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tv   U.S. House of Representatives U.S. House of Representatives  CSPAN  June 7, 2018 9:59am-11:04am EDT

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host: talk about your work with the policy center and about the minute we have left and what you're going to be doing with the trustees report that came out this week, what more they can find from it. guest: well, again, for me, this was a very striking report. and we're going to be doing another joint publication summarizing the findings later on this year. but i have been struck by how little public and press attention there's been to a report that i think was very sobering. and i think part of that is because there is a natural tendency to overemphasize the projected depression dates. we've had a very sudden and immediate turn for the worse in the short-term finances of these programs, and there needs -- e greater awareness that we should have repaired the hulls of these ships a while ago, but they're starting to take on water. host: want to thank both our guests.
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ou can check out their work at thanks so much. come back again. and now we take our viewers live to the floor of the house of representatives. the house about to gavel in for the day. [captioni made ssley the on cg institutein, inooperation th theted repsentativ. y use losened ra of the us oceedingfor litil commeralses is speaker pro tempore: the
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u wl be o. thehaays fo house a mmunication fthe aker t clerkthe spkes room, washon, une 7 2018. herebappoint thnoble brian k. fitzpatrick to act as speaker pro tempore on this day. signed, paul d. ryan, speaker of the house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to the order of the house of january 8, 2018, the chair will now recognize members from lists submitted by the majority and minority leaders for morning hour debate. the chair will alternate recognition between the parties. all time shall be equally allocated between the parties and in no event shall debate continue past 11:50 a.m. each member other than the majority and minority leaders and the majority whip shall be limited to five minutes. the chair recognizes the gentleman from illinois, mr. gutierrez, for five minutes.
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mr. gutierrez: mr. speaker, i don't want to hear another member of congress to speak about family values ever again from republicans. i don't want to hear about protecting families, honoring families, putting families first because each time they invoke family values on the house floor will be a lie and a cruel lie at that. if you want to run on the president's record to keep your jobs so you can feed your family, part of the price is you have zero credibility when it comes to family values from now until forever. along the southern border, hundreds of children have been taken from their parents and hundreds have been held in border stations without sleeping rooms or adequate beding for several days in violation of federal laws that safeguard children. we are told that the number of children in the care of the agents that we put in charge is now above 11,000 children. but we don't know for sure
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because the government, our government, your government is not telling us what is really going on, and an oversight hearing with the secretary of homeland security scheduled for today was cancelled at the judiciary committee. hundreds of children in the care of border patrol, most of them under the age of 12, and 11,000 total in the system. the white house thinks latinos are not really human beings, so we can treat them however we want and it doesn't matter, after all. it's not like they're coming from norway. the president and the attorney general say they are illegals, which is also a lie, and they know it. people fleeing violence and systematic rape and murder can come to the u.s., can ask for political asylum, and it's 100% legal under the laws of the united states. every one of us knows that taking a child from a mother is morally wrong, except in the case, most extreme cases.
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in this country's history, we sold millions of black children because they were considered property during slavery, and we stole native american children from their families to strip them of their culture and heritage because we labeled them as savages. most people think these are among the most shameful chapters in american history. most people. but we all know how the president feels about latino children. he says they are, quote, not so innocent. so i guess he thinks they are a program to turn into the people he calls animals and rapists because of where they were born. according to the white house chief of staff, the people at the border will be, quote, put in foster care or whatever. and the attorney general says he believes the children will be well taken care of, for the most part. forgive me if i don't put much stock in national leaders whose concern for children includes the terms, or whatever, or for
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the most part. so republicans, do not ever come to this floor and claim that your party supports families and defends children. you have lost all your family values privileges. this afternoon, i will meet with families that were broken up because the meatpacking plant where their parents worked were raided in april by i.c.e. and the tennessee state troopers. please tell them about your family values. we don't provide legal ways for their parents to come here because republicans oppose legal immigration. but employers need the workers, and those parents are under constant threat of arrest, deportation, and never seeing their children again. the owners of the plant that employed the workers, as far as we know, nothing's happened to them and they're probably going to enjoy dinner with their families again today. last week in chicago and this morning in ohio, a few hundred more working people were rounded up and their children,
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most of whom are u.s. citizens, are left without their parents. in pennsylvania, it was restaurant workers. in iowa, it was concrete plant workers. tearing apart latino families is an election year strategy for this white house designed to energize republican voters for primaries and mid terms this year to re-elect republican members of the house and the senate. and let's not forget, that while almost 5,000 puerto ricans were dying, yes dying, and are still dying today, your president was giving himself an a-plus and saying, there had been no real catastrophe, all the while families were telling loved ones they were loved one losing because they didn't have electricity or medicine or a hospital. so to my republican colleagues, some of whom i love dearly, please don't you ever come to the well of the house and tell the country you support family
