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tv   U.S. Senate Sen. Susan Collins R-ME Remembers President George H.W. Bush  CSPAN  December 5, 2018 5:52am-5:59am EST

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and to think that carried onto the very end of his life where he is so kind in these notes and so sweet to his family members, and to those who were his friends for so very long. to presidentbute bush's tremendous record of stayce, we also must within his respect for public service, not just the ones he agreed with, and his unwavering belief in his own words that no definition of a successful life can do anything but include serving others. can come, that service in many forms, as he showed in his own life. some people serve in the military, or take on causes outside of government service, or volunteer. others may work in law enforcement, and others may of course, get elected or have the privilege to work in this capital for the people. president bush lived that life.
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america has lost a true leader. my prayers are with the entire bush family. thank you, mr. president. i yield the floor. president, on ocean maine stands a simple, yet powerful monument, a gift from the people of that small community to a friend and neighbor. of the navy anchor, ,he president and neighbor president george herbert walker bush. a fitting tribute. president bush often called the family home his anchor to the windward, his special place of
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unsurpassed beauty and a carrying community -- surpassing beauty in a caring community. indeed, mr. president, every summer of his life, george h.w. bush spent at walker's point, except when he was defending our country during world war ii. tribute as the navy aviator in world war ii, as the member of congress, as the vice presidents and president, george h.w. bush
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consistently and vigorously demonstrated the values that are the anchor of american society. honor, andty, compassion defined his life. behe encouraged americans to 1000 points of life through service to others, he shown the brightest himself -- he shone the brightest himself. , i had thent pleasure to visit president and mrs. bush at walker's point many imes over the years, and how looked forward to those annual
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visits in kennebunkport. the first time i remember so i justt was in 1994, and want to the republican primary -- and i had just won the republican primary for the governor of maine. i received a call from president bush's staff, inviting me to have lunch with him and mrs. bush and walker's point. the last time i saw the president was on september 7, just months after president bush had lost his beloved barbara, and as his own health was declining rapidly. presiding officer well known, he remained incredibly positive and warm. the qualities that made him such
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an inspiring leader were undiminished. throughout our long friendship, president bush, by his example and by his words, was always so encouraging, kind, and thoughtful. he taught me that you must always do what your heart tells you is right, regardless of the consequences. and he demonstrated that every difficulty must be met with strength and determination. president, george h.w. bush was so kind to others. year when ir one visited him and he had completely shaved his head in
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solidarity with a young boy who was the son of the secret service agent who was a part of his detail. this young boy was undergoing cancer treatment and had lost all of his hair. so, president bush shaved all of his hair off, too. individual kind of he was. ,arrying, -- caring compassionate, and committed. the end of a life, so devoted to of -- hest ideals master leavinghe on a journey and trust his servant with a portion of his
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treasure. upon his return, the master is delighted to find that his wealth was wisely invested. interested bush was rustedhe great -- was ent with the principles, determination, and he invested that treasure wisely, and multiplied it to the benefits of all -- the benefit of all, not just here in america, but throughout the world. like the master in the new say, well to him, we done, good and faithful servant. and may hiss him, memory always be anchored in our hearts.


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