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tv   Washington Journal Marc Lotter  CSPAN  December 8, 2019 1:19pm-1:22pm EST

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him. this while we wait for another live event about to get underway. in a few minutes, we expect president candidate bernie sanders to speak at simpson college and indianola -- in indianola. we expect the event to get completely underway with the senator shortly. while we wait, let's look at a segment of this morning's "washington journal." we want to welcome back marc lotter, campaign strategist .f the presidents reelection good sunday morning. thank you for being with us. guest: thanks for having me. host: how does the president's reelection campaign will with impeachment? we would rather not deal with it at all. if democrats are going to take the country down this path, we will deal with it.
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we have seen a massive influx of volunteers, donors, people reaching out to the campaign for the first time. the house judiciary committee releasing its report. the democrats are saying we have invited the president to come and take part in this hearing. they claim it is unfair. how can they claim that when they are not participating in the house hearings? guest: from the beginning, republicans were not allowed to call witnesses without chairmanships approval. this has been cooked from the beginning. nancy pelosi announced this inquiry before the transcript cannot, before the whistleblower complaint came out. they jumped this shark without all the facts. they have shown no interest in getting the facts from the beginning. host: do you think the house will vote to impeach the president? guest: this looks like they are
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going to do. there are some moderate democrats elected in districts the president one, they are having serious misgivings because people at home are telling them this is not what they want them to do. they want them to focus on usmca, jobs, prescription >> we are leaving this segment of "washington journal" for the bernie sanders event in indianola, iowa. this is live coverage on c-span. sen. sanders: thank you all very much for coming out this afternoon. let me thank those who have already spoken. much for what you said. [applause] sen. sanders: what i want to do in a format a little bit diff


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