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values. don't you dare. your time talking about family values is over. the speaker pro tempore: members are remaineded to refrain from engaging in personalities towards the president. the chair at this time will recognize the gentlewoman from florida, ms. ros-lehtinen, for five minutes. ms. ros-lehtinen: thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, yesterday i met with victor and sida hernandez, two young nicaraguan student leaders who bravely protest the abuses and violence of the ortega regime. knowing that they could face trumped up charges upon their return to nicaragua with a, victor and zida feel a unique sense of responsibility to come here to washington to advocate for justice and liberty for their homeland. they represent the voice of the
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nicaraguan people, old and new generations, who desire nothing more than a free and democratic country where one can be prosperous and live without fear of repression. what a concept. and we must listen to their pleas, mr. speaker. countless of nicaraguans are on the front lines, as you can see on this poster, confronting the brutality of the ortega regime day after day. over 120 nicaraguans and one u.s. citizen have been killed at the hands of this murderous regime in just the past weeks. over 1,000 nicaraguans have been injured, hundreds continue to disappear. mr. speaker, i was on the floor yesterday, and here i am again for the fourth time since the regime's crackdown on the nicaraguan people began on april 18 because i believe it is vital, now more than ever, for the united states to
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support the people of nicaragua with a and its fight to re-establish democratic order. we must let the people know that they are not alone. earlier this week, i was joined by republicans and democrats, representatives and senators in urging the administration to anction two of ortega's many thugs. francisco lopez for money laundering and corruption. francisco deez, who heads the national -- diaz, who heads the national police who orchestrates killings of nicaraguans. but there are so many others that must be sanctioned, including gustavo, head of the national assembly. sonia castro, minister of health. roberto lopez, president of the social security institute. and tiro, a real estate developer profiting from the social security institute. each of these individuals is
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part of ortega's inner circle and is responsible for those acts of corruption and human rights violations, all of which have been widely reported. i urge the administration to not delay any longer and to take swift action to freeze assets, to cancel visas, and to sanction to the full extent of our laws those who are responsible for so much corruption and so many murders in nicaragua with a. we have a moral responsibility to lead the way and help bring to justice those responsible for the atrocities that we see happening in that country. we need to send a clear message that the united states is paying attention and that those terrible acts will not go unpunished. mr. speaker, this chamber has known for a while about how troublesome the ortega regime is, to say the least, and we have been able to lead on this issue and i thank my colleagues for that. in october, 2017, this house
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passed my nica act, which seeks to leverage america's influence by conditioning our vote at any of the international financial institutions until nicaragua with a takes significant steps to uphold the rule of law and strengthen democratic institutions. unfortunately, our colleagues in the senate have been silent, silent. i urge them to quit stalling and to take meaningful action by finally passing the nica act so we can keep the pressure on that awful regime and until democracy, freedom, prosperity return to beautiful nicaragua with a and these young people will be free once again. thank you so much for the time, mr. speaker. the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the gentleman from massachusetts, mr. kennedy, for five minutes. r. kennedy: mr. speaker, a few
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years ago massachusetts was bracing for a brutal blizzard, bringing extreme, life-threatening weather. families were bundling up. schools cancelled class. first responders prepared for a long, long night of calls. and one woman, sue smith, was opening the doors at the faith and lions church in atle borrow to welcome the -- attleboro to welcome the city's homeless population. it was an extraordinary act of compassion and community service. but for sue, it wasn't. it was just one more day of fiercely protecting her neighbors. one more night of caring for the most vulnerable among us.
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one more family given a roof over their heads. one more life saved from hypothermia. a few months after that snowy, freezing night, i was humbled to invite sue to be my guest to the state of the union address. sue was never asked for recognition or praise, but few are more deserving than she is. she has never asked for a helping hand when facing her own personal battles, but this week i learned that sue has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. and although i know she would never ask her neighbors to return her immense gratitude, e do have a message for her. sue, we are by your side in
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your fight. we know this cancer won't stop you or even slow you, but we are here with you for whatever you need. thank you for being our better angel. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the gentleman from pennsylvania, mr. thompson, for pennsylvania, mr. thompson, for five minutes. mr. thompson: thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, monday marked the last day of school for students at the devois middle school. it was the last day probably like none others. in addition to celebrating the long-awaiting summer vacation, they finished off their school year with a special visit from silicon valley. representatives from google traveled to clearfield, pennsylvania, to deliver a road show, a computer science
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presentation. google specifically developed this event for fourth through eighth graders. two google employees delivered the hour-long presentation which focused on teaching students both problem solving and technical coding skills through a series of interactive activities. they encouraged kids to develop an interest in computer science education by giving real-life examples of how coding and stem education can lead to educational opportunities and exciting careers. . it was clear the students enjoyed it. students the skills everywhere need to be exposed to at a young age to get them interested in stem fields. america needs the next generation of computer scientists ready for any opportunities that might come our way. we need more people in this world who can help build the future or invent the next big thing.
