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tv   Washington Journal Tony Perkins  CSPAN  March 29, 2019 2:08pm-2:29pm EDT

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what the mexico city policy is. guest: it is a term we hear a lot. it goes back to 1984. ronald reagan, his administration in a conference on family planning with yo the u.n. announced a policy that we any organization that funded abortion or promoted abortion. that was in place during the reagan administration. put back in place by the bush administration in 2001 -- host: what was announced this week? guest: closing some loopholes. there was an expansion of the mexico city policy initially under the trump administration. $9 billion that goes
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into ngo's. this closes some loopholes. you essentially have to certify that as an ngo that you are not promoting or funding a portion. if you subcontracted with an entity, they were not covered. is as anrequirement ngo contracting directly with the federal government, you have to certify that your subcontractors will adhere to the same policy. [video clip] >> as before, we will continue to refuse assistance to ngo's who actively promote abortion as a method of family planning. wille also making clear we refuse to provide assistance to foreign ngos to give financial support to other foreign groups
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in the global abortion industry. we will enforce a strict prohibition on backdoor funding means that runaround are policy. american taxpayer dollars will not be used to underwrite abortions. host: you met with secretary pompeo just before that announcement. he was just saying we are following through with the commitments made by the president. no one should be surprised by this. this is in the republican party platform. the party platforms are very there was a study looking back on 20-30 years of -- thelatforms republican party 90% of the time
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adheres to that party platform. the democratic party, about 75% of the time. we see that on this bold contrast on the issue of life. the democratic party wanting to force taxpayers to fund it. the republican party saying we want a clear line of separation between the two. the administration is following through on that party platform. host: secretary pompeo was talking about the state department's budget and priorities. this is one exchange he had with a democratic congresswoman on friday. [video clip] ofyour new interpretation what was called a gag rule now is harming organizations that
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are doing general health care, whether it is contraceptive care, hiv, maternal care. i will give you an example. whichis an organization is the only health provider in mozambique. they have lost funding due to the expansion of the global gag rule. people who500,000 are receiving care for hiv, tuberculosis and malaria. what's happening here is that when we are looking at this $9 billion we spend as a , this actually directs the money to health care. not abortion, not counseling for abortion. -- the vast majority
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of ngo's are saying not a problem, we want to focus on health care. we want to beg able to perform abortion. as far as the expansion, this is not an expansion. the policy was already in place. it's just ensuring there aren't organizations that circumvent the stated policy by contracting with someone else to perform the services they are prohibited from doing. host: tony perkins from the family research council. if you want to check them out. democrats, 202-748-8000. republicans, 202-748-8001. independents, 202-748-8002. line in this segment
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we will devote to those who worked for ngo's. 202-748-8003 is that number. ohio.l start with art in line for democrats. go ahead. caller: the bbc had a documentary on abortion in central america. they have the strictest abortion laws in the world. they are sending their children -- the orphanages are full. there are jails, they have females in prison, they interviewed people in prison in guatemala -- 80% of the prison population is a group of women who had questionable miscarriages. children unaccompanied -- why do they want to make it harder for people to have family planning? in thisamily-planning
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administration does not include abortion. there's other education available. most of the countries in central and south america are very religious, many of them heavily catholic. they say it is morally repugnant to support abortion. the last administration was in the -- we meddled shaping of the kenyan constitution to make abortion a right. we should not be engaged in forcing countries that have abortion toions to change their policies. nongovernmental organizations that work to shape that constitution and get people to engage in it for this provision of abortion rights. this is not unusual for the previous administration.
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we found organizations linked to george soros to fund a number of things that were contrary to the values the vast majority of americans had. line, if youecial have worked at an ngo and want to join this conversation, 202-748-8003. gary in sterling, virginia. a republican. go ahead. caller: good morning. i'm an eisenhower republican. guest: did you grow up in kansas? caller: no, sir. claimower republicans common sense. i worked in a restaurant with 20 immigrants, 20 latinos and 20 asians, they were all immigrants, i was the only american there. wanted them what they
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and he said the first thing we want is help with birth control. second thing they want is a registered worker program. amendment,the hyde governor george allen back in the late 1980's had a gag order -- 15 years later, i work in a housing -- i work in a house occupied by a single mother with special needs children. i worked in a neonatal icu -- one spend nine months in an incubator. host: we are listening. bring it to your question. caller: i find all the hyde support -- isne a
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support puppy mills for pedophiles. ask gary if he thinks the solution is to support abortion, to end their lives. i don't think that is what the american public wants. the latest poll identified as pro-life -- when it comes to taxpayer funded abortion, 75% of the public do not believe they should be able to underwrite abortion. but is not what this is about. it is not saying a country cannot do it. if a country wants to do it, that is their business, but americans should not be the ones funding that procedure. host: what is the organization of american states? guest: in terms of how they operate, or how they are --
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host: when it comes to this issue. guest: i think america is a leader when it comes to a lot of these national organizations. we can influence what they do. i do not think we should be beholden as a nation when it comes to our policies as to what international organizations do. i want to bring this back to the issue at hand -- it is our tax dollars. it is where the american money is going. our people have consistently said they don't want to be linked to abortion. they might have a different on whether someone chooses it, but they don't want to be ordered to fund it. host: when it comes to the organization of states, that was the announcement mike pompeo made when he was talking about concerns about ngo's and abortion. here is what he had to say. [video clip]
