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tv   U.S. Senate Sen. Schumer on Mueller Report Testimony  CSPAN  May 2, 2019 1:56am-2:05am EDT

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.ut you can he took the information from bar and got his testimony. >> thank you for joining us here on c-span. >> thank you very much. >> senate minority leader charles schumer reacted to william barr's testimony by calling for robert mueller to testify for the same committee. this was in response to lindsey graham telling reporters he does not intend to hold a hearing with special counsel. have now had a day where the attorney general testified before the judiciary committee. many issues are not resolved because there are discrepancies based on mr. mueller's letter.
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two letters that have been made public, between what mr. barr has been saying and mr. miller believes. mueller believes. the cloud that hangs over our country because of russian interference in the elections. and frankly, hanging over the president because of the actions outlined. -- there is a need to clear that up. i was shocked when i heard the chairman of the judiciary committee, my friend and colleague who i have traveled with, lindsey graham coming out and saying he was not going to call moeller for a hearing. ownfact that he on his
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eller was notsay mu going to testify was outrageous and wrong. i went to my colleague on the floor, my friend, lindsey graham. you doto him, how can this? this is outrageous? said, i am just going to ask him in a letter if he said anything misleading. barr said anything misleading or inaccurate. but not have the hearing. i was appalled. now i see in a tweet that lindsey graham has slightly modified what he said. ueller told graham -- that
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is not good enough. that is a game. he should not put the onus on a straight arrow, somebody who believes in chain of command to publicly state that in a letter. eller should come testify. no games as to what he answers. colleagues so afraid of on the underside of the aisle? ueller mightaid m see things different than attorney general barr? country afraid the discussed the kinds of things the president has done which nobody seems to like. are they afraid we talk about
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foreign interference in our elections? colleagueead with my lindsey graham to reconsider. i would plead with my colleague ueller is coming so we can question him. that is what congressional oversight is about. it is not about the chairman of the judiciary committee deciding -- be heard.e what that is not the job of the chairman. no matter who he or she is. special counsel moeller -- mueller just concluded one of the most important investigations in our nations history. the american people have the right to hear from the special counsel directly. to hear about the threat of foreign interference in our
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elections and the conduct of the president. counsel here to testify and clarify the discrepancies between what he and the attorney general are saying. we don't need a letter, we don't need conditions. that seems like a game. moeller prevent mr. from testifying. my view, attorney general barr routinely mischaracterized at the special counsel's words. we know from the letter of the special counsel publicly released, we know that to be true. it is likely the attorney general did so again in the hearings. we need to hear from the special counsel himself to sort this out and get the truth. the discretion of the chairman, but because america, our system of government, our
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rule of law, demands it. had a dutys always to preside -- provide oversight for the executive branch. just because one party does not feel like doing it because the president is from the same party, that does not measure up to the grandness of our constitution. my dear friend from south carolina, please rethink your position. elleroff this idea mu should not testify or only if he meets conditions set by you, and calls bento counsel moeller and mueller in.ounsel >> in the next washington journal, reaction to the testimony.
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we have your calls and comments live, starting at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. up on thursday, the house is back at 9:00 a.m. eastern to continue work on climate change legislation. the senate votes on a measure to override the president's veto. talks aboutshner efforts to achieve middle east peace the house judiciary committee meets to review the findings of the moeller report. was scheduled to appear before the committee, but he has announced he will not testify due to disagreements over the questioning process. a newspowell held
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conference to go over information from the most recent meeting. it was announced there will be no change to the interest rate and the goal is to maintain 2% inflation. this runs 40 minutes. >> good afternoon and welcome. concludedting that today, we reviewed developments in the u.s. and around the world and decided to leave our policy interest rate unchanged. my colleagues and i have one overarching goal. to use our tools to sustain economic expansion with a strong job market and stable prices for the benefit of the u.s. people. our last meeting, data has been in line with our expectations.


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