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that's why it is extremely important for our students to learn about computer science at an early age. students verywhere need the c.s. road show helped kids build their own fun stories using scratch, which is an introductory coding tool. our students today are exposed to technology at such an early age, but don't necessarily get to learn about why computer science should be an important part of their lives, both now and in the future. the c.s. first road show teaches students about the importance of stem education and uses interactive activities to teach them coding basics. hopefully this experience instilled a new-found passion for computer science in these students. and i think it did just that. i can tell from the joy on their faces and fun they were having we're ir partners that with eginning a journey
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computer science. currently there are more than 500,000 open computing jobs in the united states. in pennsylvania alone, there are more than 17,800 open computing computer science. currently there are more than jobs. that's 3.4 times the state average demand rate and only 2,969 computer science grat watts. -- graduates. by the year of 2020 the u.s. bureau of labor statistics predicts there will be one million more computer science jobs than graduating students who qualify. only 10% of k through 12 schools in the united states offer computer science classes. which is a statistic that we must improve. i look forward to checking back in with the du bois area middle school at the start of the next school year to see how they can expand upon and grow more of an interest in computer science programs for our young learners. after all, they are our future. thank you, mr. speaker. i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the chair now recognizes the gentleman from california, mr. costa. mr. costa: i ask unanimous consent to address the house for five minutes. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, so ordered. i rise : mr. speaker,
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today to speak about the administration's approach to trade. and the pain that we're already feeling due to the shortsighted and poorly considered decision that is have been made. since the administration announced its plans in march to use wide ranging tariffs to address trade imbalances, i have been warning the president and nation that this is a wrong-headed approach. so many of my colleagues from both sides of the aisle i believe agree. we all want to see american jobs secure and increased opportunities for our economy. that is without doubt. but raising broadly defined tariffs will do, i believe, the opposite. we all know or at least most of us know that the most likely effect of raising tariffs will be other countries adjusting their trade measures to protect their economies and their industries and workers. let's realize in a global
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live in today most countries have leverage. i hope the president realizes this. live in today and what happens as a result? we have a trade war. that's where we're going. and i have been saying since march, no one, mr. speaker, no one wins in a trade war. which is why both republicans and democrats publicly expressed grave concerns with the administration's tariff-based approach to trade. beyond the warnings and concerns, mr. speaker, we're now feeling the neckive impacts of the administration's approach of the without a doubt our country's beginning to engage in these stages of a trade war. tariffs, for example, in california agriculture, products, are already in place. 44% of california's agriculture economy, which is the number one agricultural state in the nation, 44% of it is based upon international trade. almonds, wines, pistachios,
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citrus all faced increased tariffs on exports to china. that's just the start. place in mexico and canada. i met with california almond processor yesterday who told me as a result of these tariffs, the chinese place in mexico and canada. i met buyers are staying away from the table. he told me that this time of the year he usually has sold a significant portion of his harvest to chinese buyers. but because of the uncertainty of these tariffs, he hasn't sold a single pound. mr. speaker, the retal torrey tariffs imposed in reaction to this administration's steel and aluminum tariffs are already impacting the california agriculture economy, which again, 44% of it is based upon international trade and it's hurting our relationships with many of our allies in europe, as well as our neighbors to the north and south. es, there are trade imbalances
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in the global market we live in, we should address them. there are bipartisan agreement we should address them. but the way to address these trade imbalances is through successful renegotiateation of nafta. negotiating trade agreements with our european and pacific rism allies. that's the way to deal -- pacific rim allies. that's the way to deal with it. we can't do it through trade wars, plain and simple. what's more, the president and congress must work together on trade agreements. based upon where we're today, it looks like we'll require us and congress to reassert our constitutional authority and responsibility to regulate international trade agreements. that's part of our job. this will take hard work, bipartisan negotiations, and serious policy deliberations. which in turn requires that we overcome our partisan division d come together as americans america's congress.
