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tv   Campaign 2020 Sen. Bernie Sanders Meet Greet in Cedar Rapids Iowa  CSPAN  February 2, 2020 2:07pm-2:30pm EST

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my advice is to go for someone like bloomberg who is going to clean you up, because it is the democrat party, and they need to tighten up. america is not a communist country. if there is anything in the constitution that resembles socialism and communism, please write a book about it, because it does not exist. america will never be a country,.or communist coverage of the state of the union address from a joint session of congress gets underway on tuesday evening. all of our event coverage on the web at iowae live in cori bill, with the candidates, including tom steyer, who will join us after his event to take your calls and comments. up next, we continue our coverage from cedar rapids, iowa and the bernie sanders campaign. a very busy schedule as the senator tries to make as many stops as possible in what is a truncated schedule, because he has been in washington for the impeachment tile -- trial of
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president trump. here is more from the sanders campaign. >> iowa. thing?ready to do this [cheering] >> are senator might be 78 years old, but we are about to make him 46. [cheering] my, my, my, i am sure feeling the burn up in iowa. [cheering] they do not know transcendence is coming. all of you, you have to make sure -- this is a turnout election. we know we are up in the polls. [cheering] polls all overe the country. [cheering]
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have you seen the south carolina polls? [cheering] , only all that we love is on the line, that's all. nothing too big. [cheering] iowa, you need to do this thing. show up with your family, your friends, and your enemies. mother's father was a preacher, and at the end of the service, he would say come one, come all. our movement is a multi gender, , racial, multiracial mosaic of humanity. people are on the move for justice. that is what we are. that we very fitting are assembled here today to submit for ourselves and for generations the type of world that we want to live in.
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[cheering] among the elite class in our movement talk about having medicare for all, they say that that is radical. if you are one of the many people in this country who are uninsured or underinsured, it is not radical. if you come from a family that is in new hampshire or nevada where they have to spend $1600 a month to provide a particular medicine that their daughter senator sanders says prescriptions will cost $200 a year -- that is not radical, that is right on time. [cheering] toad an opportunity to talk a teenager. one day in the hospital -- she broke her ankle -- one day in the hospital, $27,000 for that one stay. [booing]
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it is not radical, it is right on time. [cheering] if you are a victim of the fossil fuel industry, i know somebody. a you have a deal with runoff, i know somebody. lettingave a deal with your water -- hello, flint, senator sanders talks about infrastructure and a green new deal, it is not radical, it is right on time. [cheering] and if you are a black man in america -- can we give a shout out for black history month -- [cheering] >> if you are a black man or woman in america, overrepresented in the prisons, when we talk about turning yround a criminal industr system that somehow sees black,
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brown, indigenous, and poor folks as somehow more criminal than anybody else, senator sanders says he is going to legalize marijuana, that is not radical, that is right on time. it is not radical, it is right on time. no more crime in prisons on his watch, that is not radical, that is right on time. come on, people are suffering in this nation and we have folks who have the nerve to stand up there on stage and pretend like this is not happening. who is going to go all the way for the people of this nation. [cheers and applause] >> i know somebody. left, not going to look we are not going to look right, we are going to keep our eyes on the prize. is what is just, what is right, and what is good.
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and what is good for the people of this nation is not to have the corporate greed over take this nation in such a way that it forces our silence. when senator sanders says wall street, i'm coming for you -- fossil fuel industry, i'm coming for your greed -- [cheering] spirit of fdr, when he fed judge me by my enemy, the 21st century vernacular is judge me by my haters. [cheers and applause] the only candidate that has taken zero dollars from billionaires because his only is view and you and you and you and you and you -- i know somebody. you have not seen something like this in the 21st century, baby. people are on the move, and we are on the move for justice.
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i look, baby. .ot today, it is all on you not seen a tsunami of people power like this, and does it feel good, doesn't it feel great? there is happiness in this revolution because we are struggling together. we rise and fall together. we are all in this together. whatever brings you to this you couldt know that --playing on your lying on your couch eating bonbons and complaining, but we are all part of the history that says we will come together. we will have righteous thing big nation together and we will rise together. iowa, we have to get out
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there and drive out the vote. this is about turnout, turnout, turnout. when we turn up, we turnout. i ame close with this -- feeling really good. i wish i had enough space to run. this is what this movement has done for me, for the senator, for dr. jane sanders, for everybody in our campaign, which is bringing people together to do anything. creator of this great universe has given us two hands, one to be supportive, the other to reach back. to donot ask folks more for us then we are willing to do for ourselves. the revolutionary helen keller once said these words -- alone we can do very little. together we can do so much.
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this is a together people power movement. as first lady eleanor roosevelt once said, it does not matter what they call you, it is what --. not me up. that is what we are answering to. is that all right? [cheering] we are going to do this thing. can you raise one hand for yourself and one hand for somebody else? with these hands, we will have medicare for all. with these hands, we will have college for all. with these hands, we will cancel student debt. with these hands, we will take care of mother earth. with these hands, women will finally get their whole damn d ollar.
