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tv   Vice President Pence Sen. Hawley Remarks at Young Americas Foundation  CSPAN  July 31, 2019 1:03pm-1:44pm EDT

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of dollars in short-term profits is destroying this planet? i say that is criminal activity cannot be allowed to continue. >> congressman, your response? >> i did not say we couldn't get there until 2040. all i'm saying is, we have to thing our way out of this and if we are waiting for 2040 for a man to come in on gasoline -- a band to come in on gasoline vehicles, we are screwed. get a chief manufacturing officer, align the environmental incentives with the financial incentives and make sure that people can actually make money off of the new technologies that are moving forward. ase is what i will do president, cut the worker in on the deal. make sure these are union jobs to make reaction to this. we will take you live to the
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young america's foundation conference in washington. they heard from vice president pence this morning. hearing next from senator josh hawley. live coverage on c-span. organized interests, crime, and anyone who would threaten the reaction of well-being of missourians. into thousand two, senator hawley graduated from yale university. he moved back home to missouri with his wife where they became the proud parents of two -- of two sons. asator hawley is recognized one of the nation's leading constitutional lawyers. he has litigated at the supreme court of the united states, the federal courts of appeals, and in the state court, fighting for the people's liberties. he previously fought obamacare at the supreme court and won as one of the lead attorneys in the landmark hobby lobby case.
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senator hawley has taken on big opioid manufacturers, has cracked down on human trafficking in missouri, and has stood up to big tech, launching investigations of the most cap powerful companies in the world, google and facebook, to protect missourians, their data, and the first amendment. on the hawley serves senate committees on the judiciary, armed services, homeland security, and governmental affairs, small business, and entrepreneurship, and the special committee on aging. please join me in welcoming the youngest senator in america, senator hawley. [applause] thank you.: thank you. thank you so much. thank you. it is great to be here with a room full of thoughtful and
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serious and young and energetic folks. [applause] sen. hawley: a little bit of a difference from a difference from my day job in the united states senate. i am 39 years old this year. that is about the age that people start looking for things to make them feel young again. you know what i'm talking about? maybe you have older brothers, sisters. now you know why at 309i decided to run for the united states senate, where the average age is dead. [laughter] sen. hawley: i found out when i got elected to the senate, i got sworn in, they gave us a pin we are supposed to wear, it goes up here on my lapel, the nifty thing about it is a life alert -- a life alert button. how many of you have ever been to a luby's cafeteria? not very many. what is going on? come over to the senate.
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the senate dining room is actually a luby's cafeteria. all right. it is great to be here with you today, and it is great to be here to talk about the future of the country, and to be looking out at all of you who represent the future of the country. i was elected as the youngest senator in america. all i can say is i hope to be able to serve long enough to see the beginning of the 21st century. i will tell you what i mean by that. it has been 19 years since the 20th century ended. 19 years. is it too much to ask that the 21st century actually be allowed to begin? because our politics and our rhetoric, and too much of what goes on in this town and capitol hill, my goodness, you could close your eyes and you may as well be in the 1970's or the 1980's. the political establishments of both parties have become so all
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stuff i'd, it is like we are trapped in amber and meanwhile, the needs of the country have gone forward. if the 2016 election was about anything, it was about the american people saying the political establishments have failed, the old politics has failed, it is time for something new. and that is what we are here for. [laughter] [cheering] -- [applause] [cheering] sen. hawley: here's the problem. while the political class here has been rehearsing and rehashing the same old debates with the same old rhetoric from decades past, before you were born, before i was born, while that has been happening, the political class has drifted into a consensus with other elements of the leadership class across this country. a consensus that has too often let down that people who sent me here, to have let down the people who built this country, let down the people who defend america.