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i call on my colleagues to join in real negotiations and the type of policy america's congre. i call on my deliberations that our nation needs and deserves. we can do this and we must do this. our country currently is being led by this administration into a very real trade war. to stop not too late it. and it's congress' responsibility, frankly, to sayp time-out. let's sit down and work together with our allies in europe, our neighbors to the north and south of us, and in the pacific rim to do what's right. and that is to ensure that we protect american workers, american time-out. let's industries, american agriculture, and, yes, that we don't engage in a trade war that will lead to no good end. we can fakes this trade imbalance, and we should. and we must assert ourselves. i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the gentleman from louisiana, mr. abraham, for five minutes. thank you, mr.
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speaker. i rise today to recognize the incredible career of century link c.e.o., glen post. glenn is requiring after 42 years with the company. he spent 26 of these years as e c.e.o., a feet -- feat recognized recently by "fortune" magazine as he's one of the longest serving c.e.o.'s in the nation. century link has been an incredible growth company under glenn's leadership. expanding from 3,000 employees to more than 65,000. it is now the third largest communications service provider in the united states, a cornerstone of his legacy. it's quite a story for a small rural family-owned telephone company that started up in the 1930's by clark williams. the company's original honesty, fairness,
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integrity, commitment to excellence, faith, positive attitude, respect, and perseverance have honesty, remained the itment guiding goals under glenn's leadership. like his company, glenn got his start in north remained the guiding goals under glenn's leadership. like his company, glenn got his start in north louisiana. he earned his bachelor's degree and masters from louisiana tech university. he received the louisiana tech college of business distinguished alumni award in r 1991. the louisiana tech university tower medallion award in 1997. and the degree enterprise lifetime achievement award in business in 2003. in addition to his career achievements, he's provided invaluable advice to the united states government as a member of the president's national security telecommunications advisory committee. he has already chaired the communications security, reliability, and interop
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prohibit council in 2010 and 20 13. as a native of louisiana, he's a north louisiana duck hunting country boy at heart. century link now operates in 60 countries and sees revenues in the billions of dollars. yet it remains headquartered in monroe, louisiana not far from where glenn you grew up as a boy. maintaining the headquarters in north louisiana is a testament to glenn's commitment to his home and state that he loves. by growing century link locally, glenn has provided incredible opportunities for monroe and louisiana. having such a large company in our backyard recruits talent to our region, yields higher wages, and attracts other companies that provide complementary services within the communications industry, which in turn produces even more jobs. we can build on the success of century link, coupled with the
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innovative cyber initiatives at louisiana tech and barksdale air force base, louisiana interstate 20 corridor can help lead our nation into the future as we continue to develop cutting edge technologies. i want to thank glenn for his dedication to our region and his role in helping us grow. his career shows how far you can integrity, work, and commitment. and it is proof that you can achieve great things no matter where you come from. today i'm proud to acknowledge the change at glenn post and ntury link have brought to north louisiana. i wish glenn a very happy and relaxing retirement. it is well deserved. i yield back, mr. speaker. the speaker pro tempore: the chair now north louisiana. i wish glenn a very happy and r gentleman from arizona, mr. gallego, for five minutes. mr. gallego: thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, as you know, members of this house disagree
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on a whole range of topics. but one rare point of bipartisan agreement concerns the z.t.e. corporation. we have all heard demraints about the theft of trade secrets by z.t.e. and other chinese companies. when american companies are forced into licensing and disclosure agreements with chinese state-owned enterprise american technology is as good as stolen. hearings and ough briefings on a significant threat that z.t.e. and hits brother posed to our national security. that's why it's concerning that president trump decided to let z.t.e. off the hook for secretly doing business with iran and north korea. of course this decision wasn't the only one affecting international trade that the trump administration has made in recent weeks. he's imposing tariffs on our allies in europe, canada, and mexico. his ambassador to germany has disgraced himself in the capital of our biggest european partner. he continues to insult our best trading partners by labeling
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them as security threats. that's right, mr. speaker. donald trump is giving aid and comfort to z.t.e., a known corporate enemy of america, while at the same time going out of his way to alienate our closest friends and allies around the world. but why? i'm sure it's just a fluke that trump is allowing z.t.e. to resume its purchases of u.s. technology immediately following award ivankaion to seven new trademarks. i'm positive president trump could deal with z.t.e. right away after various entities offered award $1 billion in fin to resorts with ties to the trump organization. there is nothing to see here, says the trump administration. don't ask any questions. don't demand information. just look the other way. how do we get here, mr. speaker? where is the grand old party as donald trump erodes our alliances, makes nice with our
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enemies, and ignites a global trade war. we need to get to the bottom whether there was a quid pro quo with china over z.t.e. to work on tough keep china from aretiring american technology speps that with defense capabilities. with brothe support from both parties there have been bills introduced. the republican leadership should immediately bring those bipartisan bills to the floor for consideration. that is what the american people expect. they want this body to stand up to america's adversaries and stand up for america's laws and values. they want to us reassert our power as a co-equal branch of government. trump is tearing down america's alliances. we must preserve them. trump is sucking up to dictators and regressive regimes around the world. we must condemn them. more importantly, trump and his cronies are using the presidency
