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tv   Rep. Dan Kildee on ABC This Week  CSPAN  April 7, 2019 10:49pm-10:51pm EDT

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quite simply, madam speaker, because it is, in this circumstance, the right thing to do. so new zealand first will be supporting this legislation and participating actively in the truncated select committee process. thank you. a memberomments from of the ways and means committee and the white house acting chief of staff, mick mulvaney. grace is certainly not a pandora's box. it's a legitimate authority that the congress has. this president is the least transparent president with hat in half a century. by notbroken precedent doing what he said he would do. the chairman of the ways and means committee has a right to order a tax return of attack
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here in order to inform him and the committee on a subject that we're deliberating over. we are looking very carefully right now as to whether not the irs is auditing and enforcing tax law on the president of the united states. and we are considering legislative changes toward that end. it is not up to president trump or a lawyer he hires to determine whether not this branch of government has the tools available to it to make the deliberations necessary in order to make policy. the president does not get to decide for himself and for congress what a legitimate subject of inquiry might be. >> you always expect something from the democrats. if they don't get they want from the mueller report, they will ask for taxes and if they don't get what they want from taxes, they will ask for something else. they knew they were not going to get the taxes. it they know one of the irs is to protect the confidentiality


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