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i call them the great america middle. the middle of our society. the people who wake up every day, go to work, were called all day, come home to their family, read to their kids at night, thankful for their blessings. the kind of people who donate out of their gas money every month to help needy families who live half a world away. people they will never meet. the kind of people who i suspect you know, in the kind of places where you grew up. these are the people who for too long have been neglected and overlooked and his interest have not been spoken for in this town or in our politics. in our political class, it has drifted into a consensus that has several principles that i bet you will recognize, because i know it is the conventional wisdom on most of our college campuses today. the reigning consensus, the conventional wisdom of the leadership elite in this country tells us that things like patriotism are dangerous. patriotismphasis on
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and nationalism and the good things about america, that that is narrowminded. that that can even be bigoted. that it is a too narrow of a focus. the same consensus as we need to pursue and embrace economic globalization and economic integration at all cost, open markets, open borders, open trade, open everything, no matter whether it is good for america national security or for american families or for american workers, or for american principles. these are the same people who told us we need to have open immigration at whatever levels so that we can have more labor in the country that unfortunately drives down prices, drives down wages for working americans. these are the same people who want to you on your college campuses to make sure you do not say anything that offends anybody, for heaven sake. to say we cannot use trigger words, that we need to use
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trigger warnings, whatever that means. this is the elite consensus that has governed our politics now for too long. what it has produced is a politics of elite ambition. here is what our leaders have said to the country. to what they have said middle america for too long now. they said that if you want to go and start a tech company in silicon valley, then we are all for you. if you want to become an elite like us, go to an elite university and embrace our elite point of view in the world, if you want to put career achievement over community, if you think change is more important than tradition, if you are skeptical of things like faith and family, that's great. if that is the view you hold, we are for you and our politics will help you get there and succeed. not to your ambition is start a tech company? but if your ambition is to work
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in the family business? what if your ambition is to raise a family in the town where you grew up? what if your ambition is to create something you can pass on to your kids? what if one of your most prized values is your love of this country and belief that we are a good and decent people who heritage -- whose heritage is worth celebrating? town and then this leadership of this country for too long has said "you are on your own." and you are either backwards or maybe just pathetic. but we don't have anything to say to you. and it is time for that to change. represents, iion believe, the people of this country from the middle of our society, the backbone of the country, standing up and saying "we want to be heard, we want to be respected, we want to this country to stand for the principles that it was founded
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on and we will do something about it." and that is our challenge now. [applause] sen. hawley: i would just say to the political establishments of this town, that as another american senator once said, the world is changing, the old era is ending, and the old ways will not do. it is a new era that we must open now, the 21st century that we must actually begin 19 years late. late is better than never. it is time to begin the 21st century, to focus on the problems of this era, the challenges of this day to address the needs of this hour so our country can be renewed and strengthened for the century that is ahead. we need now a politics focused not on elite ambitions, we need a politics focused on renewing the strength of this country and the great middle of our society.
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we need a politics of national renewal. building that politics, i suggest to you, is the great challenge of our era and will be the challenge of your era for the years that are to come. what might that look like? it is time that we stood up to big government, to the people in government who think that they know better, government by experts, government by unelected administrators, government by unelected elites who are confident they know better than the american people, that they know better than the constitution, that they should be in control rather than voters. it is time we stood up and said "enough of that." it is time we challenge this allegiance between big government and big business. for too long, some of the biggest companies in this country, multinational corporations, the same people who have sent jobs overseas to china, who have been happy to invest in the chinese market but will not invest in workers here in this country, who will not
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raise wages for workers here in this country, who are located in the united states, but would never say that they are an and him -- but they are an american company, these companies have gotten too many handouts for come -- from america. it is time we challenges allegiance between gave -- big government and big business. it needs to stop [applause] -- it needs to stop. [applause] the hawley: increasingly, leaders of these multinational corporations, besides disrespecting our workers, failing to invest in our economy, then they want to come to us and tell us what our priorities ought to be as a nation. they want to tell us what we should believe on every social issue of the day and their answer to conservatives is to shut up about everything you believe and support us when we want tax breaks and other government giveaways. i think our answer should be, no longer, no how. we are for free competition in this country.