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to enrich themselves and we must stop them. let's put an end to the trump business model, quid pro quo, play to -- pay to play, this for that. i look forward to the day my republican friends are courageous enough to say out loud what many whisper here in these hallways. coddling chinese companies like z.t.e. is reckless and bad for america. they are using high office for personal gain is flat out wrong. thank you, mr. speaker. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: members are reminded to refrain from engaging in personalities towards the president. the chair recognizes the gentleman from pennsylvania, mr. fitzpatrick, for five minutes. mr. speaker, k: i'm proud to recognize today a teacher in bucks county, pennsylvania, who was recently
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honored for her service in the nonprofit sector in addition to the classroom. mary, a special education teacher, a resident of warrenington, received the pennsylvania state education human and civil rights award for her service to our community. with her husband, greg, she's the co-founder of the bennett strong foundation, which was named after her son, bennett, who was born at a mere one pound, two ounces, in 2013. he was later diagnosed with a form of liver cancer. mr. speaker, i'm proud of the work of the bennett strong foundation whose mission it is to provide support to families of children born prematurely and facing complex medical issues. i'd like to congratulate mary on this well-deserved award, and i'm proud to report bennett's cancer is in remission and our entire team wish him all the best on the road to recovery. i would like to thank the
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president of the pennsylvania state education commission in recognizing our communities' eroes. mr. speaker, i rise today to honor a doylestown resident and army veteran, sergeant thelma williams. this past memorial day, thelma made her 25th and final appearance at the doylestown memorial day parade. thelma answered the call to serve during world war ii when she was 24 years old. initially she wanted to enlist in the navy. she finished her tenure in japan where she served under general douglas macarthur. thelma's spirit remains as lively as ever. even as she approaches her 100th birthday this year. she hopes children observing the parade will be inspired to serve our community as well. mr. speaker, sergeant thelma
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williams has made immense contributions, not just to bucks county, but to our entire nation. i commend thelma for her heroism and encourage our constituents to aspire her standard of excellence. -- aspire to her standard of xcellence. mr. speaker, i rise today to bring attention to the issue of food insecurity in bucks county, pennsylvania, and as public officials, it is incumbent upon all of us to increase access to food resources for all of our constituents. in our community, i applaud the united way of bucks county for their work in combating hunger. later this month, nearly 600 volunteers will gather at delaware valley university for the sixth annual bucks knocks out hunger event. this year volunteers plan on packing over 100,000
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nonperishable meals for senior centers and food pantries throughout bucks county. i'd like to recognize other worthy organizationes that are vital partners including rolling harvest food rescue, the bucks county opportunity council and fresh connect which will play a vital role in providing fresh fruits and vegetables to families. we can make sure all of our children and our families in our communities can have access to the resources they need to succeed. mr. speaker, i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the gentleman from new york, mr. crowley, for five minutes. mr. crowley: thank you, mr. speaker. i rise to denounce and condemn the trump administration's heartless and inhumane policy of separating immigrant children from their mothers and their parents at our borders. americans across the nation are horrified by the actions
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undertaken to separate and punish children seeking safety and refuge here in the united states. this isn't about politics. this is about basic humanity. this is not who we are as a people. or is it, mr. president? is this who we have become? because -- and let's be honest about what is really happening. this administration is terrorizing children and persecuting families who are fleeing for their lives. families that are not sneaking in to the united states. but surrendering willingly, surrendering and seeking out rder agents and asking for asylum. not committing a crime or an
10:36 am
offense against the american people but simply asking for lives fearing for their and for the safety of their children. is asking for asylum a criminal act? when has asking for asylum become a criminal act? it's not just american values, it's against any principles of common decency, and the white house knows that what it's doing is wrong. white house chief of staff john kelly said in early may that taking children away from their families would be a tough deterrent. that's a quote. let me respond to that. hurting children isn't tough. and it will nation
10:37 am
create life-long consequences for those children. it will also leave a mark against us as a people. they fled violence and terror in hopes america would protect them and give them a fair shot, and i can understand why they would think that. after world war ii when tens of millions of people fled their homes the united states began helping to draft the refugee convention that created laws and policies to protect those fleeing from persecution. the foundation of that convention is not turning people away at the borders but instead giving them a full . ance for an asylum claim this started under president --
10:38 am
then president roosevelt and came into full force under then president harry truman. and now donald trump, jeff sessions, and kirstjen nielsen are running that policy into the ground. who do they think they are to do this? who are they to make children suffer? who are they to punish children when their parents are simply trying to save their lives? for centuries, america has been a beacon for those fleeing violence and oppression and poverty. the symbol of our nation that welcome americans, the statue of liberty, has engraved in it, give me your tired, your poor, your huddle masses yearning to breathe free. no one is more deserving the chance to breathe free than a child and a family fleeing from
