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Mitch McConnell
  U.S. Senate Sen. Mc Connell on Sexual Assault Allegations Against Brett...  CSPAN  September 18, 2018 7:44pm-7:48pm EDT

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ago, and we will see what happens. but i just think he is a level that we rarely see, not only in government. honestly, i feel terribly for who is anis wife incredible lovely woman, and for his beautiful young daughters. i feel terribly for them. senators from both sides of the aisle can to the floor to address the allegations. majority leader mitch mcconnell first and then minority leader chuck schumer. yesterday chairman grassley announced the judiciary will continue hearings for judge kavanaugh's nomination to the supreme court on monday morning.
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two have been invited to testify under oath. dr. ford will have the opportunity to offer sworn testimony. she communicated that the of the democrat committee and writing nearly seven weeks ago, but through no fault of hers, cement -- senate democrats kept it secret throughout the regular confirmation process. they set on this information for nearly seven weeks, seven weeks, until they leaked it to the press on the eve of the scheduled committee vote. as my colleague, the senior senator from texas, said yesterday, the blatant malpractice and demonstrated by our colleagues across the aisle will not stop the senate from moving forward in a responsible manner. as i said yesterday, i have full confidence in chairman get --
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grassley to lead the committee in this highly eric lu situation in which the democrat tactics have left all of us, judge kavanaugh, dr. ford, and the entire senate. dr. ford will be heard. of course, judge kavanaugh will have the opportunity to defend himself against this accusation. it is an accusation in which he has unequivocally denied. stands at odds with every other piece of the overwhelming positive testimony we received about his character and his close friends, colleagues, law clerks, from the distant past to the present day, including high school years during which this man's misconduct is alleged to have taken place. incident is at variance with his entire life history.
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he welcomes the opportunity to address the committee about this claim. but colleagues, we should not have gotten to this point in this manner, at this time. this process played up with so little order and so little sensitivity, and that lies solely at the feet of senate democrats who sought political advantage in leaking this to the press instead of vetting it through proper channels. but this is where we are. grassley andairman our colleagues on the judiciary committee will reconvene. they and the american people will hear testimony under oath. the wake oft in extremely serious and troubling allegations about supreme court nominee judge kavanaugh, chairman grassley announced he would hold a