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tv   U.S. Senate Sen. Sasse on U.S.- Russia Summit  CSPAN  July 16, 2018 10:30pm-10:44pm EDT

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i do not know a single thing united states would get that we want. ok? thank you everybody. announcer: on the senate floor, senator ben sasse criticized the president for the summit. your is a look. : let's not mince words , today was a terrible day for the american brand, for the american people, and for all of our allies. we did not negotiate from a position of strength.
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we negotiated from a position of weakness. as a result, one of the world's worst despots walked away with a win. has an undeserved legitimacy. the united states took a loss when we backed away from our long-standing commitment of principled american leadership. likely, we walked away from basic reality. the president of the united states was asked who he believed on the operations in 2016. did he believe in the men and women of the u.s. intelligence committee or did he believe in vladimir putin a member of the russian intelligence community, a thug turned russian desperate. the choice was between people risking their lives on behalf of our freedom and people who go around the world taking people's lives to limit freedom. the president of the united states, how did he answer?
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he answered "did not see any reason why putin would have interfered in the u.s. election ." make no mistake, putin has a reason. the reason is clear. putin wants to destroy makeup. that is not just an alliance, it's the most important alliance and two millenniums. we can wants to undermine reliance and self-government, not only in this country but around the world. thinks why this dictator a lot more about u.s. elections than he does about his elections. he attacked us in 2016, that is why he is trying to attack as the sharon 2018.
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that is why there are ongoing operations against the u.s. and the american public. anyone who reads there intelligence briefing knows. that is why putin is planning to attack the u.s. 2020 election already. that is why the men and women of this country unanimously and without any regard to party, unanimously understand that this against the united states in 2016. that is why dan coats antennas to the press went today, not six months ago, today, and reaffirmed "our assessment of meddling in the 2016 election and ongoing pervasive efforts to undermine atop theracy" remained u.s. intelligence agency. this is selling down to and
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discord in america. we should not sugarcoat this. vladimir putin has propped up by a band of oligarchs every bit as fake as he is. his fake democracy will not give fair and equal elections. an eyer putin keeps regret on the press. these are not matters of dispute on one hand and the other. the russian people know who vladimir putin is. the leaders of political and opposition in that country who tried to get there to be a free and fair election. you can ask the human rights activists and international observers have tried to speak up , for you show up in my office and give first-hand accounts of certain situations in which putin has intervened. you can ask the journalists who tried to expose corruption and that country. and women who randomly,
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disproportionately, happen to follow that story windows of office buildings in moscow and st. petersburg. the people who just so happened have one car accidents that are never investigated or when the art investigated, there are never prosecutions and there are never witnesses. vladimir putin is working overtime to make the soviet union great again. he is carried out an aggressive and brutal expansion campaign. in 2008 he invaded exeter, georgia. in 2008 he invaded ukraine and in crimea. he has provided support to the assad receive and syria. russian troops are responsible for the deaths of thousands of civilians under the guise of attacking the islamic state. russia has targeted houses, schools, and others billion -- and other civilian targets.
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there is always more subtle means then kalashnikovs if he can get away with it. one reason is it is cheaper. in 2007, estonia was hit with a wave of cyber attacks that began at chain of cyber warfare that is one of mr. putin's primary tools. not only in the ukraine and baltics, but in germany and france as recently as last year, russian actors have attempted to interfere in elections, disrupt parliamentary proceedings, and shut down media operations. this is in addition to trying to put his thumb on the scale in europe, including spreading misinformation to influential russian-backed media accounts. these questions are not gray. it is great-space war, but any or anyof this body member of the house somehow that
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does not work, and lots of while many people who serve around the present and do their homework know these things to be true. these things are not in dispute. at its most daring performance today was deciding to take on the most powerful country in the world and influence operations states.he united national political committees and 2016 saw their computer networks breached and data stolen. vladimir putin is not obsessed with political ups and downs in the united states. he is not an agent of one candidate or the other. vladimir putin is an agent of chaos and his objective is to undermine trump. his objective is to make americans doubt ourselves and doubt whether not american leadership of the last 70 years has been a good thing and to doubt whether or not we should to our allies. vladimir putin's objective is to make us think there is no
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difference between countries on the global stage the believe in human rights, free press, free speech versus those who don't. todimir putin's goal is thugocracy to be no different than ours where people disagree with persuasion, not violence. his goals are not that hard to figure out. his enemy's trust and good faith. vladimir putin is trying to create distrust in this country. today, the president of the united states decided to let vladimir putin off the hook and in so doing, he creates an incentive for putin to ratchet up his campaign of misinformation. this should be a time for all americans to stand together against what putin is doing. it is a fundamental part of the
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president's job to articulate basic truths. while we are being clear about who vladimir putin is, we should also be clear about who we are. the american people are of people and we are a nation that believes in human dignity. truelieve this is not just of 320 million americans, it is true of 7.5 billion people across this globe. we believe in free speech, freedom of religion, freedom of press, freedom of assembly, the right of protest. not just because government gives us is right but because god created us with dignity. government is not the author or source of people's rights. government is just tools to secure the rights that people have by virtue of having been created with dignity. and other words, we believe the very stuff that terrifies vladimir putin. vladimir putin believes only that might makes right. americans do not believe that.
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we never have, and may we never devolve into believing only that. we are dedicated to the thesis that the dignity of every person is worth protecting. it is not the job of the united states government to be the policeman of every nation on earth. but it is most clearly part of the united states past job to articulate on the world stage things that are true of everyone everywhere. we are dedicated to the idea that humans should flourish. vladimir putin is dedicated to the opposite. he creches men, women, and children for the purposes of keeping a hold of his power. americans do not stand with vladimir putin. stand with the russian champions of liberty, free speech, freedom of the press, the right of protest against tyrants like vladimir putin.
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we believe in peace through strength and we believe in basic moral clarity. that is why, in the face of destructive war, americans went and created an international order. the international order embodies america's fundamental values and we push back against the drift of old world of authoritarianism , the veryits forms things that vladimir putin lusts after. this world is not made for the elite. it is made for american interests to be articulated. we have always negotiated from a position of strength. today, we negotiated from a position of weakness. in previous years, many americans, myself included, have spoken out against the crazy
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idea that america could somehow lead from behind. today, america decided to simply give in. as i came to the floor tonight, the president tweeted that "in order to build a brighter future, we cannot remain explicitly focus on the past." not at all. let's talk about that future. ist do we want from it and the cost of the future president trump's wife, sacrificing global itdership on a stage, is walking away from the idea that america is fundamentally announcing to the world that we believe everybody has the right to free speech, press, religion, somewhat, and protest? that the government might decide to condescend to this? that the government might decide to preserve these rights? the problem today is not the
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united states. the problem today is not the russian people. the problem that needed to be .amed today was vladimir putin instead, our president decided to advance a fake moral equivalency the place right into the hands of vladimir putin's bloody hands. everybody in this body should be disgusted by what happened in helsinki today. i yield the floor. announcer: democrat chris murphy also spoke out against the summit on the senate floor. murphy:: madam president, in my lifetime, no american president has ever had more disastrous overseas trip than the one that was just concluded by president trump. five days of disaster after disaster, insult after insult, capitulation


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