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tv   NASA SpaceX Crew Dragon Boards International Space Station  CSPAN  May 31, 2020 3:11pm-3:23pm EDT

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the united states. it is a great day for our international partners. crew one is international mission on the first crew. we will have a japanese astronaut with us. i want to say congratulations to everybody. we're not celebrating yesterday. we will celebrate when they are home safely. certainly, we can bring size of relief every step along the which and that was what we're doing today. congratulations to spacex and elon musk. congratulations to kathy a and your nasa team that got us to this position and we look forward to so many things ahead. >> grateful that that is going to wrap it up here for us here at the kennedy spay spaes center and continue watching the live coverage until the astronauts reach the international space station and docking and hatch opening and arrival of be about and doug at the iss. dock scheduled for 10:29 eastern time. right after the broadcast, we'll turn it to jsc and hear from be
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about and doug during a down a fling the crew dragon from >> this is mission control, houston. moments away from bob and doug
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entering the international space station. shortly after they enter, we will conduct a welcome ceremony. there will be vips here. we are in a .3 -- 8.3 for both spacex and houston. copies.x all valves appear closed visually now. excellent to hear. >> houston copies. >> with that, endeavor welcome to the international space station. please come aboard. >> endeavor copies with pleasure. we will be there in the second. second --in a second.
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>> we have bamba -- bob behnken from spacex demo two mission entering the international space hurley.followed by doug
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>> station houston. we see you. a great-looking photograph. stand by. they will call you when we are ready for the event in the next few seconds. bunch of -- a whole happy and grateful people making their way into mcc right now. >> demo two crew now aboard the
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international space station. they entered at 12:22 p.m. central time. they are 262 miles over turkmenistan. the crew gathered in front of the cameras at node two just behind the hatchway to the crew dragon. we are standing by for a welcome ceremony. we will have it vips here in michigan control dish in mission control houston -- here in ready to greet the crew.
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>> station, we're just about ready. stand by. station, it is houston. confirm that you are ready for the event. >> houston, this is station. we are ready for the event. >> copy that. administrator bridenstine, welcome to mcc. >> this is the nasa administrator.
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can you hear me? >> we hear you loud and clear. welcome to the space station. >> thank you, chris, it is good to see you. welcome to bob and doug. the whole world saw this mission and we are so, so proud of everything you have done for our country and in fact to inspire the world. >> we appreciate that, sir. it has been our honor to be just a small part of this. we have to give credit to spacex, the commercial crew program, and of course nasa. it is great to get the united states back in the crewed launch business and we are glad to be on board this magnificent complex. >> we have some vips here and i am sure they have some questions
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they would like to ask you, but i have one of my own before i turn it over. i want to find out if you guys got any sleep on your way up there in the last 19 hours. did you guys get any sleep? >> a lot of folks in hawthorne were asking the same question, sir. we did get probably a good seven hours or so opportunity for sleep. i did succeed at sleep and doug did as well. the first night is always a challenge, but the dragon is a slick vehicle and we had good airflow. we had an excellent evening. and just excited to be back in low-earth orbit again. >> amazing. one of the people here with us today is senator ted cruz. he is a huge advocate of america's space program.
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he has been somebody who has helped us so much as we transition from one administration to the next administration. the reason missions like this can have success is because of continuity of purpose. senator ted cruz was a leader on a bill called the "nasa transition authorization act." because of that, we have had a lot of political support and we are grateful for his leadership. senator cruz, would you like to say a few words? sen. cruz: congratulations, gentlemen. the eyes of the world are upon you and everyone is proud of you. all of america is watching you. and today and yesterday represent big, big days. we are looking at a decade since we have had american astronauts launched on an american ship from american soil. i can tell you that i sat with
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my wife and kids yesterday watching on tv. i suspect what we did is just about what everyone did, which was hold our breath as it took off. we are glad to see you landed safely. we are glad to see you have docked. let me ask. that dragon is an amazing vehicle. how does she handle? >> it flew just like it was supposed to. we had a couple opportunities to take it out for a spin, so to speak, after we got into orbit last night and again today about 20 minutes before we docked. my compliments to the folks back at hawthorne and spacex for how well it flew. it is exactly like the simulator. we could not be happier about the performance of the vehicle.
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sen. cruz: what do you guys hope to accomplish in your time on the international space station? >> while we are on board, of course with the new spacecraft, we hope to put her through her paces. the good ship endeavor is going to get a lot of check out over the next week or two here, and hopefully we will be able to declare her operational. doug and i will be able to take some burden off chris and his crewmates, ivan and anatoly, so we can keep the station operating at its peak possibilities. we are looking forward to contributing any way that we can and like i said, trying to keep the space station as productive as possible. sen. cruz: as a country, we are in the midst of a tough week. >> good afternoon and welcome to


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