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violence. agents of the u.s. government should not be ripping 18-month-old babies from the arms of their mothers. instead, we should help to address the situation that led them to flee from their homes in the first place. we should keep families together while their cases are considered for asylum. and we should immediately end the zero tolerance policy. so i strongly urge the trump administration to immediately end this disgusting stain on america's human rights record. i condemn this policy. put an end to this heinous family separation policy. stop taking babies from their mothers. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. mr. crowley: this isn't america. we are better than this. the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the gentleman from pennsylvania, mr. kelly,
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for five minutes. mr. elly: thank you, speaker. america's winning again. earlier in week marked the 500th day of the trump-pence administration. last friday's new jobs report by the department of labor was a reminder of just how positive these first 500 days of the trump administration have been for america. this is not just good news. this is great news for all americans. a "new york times" headline proclaimed, we ran out of words to describe how good the jobs numbers are. according to cnbc, the headline was, there are more jobs than people out of work. something the american economy has never experienced before. the front page of "the new york post" was more succinct. it said, we're in the money. now, here's just a few snapshots. the national unemployment rate
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down to just 3.8% is now matching its lowest rate since 1969. more than one million new jobs have been created since president trump signed the tax cuts and jobs act in december. more than 3.4 million new jobs have been created since the president took office, ncluding 322,000 new jobs in manufacturing. more than 6.6 million job openings now exist throughout the united states. this is an all-time high. in that same "new york post" edition, let me read to you some stats that i think are just outstanding. let's look at unemployment in 2010 versus 2018. we'll look at it by gender and by race. 2010, 9.6% of men were in unemployment.
10:42 am
3.5%. in 2010, 8.6% of women were unemployed. today, 3.3%. 16.6% cks in 2010, unemployment. today, 5.9% unemployment. for hispanics in 2010, 12.9% unemployed. today, 4.9%. for asian americans in 2010, 8.6% were unemployed. today, 2.1%. by age, in the 16-19 category, n 2010, 26.2% were unemployed. today in 2018, 12.8%. in the 20-24 range, in 2010, 17.2% were unemployed. today, 7.1%. in the 25-54 range, 8.9% in
10:43 am
2010 were unemployed. today, 3.1%. 55 and over you're looking at, n 2010, 7.6% unemployed. today, 2.8%. wages for american workers have also steadily grown. almost 3% over the past year. they continue to climb. furthermore, according to the i.m.d., world competitor center's 2018 ranking, the united states has already overtaken hong kong as the number one most competitive economy in the world. thanks to faster economic growth and the support of atmosphere for scientific and technological innovation. according to the international energy agency, the united states will be the world's largest oil producer by 2023. none of this good news was inevitable. none of our country's economic momentum is accidental.
10:44 am
nothing about this historically strong economy and its benefits for every single american are guaranteed to be permanent. all of this great news was made possible by the conservative pro-growth policies of this administration and this congress. from lowering taxes to cutting red tape to expanding energy production. as we embark on the next 500 days of this presidency, the facts cannot be denied, both at home and abroad, america is winning again, and i think sometimes when you sit and you listen to the talk on this floor, you would think that we're not also from a different universe, we're from different galaxy. one side paints america all doom and gloom and how horrible it is. the other side talks about opportunity, talks about job growth, talks about economic growth, and talks about how america is winning again. i would ask my fellow americans to remember this is the
10:45 am
people's floor. it does not belong to republicans. it does not belong to democrats. it belongs to the american people. we are winning again as a country, as both republicans and democrats and independents. we are winning and we will continue to win. as i said earlier, nothing about this has been accidental. nothing about this has been casual. nothing has happened by chance. it is pro-growth policy that continues to make sure america wins again for every single american. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the chair is pleased to recognize the gentleman from texas, mr. green, for five minutes. mr. green: thank you, mr. speaker. r. speaker, once again i'm proud to rice and stand in the well of the house of representatives --rise and stand in the well of the house of representatives. mr. speaker, i
10:46 am
proud to salute the flag. i sing the national anthem. and i believe in what the flag stands for, liberty and justice for all. but, mr. speaker, i find now as athe flag is being used tool to suppress what it stands for. liberty and justice for all. mr. speaker, peaceful protest is how i arrived in the congress of the united states of america. if not but for peaceful protest, i probably, most likely, and believe in the sincerest corners of my heart that i would not be in the congress of the united states of america. peaceful protest has brought about positive change in this country, but peaceful protest is under assault from the
10:47 am
highest office in the land. the office of the presidency. peaceful protest is under attack , and i rise today, mr. speaker, to defend peaceful protest. i rise especially to defend it as it under assault from the highest relates to the flag, because the flag stands for for all.nd justice peaceful protest is about liberty and justice for all. so, mr. speaker, i'd like to share a for all. peaceful protest very shocking information, perhaps not should to some, but it shock our conscious. this was compiled by the guardian and reported by fox. the information is as follows. 37.4% minorities make up of the general population. some things bear repeating. 34.7% --37.4% of the general population.