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with these hands, we will change a legal system that is unjust in every stretch of the imagination. and with these hands, baby, we will elect senator bernard sanders. [cheering] the 46th president of the united states of america. [chanting "bernie."] >> thank you. we even have people up on the snow bank. [cheering] let me thank all of you for coming out, let me thank senator nina turner. she has not just been active in iowa, she has been all over this country rallying working people
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to stand up for justice. senator turner, thank you so much for all that you do. [cheers and applause] tomorrow begins the 2020 and what amounts to the most consequential election at least in the modern history of america, but may be in the history of our entire country. what is at stake is whether we will continue and administration where we have a president who lies all the time, whether we continue on administration -- an administration that has a record of corruption, whether we continue and administration -- an administration with a president who is a racist, sexist, a homophobe, a xe
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nophobe, and on top of that he is a religious bigot as well. politics mayt your be, and i know not everyone in i standees with what for, but no matter what your politics may be, i think we all understand that is not the kind of person who should remain in the white house. [cheering] aboutt tomorrow night is is the understanding that we need a government that stands for justice, not greed. [cheering] that stands for compassion, not pathological lying. [cheering] our campaign is about two fundamental issues -- number one is the need to defeat donald trump, the most dangerous president in the history of this country.
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but our campaign is about more than just defeating trump. our campaign is about bringing fundamental reform to american society. says ifcampaign which you work in america and with , you shoulds a week not be living in poverty. i have been all over the state of iowa and i have talked to workers who are trying to make it on $10, a levin dollars an hour. -- $11 an hour. you cannot do it. towill raise the living wage at least $15 an hour. i have talked to women who are tired of making $.80 on the dollar compared to men. women want the whole damn dollar. equal pay for equal work. i have talked to workers who want to join unions so they can
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earn better wages and working conditions, our administration will make it easier for workers to join unions. i have talked to young people who are sick and tired of leaving school $50,000 or $100,000 in debt. what we have said throughout this campaign is that trump and $1 friends, if they can give trillion in tax breaks to the upper 1% and large profitable corporations so that a company like amazon does not pay a nickel in federal income tax, if e cancan do that, w cancel all student debt in america with a modest tax on wall street speculation. [cheering] and what the people in iowa and america understand is that it is time for us to end the international embarrassment of america being the only major
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country on earth not to guarantee health care to all problem as a human right -- to all people as a human right. health care is a human right, not a privilege. we will pass a medicare for all single-payer program. [cheering] we will take on the greed and the corruption of the pharmaceutical industry, which charges our people in some cases 10 times more for the same exact medicine as they charge people in other countries. and what our administration understand and all of you the president of the united states does not change is, climate not a hoax. it is an existential threat to iowa, vermont, america and the entire world.
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what we believe is that the future of this planet, the future of our kids and future generations is a lot more important than the short-term profits of the fossil fuel industry. [cheering] we are proud. we do not run away from it. we are proud to introduce the most sweeping climate change proposal ever introduced by a candidate for the resident of the united states -- for president of the united states. that proposal is based on the principle of the green new deal. we are going to create up to 20 million good paying jobs as we move away from fossil fuel to energy efficiency and sustainable energy. and let me thank the people of iowa. iowa is one of the people in the -- states in the -- leaders in this country in wind energy. we are going to invest far more into wind, solar, geothermal,
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and move aggressively into sustainable energy and great jobs when we do that. [cheering] campaign will, in fact, -- ins the of 70 of equity of wealth and income inequality today. it is morally and economically unacceptable that three people in america own more wealth than the bottom half of america. that 49% of all new income goes to the top mywhen you have people in state working two or three jobs to put food on the table. so we are going to create an economy and a government that works for working people, not just the 1%. [cheering] that innderstand
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america, it is absolutely imperative that we have a vibrant democracy. i do not want billionaires buying elections. we do not want voter suppression. wants to have the highest voter turnout in the industrialized world, not one of the lowest voter turnout. the future of this country's dependence on what happens in november, and it all begins tomorrow night here in iowa. and what our belief is is the only way you defeat donald trump have theber is when we theest voter turnout, largest voter turnout in the history of the united states.
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[cheering] we believe we are that campaign because of you. we are the campaign of excitement and energy. i want to tell you something that i am enormous lee proud of and grateful for all of you and people all over the state of iowa. in the last month alone, in one have, our volunteers in aed on 500,000 doors state of 3.5 million people. [cheering] so we believe we are in a position to win tomorrow night, in a position to defeat trump -- nott because of pbs just because of radio ads or newspaper ads, what is more important is the grassroots activism that you guys are bringing forward. [cheering]
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this is unique. no other campaign is doing this and it is not just happening here in iowa. today is happening in new hampshire,. it is happening in california. so what this campaign in iowa is about and what it is about nationally is voter turnout. it is reaching forward to our friends and neighbors, who in many instances have given up on the political process. they are working two or three jobs and saying, does anyone care about me? they can't afford childcare for their kids. age and55, 62 years of do not have any money in the bank for retirement. are saying to those people, if you want to change this country, improve lives for working people, you must get involved in the political
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process. we cannot allow big money interests to dominate what goes on. sayingme conclude by what i have said before. night, we will know very early on how well we are going to do. cap, we is a low murder are going to lose -- low voter turnout, we are going to lose. if there is a high voter turnout, we are going to win. [cheering] areur job -- i know you doing that today -- our job is to bring out our family, our friends, coworkers, everybody you know. the message is that we cannot just simply complain about the status quo. we cannot complain about trump, low wages, but we can complain , now is the time
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to end the complaining and the time for action. action is tomorrow night. [cheering] us go forward today, tomorrow, and create the largest voter turnout in the history of the iowa caucus. [cheering] ton we do that, we are going win. we win here and have a path toward the three. together, we will defeat the most dangerous president in modern american history. thank you all so much. ♪ from linn county and cedar rapids to pulp county in downtown des moines, c-span's 2020 coverage continues on this day before the iowa caucuses. live tomorrow evening with two caucuses, one in west des moines and another in the more rural area of the state to give you an idea of how the caucus process unfolds


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