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we are for the free market. it is time these big companies who have gotten insider deals from government were actually held accountable. that begins by the way with big tech. nobody has gotten more of a sweetheart deal from the federal government than the big technology companies. facebook, google, twitter. they are treated differently than any other platforms or publishers in america. they are treated different than any other company in america. and they have gotten rich and powerful and profitable because of it. now what are they doing? now they are saying that they should be able to decide whether or not conservatives get to speak on their platforms. what conservative speech is acceptable and what is not. they want to censor and sit in judgment on our political speech. you know, i saw a statistic the other day, a series of academic studies, that shows that google in particular, the information
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flow that google controls, do you know a lot of undecided voters, their primary source of information is from google search? maybe that is you, i am sure you have used google search to find information. a lot of undecided voters, how do they get the names? they plug-in turns to google search. who did they favor in the 2016 election? it was not donald trump. google search overwhelmingly returned results in response to neutral search terms overwhelmingly returned results for what? hillary clinton and the clinton campaign. flu -- google search overwhelmingly favored left-leaning and liberal news outlets and disfavored actively conservative leaning and conservative and libertarian news outlets. they exercise enormous power over the information that we consume, over our channels of communication with each other, and yet, their answer to us is, we want to give -- get all of government benefits, we want to get all of the special
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privileges and we do not want to be accountable. i think it is time to stand up and say "that is not going to happen anymore." it is time we held them accountable, stood up for the first amendment, and it is time we stop censorship by these big companies and say that conservative speech is valuable speech and conservatives ought to be able to speak in our society openly, in public, and without reprisal. [applause] sen. hawley: same is true on our campuses. i know this has got to be something you face on your campuses, all across america. college campuses are trying to regulate speech. trying to shut down speech that they disagree with. this is the kind of censorship we have not seen in this country in decades, maybe we have never seen it in a concerted form. it is time that we as conservative said that our speech and our views are just as valuable and just as legitimate as any other side.
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you know what? we are committed to the first amendment. there was a time in this country when the left said that they were the great defenders of the first amendment, and at least he could count on them if they discrete -- they disagreed on our views, they could defend our right to speak. i'm afraid that is not true anymore today. i'm afraid you're experiencing audit on your college campuses. it is time we demand of these colleges and universities, especially those that receive federal money, taxpayer money, that they abide by the first amendment. that they do not disfavor students who are conservatives or libertarians. that they do not disfavor students of faith about allowing real and open and honest debate so our constitutional values and principles can be expressed and enacted and go forward. i want to say to you that you have such a vital role to play in this. your courage, your willingness to challenge the status quo on campus, your willingness to
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engage in debate, to force tough conversations, to engage in new dialogue, it is absolutely vital. if there is one thing i can say, it is be of good courage. don't be silenced. don't stand down. don't be intimidated. because the future of this country, quite literally depends on your willingness to stand up and to be heard and to make your views known. keep after it. keep doing it. the future of the country depends on you. let me also say -- give yourselves a round of applause [applause] . -- a round of applause. [applause] sen. hawley: politics focused on the great american middle, a politics focused on national renewal has to be serious about the challenges that we face abroad. i'm thinking especially the challenge we face from china. let's be honest, china has for decades now stolen our jobs, spied on our people, ripped off
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our technologies. they have attempted to build their middle-class on the backs of our middle-class and worse than that, they have attempted to build their military on the backs of the united states middle-class. i'm sorry to say, they have enjoyed pretty fair success. we are now facing a challenge from china that is going to be perhaps the greatest foreign policy challenge of the 21st century. it is not just the national security challenge, it is an economic challenge as well. we need a policy in this country, we need a politics in this country that is focused on getting good paying jobs here, on returning investment here, on promoting worker productivity here, on getting better wages for our workers here. on actually building things in this country again and making things in this country again. we have a problem if we live in a world where you have to get an expensive four-year degree and may be a graduate degree on top
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of that just to get a decent job and be able to support a family. that is not a future that includes most americans. that is not a future that will keep america strong. that is not a future that will allow us to compete with our foreign competitors and triumph in the 21st century. we need to pursue policies that renew and strengthen the middle of our society and the heart of our economy. that means standing up to trade ceders like china, stopping there attempt -- bringing back jobs from overseas, it means creating new jobs in the places where americans live because you should not have to move to a mega-city somewhere in order to get a job on which you can support a family and build a community. these are the key challenges of this entry. and they are the key challenges around which a new politics of national renewal must be built. i will just say this to you enclosing, the challenges we face are very significant.