10:48 am
unarmed people killed by police. 37.4% of the population. who are the people unarmed and killed by who are unarmed and killed by the police. why wouldn't we protest this? why wouldn't somebody decide is unacceptable and i will peacefully protest it? why wouldn't someone take a knee at a football is game to protes this? why would the president of the united states find reason to link that peaceful protest to disrespect for the flag. when the flag stands for liberty and justice for all. that's got to include these people who have been killed by the police. and by the way, doesn't matter how great the economy is.
10:49 am
their lives will not be brought back. doesn't matter how many jobs people have. those lives will never return. so being comfortable and being able to say i got a great job won't bring back people who have ost their lives. mr. speaker, this is a sad commentary when the president of the united states brings peaceful protest mr. speaker, into dispute as it relates to the flag. i believe that we have a duty and obligation to protest wrong when we see it. it is as old as the pilgrims landing at plymouth rock. it's as old as the boston tea party. it's as old as the naturalers coming to washington, d.c. in their tractors to protest. peaceful protest is at the foundation of this nation. for us to allow the president to assault and attack peaceful
10:50 am
protest by and through the flag, which stands for liberty and justice for all, is an insult to the country. so i -- here's what i propose to o by way of standing against what the president seems to stand for. he has brought mr. kaepernick into disrepute. that's what the president would do. i plan to salute him. i will have a flag flown over the capitol of the united states of america to salute him for his courage, for his willingness to suffer the slings and arrows that have been thrown at him from the highest office in the land to protect liberty and justice for all, which is what the flag stands for. yield back the balance of my
10:51 am
time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. the chair is pleased to the gentleman from the balancf south carolina, mr. norman, for five minutes. mr. norman: mr. speaker, i rise today to tell this body about a tremendous success story with health care in my district. the story of my free medical clinics and membership in and long time association the gentl south carolina, mr. with the south carolina free clinic association. founded in 2001 under the umbrella of the south carolina hospital association, the south south carolina free clinic association is an independent, nonprofit membership organization that provides training, research, resource development, and advocacy to member-free clinics. additionally the south carolina free clinic association was incorporated as an independent 501-c-3 nonprofit organization in january of 2008. the south carolina free clinic association represents and supports our state's network of 40 free clinics in 25 counties across south carolina. the member free clinics provide
10:52 am
comprehensive compare to nickly disadvantaged individuals -- disadvantaged individuals across our state, including those individuals who are both uninsured and/or underinsured. the south carolina free clinic association is disadvantaged individuals across our state, including those statewide organization that supports and advocates for the h carolina's free clinic network and for the various and truly diverse populations they serve. south carolina free clinic association is improving the quality and access of health care to south carolina's medically underserved individuals and communities. the south carolina free clinic association does this by assisting their members to be valued and engaged partners in their community systems of care. from financial support foundations, fundraisersers and foundations, fundraisersers and individual donations, and through the efficient use of donated supplies and volunteer provider services, south carolina's free clinics were responsible for the following activities and achievements in 017.
