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tv   Campaign 2020 Pete Buttigieg Holds Get- Out- To- Caucus Rally in Waterloo Iowa  CSPAN  February 2, 2020 3:18pm-3:22pm EST

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other candidates has done about 80 total evidence in iowa. compare that to the former south bend mayor pete buttigieg was done 50-plus events in the last five weeks. in iowa. up with him here is what he had to tell voters. mr. buttigieg: whether we're talking about gun violence, addiction, mass incarceration, whether we are talking about climate change -- on behalf of everyone old enough to vote isht now our responsibility to figure that out so by the time you are old enough to run for president you're dealing with a whole different set of issues. we are when to take care of these things. that is our moral responsibility to the next generation.
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and that's what we have a chance to bring about. that's why am asking you -- that's what i'm asking you to be part of. and 10 i will leave you with this. the case for hope. i know the word hope kind of americanof style in politics because of the bleakness and the cruelty and the division we are seeing now. but i believe some sense of hope must be what propelled you into this room, isn't it? i think if you did not hope it would not matter who the next president is going to be. that's why i am here. i don't think it is a coincidence they took the word hopeful. did you see this? they took the word hopeful and they use this for another word
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for candidates. i'm a 2020 hopeful. that's why i'm here. goes running for office is an act of hope and so is caucusing. so i am depending on you to spread whatever sense of hope brought you into this room to tell your story, not mine, to those in your life may be on the fence about whether to get involved, whether to come out, whether it is worth the trouble, what you thinkow it matters who gets their hands on the police and levers of american government and what values are guiding those hands. in the great thing about iowa is you have a neck for changing what people think is possible in our presidential politics. the first time i set foot in it was about 2008, as cold as this, colder, actually. i was here as a volunteer, knocking on doors for senator obama. saw iowa change what america thought was possible on caucus night.
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a couple years after that, i was not here in iowa, but i was watching when you all changed what people thought was possible once again and give someone like thatrmission to believe one day i would be able to wear this wedding ring that i got on my hands. you did that. so, are you ready to make history one more time? ?re you ready for caucus night are you ready to bring your friends? i believe you can make me the the unitedent of states and i will work every minute to make you proud and heal this nation. thank you. thank you for being here on monday night. thank you. greta:


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