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and the politics of washington, d.c. are very broken. but having said all that, i'm very optimistic. one of the reasons i'm optimistic is because of you, and because i'm from the middle of our country, the middle of our society. i know the people who go to work every day and provide for their families and run those family businesses and volunteer in their churches and support our local schools and serve in the pta. the people i suspect who raised you, the kind of people you want to be. i know them. and i can say with total confidence that in the heart of our society, american strength has not failed. american leadership class for too long has failed. the american political class for too long has failed. but the heart of american society has not failed. there is tremendous strength there. there is tremendous strength waiting to be called upon. waiting to be unleashed. waiting to be renewed.
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and that must be the focus in the aim and the goal of all that we do in the years ahead. i will leave you with this. from winston churchill, a hero of mine who said that if we open a conflict between the present and the past, we are liable to lose the future. the future now must be our great concern, because it is a future we must fight and win. this country is asking for a better future. they voted for a better future in 2016. they voted for a better future in 2018. think they will vote for a better future in 2020 when they reelect donald trump as president of the united states. [applause] but the needs of our country is the calling of our time and the needs of our country are the calling of your lives. the american people are saying we cannot go on as we have in the past. we cannot continue down the old paths. we must do something new. we must change our politics and
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change this town, we must renew this country. and your help is vital to that. i just want to say to you that i hope you will choose with your tremendous talents, i think of the talent in this room, i hope you will choose to continue doing what you are doing now which is to be engaged and to serve. choose to serve in the places where you are. choose to serve where you have opportunity. choose to serve the people in the middle of our society, who need a voice, who deserve representation, who need champions. can together, we can win the future of this country. thank you so much for having me. god bless you. [applause] sen. hawley: thank you. thank you. i think we have a few minutes for questions. i would be happy to take questions on whatever time we have got. yes, sir? >> my name is greg.
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i like a lot of the things you stand for. i want to ask about the new social media regulation bill you put front. i believe social media companies have a lot of problems. your bill bans a lot of feature like snapchat, and a facebook's infinite scroll which make our social media experience easier. i'm wondering how does preventing these companies from innovating solve any of the important issues surrounding big tech like free speech? especially when a lot of these are used by young people, which the republican party has trouble reaching out to. sen. hawley: thank you for that question. [applause] that is a great question. let me start with your use of a word which is important, the use of the word "innovation." my biggest critique of the big tech, besides the fact that they want to shut down our speech and that they have gotten rich on taxpayer dollars, and that they have great insider deals from
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government, putting that to the side, my biggest critique of big tech is what innovation have they really given us? we just celebrated the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. before all of us were born, even me. it is a great moment for our country. [applause] sen. hawley: think about what the tech sector gave to america and the decade of the 1960's. just that decade. think about what the tech sector gave to america. and what is it now than in the last 15, 20 years, the people who say they are the brightest minds of the country have given this country? what are there great innovations? autoplay? snap streak? ever additional refinements on the behavioral add waste platform? that is -- ad based platform? it is innovation on behavioral advertising. that is how these companies make money. you understand that if a product is free, you are the one being sold.
