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tv   U.S. House of Representatives U.S. House of Representatives  CSPAN  September 14, 2020 9:00pm-9:20pm EDT

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doctors caucus. dr. roe has educated us that perhaps as physicians in the united states congress there might not be a more important time that we present ourselves, our abilities to communicate, and understand the nature of this novel coronavirus and its impact on the world and pecifically on pennsylvania. the american people have united gets what we have come to realize is an invisible enemy. we have done our part to serve our neighbors, each and every one of us have made sacrifices during this pandemic and together we work to make a difference, we work to save lives. as we look to the future, americans are awaiting the
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arrival of the coronavirus vaccine and i'm confident our researchers and scientists are equipped to win this race. right now, quipts in pennsylvania and around our country are making incredible progress in this pursuit as part of operation warp speed. the trump administration toll develop a coronavirus vaccine. under the leadership of president trump, the department of defense and the department of health and human services together with so many in the private sector are in the midst of what is truly an unprecedented search for a safe and effective vaccine all in record time, with significant amount of vaccine that will be developed for the people of america. this process as the doctors with me tonight have testified that
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this is driven by science but rooted in safety. and let's be certain, a vaccine will only be approved if it is proven to be both safe and effective. operation warp speed is taking all of the precautionary steps that are required to develop any vaccine. but here's the difference. as part of operation warp speed, vaccine manufacturers can undertake several steps of vaccine development at the same time mitigateinging the financial risks without compromising the safety of the vaccine. we know that operation warp speed is unprecedented. the federal government has invested $10 billion to develop
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this coronavirus vaccine. while we as members recognize there are no guarantees in science this strategy is setting you manufacturers for success and offering hope for the american people. if anyone can deliver substantial qualities and quapts of a safe and effective vaccine within the year of a discovery of a new virus, it's the united states of america. thanks to our drive, we are developing therapeutics than any other country and americans know we are up for the challenges. in the late 1940's, the polio virus was a responsible for disabling 35,000 average people per year in the united states.
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developed , dr. salk tate of e in my home pennsylvania. it has widely distributed in the united states and across the world. we have witnessed previously significant progress and it is our hope and that's why we bind together as the doctorso caucus and present in this special order a discussion of how this vaccine is being developed today, right now, and we look forward to that. we trust in american ingenuity. we recognize that american ingenuity will win and we are confident we will see it in short order. oein, thank you dr. phil rmp nd allowing us to present this
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important information to america. mr. roe: thank you, dr. joyce. next, we will have buddy carter, only only pharmacist in the u.s. congress and dr. carter has been an important member of our caucus and providing his perspective because he has run a business for many, many years and seen patients for many years and brings perspective from savannah, georgia. mr. carter: i thank you for your leadership. we are going to miss you, dr. roe. and there is going to be a great void there but thank you for your service to the doctors' caucus. mr. speaker, i rise today to talk about the amazing work our
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nation's top scientists are trying to get a safety and effective coronavirus vaccine. president trump initiated operation warp speed to research, develop and develop a vaccine. the merits were quickly realized $10 ongress invested billion to support the effort and through staggered clinical trials. you have heard that time and time again tonight as much of the physicians have explained how this is taking place. traditionally, a vaccine would undergo separate trials with the average trial lasting seven years. we don't have seven years.
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our country and our world needs a vaccine now and operation warp speed is on track to deliver it at warp speed potentially by the end of the year. it is phenomenal and chris call important that any vaccine will be safe and effective. i have been a practicing pharmacist for over 0 years. i have witnessed the process. they will not approve it unless it is safe and effective and don't think any person is going to have an impact on that. it will not. it will be safe and effective if it is approved by the f.d.a. only vack scenes will be approved for use. rhetoric heard about
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and comments that are lies. even doubting the thousands of scientists who have spent their lives to find cures. safety his tration to and science and i can tell the american people right now, i will be in line to get the vaccine when approved. our communities are suffering and we are losing loved ones. this will save hundreds of thousands of lives. i commend this administration and i thank them for all they are doing to save lives to produce a safe and effective vaccine. thank you, mr. speaker and i yield back. mr. roe: how much time do we
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have yet? the speaker pro tempore: 10 minutes. mr. roe: this should be about people and not politics. this time i would like to yield . babin who is dentist who served in the army and united states air force. and i yield to you. mr. babin: i can't thank you enough for your leadership. you were their metropolitanor and you were my mentor and i appreciate you. as a health care professional for 40 years, i'm very pleased to report on the trump administration grouped breaking initiative to develop a safe vaccine and treatments for covid-19 called operation warp speed. i remember well as a boy back in stricken with re
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polio and i remember standing in line to take the vaccine that has been eliminated. our nation's best science activities, doctors are now collaborating and working around the clock to test and approve a vaccine in record time. this is the very key to to rebuild our economy to get back to those normal summers. the president has capitalized on the ingenuity and the drive of the private sector and scientific community putting the united states in a better position than any other country in the world that the entier world with can benefit from. dosell develop 300 million
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yes, sir and removing all necessary red tape and barriers, the president is on track to meet this goal. the administration is cutting the time by allowing development steps to occur at the same time. despite what the media reports, this is the same as any other vaccine developed. no safety short cuts are become r being taken. it remains the number one priority of this administration and we have ever reason to be hopeful. our advances in scientific communities have made since the beginning of this pandemic are nothing short of remarkable and responsible for 40% decrease in the mortality rate from covid-19 that we have seen. our knowledge grows every single
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day and with our nation's leaders and brightest minds we will defeat this disease with unprosecutors dented speed. i believe that prevention is the best treatment and that's what this vaccine will do. while finding treatments and the therapeutics to fight its disease are a worth while cause and blocking the virus from infecting us is the strongest defensive strategy. president trump is blazing a trail forward. so thanks to operation warp speed. the world is only months away from a safe and reliable vaccine. i yield back. mr. roe: i minet point out i never seen a republican or democrat virus.
