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tv   HUD Sec. Ben Carson  CSPAN  June 15, 2020 2:27am-2:29am EDT

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wendy's, but it did escalate. do you worry about tying the hands of police? situations in the street where things spin out of control. >> i don't, and let me tell you why. one of the very significant parts of the bill is national standards training and accreditation. we are finding support from police officers. yesterday i had an hour-long meeting with the fraternal order of police and they are supportive of the idea of national standards and significant training. you should be accredited to be a police officer. any profession that allows you to use lethal force, there should be significant training. >> i want to talk about some of the measures house democrats are proposing in their legislation about policing. let me put it on the screen. a ban on chokeholds and no knock warrants. a national police misconduct registry. limiting legal immunity police
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have so it is more possible to sue them for misconduct. thesecretary, do you expect president to support those ideas? carson: i expect the president and the administration to engage appropriate stakeholders and to look at everything. obviously, we do not want to create a situation where the ,olice are under the microscope and they don't want to do their job because they are afraid. that is not going to be useful. obviously we have to look at the big picture and make sure we are -- you know, when people make decisions based on anger or emotion, seldom are they good decisions. >> nobody is going to defund the police. we can restructure the police forces, restructure, reimagine policing.


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