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they are taking your data, they are taking your information without your consent or knowledge, they are selling your information to third parties without your input, and they are trying to get you to spend as much time as possible on their platform so they can take even more stuff and to sell even more of the things that belong to you. this is the great innovation of the 21st century? i certainly hope not. we need to expect not less innovation but more. we need to ask for not less technological progress, but more. we need technological processes that solves these challenges, that creates new jobs, that addresses our desperate need for medical innovation. for automotive -- automated innovation. we have desperate needs in this country. we need the tech sector to step up. i think while i am sure they have spent a lot of time and made a lot of money figuring out how to refine that behavioral based platform of advertising so that they can get more of your
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attention, what i call the addiction economy, addiction arbitrage, i think we should ask them and push them to do better. we can do all of that in the law. what we can do is as consumers, as citizens, we can say "we expect more from you." and what should we do in the law? we should prove -- protect people's privacy and their property. my view on big tech is that there is nothing that is more valuable to you in this digital age then your personal data and information. you can't get a job without it. you can't get a loan without it. you can't do anything without it. yet it is totally exposed. tech companies have total control over it. that is why we need to take steps that will give you property rights and your information. if you want to give it to google and facebook, that's fine. if you want to consent to that, totally fine. if you don't meet -- don't mind being tracked online, that's totally fine.
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it ought to be a choice. if you would like to get your personal data back from these tech companies, you ought to be able to get it back. they should have to delete it if they ask you to do so. i am fighting to hold them accountable, protect your information and property and to increase competition. we need more competition in the tech sector there. for those of us who believe in the free market, and an open market, we believe in the value of competition and competition induces innovation. the reason we have not had much innovation for all of these years is because we have had less competition. every measure that i put forward is an attempt to create new competition, which is why i exempt medium and smaller sized companies. we want more companies and people doing new things. we want more choices, options,
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competition, and innovation. i will try and push that fight forward and i need your help to do it and tell me what i ought to be focus on. thank you for your question. [applause] >> hello. kind of going off of that question, i was wondering what the difference between technological addiction and other addictions, and why should our personal freedom not be included when something is addicting us? sen. hawley: we have had a long bait about personal addictions over cigarettes and alcohol, i will leave them where they are. all of those sectors are heavily regulated, alcohol, cigarettes, drug use, heavily regulated. sector, what we want to see is, i say this as a father and former attorney
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general, i do not detect companies stifling -- the tech companies stifling competition or exploiting consumers. if they are going to build a business model based on taking our personal information, telus what -- telus what they are doing and give us the option to say yes and no. i introduced a bill that would give every person the say to say i want to go online and say i do not consent to you tracking me, and the website -- [applause] the website or the service, the platform still has to provide you the basic services, and you have a right to continue to use it without being tracked. i have also introduced legislation to get your data back. we are experiencing it again this week with more news about data breaches.
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it is amazing the amount of data, your data that is out there in public, and that is being sold. my view is, you ought to be able to consent to that and say no. if you would like to have your data deleted, you do not want facebook and google sitting on it, you ought to be able to say deleted and they should have to do it. the other thing is, i know that the mainstream media, they call themselves, i know that they do not believe that tech companies sensor. they do not think it happens at all. that is not what the evidence says. the tech companies put a firm some on the scale in favor of liberal views. they does favor conservatives and libertarians. if they will get the special favors, that should not happen. if google wants to advance a liberal point of view, that is
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fine. this is a free competent -- this is a free country and they are a private company. they should not get a special subsidy for government that they currently debt in the form of section 230. powers dealing with the of companies and other multinational companies based in this country but do not consider themselves citizens of america. they are happy to partner with the chinese government when it suits them. america,, divesting in refusing to invest in our workers. dealing with these challenges is one of the great problems of our era, and doing it in a way that protects competition and freedom is one of the great challenges. yes, sir. in the context of protecting individual freedoms, how far can the government go in terms of limiting what businesses can do,
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where is the line? sen. hawley: in regards to censorship, my view as if facebook -- let me tell you what they tell me. and twitter,gle, have appeared and said under oath that they never ever sensor content based on political viewpoint. they say we do not do that. said, i will take you at your word, why do not do an audit and prove it to me? they will not do that. onyou want to sensor based political viewpoint and u.s. companies want to speak yourself, that is fine. companies do that in america, that is totally fine. you should not get special exemptions that the law gives them, because the special exemptions are premised on the speaking,they are not it is other people speaking on their platforms.