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this just go affects people. d the virus will be safe and ffective and voluntary and family's decision who receives the vaccine. i would like to finish up with murphy riend dr. greg and i yield to him for his time. mr. murphy: i give a summary here and thank you, mr. speaker. since the end of january, the world has been attacked by a virus that none of us can see. since may 15, our administration s putting in place operation warp speed and this is meant to save american lives. $10 billion to develop a safe d safe vaccine and it is
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today's manhattan proper jenth. and governmental researchers in n effort in cooperation. combined with today's new research to end this pandemic. he objective is to develop doses to the citizens of the united states. what do vaccines do? this is important for people to understand? hey stimulate the immune system. after you get vaccinated and develop immunity without having to get the disease first. we have two trials, moderna and pfizer. 20,000 individuals have been approved in the trials, half
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getting the vaccine and the ighest populations are the elderly, black-americans and his pan iic-americans. black-america caps are underenrolling. how can this process that takes years be done in eight months. the research is production is going at the same time. fully understanding that we may have millions of doses of a vaccine that we will never use. so how do we develop this at warp speed? just to give folks one example. how do we develop a vaccine this quickly? if you can imagine a space shuttle, space shuttle is a transport mechanism. it carries things out to the space station. we already have this space shuttle. we use that in vaccines. what we have now is a different pay load. a different pay load taking out to the space station. and what that different pay load now, being a space
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shuttle, taking that into viruses with a different pay load now specific to the coronavirus. so now what all americans are talking about now, not only is the development of a vaccine, but a safe vaccine. we have proof that the processes in place to develop safe vaccines is working, as we've talked about. one company stopped their trial because there was one untoward event. we've been researching and now they started that trial again. stopping trials is very commonplace in vaccine development. and the american people need to understand this. we went through this once before. with polio. polio in the 1950's was killing thousands of -- and disabling many, many more. jonas sauk developed a vaccine. what he did was remarkable. but what he did also was he led by examples. he took the vaccine himself and he had his family take the vaccine. and this is what the doctors, the doctors' caucus is going to do. i will take the vaccine, the other members of the doctors' caucus will take the vaccine.
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because we need to tell the american people that we believe, physicians, who have trained our entire lives in medicine, believe that what we are doing and what we are doing for the american people are safe. what this will come out to be is we will have 300 million doses. right now our government is working on how to get those doses out to the american people. in an unprecedented effort, the c.d.c. is working with h.h.s. and the department of defense to develop a mechanism to get the vaccine out and to track the vaccine. finally, i'll say this to the american people. there are two ways out of this pandemic. there are two ways back on the pathway back to normalcy. one is to become infected with the virus, you develop antibodies and you recover. the second is take the vaccine, develop the antibodies without ever having the disease, and we can move forward as a nation. thank you, mr. speaker. and thank you, dr. roe. i yield back. mr. roe: i thank the gentleman for yielding. i thank my colleagues for being here tonight.
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i look forward to continuing this debate and this discussion here on the house floor. with that, we yield back the remainder of our time. thank you, mr. speaker. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to section 4-b of house resolution 967, the house stands adjourned until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow for morning hour debate and 10:00 a.m. for legislative business. >> earlier today, members severaland passed bills, including a measure that requires all federal agency budgets and appropriation he made to congress public. the resolution condemning anti-asian bias following the coronavirus pandemic. measures that would decriminalize marijuana at the federal level, it in 2021 federal spending. current funding expires on september 30. follow the house live on c-span when members return. you're watching c-span,
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you're unfiltered view of government. created by america's cable television company as a public service. and brought to you today by your television provider. >> coming up tonight on c-span. president trump meets with california governor newsom for a briefing on the wildfires. talks aboutden climate change in the wildfires burning in the west. later, vice president pence speaks to supporters in wisconsin. >> president trump are dissipated in a briefing with california governor gavin newsom on the california wildfires. state and local officials briefed the president on the historically devastating fires. california natural resources presidentimplored trump to consider the impact of climate change. this is 25 minutes.


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