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secretary pompeo: i directed my team to have agreements that specifically prohibits the use of funds to lobby for or against abortion. the institutions of the aos -- should be not advancing the pro-abortion cause. our reduction equals the estimated u.s. share of oas expenditures on these abortion-related activities. the american people should rest assured that this administration and this state department, and our usaid will do all we can to safeguard u.s. taxpayer dollars all we can to respect the security of life for people around the globe. host: what he brings up there -- abortion-related lobbying or advocacy? guest: i am not sure about the
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specifics, but i think that might be related to what i was talking about earlier with kenya. they are getting u.s. dollars, sometimes without knowledge in the united states, but in the previous administration it was clear evidence it was directed that way. host: about a half-hour left with tony perkins, family research council -- president of the family research council. is next. daytona beach, california. for democrats. go ahead. guest: thank you for taking my call. i have three or four point to make. trump, when he took office, started right away to abolish the johnson doctrine, to erase the separation of church and state. i have a brother that is evangelical. he went to africa from the calvary church as a missionary time the poor women there, the africans, that birth control was
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not in god's plan. familye thing -- this research council had a distinguished fellow that belong to your group, general boykin, he is retired now. do you know what he has done because of trump trying to erase the separation of church and state? he was on one of those religious tele-event you go's. he has been appointed as a minister. foras gone to campaign republicans. you people are obscene liars. host: we will let tony perkins respond. guest: well, have another cup of coffee. the reality is when the president was looking at the johnson amendment, it was in 1954, lyndon b. johnson, the head of the senate at the time, had run into opposition in his reelection from nonprofit organizations. what he did, without going
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through the full senate, was put a restriction into the tax code that restricted churches from speaking to issues deemed political or into medical campaigns. what the president did was best political campaigns. what the president did was -- medical campaigns. was makepresident did it that churches are free to speak to the issues. it is an issue of free speech. it is not any line. if any line has been crossed, it is the government has entered into the business of the church and telling the charge what they can and cannot say. as regards to general boykin, a restart -- retired three-star general who served 36 years in our nation's military and left blood on a number of battlefields, there is not a greater american hero than he is. to want to deprive him of the freedom to associate with
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churches and be a minister once he has served his country is appalling. any american that holds the view that someone that has fought and watched men died to preserve our freedoms does not have the same freedoms, quite frankly, i don't know what country they belong in, but that is not what america is about. host: butler, indiana. guest: i pray for you every day. i worked at a hospital on long island for 20 years in the delivery unit, and i could never get out of my head the times there was a stillborn baby, abb that did not make it. it changed my life profusely. the idea of abortion is a horror. i cannot even comprehend it. the thought that the united states will use taxpayer dollars to fund or mold other countries
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into slaughtering babies is horrific, and i hope there comes a time in this country where we can look back and say it was just like slavery -- the most horrible thing that we did. we have to become human beings by loving human beings, and there are millions of human beings that would love to have children that cannot. god bless your work. i hope we someday come to the realization that slaughtering innocent babies is horrific. god bless you. i am going to go cry. i did not want to cry on the phone. guest: i do hope there is a time when we look back, because america has gotten it wrong on a number of issues. we got it wrong on the slavery issue. unfortunately, we corrected -- fortunately, we corrected it. it was unfortunate how we corrected it -- having to go through a civil war. i will say this, we are moving closer and closer, and that is why this intensity has built-in
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we are moving closer and closer to being a predominantly pro-life nation. more and more states -- bills like the heart beat bill -- once the heartbeat is detected, that life is protected. these are moving through the states. a nala -- anomalies there. the president coming out boldly say we will have none of that. congress having a discharge position to end what we call birth day abortions. it is a big issue. the reason it is become so contentious -- when the courts said 46 years ago they were going to solve it, they have not solved it because americans have never reached consensus. host: do you think this supreme court with its current makeup will overturn roe v. wade? guest: people say roe v. wade
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will be overturned -- it was actually modified in 1992. i think it will be revisited again. what will ultimately happen is it will be sent back to the states and the state will determine what their policies will be one it comes to the issue of abortion. it will not be a blanket -- this is my view -- i am not saying is going to happen. when i see happening, the way the court has operated, whether or not it is this court for one more judicial nominee, i see this going back to the states -- the court not blanket leaf , but saying this is an issue the state should deal with. guest: at least 20 -- casesat least 20 abortion -- which are you most interested in? ofst: i am watching all them. as a former policymaker at the state level i encourage state
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legislatures to reflect the values of their constituents. you have some states -- kentucky just advanced, i believe, a bill.beat you have the five-month bill, based on pain, when a baby in the womb feels pain from that point forward, it is prohibited. from that case, maybe they look ofit from the standpoint reevaluating the timeframe. --ing it back to a heartbeat one it is detected, when do we declare someone dead -- when the heart stops. when do we declare them alive -- when the heartbeat begins. if they take up one of those cases, it is more likely that you go back to the fundamental issue of abortion which would be back to the states to decide. host: the washington post article was talking about what is next. guest: i do not know exactly
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what case will be next before the court. some have speculated. the court can do whatever they want. they can choose to take a case or refuse to take a case. there have been cases i thought they might take and did not take. it is anyone's guess. you think they would take that they did not -- what were you disappointed about? guest: there was a religious case out of washington state with a football coach. it was a marine veteran coaching high school football who at the end of the game would kneel on the field and pray


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