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they are supposed to have the power to keep violence speech and speech that incites violence off of their platforms and allow other people to speak. if they want to advance a political viewpoint, that is fine, "the new york times" does it every day. they should not get the special exemptions and subsidies that they get under our current law. >> thank you. [applause] i am drew carlton from the university of washington. you brought up the threat that china poses. i am wondering, what is the best way to get them to play fair while minimizing the damage they do to us? sen. hawley: we have to stop their manipulation of the currency markets. china has been doing this for quite some time. they have been trying to drive down the value of our current -- there currency and drive up the value of ours. one of the reasons we have such
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a yawning trade deficit. it is not that american workers are good at what they do. i am tired of hearing that american workers are stupid and lazy, and if they get with the program we would not have a trade deficit. that is not true. [applause] let us just say this, american workers are the most productive workers in the world, the best workers in the world with the most innovative people in the world. we will compete with anybody. when you have other countries, and china leads the pack, and they tried to intervene in order to privilege their own products, it is hard to compete. the president is trying to address this while get -- by getting tough on trade cheating. tradeve to insist on agreements that are enforceable, and not just shut us out. theeed to address
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manipulations of their currency and our currency. i propose legislation that we give the -- i proposed legislation that would give tools to stop them and live collation of those who would price us out of markets and stop the trade deficit that would hurt american workers. we have also got to focus on rebuilding the strength of our economy and manufacturing sector there, not just of the last several decades, but the one of the future. to do that we need companies that will invest in research and development. need them to invest in worker productivity, new capital measures, we need to incentivize the companies who are based in america but have moved jobs overseas. we need them to invest here and drive production here so that our workers have a chance to grow and to produce, and to compete. i am confident if we do those
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things, there is no country like the united states of america. usnow the left does not like talking about american exceptionalism. we are not supposed to talk about being a unique country with a unique history, and a unique purpose. all of those things are true, we are unique country with a unique history and purpose in the world. [applause] and that purpose is not yet farshed, and our history is from being written. we have much work to do yet as a nation, so it is time that we renewed the sources of our strength and we face with confidence this new era, because i am confident that this next century is going to be amazing and america will lead the way. thank you so much for having me. god bless you. [applause]
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>> good afternoon everyone, how are you doing? director of this conference. thank you. so happy to meet all of you. if you do not get to ask a question, we will meet with them later today. >> the federal reserve meeting in washington this week, and jerome powell will hold a news conference, and is expected to announce a change in interest rates. live coverage begins at 2:30 p.m. eastern, and you can follow our coverage online at, and listen with the free app. this weekend we will show you last night's cnn democratic presidential debate saturday at 10:30 a.m. eastern.
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>> this weekend on book tv, saturday at 7:45, in his book " the public option," the former policy director for senator elizabeth warren talks about the active nesn government involvement in promoting opportunity and equality. introducend would competition and some of these markets. this is not a pie in the sky idea. chattanooga, tennessee has had one gigabyte download integrate -- internet as a public option in 2010, and more than 100,000 of the people in businesses take advantage of the public option. in-depth" is live with lee edwards. -- michael., all
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talks about his first-hand account of the far right movement. >> there is no agreement across the subculture other than who the enemy is and what is their nature. there are those who favor an authoritarian police state, and there are those who are internationalists in the sense that i will be a citizen in the world, but in the sense that i do not owe allegiance to a nation, and those who are american first -- america first will take the country back. you will have very little agreement other than who you are against. >> watch book tv every weekend on c-span2. >> i live in a country where there is no public transportation, where there are no distances i can walk, and for a woman to do anything in her life she needs a car. to function or drive this car, she needs a man. a" saudiy night on "q&
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arabian women's rights activists talks about her book about her decision to challenge the ban on government driving. >> a woman is not supposed to drive. we show that we are able and capable of driving our own life and being in the driver's seat and doing our own debt -- and being in charge of our own destiny. >> watch sunday night. host: we are back for our spotlight on magazines. we are talking to adam harris of articlentic about his on education deserts in rural america. what made you focus on this issue? guest: the author of this


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