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tv   Road to the White House 2020 Sen. Elizabeth Warren at Rainbow PUSH...  CSPAN  June 29, 2019 12:15pm-12:20pm EDT

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amy klobuchar and representative tulsa gabbard are expected to speak. yesterday former vice president joe biden spoke at the five-day convention. while we wait, here are his remarks. [applause] >> judge greg mathis. [applause]
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>> you know george. today's session has gotten underway of the rainbow push coalition convention and senator elizabeth warren appears to be speaking now. sen. warren: to end mass incarceration in this country. when i am president, we will , like a country in which matthew 25, every human being has value and we turn our backs on no one, and we will start right here in chicago. [applause] know the challenges we face are enormous, and the forces that stand against us will stop at nothing to divide us, to turn us against each other.
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in times of struggle, in times of uncertainty, i often turn to scripture for inspiration, to keep the faith and stay in the fight. , "for god has not butn us the spirit of fear, and of aand of love sound mind. " i'm in this fight because not afraid. i know our fight is a righteous fight. together, if we fight together, if we persist big and, if we dream andt hard, then we will win
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we will make this the america of -- ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> since we missed most of senator elizabeth warren's remarks we will bring you this event later on from the rainbow push coalition convention in chicago on c-span.
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>> please welcome chairman of the south carolina freedom coalition, dr. mark smith. [applause] >> are you ready for a great day? yesterday was fantastic. we enjoyed it and we are looking forward to today. let me take one moment. haderday liberty eight students. from columbia national university there are 64 students. will you waive? it.lause] i love thank you to the liberty students. my good friend jerry falwell. it is great to be here. today we are so honored to have a man who has fought for our religious libert


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