10:53 am
8839 sks 101 dollars total services provided. 40,062 patients treated. 4,442 volunteers. and 40 member clinics in 65 sites across south carolina. free clinics are truly vital safety net health care organizations that utilize a volunteer staff which is a model to provide health care services which may include medical, dental, pharmacy, vision, and/or behavioral health services to economically disadvantaged individuals. such clinics are 501-c-3 tax exempt organizations or operate as a program component or affiliate of the 501-c-3 organization. entities that otherwise meet the above defined by charge a normal sliding fee to patients may still be considered free clinics
10:54 am
providing essential services and delivered regardless of the patient's ability to pay. free clinic limit eligibility for their services to individuals who are uninsured or underinsured, and/or have limited access or no access to primary specialty or prescription health care. every free clinic is unique. each clinic has his own qualification guidelines, but they all serve low-income and no income patients without health insurance who do not qualify for government assistance. in addition to general medical and prescription services, free clinics may offer such services as oral health specialty service, lab testing procedures. health education and prevention, as well as prescription medications. they are community based non-profit organization that is rely on grants and donations from the communities for support. clinics have a very base of community support which include but not limited to individuals, businesses, churches, foundations, and government. i would like to recognize and
10:55 am
applaud the efforts of the south carolina free clinic association and its executive director, virginia ann mulligan, for their support of more than 40,000 south carolina families. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the chair is pleased to recognize the gentleman from missouri, mr. cleaver, for five minutes. mr. cleaver: thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, i'm only able to maybe 50%.ght arm to sometimes not that much. but that's due to shoulder separations from playing football. john mccain cannot raise his in because he was tortured vietnam. just about at it is
10:56 am
in his r mr. mccain serious illness , to have anyone in this country, particularly anyone in the position of significance, to cannotngs about him that in any way bless him or encourage him. but in fact, denounce him hrough baseless attacks. elected,er, when i was i promised my four children that i would never come to the well of this house and attack a human
10:57 am
eing or call them names. unfortunately, things have anged in this country to the point now where that's a part of our daily way of doing the business of the greatest nation god has ever allowed to exist. there is something wrong, mr. speaker, when the elected toders of our country refuse apologize. there is not a single parent watching the goings on in this chamber who would tell their children no matter what you do, no matter how awful you hurt another human being, you better not apologize.
10:58 am
're setting examples for children and unborn children by what we do in this chamber. how in the world can a person sleep at night who can hurt another individual and not apologize? i guess there are some things i will never apologize for. i will never apologize for never coming to the floor to attack a colleague. i will never apologize for respecting a person with whom i may disagree. i will never apologize for displaying respect for a member of the other party though their policies are separate and distinct from mine. i will never apologize for trying to get my point across without stabbing someone with
10:59 am
it. i will never apologize for being sensitive to the pain and hurt of others. being never apologize for an apologist when i've wronged someone. ilence is consent. and when i see this going on around this chamber, and i see it going on in other places in our government, i know that there are millions of people who elieve that that's ok. that if it's done by someone in my party, it's ok. i have said to my family, i said to our church, i said to my colleagues here, if the leaders of the democratic party, nancy pelosi, steny hoyer stand up and attack someone, particularly someone who is ill, i would come to the floor and condemn them.
11:00 am
right and wrong is not based on party. it's based on right and wrong. we're becoming a mean-spirited nation. . and no one watching this would tell that children, i want you to watch what's going on in washington and use what you see as an example on how to live. dark eaker, washington is right now and the people around this country who believe in light should let it shine. mr. speaker, i yield back the alance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the gentleman from texas. >> thank you, mr. speaker. i rise today to commemorate and
11:01 am
celebrate the life of a.t.f. senior special agent scott ragsdale, from fate, texas, who tragically passed away on may 24, 2018, at just the age of 41 years of age during an a.t.f. training exercise. agent rationdeath is survived by his wife, erin, and two children, aiden and riley, by his mother and father, patty his sister ale, and her husband and two children and by many aunts, uncles, cousins who loved him dearly and now miss him dearly. those who knew agent rationdale best say he will most be remembered for his incredible sense of humor. mr. ratcliffe: and, of course, for his 17 years of dedicated service to his fellow man. he will be greatly missed in our northeast texas community for his brave and selfless
11:02 am
service as a member of our law enforcement and on behalf of the 3/4 of a million texans that i represent across the fourth congressional district of texas, i offer my most sincere condolences to his family and loved ones and i wish god speed to you, very special agent scott rationdale. i yield back. -- ragsdale. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to clause 12-a of rule 1, the chair declares the house in recess until noon today.
11:03 am
until then we will take you over to a live briefing, nancy pelosi with reporters, started about five minutes ago. ms. pelosi: again, don't take it from me. senator ernst said of scott pruitt, it's about as swampy as you get here in washington, d.c. and if the president wants to drain the swamp, he needs to take a look at his own cabinet. that's a republican senator saying that about the president. the president was going to reduce the debt. the republicans are going to reduce the deficit and national debt. instead, they exploded the debt by $2 trillion. with their tax break for the wealthy and giving tax break to corporate america with interest on that debt over $2 trillion


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