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tv   Alex Ruoff  CSPAN  May 16, 2019 1:06am-1:15am EDT

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>> you wrote about the legislation this week. care is af obama poison pill, gop warns democrats. why the gop leaders decide to bring this up at this time? what are they concerned about? with the republican concerns, largely, republicans are wary to bolster the affordable care act. this is at least $400 million. putting it into the aca markets. that is something the republicans have long opposed. they don't want to keep putting
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money into this. they don't want to support the aca. they have had a decade of opposition to this. the official line from democratic leadership is these bills saved the federal government money. so they have a natural fit. thisically, for democrats, is a win. republicans don't get free votes on track pricing bills. >> democratic leadership held a
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rally and a news conference ahead of the house floor debate. what are some of the key amendments he will be looking for? and some of the members we should be watching for and what they say on the house floor during debate? republicans, people like michael burgess and greg walden have really led the opposition here. a lot of their amendments will be focused on splitting these bills off from the aca bills. representative rochester has one. it is about studying the effects of what the administration has those. focused,those are very particularly that one. out what theure trump administration, what the effects of rolling back aca
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funds have done to enrollment. >> president trump has talked a lot and tweeted a lot about drug pricing. what you said the white house is officially threatened to beato this. on houses slated to vote thursday. this could give republican some cover. what are some of the concerns of the trump administration. share the same concerns that republicans have. they are not going to bolster the affordable care act. they have said, we've support the drug pricing measures here.
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but not the aca measures. that is something we will not support. we want to separate these issues. >> any indication that there will be republicans voting for this legislation? since it is a package of bills, with the senate take up any portion of it? theca bills that have hit floor this year have seen very small republican support. these are people who have in the itt supported some of these is a pretty small number. i think it will be a big task to see how many republicans
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democrats can peel off. this is setting up to be a big part of a 2020 election. i think this will be a big test for republicans. we have been talking with a senior bloomberg reporter for government. thank you for joining us. live, every day, with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up thursday morning, we will talk about the future of health care with florida democratic congresswoman donna
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and then with former senator tom coburn. we have discussion of a new paul looking at voters thoughts on health care. be sure to watch "washington journal." join the discussion. tomorrow, i wrote to the white house coverage includes messages -- massachusetts senator said -- elizabeth born. warren. weekend, joe biden kicks off his campaign. next week, president trump travels to pennsylvania as part of his reelection campaign. book, thes newest
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president, noted historians rank america's best and worst chief executives. insights into the 44 american presidents through stories gathered by interviews with noted presidential historians. explore the life events that shaped our leaders, challenges they face, and the legacies they left behind. order your copy today. now available as a hardcover or e-book. >> next, president trump speaks th -- 38th annual national peace officers memorial service, which honors law enforcement officers who died in the line of duty. at one point, the president recognized the family of california police officer ronil singh who was fatally shot during a traffic stop in december. from outside the u.s. capitol wednesday, this is 35 minutes.


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