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tv   Release of Mueller Report - Viewer Reaction  CSPAN  April 18, 2019 11:41am-11:44am EDT

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number, so we may be going back for a reprinting soon. it has been a very encouraging response. people want this document and want to be able to read it on their own and not be told what is in it. host: is the website if you want to check it out. guest: host: thank you for your time. this is where it will all take -- you do not have to wait until the book is published. the mullah report has been released and delivered to congress and posted online. we have a link to the report at you will find it right there on our homepage. we are covering events today in reaction to the release of the mueller report. we will show you the news conference from attorney general -- william barr momentarily.
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there is a news conference coming up with the chairman of the house judiciary committee. ands at 1 -- 2:30 eastern we will have that live from new york, here on c-span. andress, and the house senate out for passover and easter rake. that news conference is in new york city. just some reaction from the senate side. the senate needed shary committee and kamala harris tweeting this, "the attorney general acting more like trump's defense attorney. his press conference was a stunt filled with political spin and propaganda. americans deserve the unvarnished truth. we need special -- special counsel or mueller to testify in congress. bill barrting this, " opened his mouth and donald trump's words came tumbling out. we need to hear from robert mueller."
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and craig kaplan tweeting, " senator lindsey graham -- senator lindsey graham's statement. it says "they have received their special report and the review is ongoing. once again i applaud attorney general barr bank for his commitment to transparency. i look forward to hearing the attorney general's testimony on may 1, 2019. that will be the first of two hearings at the attorney general will testify before the senate judiciary committee, and in the house judiciary committee that first week of may, and those will be alive. again, waiting to take you live to jerry nadler's news conference and other events. i would like to show you the news conference from the attorney general at 9:30 eastern.


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