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tv   Sen. Sherrod Brown D-OH  CSPAN  December 16, 2019 1:54am-1:56am EST

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it does not sound like that oath is going to mean very much if you have already made up your mind. >> well, i would disagree. i would say my oath is to the constitution, and i take that very seriously. for example, you can interpret the constitution in different ways. i interpret the constitution that we should not be sending foreign aid to other countries. we should be taking care of what we were empowered to do in the constitution in one of them was not borrowing money from china to send to ukraine. >> democrats are up in arms over republican senator lindsey graham saying "i'm not trying to pretend to be a fair juror." several senators have said based on the evidence they've seen, they would vote to can vent -- to convict president trump. others democrats making the same mistake lindsey graham made? >> i will not speak for others, though i share the outrage about mcconnell as the leader of the republican party, the majority leader of the senate saying we are going to get this over with.
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we know he's not going to be convicted, and then he says i'm working directly with the white house. we take an oath when we -- i've never been in this position. most of us haven't. we take an oath saying at the beginning of a trial that we will look at the evidence. i have very strong feelings about this president. i supported impeachment. he things richard nixon never did, but i don't know if it rises to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors for the level of conviction and removal until like see the evidence, i hear the prosecution, which is the house managers, until i hear the president's defense. then you make the decision based on the evidence and for the leader of the united states send it to say he is coordinating with the white house to make sure he is not convicted and removed is -- it really is part of this "see no evil, hear no evil" -- that'shy


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