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tv   Katherine Tully- Mc Manus  CSPAN  April 3, 2019 8:27pm-8:33pm EDT

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>> the house today considered the reauthorization of the violence against women act, which expired in february. the legislation contains funding for programs and grants to help domestic violence victims and would make it harder for convicted abusers to buy guns. members gather tomorrow to vote on final passage. as always you can watch the house live on c-span. host: katherine tully-mcmanus covers congress for roll call. the house taking of the reauthorization of the violence against women act. why did this expire, when did that happen, and what does the violence against women act do? katherine: the violence against women act programs expired during the partial government shutdown last year. short-term extension was included in a short-term spending bill, but right now it has lapsed. the reauthorization proposal that is coming to the house
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floor this week would reauthorize all those violence against women act programs through 2024. in bill was signed into law 1994 and was reauthorized many times since. it was a bipartisan effort, but nt one, the most rece there were some struggles. host: how do democrats wish to expand the violence against women act? announcerkatherine: one that jon contention is a gun control provision. the democrats want to control what they call the boyfriend loophole, where those convicted of dating violence or stalking could not legally have weapons. however, the nra has come out against that position and some
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republicans have spoken out against that provision also. that does not mean no republicans will vote for this. the bill is sponsored by a republican from pennsylvania brian fitzpatrick, along with democrat karen bass. tome cole, a republican from oklahoma will be voting for the an extension ofr tribal jurisdiction over domestic violence. there is a large proportion of native american populations who experience domestic violence. he is hoping those provisions will carry through. host: when the bill comes up for debate, the rule will allow 40 amendments to be considered. what are the key you are focusing on the most? katherine: one interesting one i think a lot of people would be amenable to is to expand the
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national domestic violence hotline to include texting. we have seen that for suicide prevention, for 911 in certain areas. york'socrat of new proposal could see a lot of support. another one related to the tribal jurisdictions are from deb haaland, the freshman democrat from new mexico. she has a couple amendments that focus on specific tribal populations and the justice system that exists on reservations and tribal lands. it is separate from a lot of federal law. she wants to online a few of those things -- align a few of those things so that tribal courts can address domestic violence issues on reservations. host: you talked about republicans who expect to vote for the violence against women act. bac to thek gun provision.
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we understand the national rifle association has been very active on that provision. what are they saying? katherine: they will be scoring the final vote on the violence against women act this week. that means that republicans are on notice. their nra score will change if they are voting against a bill that the nra says is a top priority for them. that has a big impact on the way lawmakers vote. the nra is a powerful interest group, and that may drive some decisions this week. host: katherine tully-mcmanus covers congress for roll call and more. thanks so much for the update. >> earlier today, congress took a step having full access to special counsel robert mueller's report on russian interference
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after the house judiciary committee voted along party lines to authorize a subpoena for the entire report and its underlying evidence. the move is in response to attorney general william barr, who suggested in a recent letter to congress that he would withhold certain information when disclosing the report. by a vote of 24-17, the committee gave chairman nadler the ability to subpoena former trump administration officials, including former chief strategist stephen bannon and chief of staff reince priebus. we will show you the entire event later this evening.


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