would reconvene as a joint session. we're going to show you now from earlier today, this has been taken down now by twitter and facebook. the comments of president trump.
6:45 pm
president trump: i know your pain. i know you're hurt. we had an stolens from from us. but you have to go home now. we have to have peace. we have to have law and order. we have to respect our great people in law and order. we don't want anybody hurt. it's a very tough period of time. there's never been a time like this, where such a thing happened, where they could take it away from all of us. from me, from you, from our country. this was a fraudulent election. but we can't play into the hands of these people. we have to have peace. so go home. we love you. you're very special. you've seen what happens, you see the way others are treated that are so bad and so evil. i know how you feel. but go home and go home in peace. host: trump's video message from the white house. as bill said, it's been taken down by facebook, several of
6:46 pm
his tweets have been blocked as well. we'll continue here on c-span. coverage of the breach of security on capitol hill. and potentially the resumption of the reconvening of the house here on c-span. and the senate over on c-span2 as they vow, lawmakers vow to come back together and continue with counting of the electoral college votes. want to show you the entire remarks made by president-elect joe biden earlier today. president-elect joe biden: sorry. not just an inconvenience, but i'm sorry for reason we've delayed, i've delayed coming out. to speak to you. i initially was going talk about the economy.
6:47 pm
but all of you, all you have been watching what i've been watching. at this hour, our democracy is under unprecedented assault. unlike anything we've seen in modern times. an assault on the citadel of liberty. the capitol itself. an assault on the people's representatives and the capitol hill police sworn to protect them. and the public servants who work at the heart of our republic. n assault on the rule of law like few times we've ever seen it. an assault on the most sacred of american undertakings, the doing of the people's business.
6:48 pm
let me be very clear. the scenes of chaos at the capitol do not reflect a true america. .o not represent who we are what we're seeing are a small number of extremists dedicated to lawlessness. this is not dissent. it's disorder. it's chaos. it borders on sedition. and it must end now. i call on this mob to pull back and allow the work of democracy to go forward. you heard me say before in different context, the words of a president matter. no matter how good or bad that president is. at their best, the words of a president can inspire. at their worst, they can
6:49 pm
ncite. therefore i call on president trump to go on national television now, to fulfill his oath and defend the constitution and demand an end to this siege. to storm the capitol, to smash indows, to occupy offices. the floor of the united states senate, rummaging through desks. on the capitol -- on the house f representatives. threatening the safety of duly elected officials. it's not protests. it's insurrection. the world's watching. like so many other americans
6:50 pm
i am genuinely shocked and saddened that our nation so, long the beacon of light and hope for democracy, has come to uch a dark moment. through war and strife, america's endured much and we will endure here and we will prevail again and we'll prevail now. the work of the moment and the work of the next four years must be the restoration of democracy. of decency, honor, respect the rule of law. just plain, simple decency. the renewal of politics. it's about solving problems, looking out for one another. not stoking the flames of hate and chaos. as i said, america's about honor, decency, respect, tolerance. that's who we are. hat's who we've always
6:51 pm
been. the certification of the electoral college vote is supposed to be a sacred ritual. to affirm the majesty of merican democracy. but today's a reminder, a painful one, that democracy is fragile. and to preserve it requires people of goo will, leaders with the courage to stand up, who are devoted not to the pursuit of power or the personal interests pursuits of their own selfish interests at any cost, ut to the common good. think what our children watching television are thinking. think what the rest of the world is looking at. for nearly 2 1/2 centuries we the people, in search of a more perfect union, have kept our yes on that common good.
6:52 pm
america's so much better than what we've seen today. watching the scenes from the capitol, i was reminded as i prepared other speeches in the past, i was reminded of the words of abraham lincoln. in his annual message to congress, whose work has today been interrupted by chaos. ere's what lincoln said. he said, we shall nobly save or merely lose the last best hope on earth. he went on to say, the way's plain, peaceful, generous, ust. a way, which if followed, the world will forever applaud and od must forever bless. the way is plain here too. that's who we are.
6:53 pm
it's the way of democracy. of respect. of decency. f honor. and commitment as patriots to this nation. notwithstanding what i saw today, and we're seeing today, i remain optimistic about the incredible opportunities. there's never been anything we can't do when we do it ogether. and this god-awful display today is bringing home to every republican and democrat and independent in the nation that we must step up. this is the united states of america. there's never, ever, ever, ever, ever been a thing we've tried to do that we've done it together and not been able to do it.
