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tv   Sen. Ted Cruz at Faith Freedom Coalition Luncheon  CSPAN  July 2, 2019 11:54am-12:00pm EDT

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when women and men were free. that cannot happen. what i have to insert socialism never comes to america. god bless you. thank you for being here. god bless america. thank you. [applause] >> please welcome from the freedom coalition, dr. hart smith. >> are you ready for a great day? fantastic.y was we enjoyed it and are looking forward to today. let me take one moment. from columbia international university, there are 64 views
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out there. will you way it -- wave at us? i love it. thank you for being here. my good friend jerry. it is great to be here. we are so honored to have a man who has fought for our religious , a man who has stood for faith and family values for years, a man who was reelected , he did not stand a chance in texas. ted cruz is with us today. [indiscernible] ted cruz today.
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>> god bless the united states of america. what a blessing it is to be with you today. what a blessing it is to men and women committed to defending our constitution, defended -- emitted to defending the principles on which the states of america was found. this was a time of consequence. where the fate of the nation is being debated. speaking of debates, how many of you watched the democratic debate?
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i thought i turned on comedy central. there is a medical term for what is happening to the democratic party right now. nuts.alled stark raving you. want to commend defend freedom. let's talk about freedom. let's talk about economic freedom. the last 2.5 years, we repealed job killing regulations. we got the lowest unemployment in 50 years. we have the lowest african-american unemployment ever recorded.
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[applause] lowest hispanic unemployment ever recorded. and the lowest youth unemployment in 70 years. reason.r a simple if you want jobs, higher wages, businesses, growing, expanding, hiring, and what is the doing last night? proposed taxnew rate. 70%. 10% and -- to god and 70% to
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uncle sam. we saw last night and embrace of socialism. democratst night tried to make illegal every private health insurance plan in america. you remember barack obama saying, if you like your plan, you can take your plan? remember political act label that's the right of the year. they are saying if you like your plan, it does not matter. we are taking it all. putting the government in charge of your health care -- what could go wrong with that? >> we are to take you live to the u.s. house. coverage of the faith and freedom coalition conference at in the search box of our home page.


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