6:54 pm
so, president trump, step p. may god bless america and may god protect our troops and all those folks at the capitol who are trying to preserve order. thank you. and i'm sorry to have kept you waiting. reporter: [indiscernible] reporter: are you concerned about your inauguration, sir? reporter: [indiscernible] -- reporter: are you concerned about your inauguration, sir? are you concerned about violence? president-elect biden: i'm not concerned about my safety, security or the inauguration. i am not concerned. the american people have to stand up and stand up now. nough is enough is enough. host: that was the president-elect joe biden
6:55 pm
talking earlier to the cameras, to the public about what happened here on capitol hill. today, a little after 2:00 p.m. eastern time, about 15 minutes into the first objection over the electoral college vote, the two chambers, the lawmakers had gone back to their respective chambers and they had begun debate on that objection. the scene here on capitol hill right now, as you can see, is beefed up security. the law enforcement was called in from virginia and maryland, the national guard for the d.c. and for other areas, brought to the capitol. they've pushed the protesters back off of the capitol grounds. the speaker of the house is saying that they will reconvene tonight to continue with the counting of the votes. and they will do so in the senate as well. the minority leader telling reporters in the senate, chuck schumer, that the plan is for 8:00 p.m. eastern.
6:56 pm
we are approaching 7:00 p.m. here on the east coast. i want to share this tweet from daily caller. they sent out a quote from liz cheney, who was on fox news, the republican of wyoming, and part of the house republican leadership, quote, we just had a violent mob assault the u.s. capitol. no question the president formed the mob, the president incited the mob, the president addressed the mob. he lit the flame. brad in august done, utah. we'll go to you. caller: thank you for having me. i'm sure you didn't imagine the burden of today's heinous events would fall on you to fill the time until we figure this stuff out. but thanks for having me. so, just a couple of thoughts. if i were burger king, for example, and i hated kentucky fried chicken and my goal was to make it seem like today's horrendous events was caused by kentucky fried chicken, i'd round up some of the guys and
6:57 pm
say, let's all wear colonel sanders outfits and go behave as no person should and it will all get pinned on them. and as i've been following all the craziness of today, there are some pictures of some of the people who have joined in today's crazy acts, that have been seen both at prior antifa demonstrations and at the horrible events of today, like with matching tattoos and stuff, and so i agree with joe biden's sentiment -- host: where are you finding that information? caller: on twitter. through any of the stuff that hasn't been blocked just yet. host: you trust it? caller: yeah. i mean, they're pictures. and also, there's one man in particular -- host: how do you know they're verified, though? caller: well, if you look at the tattoos on the man's arm, in addition to the outfit that he's wearing, it's identical
6:58 pm
tattoos and an identical outfit. and i mean, it's from two different demonstrations. so i can look at it myself and see that that's the same person. and that's one person. that's one person. there are other pictures floating out there that are claims to be matches, just like what i've described. some guy with a beard and hair. to me it doesn't look similar. but -- host: ok, i'll go on to ryan who is in covington, kentucky. ryan, you have been watching all day? caller: yes, i have. thank you for having me. you norks i would just like to start off by saying, you know, let's address the absolute absurdity in this. an example of that would be the person who, you know, was just on. i've seen these pictures that he's talking about. it's not the same person. people look-a-like. all this is, all that we've been hearing all day long from a substantial amount of the calls that you've had coming in is people attacking the media.
6:59 pm
it's just been the media. you know, there's this video of people out there destroying media equipment. are we really surprised by this? trump has been stoking the flames of hatred in pure insanity for, what, five years now? today has been so rattling to the psyche of any well-adjusted human being. and i cannot believe what we witnessed today. and what made it worse was hearing the nonsense that people have been spouting when they called in. trying to say that oh, it was antifa today. no, it wasn't. you know, these people -- these are probably the same people that spout conspiracy theories about false flags, this or that. they want to say that oh, there's been proof of fraud. there have been over 60 lawsuits overseen by the department of justice, by bill
7:00 pm
barr, none of this makes any sense. what happened today is what happens when nonsense and absolute absurdity and insanity are there is a difference between freedom of speech and doing the right thing. host: ryan, i have to jump in spir, democrat of california, a congresswoman who has been on capitol hill, trump has given us no choice. 25th amendment we need to get. host: gary in central


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